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How To Put Your Shopify Store On Vacation

Putting Your Etsy Shop On Vacation

How to Pause Shopify Store: What To Do When on Vacation? Password Protect or Pause?

I didnt deactivate my listings, I just went into true vacation mode. If a listing is deactivated, people cannot view or buy it, same as with vacation mode. There might

When youre finished, click Save to update your changes. You can turn off Vacation Mode later by returning to this menu and clicking Off. What is Etsy?

Orders will not import while your store is set to Vacation Mode. When you turn off Vacation Mode, orders will import from Etsy again. < Go back to FAQ

May 12, 2021 To turn on Vacation Mode: Sign in to . Click Shop. So youll need to go in and turn the automation off manually. Depending on how

Get Major Tasks Off Your List Ahead Of Time

Theres only so much you can expect someone to manage when theyre new to your business. You should aim to finish up anything major ahead of time, and do everything you can to make sure your time off will be business-as-usual. Restock popular items, make sure your shipping supplies are fully prepped, and dont plan any major announcements, campaigns, or events right before you leave.

Shopify Store Under Construction Plugin

Another way to put Shopify store under construction is by using a plugin. It has a $9.99 monthly fee, but comes with additional features. Such as different images for your coming soon landing page or a countdown until launch with a relevant display timezone. Also, it allows you to add a message to your visitors with different font and size. Additional marketing tools, such as social media footer, email marketing integration.


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Flex Your Delegation Muscles

Make sure everyone has specific duties and responsibilities that need to be handled in your absence.

Steve Strauss, Author of The Small Business Bible

Steve Strauss in USA Today highlights the importance of spreading out your responsibilities among your staff while you’re away. When you’ve built your business from the ground up, delegating tasksespecially those that you’ve personally handled since the startcan be especially challenging. But delegation is really important, beyond just providing you the opportunity to take a holiday. Delegation leads to improved efficiency, happier staff, and a more sustainable, long-term business plan.

You should practice delegation before you take off on your holiday so that this isn’t the first time your team is left on their own, and so you’re more comfortable with the whole situation. Specifying a second in command will help ease the pressure, too.

How To Put Your Ebay Store On Vacation Mode

How Can a Shopify SEO Consultant Benefit Your Business ...

Taking a break from your store for a while, you can turn on the vacation mode and hide your fixed price listings to prevent your customers from waiting for packages you cant ship on time. Also, you can add a note announcing that your store is closed temporarily, what time you will be back, and turn on your out-of-office response to answer any messages asked while you are not around.

To solve that problem, eBay provides a tool called Store Vacation Setting that enables you to:

  • Post a message that informs your buyers about your out-of-office status and your return date. The message appears above your listings and right on your Store home page.

  • Make your live listings and Fixed Price listings are hidden from the searching area and out of the audience’s view. However, if you have Auction Style Listings, they will remain on the search and open for bids until you close them. It is highly recommended you should plan for your auction-style listings to end before you leave or after you come back.

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Get To The Essentials

Youve got to limit yourself to basic tasks like checking emails, following up with key employees or checking analytics.

Nash Riggins, Staff Writer for Small Business Trends

When totally disconnecting isn’t possible, you should also limit the work you’re willing to do . This advice, from Nash Riggins at Small Business Trends, is all about stripping your to-do list to its essentials. Your vacation isn’t the time to take on new clients or throw yourself into a tricky project. Instead, you should limit your working time to the absolute must-doschecking email, watching analytics, and checking in with your second in commandand delegate the rest.

What Does Etsy Cost Vs Shopify

This is as of December of 2021. These things can and will change so do your research if youre tuning in at a later date.

It does not cost anything up front to create an Etsy shop. You can build it for free. The way they work is that Etsy costs 20 cents for each listing. Soto put a product up for sale is going to cost 20 cents. That listing will also expire after 4 months and it will cost 20 cents to renew it.

Then, once a sale is made, Etsy will take 5% of that sale as a transaction fee. Thats their cut for providing the marketplace.

There are also payment processing fees which vary by country . Its covering the actual cost of running the financial transaction. Youd have something similar in ecommerce called merchant services fees.

If youre in the United States, the payment processing fees on Etsy are 3% of the total plus 25 cents. It pays the company that creates the money transfer from buyer to seller.

Shopify has different payment plans based on the level of business you want to conductbut the basic plan will cost you $29/month. They do have a free trial which is nice.

That plan has a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for each purchase. Those numbers go down if you upgrade to a higher monthly plan.

There are not listing fees for Shopifyhowever something you should account for is that you may want to add plug-ins to your site and they can cost extra each month.

Etsy is easier and cheaper for that initial entry point.

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Which One Is Easier To Set Up

A LOT of my ecourse students and podcast listeners I talk to are at least a bit intimidated by the tech aspect of setting up a store. And thats an important consideration for you as you compare Etsy and your own site like Shopify.

I will say— Shopify has to be the EASIEST ecommerce platform Ive ever seen if you want a stand along site. They make it SO much easier than WordPress, or building a site from scratch. I do think the average person who finds Etsy easy to set up could build a Shopify site on their own.

BUT the bottom line is you will be dealing with a lot more graphic design, app integrations, URL setup, and just general tech than an Etsy shop requires.

If that feels overwhelming or you know youll really need to hire someone to take that step, then Etsy would for sure be an easier place to get started.

Social Media Links And Calls To Action

WooCommerce Basics: How to put your WordPress store on vacation (2020)

Your About Us page can also be used to funnel visitors to other web pages or online presences, whether its a blog post or social profile. If youre an ecommerce brand, youll want to point people toward your best visual content on TikTok or Instagram. If youre a freelancer, a link to your LinkedIn profile could help build credibility with a potential client.

Be sure to incorporate any relevant CTA links into your copy and think about how you can continue the visitors journey by encouraging them to:

  • Follow your social accounts
  • Opt into your email list
  • Check out your products
  • Apply for a job at your company
  • Read your blog

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Closing Your Ecwid Store To Visitors

You can temporarily close your Ecwid store to visitors if your store is under construction, you are on vacation, or you temporarily can’t accept orders for any other reason. Once closed, your storefront will show “The store is closed for maintenance” message or your own custom message that you set. Customers won’t be able to browse the store and place orders.

You can at the same time keep the store disabled to the public and open to yourself so if you make design changes or update your store catalog, you can check the result live in the store. Once you are ready to accept orders, you can open the store back from your Ecwid admin Settings General Store Profile.

In this article:

  • In your , go to Store Storefront and Website.
  • Tap Close Storefront.
  • If you need to open it back, tap Open Storefront.

    To keep the storefront open for you and your staff, close the storefront using your Ecwid admin. This way, you can add the IP addresses of those who can view your store into the Remain open for IPs text box. Your IP will be shown under the text field:

  • In your , go to Store Storefront & Website.
  • Tap Close Storefront.
  • If you need to open it back, tap Open Storefront.

    To keep the storefront open for you and your staff, close the storefront using your Ecwid admin. This way, you can add the IP addresses of those who can view your store into the Remain open for IPs text box. Your IP will be shown under the text field:

    Build Buzz For Your Pop

    Be ready to maximize your exposure through social media before, during, and after your eventnot only with your current and future customers, but with the editors and influencers whose interest youve piqued.


    • Keep any buzz you established with your initial outreach going. Include a branded hashtag in your press materials and other collateral to help you find and curate content posted about your event online.
    • Identify co-marketing opportunities. Ask hotels and restaurants near your pop-up to mention you on their social media feeds, offering them some free promotion in return. Tourists love to return home with a unique product and story they discovered on vacation.
    • Post behind-the-scenes content on your own social channels, showing your pop-up being built and set up. Give users a sneak preview of the products they can expect to see. Host an online contest and announce the winner at your pop-up.
    • Send influencers, bloggers, and creators your products and ask them to post about them. The more products they can touch and feel, the more likely they are to connect with one of the products and post about them. Note: make sure to schedule this beforehand and get in contact with them 3-4 weeks before your launch.

    At the pop-up

    At the same pop-up, florist brand Petal Mistry did a flower wall installation for couples to take photos in front ofa concept quite literally borne out of people’s commitment to getting the perfect Instagram shot.



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    Test New Markets And Gain Traction In Existing Ones

    One of the most important things for a new business to do is validate demand for its productsand real product validation only happens when money changes hands.

    Manufacturing a small batch of merchandise to test at a pop-up is one way to validate customer demand before investing in a larger number of units. If you have an idea for a new collection or product line, for example, start with just one or two items to see if they have traction.

    Pop-ups can also let you test different pricing, product bundles, and merchandising ideas.

    Selling in person gives you the added benefit of receiving direct, unfiltered feedback from customers by seeing their initial reactions and finding out if theyre willing to spend money on what youre selling .

    If youve already established your business online and know you have a strong customer base in a specific region, a pop-up shop can help you literally be where your best customers are. It can also assist with word-of-mouth marketing in an area where you know your target demographic resides.

    Dont Be Afraid To Put Your Etsy Shop In Holiday Mode


    That said putting your Etsy shop in vacation mode DOES have an impact on your SEO What actually happens to your search rankings when you go into holiday mode? Remember you need and deserve time off!

    Click the vacation mode tab. What are the requirements for etsy to delist your shop temporarily? Scroll down to the close your account section. The close your

    Jun 12, 2019 Click on Turn on vacation mode Type an announcement for customers. to follow the first few steps to take your shop off Vacation Mode.

    Compare shopify vs wordpress ecommerce/website builders.

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    How To Close Your Shopify Store

    How to delete Shopify store? Steps to close your Shopify store:

    • login to your account and navigate your way to your stores admin panel and Settings then click Account.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the account page where youll find the Store Status panel. Click Close Store.
    • A pop-up window will appear asking you for feedback on why youre closing your store and how you can contact the Shopify Support Team. Choose your reason, enter your password when prompted and click Close Store.
    • Youll be taken to a confirmation screen and thats that. Your Shopify store is officially closed.

    How long can I pause my Shopify store? If you wake in the middle of the night with the cold sweats and want to reactivate your account, you have a small window of opportunity. Your store data and configuration will be stored for 30 days.

    How to delete a Shopify store after trial? Remember, you cant create a new store with the same name and URL so if you do change your mind, youre best to reactivate your old account. Free Shopify trial accounts will be closed immediately.

    Message To Your Buyers

    When you set your store on Etsy Vacation mode, youll need to publish an announcement to replace the one currently displayed in your shop.

    Sample Etsy vacation mode Announcement:

    Thank you for stopping by my today. Im taking a short break now so I can work on all of your lovely goods. During this time, Ill still be responding to conversations with you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

    I expect to be back in .

    Take care

    Remember these things when youre sending out communications to your clients.

  • Dont be shy
  • Change the option to Off.
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    Start Your Business With Shopify

    Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.

    So you recently had an ah-ha moment and decided to start your own business. Or maybe youve been running your business for some time and want to take it online. In both cases, youre likely going to be hitting up the Shopify Theme Store, where youll browse, try, and eventually choose your ecommerce theme.

    Etsy Vacation Mode Alternatives


    If youre closing your Etsy store for vacation, there may be other options to keep it operating. Perhaps you dont want to miss out on that rush of new purchases, or its time for your peak season. Alternatively, perhaps you just dont want to take the chance of losing money.

    You are running your shop not your shop running you.

    What else can I do, though? Here are some alternatives to Etsy vacation mode.

  • Extend the processing time this is a fantastic approach to manage your clients expectations without having to use vacation mode.
  • Remove any listings that are taking a long time to prepare/produce.
  • Do you have the ability to work remotely if you have a good internet connection? If so, use that option.
  • Write to customers and inquire about their tolerance for longer processing periods.
  • Take advantage of your absence to let someone else run your business for you. Card selling is an excellent illustration of this simply instruct someone how to keep the books and complete sales.
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    Wait For A Slow Season

    Timing your vacation and having a plan in place for when youre away are important if you really want to relax and completely unplug.

    Zoe Weisner, Marketing Writer at BlueVine

    Being strategic is key with this advice from Zoe Weisner at BlueVine. With August already being a hugely popular month for taking a holiday, this may be the best time for you to go, tooclients are also on holiday, and there’s a good chance that those still in the office are working at a slower pace too.

    But if that’s not the case in your business, waiting to schedule your holiday until your slow season can have a lot of benefits. Not only will travel be cheaper and the chance for disaster at work lower, but with fewer crowds your whole travel experience will be more relaxing, especially since you won’t be wondering what your clients and staff are getting into while you’re away.

    Hide Your Store Name On Your Password Page

    You can hide your store name on your password page.


  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store> Preferences.

  • Scroll to the Password protection area. In Message for your visitors, paste the following code:

  • < style> h1< /style> 

    You can paste this code either above or below any existing content.

  • Click Save.
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    How To Set Up Vacation Messaging For Your Shopify Store

    If you’re a small team or a one-person team, a vacation is often a luxury. The foremost thought on your mind is “How to keep the business running when I’m not around”, or “What to do if the team is taking time-off together?”.

    The best approach would be hire short-term help and plan for the absence by ticking off big ticket items before the vacation. Absent that ability, you’ll want to keep your store open and running and orders to continue. You’ll want to set customer expectations on delayed shipping by providing adequate messaging to customers along the buying funnel. This post delves into how you can do that.

    Let’s first look at the messaging. By being upfront about it and making it clear, customers will be understanding of your need for a break, especially when they have been informed in advance and know what to expect.

    You can use messaging such as the following:

    Please note We will be on a short vacation to rest and recharge from . All orders placed during this time will be shipped after June 11th. We thank you for your patience and understanding”

    This message conveys the duration of time that the shipping will be delayed , and also lets them know when to expect the shipping to happen .

    Shopify does offer some tips and suggestions, such as password protecting the storefront with a message that says youre on vacation, but this stops any e-commerce activity access to your store pages and the ability to place orders.

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