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Excel Spreadsheet To Track Employee Vacation Time

Employee Vacation Tracking Excel Template

How to track vacations in Excel – Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template – Demo

This Employee Calendar helps you record and track your employees vacation, personal, and sick time. It can be printed on 11 x 17 paper so you can manually record this information and then update the worksheet electronically, so you always have an up-to-date version.

This vacation tracking calendar allows you to track employees absences by type, such as sick days, vacation, and personal days, so you can keep up-to-date records of their remaining time off and what they have taken so far. The 11 by 17 size of the template makes it easy to read and modify, meaning that you dont have to worry about marking the wrong boxes.

Whether you want to track time off by updating a calendar template on your computer, or by making notes on a paper copy, count on this vacation tracking calendar to make the process easy and quick. Color-coding makes the chart easy to read, as well, allowing you to note your employees scheduled vacation time quickly. No matter how many employees you have, count on this calendar template to simplify your life.

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Google Docs To The Vacation Rescue

You no longer need to purchase a copy of Microsoft Excel to have access to spreadsheets on your computer. After using Excel for years at school and on the job, it was hard to give it up in favor of a free cloud software solution. Google Docs and Sheets is your free-to-use alternative for writing and editing documents and spreadsheets and even creating presentations.

Why Should You Have An Employee Vacation Tracker

The main reason is that the company will lose money. It can lose money because of overstaffing or understaffing during particular periods, if the company is not on track it will have to cut staff, however with a little bit of advanced management we can handle the following situations:

  • Understaffing during summer and school holidays
  • Abuse of unlimited PTO policies
  • Burnt out employees who are not taking any time off, we need well rested employees
  • Abuse of sick leave policies, this can be a trend and with a little bit of understanding we can find the reason for it. Maybe an employee is overworked or needs help in some areas or is unhappy.
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    Why Track Your Vacation Days Off From Work

    Keeping track of every vacation day is essential if you care about getting paid for every hour of time off that youve earned. Get in the habit of documenting not just how many hours or days you have accrued, but also how and when they were used. At a minimum use an online calendar to mark vacation day usage though a spreadsheet offers clear advantages.

    Be aware that mistakes sometimes happen on your paystub so set a reminder to review it every pay period. When you do spot an inaccuracy on your pay slip youll have the evidence to present to the payroll staff to get it corrected promptly. And just as important by keeping close tabs on your remaining vacation days, youll never allow yourself to lose a day of pay without working because you failed to use it.

    What If I Have More Than 30 Employees

    49 Employee Vacation Trackers (Excel &  Word) á? TemplateLab

    You can enter more than 30 employees in the Employees sheet. There is no limit imposed here. However, the Team Dashboard shows only 30 employees. To extend that, follow these steps. To support 35 employees,

    • Unprotect the Team Dashboard sheet with the password
    • Select cells B36:AO36
    • Drag down for 6 rows as to fill them with the formulas.

    Now you should see 35 employees accounted for. If you need to extend for more employees, follow the same steps but increase the number of rows you are copying.

    If you print or export to PDF, adjust print settings accordingly to include these new additional employees.

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    Why Do You Need Vacation Tracking Template Free Word Excel Pdf Documents Download

    It is a world of smart work rather than hard work. Although success comes with hard work, still in this fast moving competitive world, one must be a multi-tasker in order to perform exceptional at his workplace. It becomes important for people to make use of resources online in order to get the work done at the tick of clock. When these resources are available for free, the better it is as nothing is to be invested, only benefit to be reaped. Thus, employers make use of vacation tracking templates online in order to record the leaves taken by their employees.

    Staffing Or Recruiting Plan

    Search for, vet, and find the right talent to ensure youre hiring the best candidates for the job. Make your team aware of all available recruitment resources, ongoing open roles, and yearly hiring goals to ensure budgets and headcounts align with the overall goals of the team or organization.

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    View Teams Monthly Leave Dashboard

    The dashboard is interactive as it allows the user to choose the month for which we want to view the leave data for. We will enter the month by selecting Year and Month.

    There are two pages in this Dashboard sheet. First is the leave calendar view.

    As you can see from the above screenshot, the leave types are shown in different color. The legend is shown at the top indicating what each color means. In addition to the 5 leave types, we also have display for the following: Holidays , Weekends , Not Employed and Not Applicable .

    Order of priority for colors: Not Applicable > Not Employed > Holidays > Weekends > leave types

    Holidays and Weekends are self-explanatory. Not Employed will represent the days before the employee began employment and days after the employee termination date .

    Not Applicable represents the days that are not actual dates. For example, if you choose November month, 31st day will be Not applicable. For February in a non-leap year, 29, 30, 31 will be Not Applicable days.

    You can use this calendar view to assess if you will have enough coverage in your team for specific weeks .

    Monthly Summary

    This sheet also shows the monthly summarized count of days taken off under each leave type, total leave taken and Worked Days.

    Total Leave is the sum of leave taken under each of the 5 leave types.

    If an employees leave overlaps with a holiday or a weekend, it does not count as a leave day.

    Worked Days is calculated as

    Switch From Excel To Google Sheets

    How to Use the Vacation Tracking Spreadsheet

    To get started , all you need is a Google Account which you most likely have already. If you use Gmail for email or have set up a YouTube account for example, you already have a full-featured Google Account that comes with Docs and Sheets for free. Simply go to your Google Drive to view your online document storage folder where items are stored in the cloud. So not only do you get to use a powerful word processor and spreadsheet without installing any software, you also get automatic document backup to your secure space on Googles global servers.

    To access these features, go to your and either login with your personal Google username and password or create a new account using your primary email address from Yahoo or Apple for example. Clicking on the colorful New button lets you select what type of file to add to your drive. Select from a blank or template document or sheet and remember to move it into a named folder for organizing purposes.

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    Benefits Of Excel Time Tracking Sheets

    Here are 3 benefits of excel time tracking sheets:

    1. Excel is free as it comes bundled with Microsoft Office packages. You can download our templates or create your timesheets on excel from scratch. You dont have to pay an extra dime to buy any new software or app.

    2. It is safe and straightforward to use. All employees need to do is log-in their in-time and out-time. They dont have to worry about anything else. You as a manager also do not have to compute payments since excel formulas do that for you. It is certainly simpler than using a paper timesheet. Moreover, all data is saved locally on your corporate network drive.

    3. No training needed. As a manager or employee, you do not need any additional training to start using Excel timesheets.

    Next Step: Start Your Free Timetastic Trial

    In this review, weve looked at two free employee leave tracker templates. But no matter which template youre looking at, the spreadsheet format comes with one big issue:

    You have to always be managing it. Its relentlessly hands-on.

    Instead, you can simplify your staff leave process with Timetastic:

    • Your time off calendar is always accurate and up-to-date.
    • Everything is colour-coded for easy interpretation and convenience.
    • Individual leave balances are automatically updated.
    • Your team can submit time off requests within Timetastic.
    • You can easily approve or decline their requests within Timetastic .
    • You can track leave, even when youre not logged in, by integrating your account with Slack, Microsoft Teams, shared calendars, and/or your personal inbox.

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    How To Use The Leave Tracker Excel Template

    The template has 5 visible sheets. .

    Here is the overview of steps to use the template.

    • Enter Leave Types, Select Weekends and Enter Holidays in the Settings sheet
    • Enter list of employees in Employees sheet
    • Enter leave data for employees in Leave sheet
    • Choose a month and view vacation calendar for the team in Team Dashboard sheet
    • Choose an employee and view/print annual employee attendance report in Employee Report sheet

    Detailed Steps

    Now, lets see the steps in more detail.

    Before we begin, if you are new to Excel tables, please read Introduction to Excel Tables for data entry. Data entry in all our templates use Excel tables and a quick introduction to that will get you going in the correct direction.

    Vacation And Sick Time Tracking Spreadsheet

    Free Employee Vacation Tracking Spreadsheet Template â db ...

    Keep track of workforce vacation and sick leave and in a spreadsheet template for Microsoft Excel for free.

    Personnel with a medium-level of Microsoft Excel can create templates for keeping track of each employee’s number of days for vacation time. This tracker becomes a powerful management tool for many companies dealing with holidays, requests for time-off, and sick leaves.

    When working with an Excel spreadsheet, HR has the complicated task of asking the employees to write down their vacation requests to input into the Excel file. Then, HR must check that there arent any other employees already on holiday during the requested days.

    Afterward, they have to calculate the remaining number of days the employee can still request. HR of a big company with many employees needs a lot of patience to accommodate every request. They also need extra tutorials to improve their Excel skills.

    Steps you need to follow for making a detailed Tracker Sheet

    Your Vacation and Sick leave Tracker spreadsheet should be detailed to get all the data you need with ease. Make sure you know and describe all the steps that you need to take before the actual creation of your sick time tracker.

    Here is a list with the most critical steps you need to follow for an efficient and detailed sick time tracker:

    Step 1: Provide the names of the employees

    Step 2: Use an editable Sick Time Tracking template

    Step 3: Specify the exact period when the employees are tracked

    Step 5: Identify the type of leaves

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    Adding An Additional Leave Type

    You can use any letter for your absence types and the monthly totals will work as expected.

    To add another column on the totals tab for a breakdown of that specific leave type, do the following:

    In the totals tab copy an existing column and replace the letter in each of the COUNTIF statements to your new letter.

    For example:



    Make this change to the top cell then drag the fill handle down to apply the formula to all the cells below it in the column. That’s it!

    You can add the new letter to the key without it affecting any of the calculations.

    When Do You Need Vacation Tracking Template Free Word Excel Pdf Documents Download

    There are thousands of websites available online that provide free resource templates to track the time off that employees take from work for personal or business reasons. Thus, vacation tracking templates are used when an employer is looking forward to keep a record of his employees vacation period, duration, reason and the date of reporting back, while saving a lot of time in doing the said task. These best tracking templates are required at the time of calculating payroll due for the employee of an organization, considering the leave taken off from work.

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    How To Track Pto In Excel

    Listen up folks, its time for a vacation quiz!

    Do you recall how many vacation days youve taken and how many youve left this year? Does your company carry over any leftover vacation days? How do you keep track of upcoming holidays and sick days? What about your teammates leave schedules? Chances are that you probably do not know all of this crucial information about your leave.

    Being a small business owner means that you probably place a high priority on saving money where you can. So as you begin to hire more employees, you might be wondering if tracking your employees PTO in Excel is a good idea. The answer is yes! The following steps will guide you on how to track employee hours and calculate their PTO in Excel. Well also show you how employee leave management software can benefit your business. So without further ado, lets get started!

    Will The Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template Work For Any Size Business

    Track Employee Hours Calculate PTO in Excel – Tutorial

    Absolutely! If you have one employee or one hundred, the template is clear to understand. You can effortlessly search for individual employees to check their attendance record or make notes about employees with frequent absences. Other programs require you to do things a unique or cumbersome way to input data, and make you feel as though you are getting your moneys worth.

    Unlike those companies, we do not insult the intelligence of our users and understand that as savvy businesspeople, they want the best product at the best price. After all, what can beat free high quality templates? Excel is commonly used to sort information and create data spreadsheets and its time it is properly utilized to aid in other facets of business.

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    Take More Vacations By Measuring Your Earned Time Off

    Make it your goal to take as many vacations as possible each year. Remember a vacation can last as little as a few hours or just one day. When you choose to take time off from work and from life to do something that makes you happy and fulfilled, you are certainly on vacation. With this Vacation Days Tracker spreadsheet hosted by Google Docs, youll be in full control of your month-by-month allocation and usage. Make a copy of the template today to track, plan, document, and make the most of every vacation year after year.

    How Can You Track Vacation Days

  • Use Google Calendar and get all employees post their time off there.
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet and get employees to email you their days
  • Create a shared excel spreadsheet and everyone can put their days and you can count days per employee.
  • These options might work well in the first few days or weeks, maybe even months, but in the end it will become more of a headache than a solution. Imagine you need to implement a vacation approval process? Or you want to limit the amount of days an employee can take vacation. Or you’d want to set a shutdown period?

    A better option would be to use OfficeSimplify’s vacation tracking software, so you can set it on autopilot and manage all the following for you:

  • Set custom leave policies, such as how many days per year does an employee receive
  • Auto calculations from the employee start date
  • Approval process by team manager or direct manager
  • Integrations with your favourite calendar
  • Integrations with your favourite team messaging
  • Automatic notifications when someone is away or when there are pending requests that need approval
  • Public holidays calculation by office location
  • Specify shut down periods
  • Keep track of emergency contact details
  • Export csv/excel reports
  • … and many more
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    Features Of Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template

    The following are the highlights of the template.

    • Customize settings to meet your business needs
    • Track 5 types of employee leave
    • Customize which days are weekends
    • Account company holidays
  • Track vacation for multiple employees
  • Employees can have start dates and termination dates
  • Can handle partial days of leave
  • Ease of Use
  • Easy to enter Leave in ranges of dates
  • Easy to customize colors to suit your preferences
  • Can use the template continuously for many years )
  • Automated Calculations
  • Fully Automated Vacation Tracker Dashboard with monthly calendar view
  • Calculates Worked Days automatically
  • Automated Annual Employee attendance report
  • How To Add Calculations Such As Attendance %

    Vacation Time Tracking Spreadsheet Inspirational Time ...

    You can unprotect the Team Dashboard sheet and add calculations if needed.

    For example, if you need to calculate employees attendance %, you can follow these steps.

  • In cell AP8, type =AO8/
  • This calculates Attendance % as Worked/
  • Then, select cell AP8 and drag down to fill the cells AP9 to AP37.
  • This will add a column of Attendance % to the Dashboard.

    This was just an example. You can add any other calculations as needed for your companys needs.

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