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Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare Presentation

Strategies To Get Through A Timeshare Sales Presentation

30 Years of Memories – Timeshare Vacation Ownership Stories | Marriott Vacation Club

Know your numbers. Know what price the timeshare is selling for on the timeshare resale marketplace. The hosts will tell you there are specific benefits that cannot be passed from one owner to another on the timeshare resale marketplace, but much of that is untrue. Knowing the resale cost can help you say no, but if youre truly interested, it can also help you get the lowest price possible on your timeshare.

The Math

The salesperson will likely use some version of the following logic to show you how buying a timeshare will make sense for your finances:

Salesperson:How much do you spend on vacations every year?

You:About $4,000.

S: If you spend $4,000 per year for the next 25 years, youll have spent $100,000. Is this true?

Y: Yes

S: So, buying ownership in this property for $25,000 will save you around $75,000 over the next 25 years.

It doesnt go that fast, but thats essentially what it boils down to after an hour and a half.

Know you can always come back and buy later. Theres often some deal for saying yes right away to pressure you to make a decision that afternoon, but the truth is, you can always come back. Even though your timeshare salesperson will say its a limited time deal, I promise, you can always come back and buy the timeshare later. Knowing this can take the pressure off.

What Happens At A Timeshare Sales Presentation

If youre expecting a slimy, car salesman-like experience, youll be surprised to find it is typically nothing like that. In fact, the welcoming atmosphere is a strategy to help you say yes. Often, there will be treats. Everything they do is leading you to say yes.

Sales presentations are often called tours and youll be assigned a salesperson for the duration of the presentation. Theres a process that the salesperson must follow and youre probably being watched carefully. You wouldnt think this, but the salesperson is typically following a script for the sales presentation. Questions will be phrased to get yes answers from you.

Youll typically follow a format that goes something like this:

  • Enter the sales office with your no face on, arms crossed
  • Greet and visit with your assigned salesperson
  • Laugh, let your guard down
  • Dream about your future vacations
  • Learn about the company and program
  • Get your first offer
  • Close the sale or get to your final no
  • Collect your incentive gifts

Plan for two hours, especially if youre in a group.

It is quite a process and theres a reason people dont do it all the time. It can be emotionally draining for everyone. Youll want some in-depth knowledge and a few strategies to get through it.

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What To Know About Purchasing A Marriott Timeshare Resale

so you can usually find a great deal for your Marriott vacation week. Negotiate your price aggressively until youre content. Sellers rarely get offers, unless they have a premium week. Start your offer at a minimum 35% below the listing price and stay firm in negotiating. Sellers will often accept a big discount on the list price.

The closing process can be long. Escrow companies and brokers are notorious for a big pile of transactions to go through. Expect 30-45 days for escrow and another 30 days for Marriott to approve your club membership. If you have a Right-Of-First-Refusal clause, expect another 7-10 days on top of that. All combined, you could be looking at 80-85 days before your Marriott vacation purchase is usable.

The timing can be difficult. With a three-month closing time, you can easily miss the deadlines for using your Marriott points, or using your weeks. Keep in mind to calculate when your next usage is and if you will close in time to use your Marriott weeks.

Annual fees will increase. Expect annual increases of 5% or more on your annual Marriott maintenance charges.

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Who Has These Timeshare Deals Where Can I Find Them

Every major hotel chain has a branch of vacation ownership you can buy. Theres a comprehensive list here on, but weve also included some of the major players below. Keep in mind the offers change frequently, especially as pandemic conditions change, so calling the number listed on the website can help you find out whats available.

Tip #: Keep Your Id And Credit Card In Your Own Hand

Catalina Island Retreat

Yes, you are required to present an ID or Credit card, but present it in your own hand. Do not let them keep it or take it anywhere. If I was at a car dealership shopping for a car Id do the exact same thing. If they give you a hard time, play their fine print language back to them, and stay friendly. Im presenting you my ID. I only give my ID to customs at the airport. Or when a police officer pulls me over for speeding. Laugh, and smile! A little light-heartedness goes a long way!

This piece is critical because if they have your ID or credit card, it will be tough to get it back once your phone timer goes off. If you have all of your items in your wallet, you can leave once your part of the deal is done. If they have your stuff, youre kinda a hostage in a timeshare presentation. Ive been there at a car dealership and its not fun.

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How Many Marriott Timeshare Resales Are Available

Each resort is different. For example, the Marriott Newport Coast villas located in California has hundreds of sellers on the resale market. Other destinations like Summit Watch Park City, Utah have only a few sellers. This is due to the popularity and size of the resort.

There are thousands of off-season Marriott timeshares, also known as shoulder seasons, available for $1.00- yes, $1.00- through eBay and licensed timeshare brokers. These are typically in ski or far-off destinations with spring or fall usage. If you plan on buying a shoulder season, be aware that reselling it will be almost impossible. A quick internet search of timeshare broker services reveals just how many timeshares are available to buy or during these seasons.

With shoulder seasons, the maintenance fees can end up costing owners more than renting the property. Shoulder rentals are available as Getaways on Interval International for $350 $450 a week, whereas typical annual maintenance fees for a Marriott timeshare are $1,300.

So What Are Timeshares

Timeshare sales are big business! Like, REALLY big. In 2019, there was $10.2 billion in timeshare purchases in America. Thats almost twice as much as Sephoras sales. The global timeshare market is expected to reach $40 billion in 2023. And yah, that accounts for the whole COVID pandemic. I mean, it might have even increased it.

But, as with any industry, in order to grow their business, timeshare companies need to pivot and begin selling timeshares to younger generations aka Millennials and Gen Z. Yanno. ME.

And maybe you too. I dont know your age. But Im assuming you might not have had a timeshare property before, so Ill just lump you into the target audience as well.

So what IS a timeshare? Timeshares are partial vacation ownerships of condo-like units in resort developments. They are owned, operated, and maintained by independent resorts, small chains, and large timeshare companies like Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Club Wyndham, Marriott Vacation Club, and Disney.

I mean, you might have stayed in a timeshare rental before without realizing it. I know I did in Napa, California, and it turned out to be one of the most affordable options in the area! And it was REAL NICE TOO.

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John Legend: Love In Las Vegas

See the intimate concert designed exclusively for Zappos Theater.

2,400 Vacation Club Points

Per Package

Space is limited to only 16 packages.

2,400 Vacation Club Points

Per Package

Timeshare Sales Presentation Required


Space is limited to only 16 packages.

Please note: To attend a show at Zappos Theater, most artists require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours. Masks are to be worn in compliance with local guidelines. For more information, please review the health and safety protocols at this venue.

Ive Been To Several Presentations Myself My Parents Go All The Time And If Youre Firm That You Arent Going To Buyyoure Done In A Couple Hours Whats Even Betteryou Can Do Them Annually

Discover Timeshare Vacation Ownership Stories | Marriott Vacation Club

My folks went to one a couple months ago while they were in Phoenix for a wedding. They were in and out in less than 2 hours. They learned some new things about the , and netted 25k points. Hot diggitythats the equivalent of a Category 5 hotel!

Want to see all the Marriott Category 5 hotelsGo here

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Parc Soleil By Hilton Grand Vacations

2017 Package Deal: 3 nights / 4 days for US$199 and a US$200 Stay a Night On Us rebate voucher upgraded to a two-bedroom suite for an additional US$50

A few years back, I had to call Hilton reservations to change an existing hotel booking I had. At the end of the call, they thanked me for being a loyal Hilton Honors member and asked if I would be interested in hearing about a great offer they currently had. I accepted, and so began my journey down the rabbit hole of timeshare packages.

I was forwarded to another agent, who offered me the above timeshare package. I was considering a trip to Disney for my sons 5th birthday anyway, and this would definitely help bring down the trips cost, so I bought the package.

When we decided on our dates, I called back, and they confirmed availability and booked our accommodation and the timeshare presentation to be done during our stay and that was it!

At the time of booking, my youngest was only a few months old and wasnt the greatest sleeper, and so extra space to accommodate her sleeping situation was desirable. When I inquired whether our one-bedroom suite could be upgraded to a two-bedroom suite, the agent advised that we could do that for an additional US$50, which seemed more than reasonable to me, bringing our grand total to US$249 plus tax.

More Details On The Marriott Vacation Club Lawsuit

While it became apparent that the complainants, buyers, had definitely been misled by Marriott, additional parties involved also administered misconduct. After an investigation, it was found that the former Orange County Comptroller, , accepted and filed deeds that didnt exist. This is what led buyers to believe title costs were valid. Because of this, she was also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. First American Titles role started when they charged Marriott to write title insurance policies without any type of legal title documentation.

Selling this type of product and going extra lengths to attempt validation is usually considered criminal activity. Its why the class action lawsuit didnt have to focus on much outside of Florida law violations. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, Marriott and those involved in the transaction faced racketeering charges.

Over the years, its been proven that some timeshare companies will do nearly anything to recoup losses. Participating in questionable sales tactics is how many have been able to remain afloat for so long. Hundreds of thousands of vacation owners have been told one thing and sold another. Its why weve made it a priority to help you understand the traps of the timeshare trade.

This Marriott Vacation Club class action lawsuit should tell you that even the most prominent resorts may have something up their sleeve. So be careful what youre signing up for and always confirm the terms.

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Dont Show Any Interest At Any Price

Marriott Vacations buys timeshare company ILG for $4.7 ...

This trick is only good for those who arent easily swayed. But if you can, try not to engage in the pitch. Be firm in your decision and let the salesperson know that the deal doesnt make sense for you and your family.

Just be aware that theyll try to push you on the price. There are reports from some readers that salespeople can sometimes lower the price by as much as 75% less than the initial offer. Again, theyre trying to make the sale. And these are tactics used to make it appear as though youre getting a good deal.

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How To Save Money By Attending A Timeshare Presentation

Hotels often give folks lucrative incentives to get you in the door to their timeshare presentations. Youll know what the incentive is before you attend, of course, and theyll usually offer things like certificates for free hotel stays, bonus points, and gift cards.

Sometimes, you might even be able to negotiate a better deal! I was able to find reports online that stated different people were given different incentives for attending the same timeshare presentation. So the lesson here is that if youre speaking with one of their representatives and the incentive isnt enticing enough, ask if they can offer something better!

You usually wont have to pay anything to attend one of these timeshare presentations, so your only cost will be the several hours it takes to sit through their presentation. And even if there is a fee for attending, the value of the incentive oftentimes outweighs the initial fee.

For instance, I found a report from Stephen at Frequent Miler who stated he paid $150 to attend a timeshare presentation, and in return was awarded 45,000 Wyndham points and a 7-night stay at a timeshare resort. Id say those incentives were well worth the $150 fee!

Do Both Spouses Need To Attend The Presentation

Timeshare purchases are a big commitment, so the salesperson wants to ensure that both spouses are there to sign off on the contract. If one spouse is not there, it is an easy excuse to say that I need to speak with my spouse about this to get out of the potentially high-pressure sales pitch.

Before I got married, many timeshare companies I spoke with would not book an appointment with me. Their sales presentation is designed around families and the memories you create while traveling.

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Holiday Inn Vacations Club

While checking on my IHG Rewards Club account, the telephone agent discussed a Holiday Inn Vacations Club timeshare offer. For $199, my family and I would receive a four-day, three-night vacation in our choice of one of 14 destinations. The options included Orlando, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, the Great Smoky Mountains and other destinations.

Once we attended the presentation, we would receive the $199 back in cash plus a $100 discount certificate for a future Holiday Inn stay. I love a great deal, so I signed up to attend.

Some offers are a bit pricier, such as the $798 offer some receive to spend 5-nights at the Westin Princeville in Kauai, though that offer does include an Avis car rental. Or, at the Disney Aulani in Hawaii attending the sales presentation scores you two luau tickets .

See John In A Limited Vegas

Top 10 Tips For Marriott Timeshare Owners

Multiplatinum artist John Legend brings you a beautifully intimate concert experience to Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino. His Love in Las Vegas residency will showcase his greatest hits, soaring vocals, and silky-smooth piano skills. The performance will also be a celebration of love and coming together, sentiments echoed on and wrapped in his nationwide 2021 headline tour which garnered rave reviews and sold out shows.

John Legend made history as the first African American man to join the prestigious EGOT club . In 2019, he joined the Emmy-nominated show, The Voice, as a judge. The 12-time Grammy Award winner then released his seventh studio album, Bigger Love, in 2020.

Your unforgettable Vegas getaway will begin with check-in at Marriotts Grand ChateauSM, an Interval International Elite Resort®. Following an elegant dinner at The Palm Las Vegas restaurant inside The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, youre free to enjoy local shows and attractions. The next morning and afternoon are yours. Explore more of the city at your leisure before we stroll across the street to the performance.

For a day-by-day schedule of this event, go to the ITINERARY tab above.

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Choosing Marriott Timeshare Weeks Or Points Ownership

Today, the company sells vacation club points, but no longer sells timeshare weeks to consumers. Timeshare weeks are not availableat any pricefrom Marriott. Likewise, discounted prices on points are available only by purchasing points directly from the current owner who has used them, enjoyed them, and is ready to pass them on to the next vacationing couple or owner at a fair market pricewell below prices offered by Marriott.

When you want the pleasure of owning a a week or weeks for a traditional timeshare usage experience, your best choice is to buy timeshare or Marriott Vacation Club resales advertised on Only through the resale marketplace can you still become part of the respected weeks-based program that Marriott owners have loved and enjoyed for decades.

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