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Employee Vacation Accrual Template Excel

Keeping Track Of Other Days

How to track vacations in Excel – Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template – Demo

Aside from vacation days, there are also other days that the company grant. Those which employees earn legally based on their employment agreements. Here are some of the other off-days which you can include in your vacation and sick time tracking spreadsheet:

You should keep track of all the categories of paid days. This applies as well to regular vacation days. Wouldnt you feel bad if you lost a bonus vacation day because you have to fly to a business meeting on a Sunday which is your day-off? That is eight hours or more of your own time that you may never get compensation for!

Do You Trust Your Pay Stub Vacation Accrual Number

You are probably thinking, why keep track of your time off numbers if your paycheck stub or pay statement already includes it. Ask yourself how confident you are in its accuracy. Your pay stub is often printed by an external payroll service provider and may not always be up to date. Mistakes happen too.

Your secure HR employee portal may also list your accrued and used time-off hours or days. However it lacks the ability to take private notes about how you plan to use your time off so you can plan ahead. Its not just about tracking your time off accurately. You also want to optimize how you request days off and leverage company holidays every month of the year.

In the same way you verify that your salary and deductions are correct every pay period, you should also make sure that your paid time off numbers are 100% accurate. Of course if you find a discrepancy on your pay slip, report it right away. Remember that the key word in paid time off or PTO is paid. You have earned this time off through working a set number of weeks at your job. Would you be OK if your salary or bonus pay was wrong? The same wary eye should be used to examine how many vacation days are due you.

Components Of Pto Policy

Though the template is very simple to use, there are quite a few terms to understand and several calculations that happen behind the scenes. Lets start from the beginning. Lets start with the simple terms first.

EMPLOYEE NAMEThis does not need any explanation. Enter name of employee for whom we will be tracking and calculating PTO balance.

HIRE DATEA lot of the calculations for employees PTO balance depends on the Hire date of employee. Just enter Hire date. Even if you have been tracking PTO using some other tool and now want to use this template, enter the actual hire date of the employee. Tenure is calculated from the hire date and companies may have tenure based increase in PTO.

PTO UNITWe can choose to track employee PTO in units of days or hours. If we choose Hours, we have to enter PTO taken by employee in Hours. If we choose Days, we can just enter PTO dates and ignore hours taken off.

ANNUAL PTO ACCRUAL RATEAnnual Accrual Rate is the PTO that an employee accrues in one year. For example, a company may offer 120 hours of PTO per year.

PTO ACCRUAL PERIODThis is to inform how we accrue the annual PTO rate. Continuing with the above example of 120 hours per year, how will the employee receive these 120 hours. We have 6 options here: Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, Twice a Month, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual.

Lets see how a Monthly scenario would work.

120 hours will be given to the employee at 10 hours each month for 12 months.



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I Dont Like The Colors How Can I Change Them

Colors are personal preferences. Sometimes, you may want to use your companys color palette in the documents. Not a problem. Let me explain how you can change the colors used in the template.

As an example, I will show how to change the Holidays color.

Open the Conditional Formatting menu from Home ribbon.

Select This Worksheet to show formatting rules used in the current sheet.

At the top, you will see the rules used to highlight Not Employed, Not Applicable, Weekends and Holidays.

Lets select the Holiday rule and then click on Edit Rule.

In the next window, click on Format to choose the new formatting.

Now, you can see the option to choose a color.

Select the color you prefer and click OK. You will need to click OK in the next couple of dialog boxes as well. Now, you should see the holidays represented in a different color.

You can then save the file to save your changes.

In the conditional formatting rules, when you scroll down, you will see the colors used for the 5 leave types.

The Importance Of Tracking Employee Vacation

Vacation Accrual and Tracking Template with Sick Leave Accrual

The greatest reason to stay on top of your employees vacation time is to make sure theyre taking enough. If an employees performance is suffering and they havent taken any time off in a while, then theres likely a direct correlation. It can be easily solved by nudging them to recharge with a few days off.

Beyond your employees well-being, its good to keep tabs on employee vacation hours to ensure that youre not losing money. Improper tracking or no tracking at all can lead to excess time off and the company paying the price. Unused vacation time is often paid out to the employee if they resign or get terminated, which is a serious liability to the company.

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Why Do You Need A Vacation Tracker

Employees should remember that any time-off you get from work thats paid is one of their most significant employment benefits which they should never take for granted. Never rely on your paycheck or other similar documents for time-off information. Neither should you calculate this by hand. The best recommendation on this matter is to store the details of your paid vacation using a vacation tracker.

You can create one from scratch using either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel or download an employee vacation tracker template. It might feel intimidating at first, but it isnt really that hard or complicated. You can even download a vacation and sick time tracking spreadsheet where you can itemize all of your vacation information.

You may think that this way of tracking your vacation days seems redundant as the information is already contained in your pay statement or paycheck slip. But are you confident that the data contained there is completely accurate? Keep in mind that your pay slip is usually printed out by an external service provider.

This means the information in your pay stub may not be consistently updated. Moreover, mistakes can happen. Here are the most common reasons why you should have a vacation tracker:

Features Of Employee Vacation Tracker Template

Hard working employees are one of the great assets of the company or business and a business cannot survive due to lack of competent manpower. It is also fact that employees need time off during their jobs for personal and many other reasons that can cause disturbance at workplace or lack of production but a wise business management always use employee vacation tracker to plan and track vacation of employees in order to stay away from manpower issues and problems. Vacation tracker can be used for both paid time off and sick or urgent work leaves.

Whether it is matter of tracing annual PTO or emergency leaves of employees, a detailed employee vacation tracker helps you a lot to manage employee vacation at a place in best way. Through this way you can easily manager alternative employees or workers to carry out the job of an absent employee. This employee vacation tracker template is very easy to use in MS excel and can also be customize as per individual business needs and requirements. It is loaded with basic excel formulas that will tell you remaining number of leaves of employees and other details at a glance.

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Step : Use Monthly Worksheets To Record Leave

The main limitation of this template has to do with counting leave based on days rather than hours. If you want to track leave on an hourly basis, see the Vacation Accrual template.

The drop-down lists in the Monthly worksheets allow you to select the letters associated with the different types of leave. If you want to track half-days, you can change “V” to “HV” or “VH” to count a half-day. Look at the formulas in the “Totals” columns to see how this works.

Time Off Requests Policy

How to Use the Vacation Tracking Spreadsheet

No matter whether you use a time off calendar template to track employee time off, or software, you will want to have a time off requests policy in place. Creating your policy is simple. All you need to do is outline the stipulations of when an employee can take time off, for how long, and for which reasons. If there are any exceptions regarding when employees can take time off, this must also be included.

Be sure to include your policy for time off requests in your employee handbook.

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Managing Time In Lieu With Time Off Request Forms

With a simple PTO tracking spreadsheet or employee vacation accrual template you can get by, but what about when things become more complicated? Managing time in lieu isnt the easiest. Essentially, lieu time is paid time off from work. Rather than an employee receiving pay for overtime hours, an employee would receive additional paid time off.

The challenge with managing time in lieu with a time off calendar template is that things can get very messy, very fast. The complications of how to keep track of employee time off that are granted from lieu, can be simplified in a digital vacation tracking calendar. You can easily add extra vacation days for specific employees and keep track of how many days they have used and have left directly in the company holiday schedule template calendar.

If youre unsure of whether or not youre ready to save time 🙂 you can stick with an employee vacation accrual template to manage time off and lieu requests, but we wouldnt recommend it as it is not the hassle-free option.

What If I Dont Need 5 Leave Types

No problem. You can just remove additional leave types easily.

In this example, I have selected last 2 rows of the Leave Type table. Then, right click to bring up the menu that you see in the image below.

This will remove the two rows and you will be left with 3 leave types to track for your company. Thats how easy it is.

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How This Excel Leave Tracker Template Works

A PTO Tracker Template in Excel may be a combination of the paid hours, vacation hours, and short hours taken by an employee. This allows the firm to calculate every employees total and authentic work hours without any ambiguity.

Following are the benefits of PTO Tracker Excel:

  • It helps to promote a trust relationship between the employees and the firm.
  • Moreover, promotes discipline within the firm with authentic disciplinary actions.
  • It leaves no ambiguity regarding observation of the time taken off by employees.
  • Employees expect a right and highly authentic procedure by the firms and any chance of ambiguity in observation of their Personal Time Off destroys trust.
  • However, a PTO Tracker Software is a much better and useful choice in digital times as compared to a manually operated PTO Tracker Template in MS Excel.
  • Key Features Of Pto Calculator

    Employee Vacation Tracker

    If you are looking for a Simple & Effective solution to calculate PTO for your employee, download this free Excel template to track and calculate employees PTO accrual balances. This employee vacation accrual template has:

    • Some settings are available to cover the most common business Paid-Time- Off policy scenarios.
    • This annual vacation calculator is very flexible and easy to modify for your individual business needs
    • This PTO accrual spreadsheet automatically calculates PTO balances for today and any upcoming date
    • In this PTO accrual template, you can enter vacation dates as date ranges
    • This Template is designed for only one employee. But, you can make a copy of the workbook to use for the second employee.
    • Moreover, it has customizable PTO types. You can easily add employees and visualize their situations.

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    How To Create An Employee Vacation Tracker

    People are by far the greatest asset of any organization.

    Like all assets, they lose value and depreciate if you dont take care of them. An employee whos spread thin or close to burning out is likely irritable, making mistakes, and dealing with low morale.

    Thankfully, theres a cure to such ailments. The best way to take care of your employees is to provide them with ample time off so they can recharge. A little rest and relaxation is sometimes all thats required to take an underperforming employee back up to par.

    A study by Harvard Business Review found that If you take all your vacation days and plan ahead for trips, you will increase your happiness, success rate, and likelihood of promotion, and youll lower your stress level to boot.

    The first step to getting your employees to take time off is keeping up with their paid time off balances. For that, youll need an employee vacation tracker:

    Printable Employee Vacation Tracker Templates

    Employee vacation tracker is a vacation management tool used to keep track of paid time off and emergency leaves. It is commonly used by almost all business organizations and companies. It can manage and record all types of leaves of employees. Furthermore, it helps to keep an eye on employee strength on daily and monthly basis.

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    Why Track Your Vacation Days Off From Work

    Keeping track of every vacation day is essential if you care about getting paid for every hour of time off that youve earned. Get in the habit of documenting not just how many hours or days you have accrued, but also how and when they were used. At a minimum use an online calendar to mark vacation day usage though a spreadsheet offers clear advantages.

    Be aware that mistakes sometimes happen on your paystub so set a reminder to review it every pay period. When you do spot an inaccuracy on your pay slip youll have the evidence to present to the payroll staff to get it corrected promptly. And just as important by keeping close tabs on your remaining vacation days, youll never allow yourself to lose a day of pay without working because you failed to use it.

    How To Create An Excel Vacation Calendar For Employees

    PTO Calculator Excel Template

    The pillar of every organization lies in its people. Thats why employee management is, and it will be, the priority of every company who wants to succeed and survive in, already overcrowded, market.

    However, in recent years seems like employees are not willing to be satisfied with a decent salary and a challenging set of responsibilities which will upskill them, improving their worth on the job market. Employees want more, besides standard offers such health insurance and retirement plans are. They are not willing to sacrifice their well-being anymore to climb the corporate ladder. Employees are not willing to compromise theyve learned to know their worth.

    All of this came as a challenge to many businesses and they had to step up their game. Offering perks such as unlimited PTO policy, remote work and office snacks followed by casual Fridays seem to do the job. However, introducing them to the workplace didnt come without its challenges.

    Thats why we wanted to talk about what kind of problems may arise if companies fail to track vacation days and stay updated on their vacation policy, as well as how to create an excel vacation calendar for employees to manage their leave in a better and more efficient way.

    What can happen if you dont track your employees vacation days?

    Thats why we decided to help out and share some tips on how to create an excel vacation calendar for employees and offer you some useful tools to use.

  • Open Microsoft Excel.
  • Culture Amp

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    What Do Hr Managers Need

    There are 2 aspects tracking vacations.

  • Data entry for vacations taken by employees
  • Status dashboard to summarize vacation data
  • Based on my interaction with few HR managers, the below questions are asked most often when it comes to vacation tracking:

    • What is the absent rate of our employees
    • What are the vacation patterns for individual employees
    • On which dates most employees are absent?
    • Who is taking most vacation days?

    Free Excel Vacation Accrual Calculator

    Do you track how many days of PTO you have? Wondering if there is something like PTO Calculator or simple leaves tracking spreadsheet that can easily track Vacation and PTO vacation accrual like PTO Calculator? If yes, you are at the right site.

    We offer Employee PTO Tracker Excel template. You can download this free PTO tracker in Excel to calculate and track employees PTO accrual balances.

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    This Excel Leave Tracker Template Can Be Used To Record And Monitor Employee Leaves For A Year Of A Financial Year Where You Can Choose The Starting Month Of The Year

    Employee vacation tracker excel template. Keep an Employee Vacation Planner Template in Excel for 2020 But plan for a longer-term solution with Vacation Tracker.Employees Annual PTO accrual rate is 120 hours and that is accrued weekly.When we think of accrual periods we have to think of a window with a start date and an end date.

    Lets enter First Accrual Period Begin Date as Jan 1st 2020 this is user input.Weekly PTO Accrual Example Inputs for Template.Setting up an employee vacation tracker from scratch sounds like difficult job but having an editable employee vacation tracker template makes the work easier.

    It helps to monitor and plan for human resource availability for each day of the project lifecycle.In this article You will get knowledge about the employee vacation tracker template.The employee vacation tracker template can help tremendously by permitting supervisors and movement commander to effectively monitor who is the place and make sure that each track is reasonably allotted excursion.

    This is an accessible template.Features of employee vacation tracker template.The template available for free in Excel format contains a worksheet for each month of the year.

    Without taking a proper lave one should mark attendance as prior to getting engaged in further tasks.This employee leave tracker template can be easily customized is color-coded and tracks monthly.Use this employee absence schedule template to track the absence and time reports of your employees.

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