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Average Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

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What is the Average Property Management Fee for Rental Properties

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How Are Property Management Fees Calculated

The specific number is determined based on the size of your property and services provided. Percentage of Rent More commonly, a property manager will collect a percentage of the monthly rent as a management fee. The percentage collected will vary, but is traditionally between 8% and 12% of the gross monthly rent.

How To Hire An Airbnb Property Manager

Is hiring an Airbnb property manager something you are considering? For those of you who have recently invested in an Airbnb property or already possess several properties spread out across multiple locations and are having difficulty managing time with the widespread multitude of tasks, you may be in a crisis situation. If this is the case, then the time has come to choose to hire a property manager to scale your business more systematically.

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Property Management Industry Standard Fee:

The traditional property management model for a single family home, is termed, Full Service and is a combination of leasing and ongoing management. Nearly all property management companies operate within this model and offer similar services for roughly the same price. Those costs are generally: 7-10% of every months rent for ongoing management and a moderate leasing fee, usually from $500 to a 1/2 months rent or more, when a tenant is initially placed.

At Tenant Planet, Inc., we offer our California property management a la carte which means you can have our ongoing management or tenant placement, or both, if you desire. We charge a flat $79 for ongoing management and charge 1 months rent for tenant placement, which comes with a 2 year tenant placement guarantee.

Depending on the size of the building , you can expect a lower management fee. Our flat rate ongoing management decreases per door until about 12 units where it flat lines as low as $39/door in San Diego and $50/door in the Bay Area for a typical well-maintained property.

What that looks like is:

1 unit = $79/mo

12 units = $600/mo or $390/mo

Its worth noting that for California property management companies with higher continuing costs i.e. 8%, 9% or 10% ongoing management fees, typically the leasing fee will be on the lower end of the spectrum . Conversely, those with lower percentage fees tend to charge a higher leasing fee, as we do at Tenant Planet, Inc.

Can A Real Estate Investor Write Off Property Management Fees

Average Airbnb Property Management Fees

Yes. Property management costs are deductible expenses for most landlords. The final answer on whether or not these fees are deductible will depend on how you file your taxes, but the majority of landlords will be able to offset rental income with these fees as part of their deductible expenses.

This is the case whether you hire a property management company or you continue to be a do-it-yourself landlord. Suppose you are doing everything on your own. In that case, you will need to be extra careful about tracking all incurred expenses for managing the property to ensure that you are subtracting those costs properly.

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Homeaway Fees For Guests

There is also a service fee of between 6 12% of the total cost that guests will have to pay directly to HomeAway. Though, in some instances, it can be higher. Usually, if the total cost of the reservation is higher, this percentage will be lower.

Vacation rental owners also have the option to add extra vacation rental management fees to their listing such as an additional fee for pets. In other words, it is an extra fee that the owners get to charge in addition to the service fee that HomeAway charges.

How To Find A Property Management Company

While it can be tempting to try and manage a rental property yourself, property management can take an incredible amount of time out of your already busy day.

We all know that time is money. The time youll be saving by having a property manager handle the daily details of your rental property can be put to better use by analyzing ways to grow your real estate business and rental property portfolio.

Great Jones broker licenses

Here are some of the best ways to find a great property management company when youre ready to begin your search:

  • Ask for referrals from other real estate investors, lenders, inspectors, and real estate agents who belong to the same investment groups you do, such as BiggerPockets Forums or the Stessa Community.
  • Search for property managers online who work in your local market, using sites such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers .
  • Visit Roofstock to find a preferred property manager in your market that has already been vetted and monitored for ongoing performance.

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Active Renter Property Management

Active Renter Property Management is a full-service brokerage and management company working with residential properties and HOAs throughout Phoenix.

  • Address: 3602 E Greenway Rd #105, Phoenix, AZ 85032
  • Phone: 602-635-1063
  • Management Fee: 7.9% to 11.99% of monthly rent, depending on plan
  • Tenant Placement Fee: 1 months rent for tenant placement only

Active Renter offers brokerage and consulting services to help you get started with a rental property investment, full-service management of your property, and comprehensive HOA management services for residential communities. Buying assistance, budgeting, earnings forecasting, and property preparation are available to investors in addition to full-service leasing and daily management to take your property from the market to rent-ready and earning income ASAP. These services include finding a tenant, overseeing all daily needs of the property & tenant, and financial accounting to keep you informed about your cash flow. Active Renter also uses their local connections for no-markup vendor and maintenance contracts, plus they guarantee tenants for 6 months. HOA managers can get assistance with a wide range of administrative, maintenance, and financial services along with individual property management, helping to streamline projects, keep the board organized, maintain finances, and build the communitys value.

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What Services Are Included In The Management Fees For My Vacation Rental Property Listing

NBC2 Investigators: Vacation rental company’s new fees cause confusion

It is critical to understand upfront which service expenses are included in the management fee and paid separately. A property management may give you a low monthly price but then present you with a list of additional expenses added to their rate. On the other hand, property management may charge an ostensibly expensive monthly cost, but it is all-inclusive.

The management cost per month may include the following services:

Vacation rental property managers earn a living by grasping the STR market and remaining current on industry developments. As a result, they have a strong grasp of how to promote a vacation rental effectively, whether to alter rates, which platforms to utilize, and how to attract perfect visitors to your home.

Some managers provide this service as part of their monthly cost for vacation rental property management, while others charge an extra fee. If you choose to opt-out of this service, you may contact your manager, but first, determine if you have the time and skills necessary to promote your property on your own.

Cleaning services are required each time visitors check out of your rental. Cleaning expenses may be included in the monthly rate charged by certain vacation rental managers. This implies that you will be responsible for the cost of the cleaning services.

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Management Fees For Individual Managers:

  • More likely than a firm to charge a cheaper vacation rental property management cost.
  • Additionally, they may be more forthcoming regarding overall fees.


  • Will provide the same services as a business.
  • It may be more adaptable in tailoring the range of services to your specific needs.


  • Perhaps not as well-established as an industry firm.

Fees Guaranteed:

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Property Management Fees Sydney

Property management fees in Sydney and New South Wales generally vary anywhere from 5% 12%. The lower fees will normally be available in the high-density areas in Sydney CBD and surrounds whilst rural areas will attract the more expensive property management fees. In Sydney and surrounds you can expect a rate between 5% 8%.

Interested in a top-performing property manager? Look here for special deals on property managers in Sydney.

This is primarily due to the large number of property managers servicing the city areas, creating a competitive marketplace and therefore keeping fees lower. Additionally, the higher property values in these areas allow property managers more flexibility when setting their fees.

Also expect to pay 1-2 weeks rent as a letting fee in Sydney, and up to 4 weeks for some rural NSW areas. If you want to know your suburbs average property management fee, see our updated Sydney, NSW guide to property management fees.

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When You Dont Want The Stress

One of the major benefits of getting a property manager is the peace of mind that it comes with. Think about all the daily struggles of managing bookings, maintaining the property, handling complaints and so much more.

If you want to be completely hands-off, the peace of mind that comes with hiring an all-service property manager may be worth every penny.

Vacation Rentals In Phoenix

RentCafé: Average U.S. rent declines for first time in 2 years

This cosmopolitan Southwestern city is the perfect setting for weekend adventures, romantic getaways and action-packed holidays for the whole family. Whether youre visiting in the spring, summer, winter or fall, vacation rentals are an excellent choice for those who crave all the amenities of home. At CasaGo, we offer everything from affordable 2-bedroom homes, to sprawling, luxury villas with unbridled views. Our inventory of vacation rentals in Phoenix includes properties throughout the downtown area and surrounding communities of Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale and Mesa. Looking for a resort-style condo with pool, or a spacious rental house in the desert foothills? CasaGo has the perfect home-away-from-home in The Valley of the Sun. Many of our rentals are close to restaurants, entertainment, shopping and world-class golf, and feature tons of modern amenities. Rental property features may include:

Rental property features may include:

Pool and Barbecue Area

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How Much Does Property Management Cost

Property management fees in Toronto for your rental property depend on a number of factors. These include the location of the property, the estimated man-hours for running the service, and the level of landlord/property management involvement.

The primary part of the cost when contracting a property manager in Toronto is the overall management fee, but there are some other additional costs you should be aware of as well.

What Kind Of Hawaii Property Management Services Does Hawaii Life Provide

Our goal is to ensure that every guest who stays in one of our Hawaii vacation rentals has an extraordinary experience, and every homeowner receives top-notch, no-hassle service.

We provide impactful online exposure and reach for our Hawaii homeowner clients. We operate the most trafficked real estate and vacation rental website in Hawaii. We apply proven online marketing strategies and tools to match a property with the ideal guests.

Booking Services – Our professional reservations team immediately responds to all guest inquiries and handles all bookings. We provide convenient online booking services for our guests and conduct extensive guest screening.

Property Management Services – We inspect every property before every guest’s arrival and after every departure. We greet guests upon check-in and make ourselves available to every guests needs throughout their stay. We arrange and supervise independent contractors, including housekeepers, yard maintenance, repair technicians, gas delivery, septic tank inspection, window washing, and carpet cleaning. We attend to any of your home maintenance issues quickly and effectively.

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Maintenance And Repair Services

Maintenance and repair fees are usually included in the monthly vacation rental property management fees. This should not be offered as an additional service but, included in the standard fee unless you have alternate plans to handle impromptu repair needs coming up on your property such as fixing a broken pipe or repairing furniture.

If you choose to pay for maintenance fees as part of your vacation rental property management fees, make sure you find out if they have their maintenance team or if they outsource, and if the fee covers all necessary repairs for the month.

Keep in mind that a property manager might quote you a very low monthly fee, but then provide a list of separate fees charged on top of their rate thereby resulting in a high amount at the end of the day. Therefore, you should always find out if the monthly fees are inclusive of all services or not.

Stay In Control Of Your Properties

How much should you pay a short term rental manager?

Some real estate investors and landlords are hesitant to take on the cost of property management fees, not so much because they cant afford them but because they are afraid of losing control of their business.

Looking long-term, however, your rental income is likely to be more effectively reinvested in your business if you have the help you need. While rental management services cost money, they also enable you to keep growing your business.

Think about your long-term goals. Can you achieve them with your hands as tied as they currently are? Adding a rental property management company to your business model might be just the thing that you need to keep growing!

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Ask About The Other Fees Your Vacation Rental Manager May Charge

How much vacation rental managers charge is about much more than just the management percentage or commission. A vacation rental manager might tell you he charges only a 15% commission, and his rate is the lowest in town. What he may fail to tell you is that there are a host of other fees you will get charged every month.

I have seen many vacation rental managers that are quick to quote simply the percentage of their commission. Here are the other expenses associated with management of your vacation rental that you need to be aware of.

Property Managment Fees For Vacation Rentals

  • American Fork, UT

I’m a newbie, who is looking to start with a buy and hold of vacation rentals. Being my first time, I’ve got a ton of things to figure out. One of them is property management fees. Property management fees seems to be around 10% of the rent for traditional homes and condos, but I haven’t found a good number for management fees of vacation properties.

I was looking at a property management company’s website, who happens to manage several condos in a development I’m interested in. They had a spreadsheet for potential investors. One of the things that surprised me was their management fees was 25% – 40% of rent depending on the size of the unit.

I’m not surprised that vacation rental management is higher, but are those rates typical? If not what is the typical management cost of a vacation rental?


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Guide To Vacation Rental Property Management Fees

Its critical to understand how vacations rental property management fees operate and how they will affect your rental earnings when choosing a property manager or property management business to handle your holiday rental.

There are several advantages to employing a property manager to handle your short-term rental properties. The cost structure and fees charged by vacation rental property management businesses will vary. However, before you proceed, ensure that this is the best course of action for your company and rental revenue objectives.

Property Management For Short

Vrbo vs. HomeAway vs. AirBnb vs. vs. Tripadvisor

With over $57 billion in earned revenue expected in 2019, the short term rental industry continues to grow at an impressive rate. For instance, short-term vacation rental nightly rates can range anywhere from $186 to $978 in the most popular vacation spots across the United States. Even in less desirable locations, short term rentals provide a valuable alternative to hotels for travelers seeking a more unique, home-like and private environment.

Key Points

  • 1The quality and skill of property management companies can make a huge difference in how many guests are motivated to book your short term rental.
  • 2Property management companies can save a short-term rental investor hours each week, but also require communication and oversight to ensure your needs are being met.
  • 3Fee structures can be fixed or by commission, and its important that an investor ensures they understand exactly what services are included in their upfront fees and what may be additional costs down the line.
  • 4Property management companies can allow investors to expand their short term rental business into more than one property and allow them to travel while earning higher returns than with a longer-term rental.

Unlike longer-term rental properties where tenants typically sign a lease for a term of several months or more, short-term rental properties involve fast turnover rates and, therefore, much more hands-on upkeep and constant management.

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Factors Affecting Property Management Fees

In one way or another, the amount of the property management fee is based on the amount of work the property management company needs to do to keep your property in good condition and maximize rental income and value. For example, a small multifamily building with three or four units is more labor-intensive for a property manager than a single-family rental home.

Factors that affect the property management fee a landlord will pay include:

  • Type of property such as single-family rental vs. a multifamily building vs. a short-term rental property.
  • Size of property based on number of units, square footage, or number of bedrooms in the home.
  • Property condition older properties usually require more repairs and maintenance than do newer homes, even if they have been thoroughly updated.
  • Neighborhood rating in general, neighborhoods with higher ratings will attract better tenants and fewer problems than areas where the school districts are poor and the amenities are few and far between.
  • Full-service vs. a la carte pricing some property management companies charge a lower monthly fee for minimal services such as rent collection and handling maintenance requests, then offer landlords a la carte or pay-as-you-go pricing for repair costs, property inspections, and lease renewals.
  • also affects property management pricing, with property management fees in some smaller markets being higher due to less competition and choices for landlords.

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