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Free Online Vacation Bible School Curriculum

Vacation Bible School Ideas

These are a collection of extra ideas and tips for making your Vacation Bible School week run smoothly.

  • Preparation is Key – Do as much as you can ahead of time, including pre-registering kids, pre-assembling parts for crafts, pre-recording songs in case musicians get sick and buying things on clearance . Genius Tip: VBS registration is easy with a .
  • Fundraising – Budgets can be a challenging aspect of running Vacation Bible School, so get creative about fundraising: sell CDs with VBS-themed music, have special weeks at your church service when the offering goes specifically to VBS or even have families “buy in” by charging a small fee for a week of great teaching.
  • – If your budget is limited, think about having one theme-related wall or room that really is memorable and can be used for an activity and/or picture taking. Be sure to include a great Bible verse used during the week to help reinforce your theme.
  • Bargain Costumes – When you are looking for costumes, remember that post-Halloween is a great time to snatch up things like beards, hats and theme-related gear. Post-Christmas is an ideal time to find deals on lights, and post-Valentines Day will offer plenty of heart-shaped décor at a bargain.
  • Take Home Projects– Scripture cards are a craft you can create year after year . Children can be reminded of their great week and also have meaningful verses to look at the whole year.
  • How To Plan A Successful Vacation Bible School

    Being in charge of planning a vacation Bible school is an important responsibility. These summer events provide opportunities for children in the congregation to have fun, strengthen their faith, and make new friends.

    Most vacation Bible schools are week-long events, with plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained. As you learn how to plan a successful vacation Bible school, youll see that the most critical work begins months before the summer season.

    Here are a few helpful steps to follow when planning a vacation Bible school.

    Free Vacation Bible School Kit Online Samples

    Since this is a REPRODUCIBLE Vacation Bible School course it cannot be previewed in its entirety. There is, however, no need to purchase an additional “VBS Sample Kit”. We allow you to view the a free “Vacation Bible School Kit” using onlinesamples from our programs so that you can be assured our materials are deeply rooted in Scripture and will be an excellent foundation for your VBS program. These sample pages can also be printed.

    The free Vacation Bible School kit downloads will include some lesson pages, activities, teacher guides, crafts, etc. You will also notice on some of these pdfs small red bubbles. If you click on these bubbles you will open an explanation about that section. Read these carefully. They give added explanation of why and how the course was designed.

    If after reviewing the items you still have questions, feel free to call us at 855-873-4566 or send us an e-mail here.

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    Free Vbs Curriculum From The Bible Project

    Vacation Bible School is an excellent way to engage the children in your church and attract new families. Were happy to announce a brand-new VBS curriculum is available on Open Networkof course, completely free.

    Kingdom Seekers VBS, from our generous and creative partner The Bible Project, has everything your church needs to run a high-quality,fun, biblically-based VBS that teaches kids about Jesus and how to engage with Gods Word.

    Kingdom Seekers takes your kids to Cricket Creek, a quirky town full of exciting adventures that allow them to explore the mysteries of the Bible.

    Watch the curriculum promo video below, but beware: once you do, youll want to know what happens in Cricket Creek!

    Kingdom Seekers VBS has everything you need:

    • Complete directors guide
    • Rotation station guides
    • Production tech sheets
    • Bible Project animations narrated by kids
    • Kingdom Seeker narrative videos

    Free Vacation Bible School + Sunday School

    Vacation Bible School

    The God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School is included 100% FREE for all members. Sharefaith Kids combines VBS, Sunday School Lessons and Sunday School activities to bring teachers the most amazing, intuitive, and complete teaching resource on the planet! With stunning kids Bible videos and Sunday School activities, these Gospel-centered lessons come to life like never before. Sharefaith Kids is volunteer-friendly, kid-focused, Gospel-centered and extremely easy to prepare and teach.

    and save up to 25% during Sharefaiths Annual Easter Sale! For less than $1/day you can re-energize your VBS and Sunday School. Youre not going to find a more value-packed Sunday School resource anywhere on the planet! We even provide a top-notch teacher scheduler and planner on our Complete plan that will take your Sunday School and VBS planning to an entirely new level!

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    Finally A Catholic Vacation Bible School Curriculum

    Review of St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity Vacation Bible School Program Reviewed by Lisa M. Hendey Catholic Online

    As a mother, I’ll never forget the summer a few years back when my son returned home from a Vacation Bible School camp at a local non-denominational church and asked “Mommy, why haven’t I been saved?”

    If your children have ever attended a program at a bible-based church, perhaps you can relate to my experience. Vacation Bible Schools are wonderful, uplifting experiences that can enhance a child’s spirituality and social skills. However, for Catholic families and Catholic parishes, resources which provide a truly Catholic VBS experience may have been either non-existent or greatly limited in the past.

    The creators of Growing With the Saints set out to create a VBS curriculum designed to meet the needs of Catholic parishes desiring to teach Catholic children the sacred traditions of our Church. With an emphasis on saints and sacramentality, Growing With the Saints set out to reach children with an experience that would be both entertaining and in line with Church teachings. Their program received an Imprimatur from the Diocese of Lafayette guaranteeing the accuracy of Catholic doctrine employed in the program.

    At the heart of any great VBS program is good music, and Growing With The Saints has included a wonderful, reproducible CD filled with 8 original compositions that are sure to get your little saints singing along.


    Vacation Bible School In 10 Easy Steps Using Sharefaith Kids

    With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start planning your Vacation Bible School. VBS is a wonderful opportunity to reach new children with the Gospel and breathe new life into your Sunday School. And, despite what you may have heard, preparing for VBS doesnt have to be a stomach-churning, anxiety-inducing process. Give this article a quick read, and well show the secret to a vibrant VBS!

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    What Is The God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School

    God Of Wonders is an all-in-one 5 day Vacation Bible School adventure where your kids will explore the exciting story of Moses and discover the God Of Wonders along the way. Filled with out-of-this-world resources, the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School program is volunteer-friendly, kid-focused and Gospel-centered.

    Over the course of your 5-day VBS adventure, your kids will expand their faith as they examine the power and purposes of God! Along the way, your students will learn essential Bible truths that will transform them from the inside out! Here is a summary of each days topic along with its big idea:

    • Day 1: A Deliverer is Born We can trust Gods plan for our lives.
    • Day 2: Escape from Egypt We can look forward to an eternal reward.
    • Day 3: The Burning Bush We can really know the living God.
    • Day 4: The 10 Plagues We can expect God to fight our battles.
    • Day 5: The Red Sea Crossing We can hope in God for salvation.

    God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School

    For most churches, Vacation Bible School is your premier summer event. And for good reason. VBS energizes kids, engages volunteers and unites your entire church around Kingdom-driven event. And while VBS will always center on your students and volunteers, having the right resources is key. With the right program, your kids will be inspired, your volunteers will be empowered, and your church will rally together like never before. This is why you need to check out the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School! This epic 5-day program is included FREE with Sharefaith Kids and will transform your VBS in 3 easy steps.

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    Why Vacation Bible School Lessons Matter:

    Why is VBS important? It is here that many children come to know Christ. Unchurched families may not attend our churches, but they may send their children to Bible school. According to the Barna Group, “Nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching the age of 13 .”

    The sad news is that the Barna Group also found that “Another shift in childrens ministry since 1997 has been the 12% decline in the percentage of churches offering Vacation Bible School – from 81% to 69%. That represents about 38,000 fewer churches offering VBS than eight years ago.” In response to their question, “Why not offer VBS?”,pastors’ top three reasons were – a lack of teachers, a lack of time, and that they offer “other activities.” I fear that another reason could be a lack of funds.If your church does not offer Vacation Bible School, I pray you will be the one God uses to get them to reconsider it. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive to touch the life of at least one child. You may even want to consider having your own Backyard Bible Club!

    And if your church does offer VBS, please consider becoming a volunteer!

    Whatever the case, we hope the following free Vacation Bible School lessons will assist you in reaching boys and girls with the love of Christ.

    Thoughtful And Fun Games

    Some activities can be just for fun, but always think of ways to apply a Biblical concept. Consider these games, and note which are appropriate for indoors, outdoors or both.

  • Amazing Race – Each group will need supervision based on age. This game encourages working together to overcome challenges, but with this twist: adults along the route need the team’s help , and the team has the option to help them or pass by. At the end, reveal that the winning team is not the first to complete the tasks, but the team that stopped to help along the way.
  • Pool Noodle Games – Noodles can be made into racetracks for marbles, gigantic hoops for an over-sized ring toss or hoops for throwing footballs through. These games easily segue into talking about how challenges we face are like a race or a contest we often have to endure with patience and persistence to see what will happen in the end.
  • Minute to Win It – These fast-paced games make for great rotation-style activities if you have a very large group. These are fun games to start a discussion about patience and what happens when we hurry . They also let the laughter abound. Some ideas: Divide into teams and see which group can write down the most Bible verses in one minute or see who can give the best summary of a book of the Bible in just one minute.
  • Ask older students to volunteer at church with an online sign up. SAMPLE

    Collect Vacation Bible School supplies with an online sign up. SAMPLE

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    Virtual Vbs At Home: New Virtual Curriculum For Vacation Bible School 2020

    Kids will love this Virtual VBS curriculum for 2020. It features at 3 day VBS at home schedule, but could also be done fully online.

    BOLT VBS is a new curriculum option for Vacation Bible School for the summer of 2020. This VBS program is built for families to share a virtual VBS experience at home during the Coronavirus stay-at-home order. Churches can purchase this video-based VBS curriculum and share it with every family in their congregation here is the link to get updates when the material is available.

    The team at GO! Curriculum is hard at work designing a 3-day VBS that is custom made for churches and families during the COVID19 shutdown. We have thought through every aspect of the VBS experience and made it so user friendly that any family can easily do it at home. With minimal preparation, easy to follow instructions, and a video that leads kids step-by-step through each day. This is perfect for online or stay-at-home virtual VBS curriculum, BOLT is the perfect quarantine-friendly solution for your church.

    Fearless Free Printable 5 Dayvacation Bible School Or Home School Curriculum

    Vacation Bible School

    With Summer coming up it is time to start planning Vacation Bible School. I had this idea to create a free plan that could be used in small churches, day cares, or home school classrooms for a short 1-2 hours a day for 5 days program. Its about learning our real life super powers such as courage, faith, love, honesty, and trust. The theme is called Fearless.

    You can save the logo above and print out to create some program t shirts if you like.

    In the first few pages you will find the overall lesson objective, a flyer, a chart they can glue their super power they learned about each day to, and a get them started thinking activity. All scripture is taken from the King James Version.

    Each day has a Group Lesson to talk about the super power together and a Bible passage to read.

    Day One: Courage

    Suggestions, requests, questions, corrections, or comments?

    Use our worksheets or activities?Send a picture to be featured in a future post!

    Email to:

    This download is mostly color and free to use for any daycare, church, school, personal, co op, or home school use.

    We all make mistakes sometimes, if you happen to find one of mine feel free to email me and let me know so I can correct it!


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    Vacation Bible School Lessons

    Vacation Bible School lessons can be used any time of the year! As you begin preparing to share Jesus with the hearts of children ages preschool through teens, take a look and compare the various curriculums available:

    However, if you are looking for a Bible school curriculum or maybe extra ideas to go along with what you have, take a look at these exciting and FREE ideas including lessons, crafts, games, object lessons, and more to assist you in this very special ministry.

    How Do You Recommend Using This Virtual Vacation Bible School

    You can use it any way you imagine, but we suggest that you schedule the VBS just like you normally would. Encourage all of your families to experience BOLT on the same 3 days. You could even do a Zoom party at the end of each day so that everyone can share their experiences together as a church. Every child will enjoy this experience.

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    Essential Steps For Planning A Vacation Bible School

    Begin your planning early so youre ready to provide an excellent experience when the children arrive. This process typically begins four to six months before your vacation Bible school occurs. Heres what you need to take care of:

    The more you organize ahead of time, the less stress youll face when your program starts. Create a master to-do list and check off as many of these items as possible right now.

    Comparison Charts And Guides Can Help

    Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary has offered Vacation Bible School reviews for more than fifteen years. That department has spent countless hours assessing intensive, formative curricula, and it has created a holistic assessment of curriculum that includes reviews of inclusivity and theological framework.

    Similarly, Cokesburys site provides a comparison chart of several different VBS curriculum options.

    Vacation Bible School has always been one of the most powerful outreaches of your church. It is one that connects to the children and their families. After the past year in which we experienced. physical distancing and lack of in-person worship, we identify with the much-needed nurturing of relationships. Because of those needs, VBS can be more effective this summer than ever before.

    Children and their families need the life-giving ministry that VBS provides. Regardless of how you provide Vacation Bible School this summer, plan on it being transformational for all those lives affected. Families need the assurance of Gods love more now than ever.

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    Best Free Vbs Curriculums

    Do you want to provide a fun and informative vacation Bible school for the kids of your community, but are working within a budget? You have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of our favorite free Bible school curriculums out there. From virtual Bible school options to in-person plans, you can find a free Bible school curriculum that will breathe life and excitement into your VBS. Read on to learn more about our top 11 picks, ranging from a few days to a few weeks in length.

    With a focus on the birth of Christ and the importance of Christmas, this four-week curriculum is perfect to use throughout the winter months. Weâve all heard of the three wise men and the innkeeper who had no room, but what about the others? Join this program to hear the unique perspectives of the animals who were present, as they take to the stage.

    Specially created to consider COVID limitations, this virtual Bible school will take your VBS digital. The vacation Bible school songs include the top three hits by Ben Calhoun who will perform them, just for the students of Bolt! This three-day program focuses on deepening the kids’ connection with Jesus, from the comfort of your own home.

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