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Kars For Kids Vacation Voucher Reviews

Helpful Reasons For Donating Your Vehicle To Give2kids:

Kars4Kids Official TV Commercial (Kars for Kids Video Jingle)

free carssafe, alternative treatments2. Free Scholarshipsfree college scholarship 3. Get a Substantial Tax Write-Off highest allowable tax deduction4. Avoid the Aggravation of Selling the Car Yourself a. b.c.5. Free Pick-Up. 6. No title? We May Still Be Able to Accept Your Vehicle! 7. Donate to a Charity You Can Trust5 star Google rating

HelpfulTips for Your Best Car Donation Experience

1. You can see our 501 tax-exemption status here.2. Vehicle Donation 3. b.) c.) Your Car Donation Helps Kids with Cancer .Mission Car Donation A Few of Our Recent New Car Donor Google Reviews…

“Very easy car donation process.” “Incredible place with very professional people…Thank you so much for the vitamins that helped me alot with my health… God bless you guys.”Great place to get information and assistance about children with cancer. If you have an old car, and don’t know what to do, this will be the perfect place to donate it and get a tax deduction or $200 visa gift card. You won’t be disappointed.” See More of Our Latest Car Donation Reviews!:

Is Kars4kids A Legit Charity

After describing how car donations to Kars4Kids work, the homepage does state that Kars4Kids is a registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah, our sister charity, help thousands of children develop into productive members of the community. But should donors have to go online to …

What Is Fifth Disease

The rash is the bodys way of reacting to the infection. This immune system reaction to parvovirus B19 happens only after the infection has cleared out of the system. Fifth disease is contagious during the early days of mild fever and cold symptoms, and usually not when the telltale bright red rash appears.

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How Do You Get A Car From Kars4kids

If you have a vehicle that hasn’t been in running condition for a while, either fill out a form online or give us a call at 877-Kars4Kids – that’s 877-527-7454 – and we will come pick it up for free. Donating a car to Kars4Kids, whether it runs or not, is a stress-free way to dispose of your unwanted vehicles.

What Is A Resort Voucher


Resort credits are offered by the hotels and resorts to add extra value to the package. A resort credit is basically cash you can use for extra services not normally included in the all-inclusive package: spa services, golf, motorized watersports, and private beachside or romantic dinners, for example.

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What Does Kars4kids Do With The Cars

While they do make a point of mentioning that these donated cars are being sold for scrap and through private auctions. What most people will find odd is that Kars4Kids also allows their cars to be given to volunteers who work for their charity. This sounds a bit odd since its not beneficial to anyone outside their charity to be given a car- as a volunteer. Since the Kars4Kids charity shares the same office with the Oorah charity, they have employees that share positions between the same connected rooms.

Its not unlikely that a donated car or vehicle is also being used by their New Jersey office staff. Yet its not illegal to any extent, but goes to show you that these cars arent going to people in need how you were told they would. This is at least, from the perspective of who works in their organization. Where the cars go after that, depends on who the buyers of these cars happen to be.

Costly And Continuous Kars4kids Ads Disguise Charity’s Real Purpose


Described by many as annoying and by as the subject of widespread, ubiquitous hate, the catchy advertising jingle for the charity known as Kars4Kids can now be heard not only on radio stations nationwide, but also on major TV networks. Kars4Kids debuted a TV commercial in November 2014 that features a specially spruced up version of the 1-877-Kars4Kids jingle and some real kuties jamming away in Kars4Kids brand color Hot Pink, according to a Kars4Kids press release. The TV spot has aired on popular networks such as ESPN and Fox News and has been viewed over 880,000 times on YouTube, with each play of its earworm jingle lightheartedly encouraging people to donate your car today. By now, you are probably familiar with the Kars4Kids jingle, but just how familiar are you with how Kars4Kids spends the money it makes from all those kars that get donated 4 kids?

The Kars4Kids commercials claim that the charity provides for quick and easy pick up of car donations, and that the car donations will in some way be used for the benefit of kids. An important question potential donors should ask, though, is: Just how much do kids benefit from the cars donated to Kars4Kids? Also, with hundreds of millions of kids in the world, exactly which kids will benefit, and how are those kids helped?

Cars for an Orthodox Jewish Cause

How Many Seconds Does It Take to Say Kars4Kids Supports Jewish Youth?

High Fundraising Costs Signal a Red Light

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The Minnesota Attorney Generals Office Appeal

It seems that one state is upset about their review of mission statements from Kars4Kids, and is being quite vocal about where the proceeds are actually going. The state has filed a 300-page report through the Attorney Generals office, and other supporting states to repeal Kars4Kids charity nonprofit organization title. This comes after their findings that donations from this charity barely benefit any Minnesota charities or children in their state.

They seek to urge the IRS and other government authorities to not allow Kars4Kids to advertise deceptively- likewise. The main argument is that there is very little transparency in how they are using these donations. They also assert that Kars4Kids raised 88 million nationally between the years of 2012 to 2014. This consisted of 160,000 vehicles that were either scrapped or sold for cash.

It was further uncovered that Kars4Kids passed 40 million of that to their sister charity Oorah. This is an Orthodox Jewish youth camp that is located in New Jersey and comes from benefits from Kars4Kids profits directly. But this is where the Oorah nonprofit organization starts to get murky as well. It was further reported that Kars4Kids now accepts property donations of all kinds. At least 10 million in properties acquired by Kars4Kids, then became investments that were lost by Oorah executives recently.

Why Should I Use Travel Incentives For My Business

Kars4Kids Jingle Remix! – (1-8-7-7 – Kars for Kids song)

The benefits of offering incentive products are to cost-effectively increase response, participation, leads and sales. Sales Campaigns canbenefit greatly from adding a reward with a high-perceived value at a very low cost. Studies also show that Employee Incentive Programsare beneficial in reducing turnover, boosting morale and loyalty, and increasing overall employee performance. And, Consumer IncentivePrograms that increase a companys customer retention rate by as little as 5% can increase long term ROI by 25% – 125%!

To learn more about how travel vouchers can help your company please watch our educational videos.

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Wheels For Wishes Review

Wheels For Wishes reviews rank excellently among the highest for all national charities with a perfect five stars on Trustpilot. In fact, 93 percent of Wheels For Wishes donors have either given an Excellent or a Great Wheels For Wishes review.

We achieve these high reviews for Wheels For Wishes with our transparency and trustworthiness, our fast and easy process, and the great causes we support with significant contributions.

A Wheels For Wishes review is important because it helps make Wheels For Wishes legit. After reading our great reviews from donors like you and seeing our great transparency scores, youll be able to see there is no Wheels For Wishes scam and practically no Wheels For Wishes complaints.

How Do You Get A Car From Kar4kids

If further informs you that any money made from the sale of your donation goes directly to their organization and family members. It also funds their education programs set up by Kars4Kids and Oorah. On their Kars4KidsGrants- About Us page, they detail exactly what their mission statement is all about.

On occasion, they also allow outside organizations who are searching for grant money to get help. Heres exactly the kind of review for help they are providing. Countless other groups get peanuts for their underfunded youth programs.

A grant for a whopping total of $350.00 is hard to imagine, especially since the Oorah youth camp receives several million per year for their teaching programs

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Is Kar4kidsorg A Scam

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While it appears true that the volume of complaints revolving around Kars4Kids appears to be growing, the overall reputability of Kars4Kids appears unburdened.

My Final Thoughts About Kars4kids


While performing research for this Kars4Kids review, I was initially unbiased. I didnt know anything about them or where their money went, but I was anxious to find out what kids were being helped through their car donations. What I found were unreliable financial records, various fines, unethical practices, and deception. It isnt a bad thing that they have religious affiliations. Religious groups are allowed to have their own charities and promote faith, but its the deception that really bothers me. They might not try to hide their religious connections, but they are hardly forthcoming about it, either. I presume they do this because if they were too public about their religious connections, many people might find alternative places to donate and that would hurt their bottom line.

Do I recommend the Kars4Kids car donation program? I personally wouldnt use them. Even if I wanted to donate to a religious cause, I am not happy about the lack of financial records or how much money actually reaches children. However, if you are of Jewish faith or wish to help spread Jewish based education throughout the World by teaching children about the religion, this may be a charity you want to consider.

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Kars4kids Commercial Leads To Steve Scott Charitable Donation

After hearing the Kars4Kids commercial so many times, Steve Scott said the phone number of the organization was ingrained in his head so that he knew exactly whom to call. Scott blogged about the power of the jingle, how even though it felt like an annoying ear worm, it represented some excellent branding, making the phone number easy for anyone to remember. The moral of the story is that an annoying jingle can be the best possible marketing tool.

Donating Your Antique Car

If youre an antique car collector, you know how difficult it is to resist buying a particularly nice model. But its easy to run out of space to store the cars, and antique cars can be expensive to maintain. Donating an antique car to Kars4Kids ensures your donation not only earns you a tax deduction, but that the proceeds benefit education and mentoring programs for children. If you send in a photo of your donated antique car, we will also enter it in our online garage display for everyone to admire.

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Get A 2 Night Hotel Voucherwhen You Donate Your Car


This complimentary voucher entitles you and a companion to enjoy 3 fun-filled days and 2 exciting evenings of deluxe hotel accommodations at one of the following vacation destinations.

About Their Radio Advertising

Reacting to Kars for kids commercial

If youve heard the Kars4Kids jingle on the radio, chances are it will remain stuck in your head until the day you die. Not only is it catchy, but it works. According to this article, back in 2005 Kars4Kids did not have any radio commercials. In that year, their revenue was $5.6 million. In 2009, however, they began running radio ads and had a revenue of $24.6 million.

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Why Donate To Kars For Kids

Kars4Kids world hard to sell your car for the best price possible, which means a better tax advantage for you and more money for charity. And in case youre snoozin as soon as we mention taxes, might we bring your attention to the vacation voucher youll be receiving as our little way of saying thank you? Kars4Kids donors automatically …

Can You Donate A Car That Doesnt Run To Kars For Kids

If a vehicle is not working, broken down, or wrecked, Kars4Kids will accept these vehicles too. They are sold-off and stripped for parts. Whether these auctions are done in your state is a big mystery. A vehicle can be transported to an out-of-state auction site Kars4Kids prefers to sell through. Since they have volunteers in every US state, they can move vehicles wherever they want once you donate your car to them.

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Educational Television: Is Spongebob Square Pants The Best

Mr. Rogers: Filmed in Pittsburgh, PA, Mr. Rogers has special meaning for many of us raised in his neighborhood.Mr. Rogers, a minister and social worker, felt it important to teach children about peaceful interactions, about acknowledging feelings and learning how to communicate them to others, about working with others, learning, and other common themes that young children might encounter.

What Does $500 Resort Credit Mean


Please see below the discounts that apply for the $500 usd resort credit: Luxury All-Inclusive plus a luxury gift. You will receive up to 500 US per room per stay on Resort Credit discounts. … The resort credit discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, offers or promotions. Additional restrictions may apply.

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Kars For Kids Vacation Voucher Sites

The Kars4Kids Scam. COUPON Dec 20, 2005 · The ad also says donors will receive a “free vacation voucher” good for a three-day, two-night stay. What is left unsaid, and what also is conspicuously absent from the charity’s Web site, is that almost all money raised through the Kars4Kids charity goes to a Lakewood, N. J.-based program set up to pay for private schooling and other …

Is It Better To Gift A Car Or Sell It For $1

While some car owners consider selling the car for a dollar instead of gifting it, the DMV gift car process is the recommended, not to mention more legitimate, way to go. … They might not like the car or might be offended by a hand-me-down gift. Be sure that they afford insurance and maintenance costs.

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Does Wounded Warriors Take Car Donations

Its so easy: just call 855-520-2100, or click the Donate Here button. We at Cars2Charities come to you, on behalf of Wounded Warriors whenever its convenient, wherever you choose, usually in 24-48 hours. We accept vehicle donations in all 50 states, and work hard to maximize the value of every vehicle.

Do Hotels Give Away Their Rooms For Free To Travel Incentive Companies

Is Imus really donating his Bentley to Kars4Kids ?

One of the very creative stories you may have heard in this industry is that hotels give away free rooms to travel incentive companies,otherwise the room would sit empty. Hotels and cruise lines do not give away free rooms or cabins to travel incentive companies. The travelincentive company pays an agency rate directly to the hotel or cruise line.

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Why Is Kars4kids A Legitimate Charity

The reason that Kars4Kids is a legitimate charity goes back to 1995 when they were legally registered as a nonprofit organization. This also gave them the ability to offer what is called the 501 nonprofit organization classification. This means they can accept donations in return for tax deduction claims. They can be cars, trucks, boats, and not limited to land or property.

Because they are registered as such, this allows them to legally ask for donations in all US states across the nation. This is not limited to Hawaii and Alaska in addition to their list of US states. They will provide a tax deduction certificate that is given within 3-6 weeks of any vehicle donation that can be claimed on your year-end tax write-offs. They also offer a very controversial vacation voucher that they can offer in place of a tax deduction.

This is where Kars4Kids starts getting a bit sketchy for those who are already cautious of charities. But that is not the actual issue since there are glaring facts that are glazed-over in their opening charity mission goals.

How To Get A Donated Car From Kars4kids

Sadly, you cant get a car if you happen to be in a position outside of Kars4Kids. They have made plenty of promotions for giving away coats and clothing for kids in New Jersey and New York City. They have never sponsored any event where homeless people who need a car to work ever received a car. One interesting feature is their website dedicated to classic and collectible cars that have been donated to them.

This is their FAQ page and details everything you need to know about where they store anything valuable! This is at a single US location showing how your donated car will end up here. If it has any real value and not just spare parts, they upload pictures showing the exterior and interior. Most likely for car collectors to see before an auction takes place. This site shows off all of the current cars they have that are waiting to be resold at a private auction.

If you want to know the Kars4Kids policy on receiving a car donation from them, this is all the proof you need to see. Youll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, scrolling past all the other info to get to the FAQ question:

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