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What Does Carnival Vacation Protection Cover

Reasons You Need Cruise Insurance

Carnival Vacation Protection Program

For many travelers who choose to go on cruises, the experience is far and away smooth sailing.1

But when something goes awry on a cruise vacation, from missing bags to missing your port of call, things can go south quickly. Consequently, travel insurance is as essential to pack as your favorite bathing suit and smartphone charger.

Otherwise, here are some of the reasons and scenarios that make purchasing travel insurance such an important step for getting prepared for your big cruise vacation.

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When Should I Buy Cruise Insurance

The best time to buy is as soon as youve purchased your cruise. This allows you all the cancellation benefits immediately should something come up between the time you purchase and the time you actually travel.

One thing to note is that you cant purchase after you already have an event that will lead to a loss. For example, say you get hurt in an accident that means you wont be able to go on your vacation. You cant purchase insurance and then try to be reimbursed for your trip. This is insurance fraud and the company wont provide reimbursement.

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Travel Insurance For Cruises Can Protect Your Investment In The Event Of Last

Think your cruise line will understand when you have to cancel your trip because of a family emergency? Probably not. They count on having their cabins filled when the ship leaves the dock, so most cruise lines are reluctant to give refunds.

Take Royal Caribbean, which is par for the course. For cruises up to four nights, you need to cancel 75 days or more prior to cruising. For cruises of five nights or longer, that window increases to 90 days. And if you cancel a cruise of any length within 30 days of your departure, your refund is the same: $0. .2

Cruise lines will try to sell you their own waiver, but if you read the fine print you’ll see they only offer refunds when you cancel your trip for a limited list of covered reasons. And if you must cancel for another reason, cruise lines’ plans generally offer credits worth 75 percent of the trip cost.

Don’t lose your travel investment. Protect yourself with a travel insurance plan, one that allows you to cancel your trip for a wide range of covered reasons.

Real World Travel Insurance Example

Carnival Travel Insurance / Carnival Cruise Money Saving ...

For comparisons sake, lets look at the cost of two different policies covering a 40-year-old passengers seven-night Caribbean cruise costing $589 per person.

For the example below, we compared Carnivals Vacation Protection policy with what our passenger would be offered via a price comparison search at

While the Carnival Vacation Protection premium is the better bargain at $79, it also proves to be a case of you get what you pay for.

The coverage and benefit amounts almost across the board are substantially lower than whats offered by shopping travel insurance yourself.

The cruise lines policies will vary in regard to coverage for pre-existing health conditions. Many of them have a 60 day look back period to determine if pre-existing health issues will be covered.

So if you have had any new diagnosis of a health issue, changes in diagnosis for an existing condition or any changes in medications or treatments for a condition, then a claim made on the policy can result in a denial if the reason is related to that health condition.

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Unique Travel Insurance Coverage For Cruises

When you are planning a cruise, you have specific travel needs that are different from a traditional traveler for obvious reasons. This is not your normal fly away, vacation and fly home trip. Youll be meeting up with your cruise, vacationing out on the deep blue sea, probably experiencing some new things through excursions and then coming home to reality.

These differences mean youll need unique travel insurance coverage for your trip. A typical comprehensive plan would be a great option for any traveler, even cruisers. But there are some comprehensive cruise insurance plans that offer specialized coverage specific to the needs of cruisers. Below are some examples of coverage you can find if you look carefully at the plan details:

What Time Period Does The Insurance Cover

While you should check with your specific insurance policy, they usually go into effect at midnight of the day after you purchase them. They then stay in effect until you return home from your trip.

Example: You buy cruise insurance at 6 p.m. on December 1 for a cruise that departs December 20 and returns December 27. Your coverage would be from in effect from midnight on December 2 until you return home from your cruise.

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Carnival Joins Royal Caribbean In Mandating Unvaccinated Insurance

Carnival Cruise Line has joined Royal Caribbean in requiring medical insurance for unvaccinated adults departing from Florida ports.

Effective July 31, unvaccinated Carnival guests embarking from Sunshine State homeports will need to purchase a minimum of $10,000/person in medical expense coverage and $30,000/person in emergency medical evacuation coverage, without COVID-19 exclusions. The policy must name the unvaccinated passenger as the beneficiary. Children under the age of 12 are excluded from the requirement.

Carnival passengers can purchase the insurance from a company of their choosing, or choose the Carnival Vacation Protection plan, which includes the required coverage. That plan is available up to 14 days prior to sailing.

At Royal Caribbean, the insurance requirement applies to sailings departing from Florida August 1 through December 31 and all bookings after June 28. Its policy requires more insurance a minimum of $25,000 per person in medical expenses and $50,000 per person in travel expenses.

READ MORE: Royal Caribbean Says Unvaccinated Guests Will Face Restrictions, Higher Costs

As with Carnival, Royal Caribbean passengers can purchase applicable insurance from a provider of their choice, or purchase a Travel Protection Program from the cruise line, with pricing starting at $39 and running up to $1,000 depending on the overall cost of the cruise.

Celebrity Millennium docked in St. Maarten

Cruise Line Insurance Plan Comparison

carnival cruise insurance

When it comes to providing cruise insurance, Allianz Global Assistance is not the only boat in the harbor.

Many cruise lines also offer travel insurance plans.

That said, we like how we stack up against our friends in the cruise industry.

But opinions are like lifejackets during a cruise ship muster drill everyone has one. So, lets stick to the facts by comparing cruise insurance plans features, head to head. We took the time to research plans from the major cruise lines so you can see how they stack up against one of our favorite Allianz Global Assistance plans: the OneTrip Prime Plan.

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What Is Carnival Vacation Protection Plan

Carnival cruise insurance plantripinsurance plantriptrip

. Simply so, do I need vacation protection on a cruise?

To keep your trip worry-free, cruise lines highly recommend purchasing some sort of trip insurance to protect against any unexpected issues. In fact, many cruise lines even have their own plans that they sell to passengers during the booking process.

Beside above, how much is travel insurance on Carnival Cruise? Just over one third of the price of Carnival. Remember, Carnival Cruise Travel Insurance was quoted to us at $98, and this iTI Lite Policy is only priced at $38. Work cancellation, including vacation cancellation, is covered at 100% – an improvement on the Carnival policy. However, Cancel for Any Reason is not offered.

Also know, what is Vacation Protection Plan?

Our Vacation Protection Plan is a recommended but optional travel package designed to provide benefits both before and during your trip ranging from cancellation, weather, natural disasters and other disruptive events, trip and baggage delays, medical expense reimbursement, emergency evacuation coverage and 24-

What happens if I cancel my cruise with Carnival?

Cancel with confidenceLike all other cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Line has a schedule of penalties for canceled cruises. If the cruise is canceled before the final payment is made on the booking, there is no penalty. In most cases, however, final payments must be made at least two months before the sail date.

Considering Travel Insurance Even If Not Required

Even if your cruise line doesnt require travel insurance, should you consider buying a policy?

As ships are starting to ease back into sailing again, you still may be a bit worried about booking a cruise. Thats where a travel insurance policy helps.

Travel insurance can help to alleviate some of the financial burdens if you must cancel, says Walch.

Comprehensive travel insurance policies can also help with additional expenses to catch up with the boat in the event weather delays your flights for a set number of hours and you miss your cruise departure.

Travel medical coverage is certainly a reason to buy travel insurance even if your cruise doesnt require it.Lisa Conway, chief underwriting officer for battleface, a travel insurance company, says to always ensure that the travel medical expenses amount covers what is required by the cruise line.

In addition, the travel landscape is shifting and some destinations may require insurance. Some destinations might require you to show proof of travel insurance upon entry, says Conway.

In the case of battleface, we cover $500,000 per insured, and for emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains benefits, up to $500,000, in the event the you, or your traveling companion, requires medical treatment, quarantine, or emergency evacuation due to Covid-related sickness while on the trip, she says.

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Baggage Loss Or Baggage Delay

Between airlines, ships, and ports-of-call there are plenty of opportunities for luggage to be delayed, lost in transit or stolen. Baggage loss coverage may help recover the costs of replacing lost items, or baggage delay coverage may help reimburse for the necessities purchased while waiting for bags. Having baggage can significantly decrease the stress of losing your belongings.

How Does Carnivals Cancel For Any Reason Work

Carnival Cruise Insurance Guide (Vacation Protection)

Although Carnival offers policyholders the opportunity to cancel for any reason, this part of the plan has some stipulations.

If policyholders wish to cancel their policy, Carnival provides a full refund of paid insurance premiums within ten days of the policys purchase date, provided no claims have been filed.

While the insurance policy underwritten by Aon Affinity Travel Practice offers coverage for a list of cancellation excuses, Carnivals Cancel Fee Waiver Program provides coverage for reasons not listed as part of the plan.

When policyholders use the cancel for any reason waiver, they do not receive a full refund on their vacation but rather a voucher for a future Carnival vacation worth 75 percent of their total trip cost.

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How Does Cruise Insurance Cover Covid

Coverages for COVID-19 related travel concerns vary by policy and provider, so travelers are encouraged to use our new COVID-19 recommendation tool. This tool is now part of the quote process and can be selected to help guide you to the plans best suited for these concerns.

Generally speaking, comprehensive coverage may apply in the following unforeseen scenarios:

  • Emergency Medical Coverage
  • Trip Interruption
  • Cancel For Any Reason

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, many traditional travel insurance companies have expanded or adapted their existing coverage for travelers. In addition to the coverages above, examples of these may include:

  • Reimbursement for covered medical treatment during a trip due to a COVID-19 illness
  • Get sick with COVID-19 and must cancel a trip by physicians order
  • Physician orders a quarantine before trip
  • Lost a job during the coronavirus pandemic by no-fault of your own

For travelers concerned with cancellation, Cancel For Any Reason offers the most trip cancellation flexibility and is the only option available to cover fear of travel. CFAR is an optional, time-sensitive benefit with eligibility requirements, so not all travelers will qualify. Full terms of coverage will be listed in state-specific policy. If eligibility requirements are met, reimbursement is up to 50%-75% of the insured pre-paid non-refundable trip cost.

Carnival’s Vacation Protection Plan

Carnival wants you to have the best vacation ever, with nothing to think about except how much FUN you’re going to have. That’s why Carnival created Cruise Vacation Protection – including Carnival’s new “Cancel for Any Reason” feature – starting from prices as low as $49. Carnival’s Cruise Vacation Protection provides you with peace of mind because unfortunately, the unexpected does sometimes occur.

Carnival’s Cruise Vacation Protection Package of Benefits:

The Carnival Travel Insurance Program is underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company, an AEGON Company, Columbus, Ohio NAIC # 10952 under Policy/Certificate Form series TAHC5000. In CA, HI, NE, NH, PA, TN and TX Policy/Certificate Form series TAHC5100 and TAHC5200. In IL, IN, KS, LA, OR, OH, VT, WA and WY Policy Form #’s TAHC5100IPS and TAHC5200IPS. Certain coverages are under series TAHC6000 and TAHC7000.

CareFree Worldwide Emergency Assistance Program – provides 24-hour assistance services including: pre-cruise health, safety and weather information assistance with travel changes lost luggage assistance emergency cash transfer assistance emergency medical and dental assistance lost travel document assistance and emergency medical payment assistance. Provided by On Call International.

Carnival’s Cruise Vacation Protection Prices

Guest Cruise Cost

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Should I Buy Cruise Insurance

If you want to have some peace of mind on your trip, then yes. However, the vast majority of cruise passengers will never use their insurance.

The problem is that for issues that do come up, the expenses can be large and unknown. For instance, there is no price list of having to be evacuated medically from a cruise ship. The cruise insurance offers valuable peace of mind.

If you do decide to purchase, we highly suggest that you shop around for prices and also read your plan carefully . And while every cruise line strongly recommends purchasing some sort of insurance for your cruise, we dont recommend purchasing insurance offered through them, as traditional plans offer better coverage for a similar price.

Carnival Vacation Protection Prices

Should You Purchase Cruise Insurance? Is it Worth the extra Money?

You can buy Vacation Protection when you book your ticket, and its the best time to do so if you plan to purchase the plan as it gives you the longest stretch of coverage.

Prices vary depending on the price of your cruise fare, but we found a range from between $49 per person for the least expensive cruises, up to $189 per person for pricier trips. In general, expect the cost to run about 10-15% of your cruise fare, before taxes, fees, gratuities or other expenses. It can sometimes be more or less that this estimate.

If you do decide to purchase the package, it does come with a 10-day review period. If for any reason you change your mind about coverage, then you can cancel within 10 days for a full refund, assuming you havent made a claim.

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What About Insurance Sold By Cruise Lines

When buying a cruise, youll no doubt be offered an option to purchase a type of insurance from the cruise line. This coverage takes on many different names. You might have seen one of the following if youve already bought your cruise:

  • Carnival Vacation Protection
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines Booksafe Travel Protection Plan
  • Celebrity CruiseCare Travel Insurance Program

These plans are quite popular because of their ability to be sold right alongside the cruise. However, that doesnt automatically make them a good purchase. While convenient, these plans often offer much lower coverage rates than traditional travel insurance, for a similar price. The one advantage that cruise line plans have is that they typically offer cancel for any reason coverage.

Royal Caribbeans plan, for example, will reimburse you 75% of what youve paid for your cruise if you cancel for any reason. Regular travel insurance also has this sort of feature, but its typically an additional add-on .

For these reasons, we suggest sticking with traditional travel insurance from a third-party instead of the policies offered by cruise lines.

For Travel Arrangements The 24/7 Cover Does The Following:

  • It takes care of last minute flight arrangements.
  • It manages hotel reservations for you.
  • It tracks lost, stolen or delayed baggage.
  • It makes rental car reservations.
  • It coordinates travel for your visitors to come and be with you in the hospital in case of sickness or injury.
  • It takes care of your childrens travel arrangement in case of your sickness or death.
  • It assists you to locate the nearest embassy.
  • It assists you to perform cash transfers and also assists you with bail bonds.

The 24/7 assistance package helps you with pre-cruise information such as destination guides, currency exchange, health, safety and weather advisories.

This package also offers you assistance with lost passports and travel documents, email communication, phone messaging communication to your family and friends, and emergency relay messages. It assists you with language translation and interpretation services as well.

In the medical front, it assists you with medical transportation, manages medical cases, locates and dispatches doctors or specialists, and it also provides you with worldwide medical information, replacement of eyewear, prescription drugs, and dental appliances.

In the emergency front, they offer emergency medical, dental, legal, family travel arrangement assistance.

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Still Waiting For A Carnival Refund

A carnival cruise adventure costs an average citizen a small fortune. You could be saving up for months and spend even longer than that in eager anticipation of such a journeyonly to then have both the dream and the hard-earned money taken away from you.

A quick look at any Carnival social media page will show you the company is notorious for not issuing refunds to customers when they are entitled to them. If you are among them and believe Carnival has misused you, you can take legal action against the cruise line.

Its a daunting process, but fear notDoNotPay is here for you! We can guide you through each step of a small claims court dispute and help you win your case.

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