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How To Finance A Vacation Rental Property

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How to Finance a Vacation Rental

Vacation rental properties provide owners and investors with potentially lucrative opportunities for growing their business and income. But why struggle with a traditional mortgage lender when applying for a loan can be simple?

At Kram Capital, our dedicated short term rental team can quickly assess the possibility of your vacation rental property and provide you with the financing you need. Vacation home lending is easy with us, enabling you to potentially profit from your rental investments.

Financing A Vacation Rental Property

Most investors will have to seek out a source of financing for their new rental property. Luckily, there are several options ranging from short-term to long-term. Conforming loans, portfolio loans, multifamily loans, and short-term contracts like a bridge loan or hard money are all available to you.

  • Conforming Loan: This is a popular option for vacation rentals because the criteria for qualification are not as strict as those for a primary residence. A good credit score and a down payment of around 20% are common.
  • Portfolio Loan: Portfolio loans are often used by investors with either multiple properties or one multi-unit property. Qualifications for these loans are more lenient than other types.
  • Multifamily Loan: Multifamily loans are used for 2-4 unit vacation properties or apartment buildings with more than 4 units. Portfolio loans fall under this umbrella, along with conventional mortgages, government-backed loans, and short-term multifamily loans.
  • Short-Term Loan: A short-term loan is a great option for investors who need cash to purchase a vacation property before they have secured long-term financing. Bridge loans and hard money both fall under this category.
  • Learn About Vacation Rental Lending

    Qualifying for two mortgages isnt something that everyone can do or afford. That said, learning about the different types of loans is a crucial part of financing your rental. The following are the loans you can apply for:

    Rules and guidelines for lenders in the U.S. are set in place by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two government-sponsored enterprises responsible for expanding the secondary mortgage market by securitizing loans in the form of mortgage-backed securities . The U.S. Congress created these mortgage companies to help boost the market back in the 90s and are now regulated by the FHFA.

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    Cons Of Vacation Rental Investments

    As with any investment, there are several disadvantages, including costs, obstacles, and drawbacks to vacation rental properties. All of which deserve as much consideration as the benefits. Here are some of the drawbacks of vacation rental investments:

  • Property Management: While having your own vacation property is luxurious and convenient, it also comes with the task of managing the property if you hope to rent it out. Vacation rental properties can be the most involved investments youll have. For every new guest, it is your responsibility to clean, stock, and maintain the property almost year-round if your property grows in popularity. At the cost of 10% to 15% of your income, you could hire a property management company to do all this work for you.
  • Finding Guests: It goes without saying that marketing is a key part of profiting from your vacation investment. Finding renters can be a difficult and daunting task, especially for new investors. Firstly, you must make your property attractive to renters. You will have to provide comfortable and attractive furnishings while also appealing to your targeted audience. Once done, you will have to consult top platforms, such as Airbnb and VRBO, to list your property. Finally, you will need to come up with a desirable price that will also make you money in the end. Doing special promotions and discounts can help your property take off in slower seasons.
  • How To Finance An Airbnb Rental Property

    Tax Implications of Vacation Rental Property

    Owning a second home is a luxury that many people dream about, but the costs can be intimidatingor flat out prohibitive. However, if you become a host on Airbnb, you may offset the costs of owning a vacation home and even turn a profit. This guide on financing Airbnb properties can help you buy your dream vacation property and make a little money on the side.

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    Why Hostaway Should Be Your Vacation Rental Software

    Hostaway is the fastest-growing vacation rental software for professional property managers in the world, and the most sought-after property management system in the vacation rental market. At Hostaway, we make it easy for you to get more out of your business while spending less time on tedious manual tasks. Find out how we can make your vacation rental a booming success with our continual insight into how best to run your business anywhere in the world.For a free demo, click here.

    Do You Also Have The Financial Ability To Pay For Potential Damage And Repairs

    Repairs are just one of the many responsibilities of ownership you will encounter. Just as with any property, there are going to be those moments where something goes wrong the garbage disposal needs to be replaced, plumbing leaks, the microwave has died, etc.

    You need to be sure that youre in a financial place where these types of things can be comfortably covered as they come up. After all, this is your vacation property its supposed to be a place of relaxation and escape, not one that overwhelms you because of repairs and maintenance.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you rent the property out, tenants may not treat your home away from home as nicely as you would. While deposits and cleaning fees are collected for just this kind of reason, it can also leave some renters with the belief that they can leave it as they please and potentially cost you more than any money you may have collected in advance.

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    Shop For A Mortgage That Meets Your Unique Needs

    A conventional mortgage can cover vacation homes, but dont expect one from the Federal Housing Authority or Veterans Administrationthey generally only cover primary residences. Also bear in mind that in general, mortgage lenders take on more risk when lending for vacation homes than they do for primary residencesand the numbers reflect that. For the most part you can expect a higher down payment and youll also likely need to show lower debt-to-income ratio, higher credit scores and more reserves.

    Is a vacation home in your future? Find out how much home you can afford by filling out an online mortgage calculator. From there, you can proceed toward your dream with a better understanding of what it will take to make your vision a reality.

    Airbnb Loans For Investors

    BE AWARE Investing In Vacation Rental Property | Airbnb Investing

    Direct Lender providing stated income loans for most single family rental property investment homes primarily used for business purpose including Airbnb properties. We also finance other rental properties that produce monthly cash flow. All of our loans for investment properties don’t require W2’s or personal income or tax returns. We have common since underwriting that uses the property to determine risk along with a decent borrower credit score.

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    From A Mortgage Planning Point Of View

    • In addition to the property requirements above, you must be able to personally qualify for mortgage financing.
    • Interest rates might be 0.10-0.20% higher than a traditional mortgage mainly because property is not owner occupied year round.
    • Given the location of the property, many lenders will insist on CMHC/Genworth insured-lending regardless of the down payment provided, but conventional is possible for quality properties.
    • Type A cottages can be mortgaged as a ‘second home’, similar to mortgaging a permanent residence, fixed and variable terms, minimum 5% down payment not to exceed $1mil.
    • Type-B require 10% down minimum down payment as a second home purchase with CMHC/Sagen loan insurance, not to exceed $350,000 .
    • Type-A can be refinanced provided 20% equity remains in property and a quality property.
    • Type-B generally have limited to no refinance options.
    • The minimum down payment for a non-insured property purchase varies by lender from 20-40%.
    • Insured mortgages may have further restrictions on the maximum loan amount depending on location and access.

    How To Buy A Vacation Home

    Do you dream of spending your vacations in a breezy beach house or rustic mountain cabin you can call your own?

    If youre tired of trips spent in cramped hotel rooms and having to do without the many comforts of being in your own home while on vacation, then it might just be time to make that dream a reality.

    Considering buying a vacation home? Heres everything you need to know.

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    Qualifying For A Vacation Home Loan

    With a second home comes a second mortgage, and qualifying for two mortgages is a challenge not every buyer can overcome. Not only will you need to meet the debt-to-income requirements for carrying two loans, but youll also need to meet the stricter requirements for vacation home loans or investment property loans.

    Compared to loans for primary residences, loans for vacation homes typically have slightly higher interest rates, and lenders may require a higher credit score as well as a larger down payment. For example, a primary residence allows for down payments as low as 3% for conventional loans. But for a vacation home, you may need 10 20%. With these types of loans, its also important to remember that renting your vacation getaway while youre not using it might violate the terms of your loan.

    With an investment property, youll likely pay a higher interest rate than those for primary residences and vacation homes. And need to put at least 20% down, since it can be a challenge to get mortgage insurance on investment properties. Your lender may also request a comparable rent schedule included with your appraisal. But the good news is that your lender will consider a portion of the anticipated rent as income, which could help you qualify for a loan that you otherwise wouldnt without that added income. And of course youll be able to offset your costs with the regular rental income.

    Affording A Second Home

    Pin by Newport Beach Vacation Propert on Newport Beach ...

    Buying and maintaining a secondary residence is an enormous financial decision. A second home has all the costs of your first home and often more but without the easy write-offs from the IRS.

    If you’re considering buying a second home, one of the first steps is to decide whether you will finance the purchase with a mortgage or if you will pay cash. To help you decide, use a mortgage calculator to research interest rates from lenders in the area where your vacation property is located. Then, once you’ve gathered estimates of the total cost of your monthly mortgage payments, go over your financials to see if it makes more sense to take out a mortgage or to pay cash.

    If you are set on getting a vacation home but don’t have the capital for an all-cash purchase, be aware that the IRS has closed the loophole in which you could use a second mortgage to purchase a separate investment property while still deducting your payments as personal mortgage interest. If you intend to borrow for a second home, you will have to take out another mortgage that allows for tax-deductible interest.

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    Financing Airbnb And Vrbo Investment Properties

    May 16, 2017 by Adham Sbeih

    Airbnb and VRBO arent just having an impact on how travelers find a place to staymany people are choosing to invest in vacation properties, with the express intent of offering them as short term rentals during popular travel seasons.

    We can say from our personal and professional experience that the numbers do add up. Last year in a survey of homeowners who rent out their homes on, 70% of respondents said they could pay more than half their mortgage with rental income.

    As long as the property is located either near a large body of water and/or in a popular tourist destinationsuch as Lake Tahoe or San Franciscoits very realistic for property owners to pay the entirety of their mortgage with rental revenue.

    Owners often do find themselves debating whether long-term or short-term rentals are the best approach. Short-term rentals generally produce more revenue, but are also more expensive to operate than a traditional rental, due to the expense of cleaning, laundering, restocking toiletries, as well as the necessity of providing furnishings.

    But now, short-term rentals are exploding in popularity, for obvious reasons. For the price of a decent hotel room, travelers can now stay in a full-sized house with a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, outside areas, and more. Even properties that wouldnt necessarily be thought of as appropriate for short-term rental are being converted for short-term use, and are performing well.

    Where Should You Purchase An Airbnb Rental

    If you are contemplating the purchase of an Airbnb, location is a prime consideration. Demand is strongest in highly populated cities that attract plenty of tourists and are home to major companies and universities. Rentals in these cities benefit from their ability to attract both business and recreational travelers, and demand is especially high near convention centers, sports stadiums and major shopping districts.

    Presently, the top American Airbnb markets are Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami and Austin, but there are also plenty of secondary cities with robust Airbnb rental markets.

    Another consideration for Airbnb owners is pricing short-term rentals. Airbnbs compete directly with hotels, especially in larger cities, and almost always charge less while still making a respectable profit. In markets where hotel occupancy rates are high, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, Airbnbs also have high occupancy rates and can price competitively. In high demand markets, price is less important than reviews in determining occupancy rates.

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    Vacation Home Or Income

    The American Dream of buying a home has undergone a fair amount of change over the last 50 years, expanding to second, or vacation, homes. But these cottages on the lakeside, the cabins in the mountains, and the huts on the beach often sit empty 90% of the year while their owners are banking time for the next vacationand footing the bill for the mortgage and property taxes.

    There is, of course, an alternative to letting your vacation home collect dust when you can’t be there: Rent it to other people looking to enjoy some time away from work. While renting can be lucrative, you’ll need to consider the tax implications.

    Decide How To Finance Your Vacation Home

    Buying Vacation Rental Investments and Beach Condo Financing

    Once you find a lender, consider your financing options. You may be considering paying the down payment through savings, a cash-out refinance from your primary residence or a home equity line of credit . Savings are the best option because you wont tack on additional debt.

    While lenders can be liberal in some ways when financing a primary residence, vacation homes are different. FHA and VA financing are out theyre only intended for primary residences but conventional financing is available. Freddie Mac defines a second home as:

    • It must be occupied by the borrower for some portion of the year.
    • It must be a one-unit dwelling.
    • The borrower must have exclusive control over the property.
    • The second home cannot be a timeshare.
    • It must be suitable for year-round occupancy.
    • The property cannot be subject to any agreements that give a management firm control over the occupancy of the property.
    • Rental income cannot be used to qualify the borrower.

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    Vacation Home Financing: Similar To Your Primary Home But Different Purchasing Criteria

    The mortgage financing process is familiar to all homeowners. But when you plan to buy a vacation home, things change a bit. From the real estate, financing, and tax standpoints, a second home is a very different purchase. You will need to be clear about many important distinctions regarding your primary residence and a vacation home.

    First, lets assume that you are not buying your second home as an investment property. An investment property would be a dwelling whose chief function is to earn incomea rental property is the prime example. Such a property would require a commercial property loan, and brings with it specific tax consequences, as well.

    A vacation home is one that you personally will live in for some portion of each year but will not be your primary residence . In some cases, a lender may expect a vacation home to be at least 50 miles from your primary residence, too. With that in mind, and depending on where you are buying, you will want to research how many days your lender expects you to be in residence.

    What Is A Cash

    Its where you convert some of your home equity into cash, establishing a new mortgage for your primary residence. In some cases, you can use a conventional loan to borrow up to 80% of the value of your current home.**

    Your new primary mortgage will depend on your credit score and your debt-to-income ratio, so make sure to discuss your refinancing options with a specialized lender.

    If your primary homes mortgage payment does increase significantly, you want to be sure you can afford the new second home payment, along with any additional fees, property taxes, insurance, and more on both homes.

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    Three Ways To Finance A Second Home Purchase

    If youre thinking about buying a second home this year, there are a few different ways you can fund the purchase.

    You may not even have to take a loan out on the second home.

    These are the most popular methods of making a down payment or paying cash for a second home.

    1. Use a cashout refinance on your primary home

    Home values are rising across the country, with sales prices hitting record highs in some areas.

    Many homeowners have built substantial equity in their primary or rental residence in just the past few years. They can tap into this equity via a cashout refinance.

    For example, say a homeowner owes $100,000 on their mortgage, but their home is now valued at $200,000 due to appreciation. They could withdraw some of the equity by refinancing into a bigger loan and taking the difference in cash.

    In this case, the borrower would have access to a substantial down payment on a second home:

    • New loan amount: $160,000
    • Closing costs: $3,000
    • Available cash: $57,000

    Borrowers who have good credit could borrow up to 80% of their homes current value with a conforming loan. Other loan types allow an even higher percentage.

    For example, veterans may have access to 100 percent of their equity if they use a VA cashout loan.

    Todays low mortgage rates may allow borrowers to drop their rate while taking a cashout refinance. Some homeowners could even come out with a similar payment on a bigger loan amount thanks to a lower interest rate.

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