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Where To Vacation In Costa Rica

What Is Costa Ricas Climate Like

Amazing Places to visit in Costa Rica – Travel Video

Seasonal, but mostly divided between a wet season and dry season you wont find the extremely harsh winters some regions endure in North America and Europe. With a variety of terrains and elevations comes many microclimates in Costa Rica, so although there is a general best time of year to visit Costa Rica, the specific weather is likely to vary from coast to coast.

It rains year-round in Costa Rica , so bring a light rain jacket. From December to April is generally considered the dry season, and the rainy season starts in May. However, the Caribbean Coast is much less predictable than the Pacific Coast and can receive rain throughout the year, but it too has a mostly dry stretch from July to October. The nations mountains and volcanoes further create their own series of Costa Rica microclimates a rainy day at the beach may be nothing more than a morning or afternoon shower here. Likewise, the mountains may be cooler when other parts of the country are pleasantly warm.

Why Use A Local Costa Rica Travel Agent

There are many reasons why we believe that trips planned with local human experts result in a superior vacation. Why choose us for your trip-of-a-lifetime?

Save Time dont waste your valuable time attempting to learn what has taken us decades to master. There is just too much information out there, often conflicting our out of date. Our experts will listen to your needs and match you with the right trip plan, lodging options, tours, transport and excursions.

Save Worry this is more relevant now than ever. We help keep you and your loved ones safe, make informed, smart decisions and in the end, to have confidence that you are making the right choices. Well make your trip planning process FUN, not a huge, confusing headache.

Avoid Mistakes small mistakes in logistics, lodging or transportation can really mess up a great vacation. Well make sure you avoid the rookie errors that can ruin a great escape.

Maximize Your Experience we want you to squeeze every minute and dollar of value from your vacation time. Well help you plan ahead for the most efficient, relaxing and worry-free trip of your life. Our goal is simple: we want you have your BEST VACATION EVER.

No other travel agency can match our commitment to guest happiness.We have 2 decades of happy customersto prove it!

Is Costa Rica Safe To Live

Theres a comprehensive expat community in Costa Rica, with many being retirees from the US .

Living in Costa Rica is not always as cheap as you think its going to be, nor as straightforward as you might want it to be. Work visas can be tricky to apply for: you have to prove that youre filling a position that a Costa Rican cant.

In rural areas, there can be power outages, and wildlife might get a little too close for comfort. Earthquakes and volcanoes can pose a risk wherever youre situated, so knowing what to do when disaster strikes is very sensible!

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Where Adventure Seekers Should Go In Costa Rica

View our Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Itineraries.

For those who want the ultimate Costa Rican adventure and arent afraid to visit slightly off-the-beaten-path destinations we recommend our favorite trip, the Remote Adventure itinerary. This itinerary explores the magnificent rainforest and volcanoes in the Talamanca Mountains on a white-water rafting experience that will provide you with idyllic scenes of waterfalls tumbling into the river and canyons engulfed in jungle and rainforest. All of this is an appetizer for Costa Ricas wildest location, in the Southwest Pacific: the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park, among the worlds most biodiverse areas.

Catarata Del Toro & The Blue Falls

How to Pack for Your Costa Rica Vacation

Find a beautiful 90m-tall waterfall that cascades into a volcanic crater and two trail options through virgin forest to turquoise swimming holes and the Blue Falls of Costa Rica. There’s also a restaurant where you can recharge after your hike while watching hummingbirds fly around. Or make a night of it in one of the wood-paneled rooms tucked under A-frame-style eaves.

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Tap Water Is Generally Safe To Drink In Costa Rica

Another important Costa Rica travel guide is that the water is pretty safe. Yep, the tap water in Costa Rica is generally okay to drink. However, if you feel you could easily get an upset stomach, you should stick to a water filter, bottled water or boil your water before you drink it.

Whenever we arrived at a new place, we would ask if the water was okay to drink for the most part, it was. Our friends at My Tan Feet do a great job of delving in-depth into the water situation in Costa Rica.

The Springs Resort And Spa Arenal Volcano

This Arenal Volcano resort is a favorite among celebrities. With stunning volcano views, this luxury hotel features 17 spring-fed thermal pools and a wildlife sanctuary. Rock-climbing, river tubing, kayaking, horseback riding, are all accessible on-site as well. With many connecting suites, 2, 3 or ultra luxury 5-bedroom villa options, its a family favorite. This property is great for a romantic getaway too. Enjoy the view of the Arenal Volcano from your private balcony while lying in a comfy hammock. Sip tropical cocktails while relaxing by one of natural hot-spring-fed lagoons and pools.

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Things To See And Do In Drake Bay

  • The kids will love getting to and from Drake Bay, as the best option to get to Drake Bay is actually to take a boat taxi from Sierpe. The hour-long boat ride such great fun!
  • Dont miss out on exploring Corcovado National Park where you can see all four of the monkey species that are native to Costa Rica, as well as the huge Bairds Tapir!
  • There is also great snorkelling and scuba diving available from the shores of Drake Bay, where you can see gorgeous coral reefs and brightly coloured schools of fish!
  • Hike Drakes Trail which follows the Pacific coast from Drake Bay to Playa Rincon de San Josecito, here are some of Costa Ricas easiest to access rainforests.
  • Head out on a nighttime wildlife adventure, lots of the native creatures in the area is nocturnal, like snakes, frogs and other reptiles. This is a great way to spot them.

Green Season In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Guide 4K

The green season is the term that both locals and tourism offices use to reference Costa Ricas rainy season.

Rather than associating it with something gloomy, green season shifts the perspective and presents people with an opportunity to see the country in its lushest state. The entire countrys vegetation truly pops with an extra verdant green due to the higher rainfall, and seeing the jungle in this especially green state is incredible!

From May to November, rain typically falls over 20 days each month. Dont let the wet climate deter you, however. There are still plenty of jungle hikes, beaches, and cultural attractions to enjoy across Costa Rica.

With the right packing list, this is still a wonderful country to explore even during its worst weather period.

Many seasonal activities are still available during the green season. For example, the humpback whale migration starts in mid-July, coffee farms start picking their fruits in September, and the Limon Festival, the countrys carnival celebration, is in October.

Prices are also much lower overall during the green season, with even restaurants decreasing their prices by as much as 50%!

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Costa Rica Hotel + Flights

You have loads of choices when it comes to finding a place to stay in Costa Rica. There are 10521 hotels listed on Expedia starting at CA $165 a night. But if youd rather put your money toward unforgettable experiences, combine your hotel and flight and save with our Costa Rica Vacation Packages. You can also add a rental car and activities to your booking do your vacation your way, for a whole lot less. Natural gems like Manuel Antonio National Park are waiting to be discovered on our expert-guided tours.

Ballena Marine National Park

On the way from Corcovado National Park to Manuel Antonio National Park lies a small coastal town called Uvita. And Ballena Marine National Park is the main reason why to visit this Costa Rican gem.

Although you can find some beautiful inland places in Uvita, such as Catarata Uvita , this area’s main attraction is the ocean and its colossal inhabitants.

Ballena means a whale in Spanish , so it’s not surprising that this national park is home to migrating whales, mostly humpback whales.

Therefore, whale watching is one of the best things to do in Ballena Marine National Park.

Every year, humpback whales migrate from the cold waters of North America and to warmer waters to breed. Their Antarctic counterparts arrive at these shores as well but at a different time of the year.

Therefore, timing your visit is crucial to increase your chances of spotting these marine mammals.

The best time to see humpback whales migrating from the north is from December to April, while Antarctic Humpback Whales tours depart from July to November.

As you can clearly see, Costa Rica has a strategic location on the whale’s journey for reproduction and is often considered one of the best places to watch whales in the world.

As you probably expect, whales are not the only reason to visit Ballena National Park.

You can explore the Uvita beach within the park on foot, and the entrance fee is 6 USD.

If you regularly bring a drone for your international holidays, you might be tempted to use it there.

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Bay Of Papagayo & Papagayo Peninsula

The Papagayo Peninsula is a beautiful and secluded area on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Its well known for its amazing beaches and lush rainforest. If youre looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation, the Papagayo Peninsula is definitely a place youll want to check out.

This area is known for having some of the best resorts to stay in all of Costa Rica.

There are a number of beautiful beaches near the Papagayo Peninsula, and each one offers its own unique charm and attractions. Here are some of the best ones to check out:

  • Playa Hermosa: This beach is known for its stunning white sand and crystal clear waters. Its definitely a paradise for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling.
  • Playa Panama: This beach is great for surfing and bodyboarding. Its also home to some of the best seafood in Costa Rica.
  • Playa Danta: This beach is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Its also great for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling.
  • Playa Ocotal: This beach is known for its perfect, soft sand that stretches along the coastline for miles. Its an excellent place to relax or to take a morning walk.

Origins Lodge In Costa Rica

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica in 2021

Address: Pueblo Nuevo, Bijagua, Alajuela, 21304, Costa RicaPhone: 324-0519Book Now

Extravagance meets eco-lodge on this remote estate in the mountains of northern Costa Rica. Each 1,000-square-foot villa features handcrafted canopy beds, terraces with fire-heated baths, and sweeping volcano views. The on-site restaurant, with Michelin-starred chef Jean-Luc L’Hourre at the helm, specializes in “haute cuisine.” Rates start at $900/night.

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Where To Stay In Costa Rica: 15 Best Areas

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Here we are going to discuss 15 great spots where you can stay in Costa Rica this is by no means an exhaustive list because this amazing country has a lot to offer, but you will not be disappointed by the choices below.

Over the last couple of decades, Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the hottest vacation spots in the Americas, and this has a lot to do with the considerable effort put forth by the national tourism industry to attract more visitors.

Costa Rica is often described as the Switzerland of the Americas because of its mountainous geography and commitment to peace.

This country is also famous for its rich biodiversity, pristine nature preserves, great coffee, enduring democracy, relaxed lifestyle, and having been able to thrive without the need for armed forces.

Despite being a tiny country, Costa Rica offers about 100 beaches, dozens of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, active volcanoes, pleasant microclimates, vibrant nightlife, arts, culture, and plenty of adventure.

The tourism infrastructure is well developed you can arrive at either of two international airports, two seaports, or cross the land borders with Nicaragua and Panama. For the most part, getting around on ground transportation is fairly easy.

Limon Cahuita And Puerto Viejo

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has a very different feel than the rest of the country. Once you see it for the first time, you’ll see what I mean. It’s no surprise it has more of a laidback reggae vibe here given its West Indies roots, which thankfully is also evident in the food as well. Fresh, local, and delicious, you’ll find everything here much more island-y and colorful!

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Things To See And Do In San Jos

  • If youre looking for free things to do in San José, make sure to enjoy the parks. San José has lots of beautiful parks that are filled with tropical plants, statues, gazebos, and statues!
  • Each day there is a free two to three-hour long walking tour of the city. Youll get to stroll the city streets and get a great introduction to San José for free!
  • Visit the lavish National Theatre, you can enter for $10 for a look around or come back later for a show!
  • Get to know the country more by visiting the striking yellow building of the Museo Nacional De Costa Rica.
  • Check out the Pre-Colombian Gold Museum, it contains the largest collection of artefacts from this era, many date back thousands of years.
  • Get your camera ready for the hike to the giant hand at La Chimba Coffee Farm, this insta famous spot will light up your feed!

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Day : San Jos To La Fortuna


Im gonna be honest here: San José is the least exciting part of this Costa Rica itinerary. When we visit Costa Rica, we pretty much bounce as soon as we hit the tarmac although to be fair, we tend to prefer smaller towns and more rustic destinations to big cities as a rule.

If you like big cities more than we do, we recommend exploring San Jose at the end of your trip, when youll have some time to kill before your flight.

So, the first day of your itinerary is actually a travel day: youll arrive in San Jose and then immediately hop on a bus or shuttle and head to La Fortuna!

Check into Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort, located just a few miles outside of the town center. With multiple hot-spring-fed pools and a stunning mirador looking out to Arenal Volcano, this surprisingly budget-friendly resort is an absolute dream and the perfect place to base yourself for the next 2 days of adventure in La Fortuna.



  • How to Get to La Fortuna: A bus or shuttle from San Jose to La Fortuna takes about 3 hours.There are plenty of options available on Bookaway pick a time that works with your arriving flight.
  • Where to Stay in La Fortuna: Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort has multiple on-site hot spring-fed pools and a stunning view of Arenal Volcano.

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La Fortuna Arenal Volcano Monteverde Cloud Forest And Bajos Del Toro

On our first trip to Costa Rica, we rented a car at the airport and drove north to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. Its just a 3 hour drive and there are several interesting stops in the craft town of Saarchi between Alajuela and La Fortuna you can visit in between. Once youre in La Fortuna, there are active volcanos, hot springs, and plenty of hiking, zip lining, or tranquil spa treatments to enjoy for days.

On your first morning in La Fortuna, you can expect your day to begin around 4:45am with the chorus of howler monkeys which eventually wakes everything else up as well. Grab your phone or video camera and sit quietly outside your cabina and listen to the most amazing primal noise of the howlers.

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Safety: Is Manuel Antonio Safe

While Manuel Antonio is generally safe, you should, as in all areas, take the normal precautionary measures against pick-pocketing, such as avoiding isolated areas and not wearing expensive jewelry. If you rent a car, keep it locked with the windows up anytime you leave it and park in well-lit areas. Read more on safety in Costa Rica here.

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