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Best Adventure Vacations In The Us

Hike Glacier National Park Montana

Top US Adventure Destinations

Glacier National Park is our familys favorite national park in the United States for hiking. Theres something about it that just feels so wild and rugged, that keeps drawing us back year after year. If youre looking for a hike thats challenging and a bit of a thrill, make sure to take the Highline Trail. The Highline Trail is nearly 12 miles long, though the views are worth the long mileage. About a quarter of a mile after you leave the trailhead, the trail narrows and drops off several hundred feet down one side. While its not especially dangerous , the thrill of hiking in an area like this is intense. If youre looking for stunning views, without the dropoff, then head up to the Many Glacier area of the park, where weve yet to be disappointed by any hike weve done there. Weve put together our favorite hikes with kids in this article to help simplify things for you.

Make sure that whenever youre in Glacier, youre practicing good wildlife safety, especially for bears . If hiking isnt your style, weve compiled a list of 16 amazing adventures to do in Glacier as well.

The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: Netflix Cast And Locations Explored

The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is a brand new addition to Netflix in June 2021. Heres a look at the shows glorious locations, plus, get to know the cast involved in the show!

Netflix is teeming with all kinds of content in 2021. From blockbuster movies to awe-inspiring docuseries and everything in between, theres always something to get stuck into on the popular streaming app. After years of restrictions on travel all around the globe, The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals gives viewers an insight into some incredible places to go.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

If youre looking for one of the best places to visit in summer in the USA, then you dont want to miss the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Towering snow-covered peaks greet you long before you enter the park, many over 12,000 feet tall.

Inside, winding roads and trails , old pine forests, wildlife, wildflowers, lakes, and views that go for miles literally suck you into a land of wonder and intrigue.

See subalpine and alpine terrains as you stare into distant vistas from the Trail Ridge Road, which winds for miles above 12,000 feet and crosses the Continental Divide.

Afraid of heights?

If thats a little too high, seek out the two giant elk herds in the lower meadowlands. Just dont get too close and keep a safe distance! But do make sure you take plenty of photos.

In the summer, soak up the warm days and cool nights in front of a fire in your reserved campsite. And in the fall, snap gorgeous photos of the golden aspen groves flowing down the mountainsides.

And if camping isnt your style, stop into Estes Park, located just outside the east gates, for hot meals and soft beds.

While there, dont miss seeing the Stanley Hotel from Stephen Kings The Shining and more elk.

While in the park, dont miss one of our favorite trails, the Bear Lake Trail.

Its short, easily accessible, and has fantastic views of the surrounding peaks, including Longs Peak, the highest in the park at 14,259 feet.

Where to stay near the Rocky Mountain NP

Heidi at Fly Away U

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Sea Kayaking La Jolla California

La Jolla, the glitzy and glamorous beach town in San Diego has its fair share of adventures on offer as well. A few years ago, my 15 year old niece from Germany came to visit and I took her kayaking in La Jolla. She LOVED it. It was the perfect activity for a teen. She got to try an exercise that she had never tried before and pushed her a little outside of her comfort zone. At the same time, we saw some incredible wildlife and scenery. The top highlights were, when we saw a sea lion snatch a lobster off the rocks and later, when a dolphin showed up and swam not far from us. La Jolla is a top destination for kayakers, as you are not only very likely to see some wildlife, but also because you can explore the caves on the cliffs of La Jolla. Make sure to select a time slot for your kayaking tour that includes a visit to one of the caves, as it is only possible at certain tides and weather conditions. If you are traveling with teens, I would highly recommend adding a kayaking trip to your itinerary, especially in a stunning place like La Jolla.

By Maria of San Diego Explorer

Go Sea Kayaking In Acadia National Park

Top 9 Adventure Vacations for Adrenaline Junkies

Region: Northeast USAClosest major airport: Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport or Portland International Jetport

Acadia National Park in Maine is an unbelievably beautiful destination full of adventure!

One of the best adventures in the US is sea kayaking off the coast of Maine. The Porcupine Islands are a chain of islands right off Bar Harbor, and are part of Acadia National Park.

Renting kayaks or taking a kayaking tour is an awesome way to see marine life in the wild! Youll likely see seals while kayaking, and may catch the occasional harbor porpoise . Of course, dont forget to look up! Home to eagles, osprey, blue herons and a 250+ more avian species.

In just 6 miles, this is a paddlers paradise! The unique features of the islands are incredibly picturesque. Steep granite cliffs dive into the bold ocean below. Sea caves, rocky beaches and the dramatic coastline of Maine provide such an amazing adventure!

Kayaking tours in Acadia National Park are seasonal, running from mid-May through mid-October each year. Book them in advance as they do sell out!

While youre exploring Acadia National Park, be sure to hike the Jordan Cliffs Loop trail or the Beehive Trail . Catch incredible scenic views at the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and be sure to drive the 27-mile Park Loop Road.

Recommended by me Nikki of She Saves She Travels

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Kempa Villa Compound In Palm Desert California

Kathryn Romeyn, a travel writer and co-host of the Conscious Traveler podcast, stayed at the luxe Kempa villa with her husband, nine-week-old daughter, and in-laws last April. To say we were blown away is an understatement, she says. Upon entering the five-acre estate, they were greeted by a large fountain, lion sculptures, and a grand white staircase where their hosts waited with chilled, scented towels. More wow moments followed, she says: the dining room surrounded on three sides by glass and birds-of-paradise, the worlds largest daybed by the marble bar, a spiral staircase and lofty living room with its seemingly infinite sofa, and the long saline pool with an infinity edge that disappeared into the mountains in the distance. It was a heavenly environment in which to spend quality time with our familylike a miniature Four Seasons that we had all to ourselves.

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What Is The Best Family Vacation Spot In Usa

Its impossible for me to actually tell you the BEST family vacation spot in the US. That will depend on whether youre looking for something close to you or far away.

Are you looking for a beach or mountain escape? Perhaps you want to visit a big city, or maybe youre looking to explore the great outdoors. All of these factors will help you decide what the best family vacation spot is for your family.

Some of the most popular destinations for families include Florida, California, Hawaii, DC, Yellowstone, and New York. However, every state has amazing activities and natural beauty that will make for a great family trip.

Ive created my list below based on my own family vacations and with the help of some of my travel writing friends. Each of these USA destinations is a great family vacation idea!

Keep in mind that some of the destinations may have travel rules or restrictions youll need to follow in 2022. Ive also included affiliate links in this post, if you choose to purchase from my links I may earn a commission.

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Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

While you cant actually soak in the famous springs that drew people to this area in the 1700s, you can certainly touch them. Beware they reach temps of 142 degrees Fahrenheit, though! Other activities in Hot Springs National Park include hiking, biking and picnicking.

Recommended Hotel:Embassy Suites by Hilton Hot Springs

Bike The Route Of The Hiawatha Idaho

Top 10 Revenge Travel Adventure Destinations

This is probably the gentlest of all the USA adventures in this list.

No matter how new your kids are to adventuring, they can easily manage a bike ride on the Route of the Hiawatha.

Now I know you may think a 15-mile bike ride is not for novices, but this one makes it easy for you its 15 miles on a flat, well-maintained path that is mostly downhill!

There is a good chance you may see deer along the way, and with 9 tunnels and 7 high trestle bridges spanning the steepest parts of the valley, the kids will LOVE it. You will LOVE it.

The forested Bitterroot Mountains provide a spectacular setting as you cycle one of the USAs most famous rail to trail paths taking in stunning Idaho scenery.

Be prepared for the first tunnel which is almost 1.7 miles long that is over 10 minutes at least riding in the pitch black. Flashlights are essential, as is a jacket as temperatures sit in the 40s.

You can take your own bikes or hire them from the Lookout Pass ski area.

We hired bikes including a tag-along for Savannah. Shes 8 and probably would have made the entire bike ride on her own bike, but we didnt want to risk it. She had a blast singing the entire time.

You can catch the shuttle back to the first tunnel, or if you really like adventure, cycle the 15 miles back uphill. We opted for the shuttle.

Read our full review of the Route of the Hiawatha

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Parahawking In San Diego California

Fly above the coast with a raptor. La Jollas coastal cliffs offer the best and most consistent flying conditions on earth this is why they are a popular paragliding spot for thrill-seekers who dare to jump off the bluffs and soar high above the Pacific waters. But what makes this experience unique in San Diego is doing so alongside a falcon. Parahawking is a once-in-a-lifetime experience offered at the Torrey Pines Glideport by Fly With a Bird. A trained raptor freely leads the way alongside a tandem glider, whenever both the weather and bird agree the time is right.

Hiking And Camping At Havasupai Falls Arizona

For active, outdoor-loving teens and the parents who love to keep up with them, hiking ten miles down to Havasu Falls and camping three nights beside Havasu Creek is a memorable spring break worth all of the months-ahead planning. Descending into the Grand Canyon as guests of the Havasupai Indians with hard-won permits and reservations in hand, you will explore, climb, swim, photograph, and picnic to your hearts content between the Havasu, Mooney, Little Navajo, and Fifty Foot Falls. Go all the way to Beaver Falls if you can. Havasu Creek eventually pours into the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

We loved this trip because our kids remembered they have strong bodies, they can do challenging things , and they live in a beautiful world full of natural playgrounds to discover. For example, the blue-green waters of the Havasu get their vibrant color from the rich minerals reflecting in the sun, turning the water a bright turquoise hue.

The best time to hike to Havasu Falls is in the spring or the fall. The summer is just way too hot in the canyon. While it is chilly standing at the rim, the temperatures along the canyon floor hover around the 70s in the spring and fall. Also, note the Havasupai Reservation is not in the national park portion of the Grand Canyon, but you will be nearby. Its definitely worth stopping at the South Rim before or after this adventure.

By Tanya of Rad Family Travel

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Swim With Whales And Sharks


Seeing whales and sharks should be on every adventurers bucket list of crazy quests. Swimming with these fascinating marine mammals, even looking at them from behind a cage, takes exploring to a whole new level. Resorts and tour agencies offer the experience of being very close to the oceans most captivating creatures. One of the most incredible places to swim with whales is Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii.

The Truth About Jo Franco From Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Best USA Bucket List

When most people plan a vacation, they do a Google search for whatever Motel 6 or Quality Inn happens to be closest. However, for those with a little more money to blow, you can have a truly extraordinary experience by checking out some digs located off the beaten path. You can find incredible rentals all over the globe, and now, you can learn about many of them like never before, thanks to the latest Netflix reality series, Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

The first season takes you to various corners of the world to show you how to live the high life while on vacation. Along the way, youre guided by three extremely personable hosts to take you through every nook and cranny of your next potential vacation spot.

Megan Batoon is a dancer-turned-influencer. Luis D. Ortiz earned a fortune in real estate. And when it comes to having experience finding the best spots to kick back and relax, Jo Franco has a leg up on everybody. A lot of people may not know much about her outside of the show, but here are some fun facts about Jo Franco to make you enjoy Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals even more.

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Acadia National Park Maine

Acadia National Park is beautiful. Situated predominantly on Maines Mount Desert Island, the park is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and covered in woodland that changes color along with the season. In fall, the entire park is a brilliant red as the leaves perform one last trick before falling to the ground.

Acadia National Parks most iconic feature is Cadillac Mountain. From October through to , Cadillac Mountain is the first place you can see the sunrise in the US. Pretty cool, eh? This is because at this time of the year the sun rises south of due east.

You can either walk to the summit, sitting at a modest elevation of 1,530 feet, or you can drive the 3.5-mile road. If you decide to hike then you will need to add an extra 1.5 miles on to your total distance to get from the parking area to the trailhead. The walk takes around two hours each way so be sure to factor this in so you get there in time for sunrise.

Whichever you choose, make sure you set off early. The highlight of a trip up Cadillac Mountain is getting to the top in time for sunrise. You will join the other sun-seeking pilgrims in a synchronized gasp as the first rays of the sun stain the Atlantic Ocean orange and pink.

There are plenty of camping grounds so you can spend your entire vacation within the boundaries of the park, allowing you oodles of time to explore every nook and cranny.

Skydiving Over Niagara Falls New York

Skydive the Falls in Niagara Falls U.S.A. offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience a tandem skydive jump over majestic, roaring Niagara Falls. Beginners are more than welcome with their first-time skydiving package, which includes a short class upon arrival and an expert-led harness and gear fitting. Then, you climb up to an altitude of 12,000 feet. The freefall lasts about 45 seconds, followed by a scenic, five- to eight-minute parachute ride down, during which youll have views of rainbows and Class-5 water rapids, the Buffalo and Toronto skylines, Old Fort Niagara, the Great Lakes, and, of course, the incredible falls themselves.

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Mississippi: Hit Up Gulf Islands National Seashore

Stretching across the south-eastern coast of Mississippi all the way to Florida, the Gulf Islands National Seashore is one of the most peaceful stretches of beach in the country. A lazy sunny day is just one of the things visitors can enjoy here. Youll also find several historic sites, abundant wildlife , hikes and educational tours. Time Out tip: Fort Barrancas Area is currently closed. The rest of the beach is open.

Bike Like You’re In Burgundyon The East Coast

Royal Caribbean Top 5: Caribbean Adventures

DuVine Cycling & Adventure Co. has a loyal following among discerning cyclists. New trips in Vermont, Maine, and New York have been planned with the same attention to detail as the signature small group DuVine itineraries in Burgundy and Tuscany. The four-day Hudson Valley trip, for example, includes overnights at Troutbeck, an estate that hosted Hemingway and Thoreau farm-to-table meals artisanal whiskey tastings and rides ranging from 20 to 48 miles a day. TO BOOK: Sybille Steiner,

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Discovering The Best Hidden Gems And Vacation Spots Inthe Us

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of the best hidden vacationspots in the US. Like all countries, the US has lots of hidden gems that mostpeople dont even know exist.

Do you have a favorite hidden gem in the USA? Do you find any of these secret destinations totally out of the ordinary and unknown? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoyed browsing these beautiful under the radar vacation spots in the US? Save this article to for future trip planning.

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