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How To Buy A Vacation Home With No Money Down

Using The Equity In Your Toronto Home To Help Finance The Cottage

How To Buy A Vacation Rental With No Money Down

This is one of the most common ways that cottage Buyers come up with the downpayment for their vacation home they leverage the equity in their current home. Some people finance the whole cottage this way, while others just fund their downpayment.

You can refinance a residential property in Toronto to a maximum of 80% of its market value that property can be owner-occupied or an investment property.


  • Your home is currently worth $1 million
  • Remaining mortgage: $400,000
  • You can refinance up to 80%, so up to a total of $800,000 mortgage
  • $800,000 400,000 existing mortgage = $400,000 cash to buy a property
  • You can take that $400,000 in cash or as a secured line of credit

Vacation Home Loan Requirements

  • Debt-to-income ratio For a primary residence, borrowers can sometimes finance with a 50 percent debt-to-income ratio, or DTI. For a vacation property, think closer to 43 percent, or maybe a touch higher.
  • With an FHA loan, you can buy a primary residence if your credit score is 500 and you have a 10 percent down payment. For a vacation property, for which FHA loans arent available, figure that youll need a credit score of at least 640.
  • Down payment Generally, you can buy a primary residence with as little as 3 percent down. With a vacation home, youll need at least 10 percent.
  • Reserves In some cases, you can buy a primary residence with little or no reserves. For a vacation home, youll likely need reserves equal to two to six monthly mortgage payments.

Be sure to check vacation home mortgage requirements with different lenders the financial stress created by the pandemic has caused many lenders to tighten their approval requirements.

Vacation Rental Superanalyzer Tool

To help us make wise investment decision we leverage our Vacation Rental SuperAnalyzer, a tool we created for our own internal vacation rental home evaluations. It allows us to have a consistent and streamlined process in evaluating opportunities that contains all the expenses a vacation rental owner may incur. This tool helps us to make quick confident decisions to determine if we have a profitable vacation rental opportunity and keeps us safe. It can help us determine what the acquisition price it would take to be profitable. With this process we are not guessing nor will be surprised by unforeseen expenses.

Know your numbers! or your vacation house for free will not be, it will cost you money.

Pro Tip: If you want to make sure you stay out of hot water, make sure you plan for the worst case scenario. For example, what if there is a natural disaster in your vacation home location and it cant be rented for some time? What if you have some unforeseen problem to take care of? Proper preparation usually mean this difference between scraping your knee and cutting your leg off. In real estate mistakes cost significant money and more importantly absorb valuable time to recover.

Deal evaluation is the first step of the Live Swell Proven Process:

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Routine Maintenance Costs Time And Money

Just like with your primary residence, youll need to be prepared to shell out for stuff that breaks or simply to keep things running smoothly.

From repairing or replacing an HVAC unit and utilizing plumbing services when theres a leak or clog to replacing major appliances and upgrading your windows to hurricane-proof grade, all can end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, says Dina Dwyer-Owens, co-chair of The Dwyer Group, which specializes in home service and repair.

Plus, theres the time involved. Thats one problem that John OBriens encountered in the past 27 years hes owned a Lake Michigan vacation home.

Being a somewhat incurable do-it-yourselfer, the term vacation home has become an oxymoron, he admits.

Aside from a few notable exceptionslike when the pipes in his home froze and burst one winterOBrien takes care of all the home maintenance and repairs himself. Thats included putting in a new sump pump, replacing split-rail fence posts, and building a porch, shed, and two patios.

My vacation home has become just another house that I work on, and my vacations are spent, in part, doing so, OBrien says.

How Can I Afford A Vacation Home

How to Buy a Vacation Home with No Money Down

5 Minute Read | December 14, 2021

You just returned from an awesome family beach vacation, and now you have the bright idea to buy a seaside home to keep the memories going year after year.

Before you start searching for available properties, its important to step back and consider some questions about owning a vacation home. You might discover that over time a second house turns into more responsibility than you had envisioned. With the help of a quality real estate agent, you can decide if buying a vacation home is right for you. To get started, ask yourself these three questions:

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Low Down Payment: Conventional Mortgage

Conventional 97 loans are a little more restrictive than standard conventional loans, because theyre intended for firsttime home buyers who need extra help qualifying.

If you dont meet the guidelines for a Conventional 97 loan, you can save up a little more and try for a standard conventional mortgage.

Conventional mortgages are the most popular loan type in the market because theyre incredibly flexible. You can make a down payment as low as 5% or as big as 20%. And you only need a 620 credit score to qualify in many cases.

Plus, conventional loan limits are higher than FHA loan limits. So if your purchase price exceeds FHAs limit, you might want to save up 5% and try for a conventional loan instead.

Conventional mortgages with less than 20% down require private mortgage insurance . But this can be canceled once you have 20 percent equity in the home. So youre not stuck with the additional fee forever.

Dont Deplete Your Entire Savings

When the majority of your money is tied up in a home, financial experts refer to it as being housepoor.

When youre housepoor, you have plenty of money on paper but little cash available for everyday living expenses and emergencies.

And, as every homeowner will tell you, emergencies happen.

Roofs collapse, water heaters break, you become ill and cannot work. Insurance can help you with these issues sometimes, but not always.

Thats why being housepoor is so dangerous.

Many people believe its financially conservative to put 20% down on a home. If 20% is all the savings you have, though, using the full amount for a down payment is the opposite of being financially conservative.

The true financially conservative option is to make a small down payment and leave yourself with some money in the bank. Being housepoor is no way to live.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about mortgage down payments.

What is the minimum down payment for a mortgage?

The minimum down payment varies by mortgage program. VA and USDA loans allow zero down payment. Conventional loans start at 3 percent down. And FHA loans require at least 3.5 percent down. You are free to contribute more than the minimum down payment amount if you want.

Are there zero-down mortgage loans?How can I buy a house with no money down?What credit score do I need to buy a house with no money down?What are down payment assistance programs?Are there any home buyer grants?

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How To Buy A Rental Property With Little Money Down

Many people want to buy investment properties because of the fantastic returns they can provide. However, many people do not have the 20 percent down payment that most banks require. There are ways to buy an investment property with little money down. The easiest way to buy an investment property with less than 20 percent down is to buy as an owner-occupant and later rent out the house, but there are many other options for investors as well. Using a line of credit, refinancing your home, house hacking, the BRRRR method, or even credit cards can provide ways to buy investment properties for less money. Seller financing is a great way to put less money down on a rental property if you can find sellers who are willing. A more advanced technique is to use hard-money financing that you can refinance into a conventional loan. Whatever way you choose to buy a rental property, research the method to make sure that it is legal in your state, your lender approves it, and that you are not stretching your finances too thin.

How We Make Money

House Flip: How To Buy and Flip A House with NO MONEY

The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the listing categories. But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you.

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Look For Seller Financing

Another way to acquire property with no money down is with help from the seller.

Known as owner financing” or seller financing, this type of loan is an agreement where the seller handles the mortgage process instead of a financial institution.

The borrower repays the loan as specified in its repayment terms that are detailed in the formal agreement.

This works especially well with sellers who have no mortgage.

For example, this can happen when someone inherits a property and does not want to keep it.

For sellers that are willing to take on the role of financier, owner financing can help sellers move a home faster with sizable returns on their investment.

How To Buy A House With No Money Down

*As of July 6, 2020, Quicken Loans is no longer accepting USDA loan applications.

Many potential homebuyers wonder how much theyll need to save in order to get a mortgage. But did you know its possible to buy a home without a down payment?

Well take a look at some options you have when you want to buy a home without a down payment. Well also show you a few alternatives for low down payment loans as well as what you can do if you have a low credit score.

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Low Down Payment Firsttime Home Buyer Loans

Not everyone will qualify for a zerodown mortgage. But it may still be possible to buy a house with no money down by choosing a lowdownpayment mortgage and using an assistance program to cover your upfront costs.

If you want to go this route, here are a few of the best lowmoneydown mortgages to consider.

Second Home For Investment Property

How to Buy a Vacation Home with No Money Down

If you want to rent out the home for more than 14 days per year, then this will be considered an investment property by the lender. Mortgages for investment properties will have an interest rate of at least 1-2 points above the rate for a first home. Some lenders may decline to finance investment properties at all due to these being higher risk. Be ready to do some mortgage shopping.

If the home was rented out by the last owner, request the rental history. Lenders want to see what the possible income will be on the property, and also how long it stays vacant between each tenant.

If the property was not a rental before, you will need to have a rental appraisal done to provide an estimate of what the income and occupancy rate will be, based upon similar homes in the area. This will cost you about $300 or $400.

The income coming in from the property can be used to qualify for the loan, but generally, lenders only allow for up to 75% of the income to be used for income qualification purposes.

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What Second Home Status Means For Renting Out Your Vacation Home

Simply put, second homes are for you to live in, use and enjoy part-time. They arent intended to be used as rental properties.

If youre interested in renting out your property for the majority of the time and visiting infrequently, youll likely have to get an investment property loan. These come with slightly higher mortgage rates and more stringent requirements. However, with an investment property loan, youre able to use part of your projected rental income to help qualify for the loan. You cant do this with a second home loan.

You might be wondering if youre allowed to do short-term, occasional rentals on a vacation property thats classified as a second home. With the rising popularity of sites like, some lenders are now allowing more leeway for vacation homeowners to generate rental income on their properties, provided they occupy the home for a portion of the year. That being said, if youre interested in doing this, be sure to clear it with your lender first.

At Rocket Mortgage®, the property may qualify as a second home if its rented out for no more than 180 days in a calendar year. You must also reside in the home for either 14 days or 10% of the days the property is rented whichever is greater.

Match Housing Choices To Your Lifestyle

Many people assume they must own a primary residence before owning a vacation home, but thats not necessarily true. Whats really important is matching your housing choices to your lifestyle.

You may live in a city and want lots of space that you cant afford there. You could rent a modest condo in the city and buy a large vacation home outside the metro area.

Or you may live in a large country house and want to enjoy city life as much as you can. In that case, you could own your country home and also buy a vacation condo in the city.

Either way, the financing and tax implications are almost the same.

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Cottage Financing & Airbnb Income

Will lenders use your projected Airbnb income to qualify you?

When you buy a traditional income property, lenders will add 50-80% of the projected rent to your income , allowing you to qualify to borrow more money.

Not so with Airbnb money. From Jake: Lenders are very conservative by nature and are scared of any changes in policy/damage from tenants, and dont want to rely on Airbnb income to buyers. They wont ask for their money back if you choose to Airbnb after you buy it.

Note: if you declare Airbnb income from other properties on your tax return, most lenders will give you credit for it but theyll probably use a number that reflects what it could rent for on a typical 12-month rental basis, vs. your actual Airbnb income.

Set Up Your Vacation Home As A Vacation Rental

Mobile Home Investing with NO MONEY

Once the home is yours, its time to think about whether you intend to use your new vacation home as a short-term rental.

If youre planning to rent your vacation home, youll want to secure trustworthy vacation rental property management. The right company can deliver significant income and allow you to enjoy your home more when you visit.

If youre weighing your vacation rental management options, here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • Do you want to manage the vacation rental yourself?
  • How much freedom do you want to have to use the home for your personal vacations?
  • Is it more important to you to have the vacation rental as a project or hobby, or would you rather visit and simply relax?
  • Are you interested in earning passive income and helping your home pay for itself?
  • Does your home need improvements or design upgrades to optimize your income and your guest experience?

Vacasa is the leading full-service vacation rental management company in North America, so we know firsthand the kind of income you can earn when your vacation home is truly working for you. Reach out to us for end-to-end helpfrom buying the right home to managing it effortlessly.

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Understand The Total Cost Of Owning It

You can determine what you can afford in seconds. Then youll find a lender to formally analyze the cash available for down payment, closing costs and reserves. Youll also calculate the total monthly cost on your existing home , plus the total monthly cost on the vacation home.

You also need to plan for personal budget items that lenders dont use in their qualifying calculations:

  • Gas, electric, cable TV and internet
  • Furniture and housewares
  • Travel costs to your vacation home
  • Total cost of property maintenance items, like cleaning, landscaping and pool/spa upkeep

Determining Whether You Can Afford It

First, you need to consider whether buying a vacation home is a realistic or responsible financial goal in your current position. Even if youre able to rent it out, owning a second home comes with a lot of expenses, and rental income might not completely cover them. You need to not only consider whether you can afford the monthly mortgage payment, but also if youre prepared to take a loss on the property if you decide to rent it out but struggle to generate significant revenue.

It may be a good idea to discuss your plans with a financial advisor who has experience in this area before making any serious commitments.

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Consider All The Costs Of Buying A Second Home

Amounts will vary depending on how you’re using the second home, but here are some of the costs you may want to incorporate into your monthly budget.

  • Insurance:Homeowners insurance on a second home generally costs more than on a primary residence. You may also need a different type of insurance depending on whether the second home is typically occupied and, if you’re renting the home, whether it’s a short- or long-term rental.

  • Utilities: If the home is a rental, the tenant may pay for utilities . But if its unoccupied for long periods of time, you’ll need to strike a balance between the energy use thats necessary to keep the house livable, and what will keep you from having outsized monthly bills. You may also want to invest in a security system.

  • Maintenance: This can include major seasonal maintenance as well as basic upkeep even if no one’s living in the home, your neighbors will appreciate a neatly mowed lawn. A property manager can be a big help here, but can take a big bite out of your bottom line.

  • Vacancy: Planning to rent the second home? Be sure you can cover costs if you don’t get tenants right away or if your short-term rental has an unexpected dry spell.

  • Travel: If you’ve bought a vacation home that’s far from your current home, don’t forget to budget for trips between the two properties.

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