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Disney Vacation Club For Sale By Owner

Where Can You Stay With Dvc Points

Timeshare Sale – Disney Vacations Club Destinations

There are currently 16 different DVC resorts. The majority of the resorts are located in Florida, with some other locations across the United States:

  • Walt Disney World Resort in Florida:

  • Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort

  • Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Wilderness Lodge

  • World Collection â RCI timeshares

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The Basics Of Buying Dvc

Youve possibly already made the first choice, which is purchasing via resale rather than direct. Based on this decision, you are wanting to maximize your vacation dollars and savings.

What else do you need to know? The next five sections will detail the various factors that can impact a purchase. The basic aspect is simple. You must pick where you want to say.

In DVC terms, your Home Resort is the location that is the basis of the contract. You own an ownership interest in this property. As long as youre not a first-time buyer, you understand this premise. If you are, a first-timer, A) Youre making the right choice! And B) I recommend that you read this article by Nick Cotton. It explains the importance of the Home Resort choice better than I ever could.

I do want to add something to it, though. Youre buying DVC points in order to have guaranteed Disney vacations for many years to come. Youre also angling to stay at a particular property, presumably the one that makes you happiest.

The general rule of thumb is that you should always buy points at the resort where you want to stay . Thats been the case since the mid-90s, but its going to be truer than ever in future years.

How Dvc Points Work:

All DVC timeshare resales come with an allotted number of points. These points can be used like cash to reserve your vacation at any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. The more DVC Points you have, the more flexibility you have in booking your vacations. Use points to book multiple short Disney getaways, or use all your points at once to book a week-long trip. You can also use more points to book a larger suite, or reserve a smaller unit for less. Additionally, points can be banked or borrowed. This means you can borrow points from an upcoming year for a longer or more upgraded vacation now, or, you can bank this years points for a longer or more upgraded stay down the road.

Staying in a DVC Resort like Disneys Polynesian Village is a dream come true. Photo by Andy Sanchez.

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Are You A Dvc Owner

If you have DVC points you no longer want or need, we can help. Together with our trusted partner,, we work with DVC owners just like you to find a buyer for your unwanted DVC ownership. Get exposure on the largest and most active marketplace worldwide through advertising on, and get the benefits of working with a licensed real estate agent absolutely free. Enjoy no fees and no risk in advertising your sought-after DVC timeshare for sale to a global audience. Complete the form on the right to get started now!

DVC Timeshare Resale Specialist

Our Privacy Guarantee We will protect your personal information as stated in our Privacy Policy, and you agree that we may send you email communication regarding the services described on this website pursuant to the Terms of Use.

Timeshares At Walt Disney World Let You Change As Your Needs Change

DVC Resales

The Disney Vacation Club member understands that vacation requirements evolve over time as your family changes. When you own Walt Disney timeshares, you’ll have the flexibility with Disney points you need to bank, borrow, exchange, and choose the accommodations that fit your current needs, schedule, and vacation objectives.

Walt Disney timeshares vary from studio units to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three- bedroom villas. Actual square footage of a unit or villa can differ depending upon the resort. Some Disney DVC properties also offer deluxe versions of select units.

As a rule of thumb, you will find that studio timeshares at Walt Disney World are about the same size as Disney deluxe hotel rooms, averaging between 350 and 412 square feet. Studio timeshares at Walt Disney World typically include at least a microwave and mini-fridge, and two queen beds or a queen and a queen sofa bed, plus room for a baby crib if you need it.

The Treehouses at Saratoga Springs Resort have three bedrooms and sleep up to nine , while Animal Kingdom Villas, Old Key West, Bay Lake Tower, Villas at Grand Floridian, Boardwalk Villas, and Saratoga Springs offer three-bedroom villas that sleep up to 12 with the option to add a crib.

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How Does Firpta Apply To Dvc Resale Transactions

The most crucial part of knowing how FIRPTA may affect your DVC membership sale is to know whether the person selling their membership is a U.S. citizen. Our team at DVC Sales will help determine this when you initiate the sales process. Our title company will withhold the 15% FIRPTA tax withholding on behalf of the seller and send it to the IRS. Additionally, our title company will help non-U.S. sellers through the process of applying for a refund for an additional fee.

The seller can file forms with the IRS to receive a refund. It most cases they receive a full refund. Below is a calculator you can use as an estimate. This tool should be used only as a guide. DVC Sales does not provide any tax advice. Consult a FIRPTA expert or the Internal Revenue Service.

Disney Vacation Club Rentals And Resales

While you may think owning a timeshare is outside of your familys budget, its possible to find Disney Vacation Club timeshare resales on the secondary market, advertised by-owner, for a small fraction of the retail cost.

Many of the DVC resorts are completely sold out of timeshare properties yet you can still find these available for sale on the resale market. If youre looking for a one-time vacation to a DVC resort, its also possible to rent Disney timeshares by-owner, which can save you tons of money! is an example of a site, which lists secondary market resales of Disney Vacation Club properties, as well as rentals advertised by-owner.

Additionally, if you want to buy Disney Vacation Club points, you can shop their resale inventory and search by resort, unit size or price tag.

You also have the option to rent DVC points on They often have last-minute deals with low nightly rates, and many feature a book now option that allows you to complete the entire transaction online with a 100% reservation guarantee.

Have you ever thought of joining a Disney Vacation Club? Any of you ever rent DVC timeshares for a stay at one of these resorts?

This post provided by featured contributor Julie Dufour.

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Direct Dvc Experience In Knowing How To Sell Dvc To Potential Buyers

DVC provides one of the most elite and professional counselor sales programs in the world. Only former DVC guides would have been through this training to be able to explain all the nuances of the DVC program and provide the necessary comfort level to buyers to maximize all sale possibilities.

Dvc: Timeshares With More Time And Less Sharing

Buying DVC Resale: Perks You Lose And What They’re Actually Worth

Not all Disney Vacation Club memberships are purchased straight from Disney. Many members choose to save money while still enjoying the perks of being in the club by buying one of the many DVC resales on the market.

The flexibility of DVCs point system means that as a member, instead of sharing the same timeshare, youve got the keys to unlocking magical vacations coast to coast and beyond.

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Determine The Contract Thats Right For Your Family

DVC Memberships come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the features of a contract will help you pick one that fits your plans and budget just right.

DVC contracts can vary by:

  • Home resort
  • Point availability
  • Use Year

These factors can determine price too. The resort you purchase into provides you with home resort priority, meaning an 11-month booking window versus a 7-month booking window at other DVC Resorts.

The point size is the amount of points you will receive each year until the deed expires. You may want to refer to a DVC point chart in determining the right point amount or consult with a team member from the DVC Resale Market.

Your DVC annual dues per point are based on the resort you purchase into, so the resort you pick and amount of points at that resort determines your total annual amount of dues. Point availability refers to the amount of points currently on the contract .

Use Year is simply the date you will receive your Disney Vacation Points each year. There are 8 different Use Years, and they are February, March, April, June, August, September, October and December.

Hidden Advantages Of Stripped Contracts

A lot of people think the same way that I do about double points contracts. Because of this logic, stripped contracts have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle a bit.

You may read a DVC listing, see zero points this year or next year and wonder, Who would buy that? And the answer is smart people.

Let me explain. Every existing DVC contract will last until at least 2042. Thats 25 years from now! Others will last more than 20 years past that point. When you buy into DVC, youre playing the long game. You know that your investment will pay off after five-to-seven years. So, youre already thinking years down the line.

A stripped contract sells for less than a regular contract. Were talking several dollars per point. That savings adds up quickly, particularly on larger contracts. When you buy a stripped contract, you dont get the immediate benefit of a DVC resort stay. You will a year or two down the line, though. More importantly, youll have the benefit of a cheaper contract that you will enjoy just as much a decade from now, when you wont remember the lack of points the first year.

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Choosing A Dvc Resale Broker

When selling a Disney Vacation Club contract, one of the most important decisions is choosing a DVC Resale Broker. This is important as the developer, Disney Vacation Club, does not have a resale department, and selling DVC yourself can pose risks and challenges. If your contract has not been created by an attorney, you will not have professional liability insurance to protect from civil lawsuits in the event a disagreement occurs and escalates. Additionally, DVC is a unique and detailed product, so much so, that DVC requires all Disney Vacation Club Sales Guides have six weeks of training before they can interact with a Guest regarding a purchase.

Where To Purchase Disney Vacation Club & How To Save Money


There are two ways to purchase a Disney Vacation Club. You can purchase directly through Disney or you can purchase from a Disney Vacation Club reseller. One of the advantages of purchasing a resale contract is you can save a ton of money, I am talking about thousands of dollars. For example, you can purchase Disney Aulani points for around $110 $140 a point versus the $195 charged at Disney. If you bought just 100 points that is a $ 5500-8500 savings! You do lose a few perks like Member Magic Nights and the annual pass discount but the savings are often worth it. Lastly, find a reputable timeshare reseller like, they will guide you through the ins and outs of the purchasing process.

If you have any questions at all about Disney Vacation Club, feel free to leave a question in the comments or send me a direct message on our

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Dvc Resale Vs Buying Direct

Like every vacation club, there are certain restrictions for resale buyers that need to be weighed over. When you purchase directly from Disney Vacation Club, you have access to a world of perks and benefits. DVC direct owners are able to use points to make reservations at any one of Disneys fifteen resorts and more. However, buying DVC resale points can save you thousands of dollars all while still enjoying your Home resort to its fullest potential.

2021 DVC Resale Vs Direct Cost Per Point Fidelity Resale Average Cost Per Point DVC Cost Per Point*
*The above prices and offers are subject to change at any time

A Quick Guide To Points Usage:

Whats the right number of points for you and your family?

That can vary based upon your travel preferences, such as season, favorite resort, size of accommodations, and length of vacation. DVC offers so many options and such great flexibility that booking different trips every year is easy.

The more points you have in your membership, the more options you have. Fortunately, buying DVC resale makes it possible for you to purchase more points than buying direct. Disney Vacation Club offers such great flexibility, your limited only by the number of points you have available.To determine how many points are right for you and your family, reach out to the Guides at DVC Resale Experts. Were happy to help!

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Where Can You Stay With Your Dvc Points

As a DVC member, youll get a share in one of the Disney resorts. However, there is no obligation to travel to this resort. You can use your points to book a stay at any Disney resort, such as the Riviera Resort in Florida or the Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Overall, there are 163 destinations you can book with your points. These destinations include 25 different resorts, hotels, villas, and more. You can also transfer your DVC points to reservation points and book a trip on a Disney cruise line!

There are thousands of options available thanks to partnerships. These partnerships include National Geographic expeditions for those who like adventure and thousands of destinations through Interval International.

The partnership with Interval International adds considerable value to the DVC membership. Its a brand owned by Marriott with a presence in 80 countries with 3,200 properties.

Overall, there is an impressive range of destinations and experiences to choose from for DVC members. If youve ever booked a Disney vacation, you will know the luxury accommodation, entertainment options, and family experience you can expect.

What Is Banking Points

Advantages of Buying DVC Resale | DVC Show

Banking is the term DVC uses for moving unused vacation points from the current use year to the next use year. Like saving them for a later date. Owners must bank their points within 8 months from the start of their use year. You must complete travel on reservations made with banked points by the end of the use year they were banked into or they will expire.

In the example below, two Vacation Points are moved from this Use Year to the next Use Year to lengthen the stay, upgrade accommodations, and much more!

This Use Year
Next Use Year

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Disney Vacation Club For Sale The Smart Way To Buy Disney Points

Joining the Disney Vacation Club puts you among an elite group of couples and families who are serious about the quality of their vacations. By purchasing Disney timeshares for sale on the resale market, you join the club, but pocket your savings. Disney Vacation Club for sale at is the deal and the real deal. And we’re here to help you by keeping the process simple, trustworthy, and transparent.

How To Buy Dvc Resale

Browse our DVC resale listings below to get started. Filter by resort, points, use year, and more. Our DVC listings sell fast, so be sure to create an account and sign up for email alerts to be the first to know when we have new listings. When youre ready to make an offer, you can submit a form online or call us right away at 407-465-5188. Dont hesitate! Our listings are updated immediately and often receive multiple offers.

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How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost

Like we mentioned earlier, the biggest factor to answering the question is Disney Vacation Club worth it? comes down to the cost. When purchasing, Disney requires you to make a down payment like buying a home or a car and then you have to pay the remainder. The minimum initial cost is 10% of the total cost of your membership.

They will allow you to finance the remainder, but they encourage you to pay the rest either on a credit card or pay by cash/debit card. Being able to pay upfront instead of financing or using a credit card would be the best option, considering your monthly payments could be quite large and it could lead to financial strain.

If you decide to finance, you will pay per month like mortgage. You are also required to pay closing costs on your membership, just like buying a home, and the current closing costs start at $587 but go up based off of the number of points you buy and the room size you choose.

You also have to consider your annual dues. These take care of things like maintenance, and they go up every year. On average they increase 4%-6% each year, and right now the annual fees start at $70 a month.

Currently, Disney has reduced the minimum number of points required to purchase down to 100 points. For 2020, each point costs $195. This means the absolute cheapest DVC membership right now is $19,500 without closing costs and annual dues taken into consideration.

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