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How Does Disney Vacation Club Work

How Much Is Disney Vacation Club

How DVC points work!!

As a DVC member, youre buying a share of a Disney resort.

The resort you invest in wont affect your future travel since you can use your points to travel anywhere within the DVC network.

However, the resort you invest in can affect the cost of the membership, which is why its important to compare the different options available.

The Benefits Of Being A Dvc Member A Personal Take

Joining Disney Vacation Club was a no-brainer for our family.

We were visiting Walt Disney World at least once a year and had young kids who needed naps and quiet time. Also, my husband and I wanted to have our own space when the kids napped or went to bed before us.

We bought our first DVC contract at our favorite resort, Disneys BoardWalk Villas. We based our number of purchased points on staying in a one-bedroom, Boardwalk-view villa once a year. As our kids got older, no longer needed naps and we were spending less time in the room, we quickly figured out that, by changing our room to a smaller, studio villa with a standard view and visiting at off-peak times, we could get nearly four times as many nights on Walt Disney World property for the same number of points.

Our DVC points have also been used to stay at the Villas at Disneys Grand Californian and Aulani in Hawaii.

The ability to use your points at different times of the year, at different resorts, and in different room types means you can adjust your approach as your family grows and changes.

Disney Vacation Club Cost

Theres no one single answer for how much DVC costs. Several factors impact your cost, such as which home resort you choose .

Also, the cost will depend on if you buy directly from Disney or from a resale company. Buying directly will always be more expensive.

In addition, youre not just paying for your points. There are also dues you need to pay, which will change from year to year. For instance, the 2021 DVC annual dues will most likely be more than what they were in 2020.

Lastly, an important factor to consider is whether youll finance your membership or not. By paying upfront, youll save some money.

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Copper Creek Villas At Disneys Wilderness Lodge

Copper Creek is our home resort. The DVC villas are located at Fort Wilderness Lodge, which is one of our favorite resort lobbies. These are newly updated villas so everything is modern, although the decor is rustic railroad themed with lots of wood and iron accents. There are two pools the lively Copper Creek Springs Pool with waterslide, poolside dining and kids activities and the more chill Boulder Ridge Cove Pool.

What we liked best about staying at Copper Creek is the amenities of the resort and feeling like we were in the middle of all the action. The resort is located right on Bay Lake and the Magic Kingdom is just a short ferry ride away. You can also hop on the bus and take a short ride to the Contemporary and take the Monorail in to Epcot or Magic Kingdom. The railroad, rustic theme is done really well and almost makes you forget youre in Florida.

Best Candidates For Dvc Membership

How Exactly does the Disney Vacation Club Work?

DVC membership might make sense if you meet most or all of these criteria:

  • You have the cash in hand to pay all of the upfront costs of membership without borrowing.
  • The cost of dues does not appear to present a financial hardship based on your current expectations.
  • You vacation at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and/or Disneys beach resorts frequently: ideally at least once every two years.
  • You plan to continue staying at DVC resorts far enough into the future to make the membership at least break even.
  • You prefer to stay in Deluxe or DVC accommodations and/or you stay a long time .
  • You are able to plan your vacations well in advance ideally 7 to 11 months out.

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The Pros Of Disney Vacation Club Membership

  • Members lock in their DVC points price for 50 years at current rates. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but it is a virtual certainty that costs will continue to go up. Folks who bought their points when they were in the $35 to $40 range must be feeling pretty good right around now. While the 2019 price of $188 per point might cause some sticker shock, maybe that will seem like chump change a few years down the road.
  • Members get all kinds of bonuses and benefits, such as discounts on tickets to Disneys Broadway shows, exclusive gifts and merchandise offers, special meet and greets with characters, complimentary behind-the-scenes tours at the parks, and a huge array of deals on park tickets, dining at Disney restaurants, Disney Cruise Line packages, and more.
  • The DVC resort rooms are quite nice. They are designed less for luxury and more for home-away-from-home comfort. Members are greeted with a cheery “Welcome home!” from the resorts cast members, for instance. Accommodations include studios that sleep up to four people, one-bedroom villas that sleep up to five, two-bedroom villas that sleep up to nine, and three-bedroom “Grand Villas that sleep up to 12. With the exception of the studio units, the villas include full kitchens, dining areas, a washer and dryer, and other amenities.

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work Exactly

Whats your magical vacation number?

According to a 5-year study, you should be taking at least 2 vacations a year. During the study, people who vacationed twice a year had significantly higher happiness levels.

If youre overdue for a vacation, you should look into taking a DVC vacation. What does DVC stand for? It stands for Disney Vacation Club, and its a great way to make vacations fit within your budget.

How does Disney Vacation Club work, and what does it cost? Read on to find out!

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Benefits Of Dvc Membership

DVC Member Services is awesome. They offer vacation planning assistance if you need it, to include help with flights, car rentals, room requests and priority seating for meals. I consider myself as very knowledgeable on all things Disney but the DVC Members Services peeps know way more than I do and theyre able to answer questions or make suggestions that can help me plan my best trip.

You can also arrange for groceries to be delivered to your room via Member Services, although in this day and age, most people use Shipt, Instacart, or Amazon. Ordering through the DVC gets your food IN to your room. Ordering through other delivery services get your food to the concierge and you have to arrange for them to deliver itwhich isnt a difficult process at all. Still, if you want to walk into your room and have milk in your fridge, as a DVC member, you can.

One of the things I love most is having a full kitchen. Now, I dont love the idea of cooking on vacation. However, its nice to be able to make sandwiches and simple breakfasts. We also love doing things like baking cookies or making popcorn on vacation.

Disney Vacation Club Benefits

What is Disney Vacation Club? A beginners guide!

As weve mentioned earlier, you have the flexibility of staying at Disney resorts all over the world, whenever you wish. But thats not it!

With your membership comes DVC Member Services. This gives you things like:

  • Vacation planning help
  • Grocery deliveries to your room

If youre planning on staying near Walt Disney World, then a DVC membership allows you the privilege of using pools at different resorts, even if youre not staying at them. Of course, always check with the front desk before just hopping into a pool! You never know if some rules have changed.

As a DVC member, youll get the Disney Files magazine for free. In it, it discusses anything new with Disney, from their parks to their movies.

Do you get tired when youre visiting Disney theme parks? Then youll be pleased to know that DVC members get exclusive access to lounges.

Theres one in Epcot and theres another at the Contemporary Resort Bay Lake Tower. When you kick back and relax at either place, youll enjoy a complimentary drink and wifi.

Last, but certainly not least, youll get discounts on various things. They include:

  • Disney Quest
  • Golf
  • Breakfast tours

You never know if something will be discounted, so it never hurts to flash your DVC card! There are also plenty of DVC member-only events, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

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You Can Use Points At Non

There are 350 destinations around the world and youll be given access to a site where you can view and book properties. Even though the best value for your DVC points is at Disney, it can work like any other time share. If youre not feeling Disney on a particular year but still want to take a trip, you can. But back to what I said earlierif an every-other-year trip to Disney World doesnt sound like something you want to sustain, DVC membership probably isnt for you. Try renting DVC points instead of buying.

How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost

The biggest sticking point for most people when it comes to joining DVC is the cost, which currently starts at $31,050 for 150 vacation points plus closing costs that start at $629 and vary based on the number of points you own and which resort you choose as your home resort. Annual dues start at $88 and also go up based on how many points you own and which home resort you choose.

In other words, the investment is not small. But Disney does offer financing options with a monthly payment for a 10-year loan and a 10 percent down payment, which may assist some potential members in taking the DVC plunge.

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Dvc Customer Service And Support: What To Expect

One of the great things about the Disney Vacation Club is the quality of the support you can expect.

There is an online portal for managing your membership, making payments, booking vacations, and more. Checking your points balance and using Disney Vacation Club points is easy.

Plus, you can get outstanding customer support from Disney. A designated customer service department handles issues related to the DVC for sales, accounting, member services, and more.

Overall, the quality of the support and customer service offered is one reason to consider getting a DVC membership.

Disney Vacation Club: Is It Worth It

5 Reasons Disney Vacation Club is Worth It
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David Roark

Do you love hanging with Mickey, flying high in the air aboard Dumbo, and piloting the Millennium Falcon on the edge of the Star Wars galaxy? We mean really love it? If you just cant get enough of the Disney magic and think youll be planning regular visits to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you might want to consider joining the Disney Vacation Club. Membership would give you and your gang a tiny slice of the Mouse House, access to all kinds of benefits, and a reason to regularly return to the resorts.

But itll cost you. And, all apologies to Dumbo, but joining the Disney Vacation Club will cost you considerably more than peanuts. Is it worth it? That depends. Lets break it down.

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Easy Access To Disney Springs And Golf

If being close to the parks isnt a top priority particularly if you drive or rent car then Disneys Old Key West Resort and Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa are two sprawling, lower price-per-point resorts with spacious, recently renovated rooms and easy access to both Disney Springs and Disneys Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.

How Much Can You Save By Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

If youre wondering how much you can save by renting Disney Vacation Club points, we crunched the numbers for a three-night stay in fall 2022 from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2022. We compared rooms at three great resorts: Polynesian Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Bay Lake Towers. As you can see, the savings are substantial, and they only increase with a longer stay.

Dates: Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2022 Polynesian Village
$1,026.00 $1,083.00

For these calculations, we used the rate of $21.50 per point for renting from a large service like Davids Disney Vacation Club Rentals at seven to 11 months out. You can get points from large sites for less for travel within seven months or even less than that if someone is really trying to liquidate their points.

For point rentals from individual owners, we used a benchmark of $19 per rented point since thats a good average for the current market, but this does vary a fair amount and can be several dollars less per point in some cases.

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Disney Vacation Club Cost & Other Pros & Cons

The decision to buy a Disney Vacation Club membership can be a gruelling process, especially if youre sitting across the table from a friendly sales representative, who has been showing you the benefits of ownership for the past hour.

Sure, Disney Vacation Club provides great experiences for families from all over the globe, but is it right for you? Below, youll find five reasons to buy DVC and five reasons not to buy. Only you can determine which category fits you.

Our Honest Galactic Starcruiser Review

DVC 101: Banking, Borrowing and Using Your Disney Vacation Club Points

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If youre considering becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, youre likely wondering if DVC membership is worth it. Its a decision that shouldnt be made lightly, as it requires a significant initial investment, and it can be difficult to predict all future costs associated with ownership.

At Perfecting the Magic, we want to help you make the most of your Disney vacations, and for those contemplating DVC, its essential to understand the advantages of becoming a member.

Join PTM as we unpack the ins and outs of the Disney Vacation Club to help you decide if DVC is right for you.

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Finance Your Dvc Purchase

Some families dont think its worth it to spend so much all at once, which is why our friends at Vacation Club Loans offer financing for DVC, regardless of whether you are purchasing directly from Disney or resale. Vacation Club Loans offers fast loan approval with rates as low as 9.9%. No prepayment penalties and no loan origination fees. All you need to get started is a 10% downpayment and at least a 600 FICO credit score.

Disneys Old Key West Resort

Disneys Old Key West Resort is the original Disney Vacation Club Resort. It is an all-DVC property, meaning that there are no standard hotel rooms here. All available accommodations are Disney Vacation Club Villas. The resort has a very beachy, Florida vibe. Theres one feature pool with a great waterslide and a sandy beach. There are also three quiet pools on property.

What we liked best about staying at Old Key West was the amount of space we had. Weve stayed in three different one-bedroom villas and this is the most spacious. The decor, appliances and furnishings might be a little dated but its still nice. The only way into the bathroom is through the bedroom, which means kids sleeping on the pullout couch in the living room have to walk into your sleeping space to use the facilities other one-bedroom villas have had a separate door to access the toilet. We also really enjoyed Olivias Cafe, the onsite full-service restaurant. Try the banana bread pudding sundae for dessert. Youre welcome.

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What Are The Best Home Resort Options

When you decide to buy into the DVC membership program, you have to pick a home resort. This is the main resort your points belong to, and this really doesnt matter much for new purchases, but it does matter when it comes to resale whether buying or selling.

Your home resort is also important when it comes to booking your vacations. You are able to book at your home resort up to 11 months in advance, but youre only able to book other DVC resorts 7 months in advance.

You can pick any of the home resorts they are offering to be your home resort when you purchase, but you may get the best deals on the newest or newly renovated resorts. Currently, Disney is offering huge discounts on Disneys Riviera Resort, Aulani in Hawaii, and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disneys Wilderness Lodge.

When it comes to deciding which are the best options for your home resort, consider the value and the space that you need. You are able to choose from Deluxe Studios, 1-Bedroom Villas, 2-Bedroom Villas, and some even have 3-Bedroom Villas. The bigger the family, the bigger the space you will need, but remember that the Deluxe Studios sleep 4/5, and the costs are much cheaper.

How Does The Disney Vacation Club Work

How Does Disney Vacation Club Membership Work?

Theres no doubt about it: people all over the world love Disney. Every year, 58 million people visit Disney World and 18 million visit Disneyland!

Whether youre an adult or have a family of little ones who love the magic of Disney, you probably want to get your fill of these theme parks. In that case, you should consider taking advantage of the Disney Vacation Club.

Are you interested in joining the Disney Vacation Club? Then keep reading, as well tell you all about it in this article!

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