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How To Sell Your Disney Vacation Club

Bill And Suzanne Reynolds Nj

We Sold our Disney Vacation Club Contract!

Sue and I have known Mark for almost 25yrs. We met him when we bought our first points at Old Key West. He has always been in contact with us for all these years. He has become not only our go to Guy for all things DVC, But has also become a good friend of ours. Mark has always gone out of his way to make sure our membership was nothing less than perfect.

Dvc On The Resale Market

Once you have made the decision to sell your DVC points, make sure you manage your expectations. While the resale market is growing, it is important to note that no one can promise you how long it will take or when your timeshare will sell. Additionally, keep in mind that timeshares are not investments, so you may not make back what you originally purchased your DVC points for.

Can I Sell My Disney Vacation Club Points

Yes, you can sell your Disney Vacation Club points with any of the trusted and recognized online brokers. Before selling your points, ensure that you are aware of the number of points you own, have used up, borrowed, or banked. This will help you have an idea of the approximate price your points would fetch.

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Buying Direct Or Resale

Buying into Disney Vacation Club is purchasing a real-estate interest, and contracts are also available for purchase and resale on the secondary market, with resale purchases yielding substantial savings sometimes up to 50% off direct-from-Disney prices. However, buying a resale contract does come with limitations some of them potentially significant.

Only members who have purchased at least 150 points directly from Disney are eligible for all of the previously detailed perks. Additionally, members who purchase a resale contract at any resort other than Disneys Riviera Resort, Disney Vacation Clubs newest property, which opened in December of 2019, are not able to use their points to book at Riviera.

On the flip side, anyone who purchases a resale contract at Riviera can only use their vacation points to book stays at Riviera.

Selling Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

DVC Resale

While most people love their Disney Vacation Club membership, from time to time for any number of reasons people do decide to sell their membership.

So, what do you do if you want to sell?

You have two options. The first one is to offer the contract to Disney to buy back. If they do decide to buy it back, you can be sure that you will be paid well below market value for your vacation points.

The second option and the one most people prefer to use is a resale broker. Resale brokers are licensed real estate agents .

The process involved is very simple:

  • You contact a resale brokers office and give them the specifics of your contract .
  • With that information, the agent will advise you of what your contract would typically sell for based on the current market.
  • Once youve decided on a price to offer your membership for, the agent will send you a listing agreement via email. You would fill out the necessary information, then fax or scan the document and email it back to the broker.
  • Once received, the broker confirms the points with Disney and will also discuss final details with you regarding pricing. Once thats completed, they will list your package.
  • Depending on the broker, it typically takes less than 30 days to find a buyer. Once a buyer is found, closing takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete. When the package closes, the title company will overnight a certified check to you for your proceeds of the sale .

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    Find A Dvc Resale Expert

    Its important to remember, not all timeshares are the same. While DVC is a timeshare, it is a points-based timeshare. Finding a DVC resale expert to help navigate the process of selling your points is key. DVCs Quality Assurance Department is there for you and can answer any questions you may have about how the resale process works and give advice on how to sell your points with a professional. This is how to find out if you can sell your points back to Disney or find the best place to sell your DVC points resale.

    Disneys Yacht And Beach Club

    Now were headed away from Magic Kingdom and over to the EPCOT area for Disneys Yacht and Beach Club Resorts! These are two separate resorts, but they share quite a few amenities like bus transportation and a pool.

    And, speaking of the pool, thats one of the main draws to paying the Disney Deluxe Resort price to stay here. The pool itself spans three acres, has a sand-bottom floor, a lazy river, three whirlpool spas, AND a 230-foot long water slide . Theres so much going on that it can feel like a mini water park and you can spend a lot of time here if youre visiting in the summer.

    Plus, when youre not hanging out at the pool, youll have easy transportation to both EPCOT and Disneys Hollywood Studios. So, youll be close to not one but TWO Disney parks.

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    The Benefits Of Being A Dvc Member A Personal Take

    Joining Disney Vacation Club was a no-brainer for our family.

    We were visiting Walt Disney World at least once a year and had young kids who needed naps and quiet time. Also, my husband and I wanted to have our own space when the kids napped or went to bed before us.

    We bought our first DVC contract at our favorite resort, Disneys BoardWalk Villas. We based our number of purchased points on staying in a one-bedroom, Boardwalk-view villa once a year. As our kids got older, no longer needed naps and we were spending less time in the room, we quickly figured out that, by changing our room to a smaller, studio villa with a standard view and visiting at off-peak times, we could get nearly four times as many nights on Walt Disney World property for the same number of points.

    Our DVC points have also been used to stay at the Villas at Disneys Grand Californian and Aulani in Hawaii.

    The ability to use your points at different times of the year, at different resorts, and in different room types means you can adjust your approach as your family grows and changes.

    Will You Sell All Points

    How To Sell Disney Vacation Club!

    This is one of the messier conversations about DVC contracts. I dont have statistics or anything, but many people I know who have bought into the program have done so in increments. In other words, they own more than one contract.

    Assuming that youre one of those people, youll need to decide something else. Youll want to pick whether you want to divest yourself of all your points. If you have multiple contracts, you may prefer to keep one for your own needs. Then, youll sell the others to increase your bank account.

    Here are a couple of things that you should consider. The DVC market, like all other aspects of the real estate industry, relies on the overall strength of the economy. When the economy is strong , all real estate prices increase. This explains why The Walt Disney Company recently announced historic price increases for the various DVC properties.

    I point this out for twin reasons in this discussion. DVC resales inventory is at historic lows right now, making this the ultimate sellers market. By selling immediately, youll receive more for your DVC contract than ever before. Conversely, you may want to keep some contracts to maximize profit.

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    What Types Of Rooms Are Available For Dvc Members

    Disney has a few different types of rooms that are standard at their DVC resorts . The first is a deluxe studio. These rooms are the most similar to a standard hotel room and typically sleep four guests.

    Deluxe studios almost always contain a queen size bed and full-size sleeper sofa. These rooms have kitchenettes with a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and other essentials. They have a balcony , beautiful bathrooms, and cable television.

    As you are moving up in size, the next option is a 1-bedroom villa, which sleeps up to five people. These rooms have a separate master bedroom with a king-size bed, a full sleeper sofa, and a twin sleeper chair in the main living room. The living room, kitchen, and dining areas are open, facilitating family togetherness.

    These rooms come with fully-equipped kitchens, including a full-size refrigerator and freezer, stove and cooktop, and cooking utensils. The bathroom connects to the master directly and to the main living area as well. Many of them have walk-in showers and separate soaking tubs.

    All Disney Vacation Club properties also have 2-bedrooms villas. These sleep up to nine guests. The master bedroom with a private en-suite bathroom has a king bed, the second bedroom has two queen beds, and there is a sleeper sofa and sometimes a sleeper chair in the living room. They have double bathrooms as well.

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    Six Reasons To Sell Your Dvc Contract

    Okay, lets think outside the box today.

    I know that many of you love your Disney Vacation Club memberships, but the past 15 months have been weird.

    The world has changed mightily, and that includes DVC and possibly even you.

    Here are six reasons why you should consider selling your DVC membership.

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    Ask For An Updated Status From Disney

    One of the first items to establish is the current status of your Disney timeshare points. Most Disney owners are savvy and understand what they own, but you will want to get confirmation of your status from Disney so you can present the most accurate information possible to a buyer.

    To do this, reach out to the Disney customer service department and ask for a Vacation Points Activity Statement. Otherwise, if you already have a licensed agent that you are working with, you can give Disney written approval for your agent to request the statement on your behalf.

    Because DVC points are attached to a deed at a specific resort, those points can only be sold in their entirety and not split up to be sold in lower quantities. While a seller may have a larger overall point total across different resorts, the number of points specific to a given deed must be sold in their entirety when put onto the resale market. Therefore, it is good to clarify your ownership with Disney.

    How Long Does It Take To Sell Dvc Points

    Learn how to sell your DVC on the resale market. All your selling ...

    At MilesBuyer, it only takes a couple of steps to sell your DVC points. The process is simple and straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes. We will reach out to you as soon as you submit your query and close the deal once you agree on our price. The process is hassle-free. Give us a call at 1-800-511-0315 today!

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    Can I Sell My Timeshare Back To Disney

    Members looking to sell their Disney timeshare are in the most envious position in the timeshare industry, due to the impressive demand for the product. Disney timeshare points generally hold their value better than any other timeshare program in the world, due to the strength of the Disney brand and the entertainment products associated with the behemoth known as The Walt Disney Company.

    For Club members wondering if they can sell their timeshare back to Disney, the real question you should be asking yourself is why would you want to sell it back to them in the first place?

    Making The Decision To Purchase Dvc

    Being big Disney fans who traveled often we had always been curious about if DVC would be right for us. While we were on a planning trip for our Disney Fairy Tale Wedding we decided to also squeeze in an official DVC tour. When we met with a representative to tour the preview center at Saratoga Springs Resort we really fell in love with the idea. While initially we played with the idea of using DVC points for wedding and honeymoon accommodations we realized adding another big financial commitment on top of a wedding wasnt the smartest decision. So we added it to our list of goals for the future.

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    What About Market Value

    If you are curious about whether the market value of Disney Vacation Club dropped, the answer is slightly. Prices have adjusted based upon the COVID-19 pandemic and slightly dropped over the past few months. However, the value gained over the years is great for many owners and even with the recent adjustment, the buy low, sell high model is still in play. If you purchased your DVC package years ago and have watched the price of Disney Vacation Club climb, the value of the packages remains high, even with this minor dip in the market. It is a good time to sell, even with a slight drop in prices, because the value is still there and there is a high volume of interested buyers. If the pandemic continues, there may be less buyer interest for an unknown period of time. The benefit of selling now is that we know what the market is now and tomorrow is uncertain. The economic and financial climate of Disney Vacation Club after this pandemic is difficult to predict, however long term, Disney Vacation Club will maintain good resale value as it always has in the past. Disney Vacation Club truly has been some of the most desirable properties in the world. Disneys quality is better and always will be, and Disney offers nostalgic magic that can not be duplicated.

    Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokerage

    How To Plan Your Disney Vacation Club Trip!

    Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC. is a full-service real estate brokerage that operates by listing agreements and resale contracts.

    Whether it is a fixed week or points-based ownership, Timeshare Broker Associates can help. We offer escrow services through our trusted affiliated closing companies, such as First American Title Company. We can assist in selling your deeded week or points-based ownership with a traditional commission-based real estate approach, and we will never charge an advance or up-front listing fee.

    With TBA, every part of the sales process is documented, from the creation of listing agreements through the negotiations necessary to complete a successful sale. Once a buyer is found, Timeshare Broker Associates licensed agents will create a purchase and sale agreement which is signed by both parties and engage the services of a reputable closing company to process the transaction. All monies are held in escrow and distributed at the conclusion of the sale, similar to the process of purchasing traditional real estate.

    For more information about how to sell Disney timeshare as an owner, please fill out our inquiry form or give us a call on 877-624-6889.

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    How Does The Sales Process Work

    Dont be misled by the claims that investing in a DVC resale deprives one of many great benefits. By purchasing a Disney Vacation Club Membership through resale, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all 14 DVC properties. Like all members, you will have the benefits of Home Resort Priority, youll have access to Member Services and can book your family vacation by phone or online. The biggest benefit of purchasing a DVC resale rather than buying directly from Disney is the priceyou will save 20%-50% off retail pricing! Members can also enjoy the thousands of resort options around the world through Resort Condominiums International .

    Once you find the contract that best suits your family, simply create an account. When logged in, youll head over to the Listings page and press the plus sign to start the offer process. After youve submitted your offer, the seller will receive an automated email. Once you reach an agreement, youll sign the sales agreement electronically and we will forward the contract to Disney for ROFR. When we receive a response from Disney on the right of first refusal, you will be notified and our title company will begin generating your closing documents. From start to finish, the closing process takes about 45 days. At the end, you will be a proud member of Disney Vacation Club and that too by choosing from the DVC resales available at comparatively lower prices.

    Do You Need Money Now

    This point circles back to one I mentioned casually earlier. When I made my first DVC points purchase, the process took approximately six months from start to finish. Thats a period of time where the seller didnt get their money, and we didnt get our DVC contract.

    You should go into a potential transaction with open eyes on the subject of money. You can only control so much of the process. While you may sign your contracts the instant they hit your inbox, the other party might be flaky. And a DVC resales agent cannot exactly fly to that persons location and force them to sign, either. We expect people to show courtesy on such matters but not everyone does.

    When you receive offers, you should level with your DVC resales agent. Let them know if you need to get paid quickly. They may have suggestions about motivated buyers or previous customers who are trustworthy and courteous. Its one of the reasons why customer service is so important when selecting a resales agent. Some will go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy their clients.

    When you need money quickly, you should lead with that information. That way, all parties involved will know that youre in search of a smooth, quick transaction. You dont have to scream motivated seller or anything since that could lead to lower bids. Just be honest about where youre at and trust the resales agent that youve carefully chosen to take care of your needs.

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