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Vacation Rental Property Management Services

Full Service Vacation Rental Management

Luxury Ocean Vacation – Rental Property Management
  • Follow rental trends and advise owners on the current rental market and pricing.
  • Consulting on furnishings, hard/soft goods, and linens.
  • Consulting on maintenance and home improvement projects.
  • High quality photographs of home for management of the listing.
  • Promote unit on, Airbnb, etc., and manage all bookings and availability.
  • Execute rental leases and collecting rental deposits and payments.
  • Manage cleaning and landscaping services.
  • Customized handbook specific to your home.
  • Secure online owner portal showing all documents and transactions.
  • Provide excellent customer service and respond to all inquiries and disputes.
  • Provide on call emergency service and respond to/arrange emergency maintenance repairs.
  • Detailed monthly accounting reports and disbursement of funds.
  • Remittance of State Vacation Rental Tax and preparation of 1099 tax form.
  • Ensure the property is ready for the season to begin.

At Maine Street Property Management we believe in convenience and safety with up to date technology. We prefer our rental properties to be secured with our Smart Lock program. This keyless entry system gives property managers full control over providing guests with a unique code during their stay and gives guests the ability to check in however late they want.

Types Of Vacation Rental Property Management Software

The two main types of property management software are:

  • Server-based systems
  • Cloud-based systems

Server-based systems require an application or program to be installed on your computer, which can be inconvenient if youre traveling or working out-of-office. Cloud-based software like Avantio can be accessed from any device as long as you have an Internet connection, making it a much more practical and reliable solution.

What Is The Best Option For Each Owner

It all depends on how much time you can or want to devote to your business and your budget. Calculate how many hours a week you have and decide whether or not you can fit all your tasks within this time period. If you want to handle everything yourself, but need help in advertising the property, you can hire agencies who specialize in the hospitality market to promote your rental. If youre struggling to receive reservations in the low-season, then they can fill your property throughout the whole year so its never vacant.

Likewise, if you only need help with cleaning or check-in and check-out, then a vacation rental management can provide that service. But there are many other options available for automated check-in and check-out if you physically cannot be present, such as WIFI door locks.

Of course, if your property is situated far away, you need to hire someone to manage it. But if you have a close friend or family living in the area where your rental is located, then they can take care of your property. If you manage multiple properties, indeed youre unable to do everything yourself so a vacation home rental agency is fundamental for your business.

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Digital Marketing For Vacation Rentals

Our property management services also include the digital marketing aspect of a vacation rental business. Our direct booking website is updated 24/7 with the current rates and availability for all of our properties. We ensure the first impression of your home is a positive one with professional photos and written descriptions of all of our properties. We maximize revenue by optimizing occupancy and nightly rates to ensure your property is always competitively positioned.

What Others Are Saying

The World

I love doing business with Eclipse. Whenever we have had an issue with our building, the management has been extremely responsive to our needs and making sure we are happy. I cant recommend them highly enough!

Satisfied Commercial Tenant

Eclipse is always quick to get my requests processed if something breaks, and always checks with me that it got done. I found the online portal really easy to use and convenient for paying my bills through.”

Steven M.Satisfied Tenant

I have been very impressed with Eclipse’s attention to detail, professionalism, & how they communicate. They set the standard for what property management should be! I am very happy!


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Professional Property Management Con: More Challenging To Build Rapport

Some returning guests enjoy seeing the same caretaker or property manager when they arrive for their stay. If you live locally and deliver the keys to your guests personally, this allows you an opportunity to build a rapport with those individuals. This can add a little extra something to their visit, making them a bit more likely to return in the future. Youre also provided with an opportunity to remind them that you are available to assist in ways that can make their stay more comfortable or enjoyable. This is another way you can improve ROI by increasing the chances of seeing a return guest.

If youre hiring a vacation rental management firm to oversee your property, it can be more challenging to establish this rapport because a different person may assist on every visit. That said, there are many property management firms that have experienced, long-term employees who are adept at building rapport with guests. So ultimately, it comes down to picking the right firm for your needs.

Better Home Care + Housekeeping

Our expert, local teams know everything about our destinations because they live there.

Your local team looks out for your home, conducting regular inspections and maintenance. Plus, our trained housekeepers carry out consistent cleaning measures after each stay, so your home will always be 100% guest-ready.

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Which Additional Fees Can A Vacation Rental Owner Face

Often short-term rental management companies charge additional property management fees on top of the regular ones. Additional fees are for services that exceed the essential cleaning, maintenance, and guest management services that property managers offer.

Additional fees could include things like:

  • Booking fees: if a guest books a stay at your rental through your manager instead of booking directly through your listing.
  • External amenities fees: external amenities could include a garden, pool, or hot tub maintenance and repairs.
  • Customer service fees: this could include guest communications and overseeing check-ins.

What Does A Vacation Rental Management Company Charge

Vacation Property Management

A vacation rental companys fees range from around 10% to 50% of the monthly rental income, and can depend on certain factors:

  • The location of the rentals
  • The number of rentals you would like the company to manage
  • The size and type of the rentals
  • The size of the company
  • Whether the company is a local company or an international organization
  • The services offered by the property management company
  • The fee structure used by the company .

Keep in mind that the fees you end up paying will impact your net revenue. Finally, after vetting each companys property management fee and service structures, you can compile your results in a list or spreadsheet. This will help you to cross-compare each company and weigh up their pros and cons, before deciding on the company that best suits your needs.

Discover more about vacation rental property management fees

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What Is The Vacasa Pet Policy

Pets or no petsits up to you. One thing to consider: Saying yes to pets brings massive perks. Studies have shown that pet-friendly vacation rentals are hot commodities to pet owners. And, these homes can attract higher revenue, repeat visitors, and more off-season bookings. Vacasa housekeepers clean thoroughly after pet-friendly bookings, putting in extra effort to ensure that pet hair and dander is diligently removed, and no paw prints are left behind. Guests with pets will be charged a small nightly fee to cover additional cleaning procedures, pet supplies, and extra customer service.

Vacation Rental Property Management Fees: Understand The Rates To Maximize Your Income

In the past couple of years, Ive met people around the country who travel often for work or pleasure and rent out their homes while theyre gone. Its a great way to earn a second income, but as you probably know, it can also turn into a second job.

Rental property management companies promise to alleviate rental responsibilities like cleaning and guest communication, but at a cost, often differing from company to company. How are busy professionals supposed to find extra time to research companies, look through contracts, and analyze fees and potential profits? Its not realistic. Plus, many companies dont make this information readily available, so you have to call, and even then, there are some things you dont know until you get to the contract stage.

I decided we would take this on at with the goal of bringing clarity to vacation rental property management fees. We ended up doing a complete study, looking at all types of management companies and their associated fees so you can determine if the profit you make from renting your apartment is worth hiring an outside manager.

Its all the information you need in one place. Im hoping this makes it easier for you to determine which type of property manager you need, helps you understand the rates and fees, and gives you an idea of what questions to ask so you can make as much money as possibleas easily as possiblefrom your empty home.

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How To Start Your Own Property Management Company

Once you have gained experience as a property manager, you can confidently start your own vacation rental property management company. However, starting a property management company requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail. Some of the essential areas you need to cover when starting a company include:

  • Planning and deciding on the legal structure of your business
  • Creating your business plan and defining your business goals
  • Obtaining the necessary licensing to practice as a business
  • Selecting the best tools and software solutions to help run your business
  • Choosing and setting up your office space
  • Creating a website and marketing your business to attract clients.

Find out more abouthow to start your own property management company

Earning Your Business Year After Year:

The World

It is our job to continue to earn your business year after year. We want to be the property management company that you can count on and the one you want to work with, so we work hard to earn your trust every day.

Feel free to use your vacation home any time youd like. Your home will always be yours. You tell us what your goals are for your property, we will give our expert advice, and we will work together to exceed your expectations.

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Professional Property Management Pro: Reduced Risk

The right property management firm can go a long way toward reducing risk, particularly financial risk. Well-written contracts and rental agreements can release you from some forms of liability, while also giving you the power to pursue a guest for any damages that result.

You can also minimize risk by charging the right amount for damage and security deposits. For those who do charge a damage deposit, the system only works well if you have a property manager who can view the property immediately after a guests departure to identify any new damage.

Theres a reduction in terms of the financial risk, too. For example, offers a guaranteed income model that can protect you from losses that would arise when your property is vacant.

What Vacation Rental Management Services Does Vacasa Offer

Vacasas full-service management encompasses every aspect of running a profitable vacation rental. When you work with Vacasa, you tap into a nimble team of hospitality and marketing experts who will handle it all. This includes professional listings on the most popular booking sites, targeted digital marketing, reservation management, 24/7 local guest service, housekeeping, and dynamically setting your nightly rates for optimal revenue.

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Exclusive Information About The Largest Short

  • Number of vacation rentals: How many properties the company manages
  • Locations: Whether the company manages properties in one country or more
  • Property type: What kinds of homes the company manages
  • Service: The extent of the service that the company provides for owners and what it covers
  • Based in: The city where the companys HQ is located
  • Founded in: The year of the companys establishment

The list is also available in an exclusive which contains extra information about the top 50 companies, such as:

  • CEO: The companys Chief Executive Officer
  • Growth: The companys growth strategy
  • Funding: The companys financial background
  • Worldwide map and statistics

A Complete Guide To Vacation Rental Property Management Fees

Vacation Rental Property Management

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When hiring a property manager or property management company to oversee your vacation rental, its important to understand how vacation rental property management fees work and how they will affect your rental revenue.

The structure and types of fees that you will pay to a manager will vary across vacation rental property management companies. There are benefits to hiring a property manager to manage your short-term rental properties. properties. However, before you do, make sure that its the best decision for your business and your rental income goals.

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Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Vacation Rental Management Company

With the rapid increase of properties emerging in the vacation rental industry, many companies have surfaced too. Nowadays property managers and property management companies offer all different types of services, some even offer a concierge service! However, you can also find a manager who is simply dedicated to cleaning your rental or being the emergency contact for guests during their stay. Its even possible to hire an external company to just take care of the check-in and check-out process.

Some property management companies even go beyond and study your competitors, see how your business can differentiate and select the best technology related to the vacation rental industry.

Although all this sounds like a good deal, that someone takes care of all the work and at the end of the month you get the revenue, there are some drawbacks in hiring someone to manage the property for you: the costs involved. Especially if you have just started to rent out a property with the goal of earning an extra income, you may not receive as high of a profit.

There is also the disadvantage that if a company takes care of all the maintenance in your rental, it could lose the touch that attracted guests initially when they were looking for accommodation for their vacation.

Property Management Services Include:

  • Arrival and closing of the property
  • Professional Housekeeping Services
  • Concierge service to the guests
  • Web Based Marketing and advertising
  • Breeze Website listing
  • Personal interaction with every guest and owner
  • Negotiating skills
  • Personalized Welcome Books in every property
  • Travel Insurance is offered

The benefits of listing your property with us, is you will have an open line of communication, timely responses, hands on management and a friendly voice that will answer your emails and phone calls promptly.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you,

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My House Is Your House Episodes Highlights

S1 E1: Air concierge is featured on HGTV’s newest show “My House is Your House” travel to North Park, San Diego to remake Jessica and Gray’s back house for short term and vacation rental.

S1 E3: Air concierge featured on HGTV’s newest show “My House is Your House” travel to San Diego to remake Amir and Treci’s garage for short term and vacation rental.

S1 E4: Air concierge featured on HGTV’s newest show “My House is Your House” travel to San Diego to remake Carol and Davids whole home for short term and vacation rental.

Choosing A Vacation Rental Management Company


If you decide to hire a vacation rental management company, how can you choose the right company for you? Researching online is the best way to start. Examine each companies experience level, whether they are big or small, and also read reviews from current and previous homeowners. Decide the price you want to spend, or what budget you have set aside.

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How To Succeed In The Vacation Rental Management Business

To succeed in the vacation rental industry, there are a few key strategies you can implement to ensure your bottom line remains as consistent as possible:

1. Get educated

One of the best ways to replicate success is to study it. Examine case studies of successful vacation rental property management companies to pin down their secrets for success. Dont be afraid to reach out to a company via social media to establish a connection and common ground.

Once you have become more familiar, you can ask them about common obstacles they have faced, and how they have managed to overcome them. By learning from others mistakes and how they remedied them, you can overcome any potential challenges or roadblocks more easily.

Find out more aboutwhat makes a vacation rental management company successful

2. Keep up with trends

The vacation rental industry is a constantly evolving, developing industry, and trends can emerge in a flash. An underlying factor for success is to stay relevant by keeping up with new marketing and business trends as they pop up.

Failure to do this could result in clients overlooking your business for more dynamic and informed companies. A good way to monitor trends as they change and grow is to follow relevant platforms and sources that specialize in vacation rental management, such as industry- relatedYoutube channels and property management blogs.

Learn more about the vacation rental industry trends for 2021

3. Search for new opportunities

Does Vacasa Manage Airbnbs

The good news: Yes. When you work with us, we advertise your property on Airbnb.

The better news: Thats just the beginning. We also market your vacation home on more channels, including Vrbo and, to keep your booking calendar full. Plus, Vacasa provides high-quality photography and custom-written, keyword-filled descriptions to make your property listing stand out from the rest.

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