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Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Your Agreement Is With The Dvc Owner Not Disney

How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points Tutorial

When you rent points, you are entering an agreement with the owner. That means you are paying the owner, and they are responsible for making your reservation.

Although the financial agreements of each transaction can differ, your best bet is to pay partial payment upfront and then require a reservation confirmation before making your final payment.

You can get references on the owner, see if theyve had previous dealings on the message board youre using, and/or speak to them on the phone to help you feel more comfortable.

Plan To Prepay For Your Disney Vacation Club Rental Rooms

Because the rooms you are booking are actually owned by Disney Vacation Club Owners, be prepared to pay in full upfront for your room. Since you are saving around 50% off this isnt too bad, but it is still quite a shock at first.

The nice advantage is when you check out of the resort, your room bill will be zero dollars, and that is quite a nice feeling. Also, some of the sites that rent points request a $50 -$75 refundable resort search fee. If your room is available, they apply it to your rental price, but if it is not they refund you the money.

Which Resorts Are Included In The Disney Vacation Club

Below is the full list of resorts in the Disney Vacation Club collection.

  • Animal Kingdom Villas- Jambo House
  • Animal Kingdom Villas- Kidani Village
  • Bay Lake Tower
  • Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge
  • Copper Creek Cabins and Villas at Wilderness Lodge
  • Old Key West Resort
  • Vero Beach Resort
  • Aulani
  • Disneys Hilton Head Resort
  • The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

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What Is Included In A Disney Vacation Club Resort Experience

Each resort offers its own unique accommodation styles and sizes and because they are timeshare resorts, the units offer many more amenities and conveniences than traditional hotel rooms. Families of every size will be able to find a suite that comfortably sleeps all members. Features like private bedrooms, living and dining areas, fully equipped kitchens, full bathrooms, private balconies, flat screen TVs, and WiFi access are included. On-site resort amenities also add a lot to the Disney experience. With themed pools, character dining, spa services, activity programs for kids and more you wont find off site. These properties are usually at the Deluxe Level pricing so getting access to them through the DVC is the most budget-friendly way to go. Check out our review of the Boardwalk Inn to see what Deluxe Resorts have to offer.

Will Someone Run Off With My Money

Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

One additional question that I frequently get is something along the lines ofI have no idea who this person is that I am renting points from. Couldnt they just cancel my reservation and make off with my money?

There are a few things that make this highly unlikely. First, you will exchange written communication with this person that creates a binding contract. Next, if you pay via PayPal, your purchase is covered by PayPals buyer protection. Plus, Disney people tend to be really nice folks.

You can check out my review of a Standard Studio at Disneys Polynesian Village Resort for an idea of what to expect in a DVC studio villa.

I hope this information helps you understand how DVC rental works. I hope you will find a way to make a stay at one of these amazing resorts a reality for your family!

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Determine The Dvc Points Needed

There are a number of ways to determine the number of DVC points youll need for your vacation, but the best approach is to use a DVC point calculator. Youll also want to use a DVC resale timeline to have a clearer idea of how long it will take to get your points so you can take off work to go to your chosen resort.

But Im Not A Dvc Member

Even if youre not a DVC member you can actually still stay in a DVC resort! Why might you want to stay in a DVC room rather than a standard Disney hotel room? Well, that could be its own article entirely, but well briefly discuss this here. There are some unique features about DVC rooms that might fit your needs. There are a few different types of rooms available including studios, and 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and even 3-bedroom villas.

Particularly as you get to some of those bigger villas, you could sleep a much larger party making that family vacation really feel like a never-ending family sleepover ! Some rooms even come with a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer, and more awesome amenities that could be really helpful during your trip. And, depending on the price, it might be a good fit for your family.

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How To Rent A Disney Timeshare From An Owner:

If cost-savings is your number one priority, you can also rent DVC points through individuals, many of whom can be found on forums such as DIS Boardsand MouseOwners. This is your cheapest DVC rental points option, but one concern to rent Disney Vacation Club points by owner is, of course, worries that the person on the other end of the computer is up to nefarious deeds. Although there is a small portion of the population who may try to take advantage of others, you should be fine if you do your research and rent DVC points from owner from individuals who seem credible and reputable.

Davids Vacation Club Rentals

Beginner’s Guide to Renting DVC Points | How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Years ago we learned about a great way to save on deluxe accommodations at Walt Disney World : renting Disney Vacation Club points. DVC members own timeshare points that they can use for stays at Disney Vacation Club resorts. Sometimes owners are unable to use the points before they expire, so they will rent them to others. Using DVC rentals could save you hundreds of dollars compared to booking the same deluxe accommodations through Disney directly!

The DVC resorts where you can stay on rented points include:

  • Eleven resorts at Walt Disney World in Florida: Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort, Disneys Beach Club Villas, Disneys BoardWalk Villas, Disneys Villas at Grand Floridian, Disneys Old Key West Resort, Disneys Riviera Resort, Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort, Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge and Disneys Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.
  • One DVC resort at Disneyland in California: Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Resort & Spa
  • Two DVC Atlantic Coast beach resorts: Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort and Disneys Vero Beach Resort
  • One DVC resort on Oahu, Hawaii: Aulani Resort & Spa

However, there is a very easy way to rent DVC points that protects you from fraud and mistakes by the other party: through Davids Vacation Club Rentals.

Here are some examples of the kinds of savings available:

  • Old Key West, Deluxe Studio, 7 nights from September 10-17, 2021:
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    Disney Vacation Club Rentals

    You don’t have to be a Disney Club vacation member in order to save money using the Disney vacations club. Disney Vacation Club rental offerings allow guests the possibility of renting DVC points in order to save money on rentals. This is one of the best kept secrets of saving a ton of money on a vacation that so many guests don’t realize is an option. Our guide to renting DVC points from a DVC owner along with how to get the best deals on Disney timeshares has you covered to saving money on DVC rentals.

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  • Renting Out DVC Points as an Owner
  • Are You Ready To Plan Your Next Disney World Trip

    Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Be sure to speak with a Disney World Travel Agent for the most recent deals and promotions. The Park Prodigy will provide a Free Quote for all Disney World Vacation Packages.

    Last but not least if youre also planning a trip to Universal Studios, be sure to check out the best time to visit Universal Studios and our Universal Orlando Tickets! All Park Prodigy Universal Orlando tickets come with Universal Studios Early Park Admission.

    Are you planning on visiting Disney World? Or have you visited in the past? Would you like to share your experiences and tips? Do you have any questions for The Park Prodigy? Hearing your feedback and helping with your questions is not only our goal but will help other readers! Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!

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    How Does Renting Dvc Points Work

    In the same way that owners will advertise their DVC timeshares for sale, they can advertise their timeshare weeks for rent if they are unable to travel on any given year and want to get their maintenance fees covered. As such, interested renters can find incredible deals on their desirable DVC timeshare rentals. Many of the rentals even offer a convenient book now feature so that you can get your whole trip set up right online with a 100% reservation guarantee. Others are advertised at a weekly rate and allow you to make an offer and work with the owner to find a price that works for you both.

    With Disney Vacation Club Rental Points you can skip the sales presentation and just simply stay at the resort and enjoy your vacation without any of that added pressure to buy.

    Do You Get Magic Bands With Dvc Rental

    The Ultimate Guide to Renting DVC Points

    The quick answer to this is, yes you do! If you’re staying at a room reservation at Walt Disney World you get Magic Bands with your DVC rental stay. Once you submit your request to rent DVC points through David’s Vacation Club rentals you will be given a link to pay the balance of your room reservation and then once the booking is secured you will receive an official Disney confirmation number. This confirmation number allows you to set up your Disney FastPass+ reservations, book your Magical Express Bus, order Disney MagicBands, and more. You can link your room reservation to the Disney My Experience App and manage everything directly through Disney for your DVC rental.

    Disney World plans to retire complimentary Magic Bands in 2021 as they upgrade the My Disney Experience App to include the same features that Magic Band provides with the app’s existing digital key feature. Complimentary MagicBand distribution to Disney Resort hotel guests will end for new reservations with arrivals beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Disney Resort hotel guests will continue to have the option to purchase new MagicBands at a discount and guests who prefer not to purchase a discounted MagicBand will be able to use the My Disney Experience app or a Key to the World card during their visit.

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    Can I Rent A Disney Vacation Club

    Yes and it’s a great way to save up to nearly 50% on your Disney trip if you rent DVC points! And the best part is you don’t even have to personally know a DVC owner to rent DVC points.

    Basically, you can find a DVC rental by using a company that acts as a points broker between owners of DVC points that want to rent them out. These companies help those that are interested in purchasing DVC rental points with DVC owners. You will still get all the great on-site advantages of a Disney stay without paying full Disney prices.

    David’s Vacation Club Rentals

    Our go to partner for renting DVC points is David’s DVC Rentals which is a Better Business Bureau accredited company that’s been around since 2005 to help people rent DVC points. This company will completely protect you against fraud and issues while you rent DVC points which is the safest way to rent DVC points without worry from Disney Vacation members.

    And most of all, David’s Vacation Club Rentals is easy to use without the hassle of worrying about negotiating prices with owners. They work to protect you when you rent DVC points by doing background checks on the owner to ensure everyone is financially protected during the transaction.

    Which Resorts Have Dvc Rooms

    DVC rooms are only available at Disney Deluxe hotels. For a complete explanation of the different Disney hotel tiers you can check out this post.

    • Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas at Jambo House
    • Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas at Kidani Village
    • Bay Lake Tower
    • Boulder Ridge Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge
    • Copper Creek Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge

    The DVC also has resorts in Hilton Head, Vero Beach, Hawaii, and Disneyland.

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    Why Use Davids Vacation Club Rentals

    You could rent DVC points through different methods, but we highly recommend Davids Vacation Club Rentals. Why? Well, theyve been in business since 2005, and they actually have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Using Davids service can give you some serious peace of mind! You dont have to search for a DVC Member to rent your points from and wonder if theyre legitimate. With Davids Rentals, theres no concern that someone will rip you off.

    With the confirmation number thats provided to you through Davids Rentals, youll also be able to use Disneys online check-in which can be really helpful and convenient.

    You could also save some BIG BUCKS on fantastic DVC rooms compared to the regular rack rates.

    Dvc Members Renting Out Their Points

    DVC Rental 101 | Pros & Cons of Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

    DVC Members Renting Out Their Points: So, you have some excess points that for some reason youre not going to use and you either cant bank them or you dont want to. Maybe you have other plans this year and want to turn your points into cash and use the cash for another vacation experience. Maybe you just need a year away from Disney. Instead of letting them go to waste, you can rent them out to others and pocket the cash for whatever you need.

    Or, instead of renting, you may prefer to transfer your excess points to another DVC member. For that, please refer to Guide to point transfers between members.

    Note: This page is intended for members who are considering renting out their points. If you are interested in obtaining a reservation by renting points, please see: An explanation of renting points.

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    Check Availability To Start The Conversation

    • To submit your request, visit our Availability Request Form page
    • Fill in the form with your desired reservation details and contact information
    • Our DVC booking specialists will go to work on your behalf to find availability
    • Once our specialists have your reservation ready to book, we collect an initial deposit of 20% of the reservation cost. Your deposit is fully refundable if the requested stay is not available. *Bookings made 4 months or less in advance and Confirmed Reservations require full payment at the time of booking.
    • Our team secures your reservation and sends you a confirmation e-mail

    How Book Dvc Works

    Explore Resorts

    Review full descriptions and summaries for each of the 11 Walt Disney World Resort DVC Locations, as well as DVC Resorts at Grand Californian , Aulani , Hilton Head , and Vero Beach .

    Calculate Points Needed

    Use the Points Calculator to determine the number of points youll need for your planned trip.

    Make a Booking Request

    Use the Reservations page to make an official DVC reservation request. After we receive your request you will be promptly contacted by a BookDVC Agent.

    Get Booking Confirmation and Make Down Payment

    Following confirmation that your requested DVC reservation has been made, you will need to submit payment for the trip within 24 hours.

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    More Disney Planning Tips

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    Can You Use Online Check

    Rent DVC Points and Stay Deluxe for Moderate Prices ...

    If you rent points to book your stay, youll be able to use that confirmation number to link the reservation to My Disney Experience. Then, youll be able to utilize Online Check-In just as a traditional hotel guest would be able to. Youll also be able to make dining reservations, FastPass+ reservations , etc. just as a regular guest would be able to. Youll also be able to use your phone or MagicBand to open your door if you want.

    Youll also be able to use Magical Express to get to your room , and youll fall under the Resort Guests category when it comes to Park Pass availability.


    What about other perks? DVC Members get access to DVC lounges, etc. so do you get those benefits by renting points? Unfortunately, you do not. You wont get access to the DVC lounges or be able to use the DVC member discounts.

    But, you will get free parking as we discussed above, free laundry services , and since you are considered a hotel guest you will get access to some discounted MagicBands.

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