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Renting Vacation Club Points Disney

Should You Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Beginner’s Guide to Renting DVC Points | How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Every familys decision will be as unique as their Disney World vacation. If someone tells you that you absolutely should rent DVC points, go find another source of information. As with many things in life, it all depends. Ive outlined the main pros and cons above, but there are plenty of other considerations.

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Its always best to check the prices Disney World is charging for their moderate resorts before you consider alternatives. Weve seen surprisingly low prices, albeit during quieter times of the year, but as a general rule, Disney Vacation Club rentals will save you money over paying retail Disney prices.

That said, booking directly with Disney typically gives you more flexibility if you need to change or cancel your booking. All things being equal, in the time of COVID-19, that can be very valuable. However, while Disney isnt accepting new reservations directly at the moment, renting DVC points is short-term your only option for staying at a true Disney resort. The other option for an on property stay is booking at the Disney Swan or Dolphin. These arent true Disney resorts but are in an on-property location that is an easy walk over to Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios.

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Additional reporting by Summer Hull

Featured photo courtesy of Disney Polynesian Villas and Bungalows by Disney Parks. Some photos in this piece were used under a Creative Commons license.

Less Frequent Visits From Mousekeeping

Unless you choose to decline the service, Disney resorts currently receive light Mousekeeping service visits every-other-day, but DVC accommodations only receive a visit once or twice during your stay .

For visits that are 7 or fewer nights, you will get Mousekeeping trash and towel service on day 4. This includes:

  • Fresh bathroom towels
  • Replacing shampoo, facial soap, and bath soap
  • Replenishing facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper
  • Replenishing coffee, sugar, and cream
  • Replenishing dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, sponges, and laundry detergent as applicable

For stays that include 8 or more nights, you will get a full cleaning from Mousekeeping on day 4 and trash and towel service on day 8. Full cleaning includes:

  • Changing the bed linens
  • Cleaning the kitchen/ette and washing the dishes

Of course, all rooms currently receive enhanced cleanings prior to any guest arrivals.

How Much Money Can You Save By Renting Dvc Points

The short answer: potentially a lot.

A family staying at Boulder Creek at Wilderness Lodge in the spring can potentially save an estimated $1,800 by renting DVC points as opposed to booking directly through Disney.

For example, 6 nights in the spring in a one-bedroom, standard view at the Boardwalk in a Villa direct from Disney is $5,430.

Renting DVC points, you can get that same room for only $4,410. Thats almost $1,000 in savings!

Maybe you dont want to take a Walt Disney World vacation right now.

DVC points can also be rented at Disneyland Resort in California, Hilton Head Island resort, Vero Beach resort, and even Aulani in Hawaii.

At Aulani, at the time of this writing, a standard view resort room in the winter will cost you $3,144 for 6 nights as opposed to $1,824 if you were to get the same room renting DVC points. Thats a savings of over $1,300.

What if you wanted to stay at Aulani for only a long weekend in one of the villas, would that still save you money?

A one-bedroom ocean view Villa would cost $3,177 booking direct through Disney, while renting DVC points gets you the same room for just $1,748. Thats a savings of almost $1,500 for just a long weekend in a very nice Hawaiian Villa.

The conversion from dollars to vacation points is normally anywhere from $10-$20 per point, depending on time of year, and whether or not the points are about to expire .

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Picking An Alternative Booking

Happily, they provided an email that listed other DVC rooms available for my date. They gave me a total of nine options, ranging in price from $722 to $1292.

The $722 option was for a Lake View Studio at Bay Lake Tower. Bay Lake Tower has been on my bucket list for a while. Im a big Contemporary fan because of the proximity to Magic Kingdom, and Ive even considered buying DVC resale at Bay Lake Tower. With Zoe, the location near Magic Kingdom is even more valuable.

I went ahead and told them to book me at Bay Lake Tower. Because the booking was within 30 days, I paid the remaining $589 balance before they found a DVC member to make the booking , but within a few hours that was taken care of.

Is It Cheaper To Rent Dvc Points

Rent DVC Points and Stay Deluxe for Moderate Prices ...

Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

A DVC rental will always be cheaper than paying for the same room directly with Disney.

Just how much can you expect to save by using this approach versus just booking a room through Disney?

Well, as I already mentioned, these resorts are the most luxurious Disney has to offer and come with a pretty exorbitant price tag.

Lets use a stay on January 1st, 2021 in a Value Studio Villa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge as an example. If you book this room directly with Disney you would pay a whopping $649 including tax.

If you rented points for $19 per point and used them to book a value studio for 8 points, you would pay $152 including tax.

That is an 70% savings compared to Disneys cost!

Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club

This was rather an extreme example but normally you can expect to save anywhere from 40% to 70% off of Disneys prices for similar rooms at these resorts.

I normally pay between $150 $250 for a studio villa at resorts where a room through Disney will cost at least $400 per night.

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You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars On Your Disney Vacation Using Dvc Rentals And No Membership Is Required

Guests pay only $19.00 per point for all stays within 7 months and reservations booked beyond 7 months are calculated at $19.00 or $20.00 per point based on the DVC resort.

We have, available to us, inventories of rooms located on Disney property at the Walt Disney World Resort Florida, Disneyland Resort California, Aulani Hawaii, South Carolina and the Florida Atlantic coast, for rent.

You can reserve one of these rooms directly through Disney Central Reservations, or you can experience DVC Rentals to book the very same room through members of the Disney Vacation Club, at prices that will leave you asking “HOW CAN THAT BE?”.

These rooms, classified by Disney as “Deluxe Disney Villas“, are all located within the Disney Vacation Club resorts. You DO NOT need to be a member of the Disney Vacation Club or David’s Vacation Club Rentals.

The reservation will be in your name and you will check in at the regular Disney Resort arrival desk.

Your room will be assigned to you by the Disney Resort Cast members on your arrival. You will be treated the same as every Disney Resort Guest and you will have access to all of the same amenities and perks afforded to each and every guest staying at a Disney Resort.

The biggest difference is: There will be no room bill to pay when you check out unless you charge purchases to your room using your Key to the World Card, Room Card or Magic Band .

How Do I Rent Dvc Points Davids Dvc Rentals

As a DVC Member, I have both rented points and rented out my points when I wasnt able to use them. There are a few different sites that are very reputable that I have personally used.

The one I recommend to my friends & family is Davids DVC Rentals . They are very customer service friendly and will help you with all your booking needs including Dining plans, Magical Express, & More! You can read out about our full experience here!

The rental process is pretty simple and all of the people I have referred, book with them again, unless they end up buying a Disney Vacation Club. DVC Rentals is another popular site, but I have typically found they have less inventory

Here is a quick video on how it works:

All in all, I personally love Disney Vacation Club and think booking a DVC rental is a great way to save money on your upcoming Disney Vacation and stay at a beautiful property. If you have any more questions about Disney World, Disneyland or Disneys Aulani. Check out my articles below.

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The Room Or Hotel You Want Isnt Available

If the room or hotel you want isnt available, then youll actually get the opportunity to book other available rooms/resorts. A member of the AllEars team used Davids Vacation Club Rentals services recently. When they sent in their request, the rooms they initially requested werent available. They received an email from Davids Rentals indicating that their preferred rooms/resorts were not available.

Not to fear, other rooms/resorts during their stay were available! Davids Vacation Rentals sent a list with some alternate options.

The emails also included the prices for these other rooms.

Our team member and Davids Vacation Rentals continued to email back and forth about availability.

And then ultimately, our team member decided where theyd like to stay and took the next steps! But if you cant find any rooms that are satisfactory to you, your $133 partial payment will be refunded.

How To Rent Disney Vacation Club Points Davids Vacation Club Rentals

Renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Points: Pros + Cons

Davids Vacation Club Rentals: Another company specializing in Disney Vacation Club rentals is Davids. Davids has a huge inventory of rooms for Disney parks from Walt Disney World to Disneyland to Aulani. There are also testimonies from guests who have used the services if youre looking for firsthand experience.

How much do DVC points rent for? The going rate for renting DVC points varies, but through this site guests pay $19 per point for all stays within seven months. By renting Disney Vacation points, Davids says you essentially do not have to commit to a full vacation package.

*Renting DVC points and dining plan: Guests book their villas and have the option of adding a dining plan and park tickets, but are not obligated to do so. This also means that park tickets are NOT included in the cost of the DVC club rentals point purchase, so keep that in mind when budgeting if you plan to visit the theme parks.

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How To Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

If you rent privately, you will need to essentially have that person make your booking for you , and then you would need to arrange to pay them however you have agreed.

Again, you have less protection here and popular advice is to pay with credit card so you have the ability to fight the charge with the company if something does go wrong.

If you choose to use either Davids DVC Rentals or the DVC Rental Store, youre going to want to click here for Davids or here for DVC Rental.

The first thing you have to do is submit an availability request.

DVC Rental Store is better in this instance because they dont charge a deposit to search for you, but Davids is about $1 per point cheaper than the DVC Rental Store so it all comes down to your comfort level with booking.

Once you submit your request and your top resorts for your booking days, the company will then search their database of owners who have points to rent out.

If they find you a match, theyll let you know and you then go on to pay your deposit or the full amount and you take care of any booking changes through the broker.

If they dont have availability for you, they can keep searching other resorts or suggest alternate dates for you to travel.

Then, when you go to check-in, youll check-in as normal under your own name and wallah youre at Disney!

Disney Vacation Club Rental Benefits

There are many advantages to renting a DVC timeshare instead of booking simple hotel accommodations.

  • Hotels are OverpricedHotels in popular vacation destinations will often inflate their rates during peak travel times to squeeze as much money out of travelers as possible. With timeshare rentals, the rates are set by owners and fellow travelers with reasonable expectations.
  • More Luxury for Less MoneyDisney timeshare rentals are located at luxury vacation resorts designed to provide the optimal vacation experience for its guests. Many of these resorts include a wide range of on-site amenities including swimming pools, restaurants, bars, complimentary shuttle services, and more.
  • Rent from Fellow VacationersWhen you rent DVC points, you are not paying your money to some giant hotel conglomerateinstead, you will be renting luxury accommodations straight from the people who own the timeshare. You can work directly with them to settle on a rate that satisfies both parties, allowing for easier and more budget-friendly vacationing.
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    Can You Get The Dining Plan If You Rent Dvc Points

    Yes, you can absolutely add a dining plan to your reservation if you rent Disney Vacation Club points!

    When you use a broker you would usually pay for this during your original booking. Whats nice is that you can pay for it with a Disney gift card that you got at a discount, saving you even more off the cost of the dining plan.

    Get my advice on buying discount Disney gift cards here and my Disney Dining Plan tips and tricks here for further reading.

    Disney Vacation Club Rentals By Owner

    The Ultimate Guide to Renting DVC Points

    Since the aforementioned companies specialize in WDW Vacation Club rentals, they are typically the best way to rent DVC points and a safer bet when it comes to ensuring your reservation is made correctly and you do not get ripped off. Albeit a small risk, its definitely something to keep in if you plan on renting points from an individual instead of a company.

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    Are There Any Cons To Renting Points

    The main con to renting points with Davids is that final sale policy. Theres not a whole lot of flexibility. If youre the type of person who likes to book something and then shuffle the dates around later or cancel and re-book with future deals, or youre not sure about what you really want to book then renting points is probably not for you.

    If youre also the type of person who likes to have FULL control over your vacation plans, renting points might not be a good fit. Ultimately, you and Davids are relying on their communication with the DVC member/owner.

    Disneys BoardWalk

    And the truth is that while Davids has had thousands of successful reservations, things can go sideways at times, particularly if a member encounters an issue with their points or something like that. But, the representative from Davids made it a point to note that they are there for the guests booking through them. They have a team that monitors emails at night and are truly there to support guests renting points.

    Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

    Everything you need to know!

    Disney Vacation Club is a time share program offered by Disney where members sign a long-term contract and agree to purchase a certain number of points every year. Members then exchange those points to stay at a Disney Resort. Disney Vacation Club rules are very strict and unused points will expire. Often times when owners have points that they are unable to use they opt to rent them to vacationers. Renting points is a great way for vacationers to save some money while allowing owners a chance to recoup some of the investment when they aren’t able to enjoy the time share themselves.Disney does not rent points. You must rent from the property owners directly. And because of this renting can be a little risky. You will find ads to rent DVC points all over the internet and many of them originate from untrustworthy sources. Magic Family Travel does not rent DVC points, nor can we help you with your rental reservation, but we recommend that you use a reputable points broker such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals. David vets property owners and provides a safe rental process. Using a points broker costs a little more but will provide you with the peace-of-mind in knowing that you will not be taken advantage of.Disney Vacation Club Villas vary in size and are available at these locations:

    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas
    • Aulani Resort & Spa

    Frequently Asked Questions:How far in advance should I make my reservation?11 months in advance

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    Do You Have To Be A Dvc Member To Stay At A Dvc Resort

    You do not need to be a DVC member to stay at a DVC resort! Our team matches a guest who wants to stay at a Disney Vacation Club property, with a DVC owner who can make the reservation using the unused points in his/her membership.

    The DVC owner makes the reservation in your name, so you’re able to check-in for your resort stay just as any other guest would no proof of membership is required! DVC guests can take advantage of complimentary self-parking, enjoy the pools, activities, fitness center, and all other amenities that their resort has to offer!

    Ready to secure your next Disney Vacation with DVC Rentals? Use our easy DVC Booking Form and stay at a Deluxe Disney Villa.

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