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What Are The Disney Vacation Club Resorts

Breaking Down The Costs

Best Views From Disney Resorts: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort | Disney Vacation Club

Currently at the time of this post to purchase a Disney Vacation Club costs $188 a point. That is the total cost for the vacation club with the exception of the annual dues. These points typically last for 50 years. If you bought at the new Disney Riviera resort, your points would end in 2070

I would estimate on average 120 points is enough for a studio at a resort in the summer .

The cost per point at the New Riviera Resort is $188/50 years = $3.76 per point plus annual dues $8.31 = $12.07 per point

So, a one week stay at one of these Deluxe Studios would end up costing you = 120 points * $12.07 = $1,448.40 or $206.09 per night including all taxes and fees.

Now, if you finance your vacation club it will be more. You are looking at $7.76 per point + 8.31 in dues = $16.07So, a one week stay at one of these Deluxe Studios would end up costing you = 120 points * $16.07 = $1,928.40 or $275.51 per night including all taxes and fees.

That same room at Disney in the Summertime costs between $450 $650 + taxes, parking etc. so most likely you will save 40% 70% on your hotel rooms. Its an incredible deal!

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Located in Orlando, FL

The spirit of the South Pacific beckons at this relaxing tropical paradise where you’ll be surrounded by lush landscaping, colorful birds, koi ponds and beautiful white-sand beaches. From moonlit nights on the torch-lined waterfront to the exotic tastes of world-class restaurants, Disneys Polynesian Villas & Bungalows at Disneys Polynesian Village Resort are a delightful oasis situated on the Seven Seas Lagoon across from Magic Kingdom. The tropical look and feel of each Villa is complimented by a modern style, creating a contemporary retreat reminiscent of the Pacific Islands.

Do The Dvc Member Benefits Tempt You

There are quite a few different DVC member benefits. Some of the benefits are better than others. Here are some of the best.

  • Annual Passholder Discounts because an AP is great for those multiple trips a year
  • Free laundry Even the studios that dont have ensuite facilities have access to a free laundromat
  • 20% Merchandise Discount
  • 10% discount on some dining locations
  • Discounts on tours and parties
  • Pool Hopping my family loves this one! DVC members around allowed to use several of the pools around Disney World, but not all of them!
  • Top of the World Lounge
  • Imagination Lounge at Epcot a DVC member lounge providing a cool place to relax, charge your phone, and get some refreshmente

It is important to note, these benefits are only available to DVC members who buy direct from Disney. If any of these benefits are must haves, then you will need at least 75 points direct from Disney.

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Where To Purchase Disney Vacation Club & How To Save Money

There are two ways to purchase a Disney Vacation Club. You can purchase directly through Disney or you can purchase from a Disney Vacation Club reseller. One of the advantages of purchasing a resale contract is you can save a ton of money, I am talking about thousands of dollars. For example, you can purchase Disney Aulani points for around $110 $140 a point versus the $195 charged at Disney. If you bought just 100 points that is a $ 5500-8500 savings! You do lose a few perks like Member Magic Nights and the annual pass discount but the savings are often worth it. Lastly, find a reputable timeshare reseller like, they will guide you through the ins and outs of the purchasing process.

If you have any questions at all about Disney Vacation Club, feel free to leave a question in the comments or send me a direct message on our

Do You Have To Be A Dvc Member To Stay In A Dvc Room

How to Use DVCapp For Planning Stays at Disney Vacation ...

The short answer here is no. You do not need to be a DVC Member to stay in a DVC room. You can book a room at a DVC hotel or DVC villas directly through Disney OR you can rent points.

When you rent points, youre essentially staying as a guest of the member.

BoardWalk Inn and Villas

Some of you may be familiar with timeshares that let you stay there for a steep discount if you agree to listen to a timeshare spiel or something like that. If you rent DVC points you do NOT have to attend any kind of timeshare spiel. Instead, youll just check-in like a normal guest would and stay in the room as a guest of the DVC member. More on that in a second though.

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Disney Vacation Club Resorts At Walt Disney World

Disney Vacation Club resorts offer the chance to experience the magic of Walt Disney World in self-catering villas perfect for family vacations.

You can book these resorts as a Disney Vacation Club member, via direct rental from the resort, or by an arrangement with one of the DVC members.

Heres what members have to say about the resorts located at this premier destination:

Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Located in Orlando, FL

Settle into a peaceful country retreat that pays homage to the historic spas and pampering atmosphere of America’s first grand resort destination in upstate New York. Relax and rejuvenate among dazzling fountains, lush gardens, recreation for the entire family and a nearby spa and fitness center.

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Other Dvc Resort News

Disneys Riviera Resort is currently under construction near Epcot and plans to open in 2019. This will be the 15th Disney Vacation Club resort, offering 200 units in various accommodation styles. Disneys Riviera Resort will connect Disneys Hollywood Studios and the Internationale Gateway at Epcot through the Disney SKyliner. It will also be the first all-Disney Vacation Club property at Walt Disney World since Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa opened back in 2004.

Guests staying at Disneys Riviera Resort will enjoy prime access to the new Star Wars: Galaxys Edge at Disneys Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. This unique property will gives visitors an authentic and immersive Stars Wars story experience while they interact with characters, dress in costumes, and build their own adventure.

Other exciting expansions to Walt Disney World Resort includes Pandora The World of Avatar at Disneys Animal Kingdom and Toy Story Land at Disneys Hollywood Studios.

What Does Availability Look Like For Dvc Rooms Right Now

All The Disney Vacation Club Resorts

Disney World hotel rooms have been filling up quite a bit this year, particularly as the 50th Anniversary approaches. We asked the representative from Davids what availability is looking like now. When we spoke to them a few weeks ago, they noted that availability goes up and down. For a while, it was sold out through December, but with more resorts opening up some spots have become more available.

The representative told us that they never say never until member services does! If youre looking to stay in one of the resorts, you can even send a pre-request availability check. They may have to say no to that pre-request check if theyve got too many other paid requests to look at, but theyll do their best to work with you to see if they can give you an idea of whats available.

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Banking Borrowing And Use Years

Even if you dont plan to use your DVC points every year, membership features known as banking and borrowing can still make it cost-effective to purchase a contract you only plan to use every two or even three years.

A DVC use year is the time each year when you get your new allocation of vacation points. DVC members can bank vacation points from their current use year to use the following year, or borrow vacation points from the next use year to book a stay in their current use year.

In other words, you could purchase a contract for fewer points than your ideal stay requires, but through banking and borrowing from previous or future use years, you could have enough points to book the reservation you want every two or three years. Note that a temporary COVID-19 policy change has imposed a borrowing restriction that prevents members from borrowing more than 50% of their vacation points contract.

Disney Vacation Club Membership

Disney Vacation Club Members receive a yearly allotment of Vacation Points based off of the size of the real estate interest of their Home Disney Vacation Club Resort. Members may then use their Vacation Points to book their vacations!

Disneys Riviera Resort

In fact, Members are permitted tobank Vacation Points, which means you can bank any unused points from the current year towards next years vacation, orborrow from the coming year to put towards this years vacation.

Disney Vacation Club

A DVC Membership offers the following:*

  • As Disney shares, Members can Vacation when, where and how often you want!
  • Members stay at Disney Vacation Club accommodations in Disney destinations.
  • Members enjoy additional access to vacation destinations around the globe as part of the World Collection.
  • Members can take advantage of savings on things like theme park admission, Disney dining, and merchandise, as well as invitations to special Member-only events.

*Interested guests can find the current starting price on, and may also call 500-3990 to receive a quote. Note that Closing Costs and Annual Dues apply for Membership.

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Villas At Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa 8/10

Grand Floridian Resort is the flagship of the Disney World vacation portfolio, so it makes sense that you can expect the best from the adjacent villas. Some of the pros of this resort include well-appointed rooms in an upscale property.

The onsite monorail station offers easy access to all of Disney Worlds attractions. The only drawbacks include a lack of theme-park views from the rooms and the fact that there isnt a dedicated private pool for DVC members to use.

As a DVC owner, if you dont have enough points for this prestigious resort, its worth requesting DVC transfer points from another owner.

Disneys Hilton Head Resort South Carolina

Vacation Club Villas at Disney

Hilton Head is a charming destination governed by strict regulations that ensure it remains an attractive and well-ordered place.

There are plenty of opportunities for golf, tennis, and sailing in the area, or you can rent a bike and take a ride around the island. The resort boasts spacious rooms and a totally different vibe from the other Disney offerings.

The standards of service are the same with a healthy dose of southern hospitality thrown in.

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How Early Can You Book

If you like to plan your trips well in advance you might be wondering how early you can rent the points and have the DVC member book your room through Davids Vacation Club Rentals. Well, you can rent points and have the member book the room up to 11 months in advance.

Saratoga Springs Resort Pool

The representative from Davids noted that you can submit the request a little early though. Theyll generally accept requests about 12 months in advance and theyll place them into a queue. Theyll then reach out and remind the member the day before so that as soon as the 11 month window opens, the member can book the room for you.

Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House 5/10

Jambo House is a great favorite for families who love the proximity of the animals and the spaciousness of the rooms. Its also the only resort with a concierge service.

For some guests, the crowds and noise are a drawback and its best to bring a car if you want to access any of the off-site attractions.

When choosing a Disney Vacation Club resort, your experience is largely determined by how close you want to be to the main facilities and your expectations regarding the size of the rooms.

Apart from those aspects, these vacation spots all offer excellent amenities and service, perfect for a break from everyday reality.

To get a true reflection of what to expect, read up on reviews from people whove been there before to find out which aspects of the resort they most enjoyed or disliked.

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Beyond Disney Vacation Club

You need to book a Disney vacation at least 7 months in advance to find accommodation at these sought-after Disney Vacation Club Resorts. So, if you cant find the accommodation you want this time, youll need to go to plan B.

Browse our travel blog for more great vacation ideas to satisfy your wanderlust this time.

Disney Vacation Club Properties

Disney Parks Moms Panel | Disney Vacation Club Portfolio of Resorts

Currently, there are 15 Disney Vacation Club resorts, with additional projects announced and under construction.

  • Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort.
  • Boulder Ridge Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge Resort.
  • Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disneys Wilderness Lodge.
  • Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House and Kidani Village.
  • Disneys Beach Club Villas.
  • Disneys BoardWalk Villas.
  • Disneys Old Key West Resort.
  • Disneys Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.
  • Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort.
  • The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel.
  • The Villas at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort.
  • Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort.
  • Disneys Vero Beach Resort.
  • Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas.
  • Disneys Riviera Resort.

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Why Do You Have To Pay A Deposit

As noted above, when you submit your request to book the room, you will need to pay a $133 deposit. Why? The deposit is meant to be a sign of good faith and an indication that youre ready to book.

Once Davids gets the form, as the representative said, its go time. Theyll work on checking availability and reaching out to the DVC member to book the room. In other words, if you place your request and it can be fulfilled, it will be secured by the member, so youll want to be sure that youre ready to book.

Samawati Springs Pool at Kidani Village

If youre not really confident in terms of what you want to book, then its best to wait until youre sure. Keep in mind though that the deposit does get applied toward your total cost for the room.

Can You Use Online Check

If you rent points to book your stay, youll be able to use that confirmation number to link the reservation to My Disney Experience. Then, youll be able to utilize Online Check-In just as a traditional hotel guest would be able to. Youll also be able to make dining reservations, FastPass+ reservations , etc. just as a regular guest would be able to. Youll also be able to use your phone or MagicBand to open your door if you want.

Youll also be able to use Magical Express to get to your room , and youll fall under the Resort Guests category when it comes to Park Pass availability.


What about other perks? DVC Members get access to DVC lounges, etc. so do you get those benefits by renting points? Unfortunately, you do not. You wont get access to the DVC lounges or be able to use the DVC member discounts.

But, you will get free parking as we discussed above, free laundry services , and since you are considered a hotel guest you will get access to some discounted MagicBands.

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Expansions And New Properties In Progress

Three new Disney Vacation Club properties are also at various stages of development.

The first to become available will be 200 new DVC resort studios under construction as an expansion of the Villas at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. These are expected to open in late June 2022. The new resort studios will be a DVC room type unique to the Grand Floridian.

These villas are now on sale to existing DVC members and will go on sale to the public on March 31.

Disney recently announced plans to develop new Disney Vacation Club Villas at Disneys Polynesian Village Resort. The new villas are projected to open in late 2024, along with new recreation offerings and dining options. Disney has not yet shared additional details about on-sale dates and room types, but has said that the proposed property would complement the existing resort and evoke the spirit of the Pacific Islands.

A new tower is also underway at the Disneyland Hotel, with theming inspired by characters and stories from classic Walt Disney Animation Studios films.

More Disney Vacation Club villas coming to the Disneyland Resort is good news for current and prospective DVC members. With only one DVC property at Disneyland now, the Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel, its nearly impossible for members at any other home resort to secure a room at the seven-month mark, and new contracts are not currently for sale at the resort.

Dues Increases Vs Resort Rate Increases

Disney Vacation Club Information on DVC

The effect of annual dues increases on the total cost of DVC membership must be considered. One issue to keep in mind is that Disney can increase dues significantly from year to year, subject to a limit of 15% each year and a requirement to charge only for the actual operating expenses and reasonably expected necessary reserves.

A portion of your dues is allocated to a capital reserve fund for major refurbishments. Adjustments are always possible if the projected reserve needs vary from actual experience, although Disney has been in lodging business for many decades and has considerable experience in what long-term costs to expect. Special assessments are possible if something unforeseen occurs .

Here are some examples of historical increases:

  • Old Key West Resort, the oldest of the DVC resorts had dues of $2.51 in 1991 and had dues of $7.84 in 2020. That means it has averaged a 3.87% increase, compounded annually.
  • BoardWalk Villas went from $3.70 in 1996 to $7.37 in 2020, an average annual compounded increase of 2.79%.
  • Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge went from $3.62 in 2000 to $7.78 in 2020, an average annual compounded increase of 3.71%.

Keep in mind, though, the cash cost of staying in one of Disneys resort rooms has also gone up significantly over time, and the cash cost of a resort room starts out much higher than the dues for an equivalent stay. Like the DVC resort dues increases, the rate increases at the Disney resort hotels are not consistent. For example:

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