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Best Vacation Spots In Germany

The Zugspitze Germanys Tallest Mountain

Top 10 Destinations in Germany for 2021 | MojoTravels

If you want to know what it feels like to be on top of the world or at least Germany then a journey to the majestic peak of the Zugspitze will surely do it. Straddling the frontier between Germany and Austria, this is Germanys tallest mountain with a summit of 2,962 meters. Surrounded by steep valleys, the view from the top encompasses more than 400 mountains spreading across the countries. Needless to say, venturing up the mountain is well worth the effort and fortunately, there are two ways to do this.

You can either hop inside one of three cable cars or take the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn mountain railway. The latter begins its journey at the Garmisch Zugspitzbahnhof and ends at the Zugspitzplatt glacier station stopping at intermediate stations along the way. Meanwhile, the world record-breaking cable car brings visitors to the summit in just 10 minutes. Once at the top, you can enjoy jaw-dropping 360-degree views and dine at one of the three restaurants located at different stops. With a plethora of ski resorts located nearby, Zugspitze is also a great option if you fancy a winter vacation and some action on the slopes.

Greece Architecture And Refugees

The popularity of Greek regions depends on their location and the current situation.Some places, such as Crete and Corfu, were performing well providing German tourists with the blend of sunshine, relaxation and culture that they expect. Others, that have been hit by the refugee crisis, like the eastern Aegean Sea, however, have seen a decline.

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber Bavaria

The old Franconian imperial city of Rothenburg is one of the most attractive places to visit on Germany’s famous Romantic Road tourist route. Located on the steep banks of the picturesque River Tauber, it’s notable for its walls and towers, untouched since the Thirty Years War of 1618.

This completely preserved, picture-perfect medieval town offers endless charm. One of the most popular things to do in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is to join a walking tour. For those who prefer to be their own guide, get started by picking up a map from one of the tourism offices located in the town.

There are no end of opportunities to explore, with individual buildings of note including the imposing 13th-century Town Hall and the wonderful Ratstrinkstube, or Council Tavern, built in 1466 with its interesting clock. Also worth seeing is St.-Georgs-Brunnen fountain, built in 1608 near the end of Herrngasse St. James’s Church, with its fine high altar dating from 1466 and the Imperial City Museum.

Simply walking the old streets past these beautiful buildings is a timeless experience, especially if it involves the Plönlein, one of the town’s most picturesque spots. And after all that adventure, end your visit at one of the many fine restaurants dotted around the town.

If traveling in winter, be sure to include a stop here for the traditional Christmas Market, which draws crowds from across the country and even further afield.

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Germany Gear And Packing Guide

If youre heading on the road and need some gear suggestions, here are my tips for the best travel backpack and for what to pack!

The Best Backpack for Travelers


If you want something different, refer to my article on how to choose the best travel backpack for tips on picking a pack and other backpack suggestions.

What to Pack for Your Trip


  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 bathing suit

Recommended Hotels To Stay:

The 9 Best Places to Visit in Germany

Zum Winzermännle: Located in the heart of Wurzburg, 1 street back from the river, this pink hotel is on a shopping street but the soundproofed rooms mean youll get a good nights sleep and theres a quiet courtyard at the back. Hotel Gasthaus zur Sonne: Located in the heart of Dinkelsbühl Old Town, this renovated Bavarian property has modern guest rooms and benefits from a Bavarian-style beer garden and restaurant serving up Franconian cuisine.

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Cost Of Rent In Dresden


The capital of Saxony, Dresden may have been practically wiped from the map due to WWII bombings, but it was incredibly rebuilt. Today, its surprisingly beautiful and beautifully rich in history, art, culture, and just about everything that makes a city interesting.

In opposition to the Aldstadt or the Old Town the Neustadt, or New Town, is where youll find the cool kids. Theres an alternative vibe here, with street art and graffiti more of a fixture. Louisenstrasse is a popular area here, home to young families, hipsters, and vegan/vegetarian cafes.

Pros of Dresden

  • Lower cost of living than other German cities
  • No extreme weather/temperatures to worry about
  • Proximity to the Czech/Polish border makes bus/train travel around Europe a breeze

Cons of Dresden

  • Not many co-working spaces for digital nomads
  • May not be for you if you like your cities big
  • Can be quiet at night time

Dresden has a beautiful silhouette. Even if many of these old buildings arent actually as old as they look, theyre still super cool. Dresden Frauenkirche, for example, is a stunner.

You can get a good view of the old town from the banks of the River Elbe if you head to Elbewiesen. In summer, this place hots up with outdoor screenings, BBQs, and beer gardens.

Fans of classical music will love the Dresden Music Festival, one of the best of its kind in Europe.

Before You Go To Germany

Do brush up your German language skills if you plan on going outside of the major cities. Germans are just as complicit as North Americans in perpetrating this myth that you dont need to speak German when you travel Germany. You dont need to be able to speak German in the sense that you dont necessarily need to speak Arabic to get around in Jordan, but it will both enhance your trip and make it more enjoyable.

English will be easy in the likes of Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg, but if you decide to go on a long multi-day hike along something like the Rheinsteig which you absolutely should you might come across a hotel that doesnt speak English. Youll almost certainly find menus without an English translation, so even being able to recognize some foods will be helpful and make the language barrier less frustrating to deal with. Obviously, youre not going to gain fluency before heading over to Germany, so I do recommend downloading the Dictionary app, which has just about every German phrase Ive ever had to look up.

When it comes to cinema, I cant recommend enough Er Ist Wieder Da or Hes Back! This film is based off a satirical novel of the same time and imagines what if Hitler reappeared in modern European society. Its a mixture of scripted satire and documentary as Hitler interacts with real Germans. The film very much walks the line of this is okay and this is definitely not okay, quite possibly crossing it for many viewers.

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Ferries In Germanys North

Finally, since we are talking about islands and neighboring countries across the sea, you may find yourself in need of a ferry. I know it can be tough to find good information about these boats, where to get them, how much they cost, and how often they go.

My favorite solution for this is DirectFerries. Think of it as a Kayak or Skyscanner for ferry connections. Youll be able to take trips from Northern Germany to the unique Heligoland islands all the way to Denmark, Norway, and even further.

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Bavaria Exploring German Traditions

10 Best Places to Visit in Germany â Travel Video

The announcement of the top destination for German tourists may seem a little anti-climactic, but most preferred the idea of a domestic holiday in Bavaria. The region has always been a draw for domestic visitors, with its traditional culture, great landscape and landmarks like Neuschwanstein Castle and the Octoberfest, so it makes sense that Germans would like to spend time there too. A nice change of scenery without crossing the border.

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Why Is Germany Simply Inspiring To Visit

UNESCOs world heritage sites include both architectural masterpieces and natural landscapes with a rich history.

The most significant exhibition halls, the biggest acoustics theater, the hottest musical theater, and the worlds best entertainment are just some of the high-quality experiences available to visitors to Germany.

Government legislation has covered almost the whole country. We have over 350 protected areas in the United States that we should see.

The majority of German villages have excellent buses and excellent bicycle infrastructure. Hotel and restaurant operations encourage a vibrant culinary market utilizing local produce.

Places To Visit In India

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Enjoy The Charming Beauty Of Germany

Why are you waiting now? Get ready to explore around and cherish movements for a lifetime. We have discussed the top place that is perfect for couples. Still, there are so many magical spots in Germany to wander around. Now you find your escape. Explore the towns and spend some quality time far from the hectic city life.

On the other hand, wherever you go, just make sure to be safe while travelling. Moreover, always remember too to be a responsible traveller. Respect nature and other people. Meanwhile, travelling is fun but yet full of responsibilities. Be a traveller and not a tourist.

Are you ready for your next vacation trip but, cant decide where to go yet? Here are now your guides for a fruitful and charming walk with your lover.

You may also want to share your travel adventures with us! Email your experiences at . On the other hand, you may fill out and submit the form through our write for us.

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How To Get Around Germany

The Best 16 places to visit in Germany in summer

Public Transportation Germany has some of the best public transportation in the world. All the cities and larger towns have public transportation that is reliable and efficient. In cities like Berlin and Munich, all the various networks are integrated: one ticket gives you access to buses, trams, U-Bahn , and S-Bahn . Fares are determined by zone, but generally, a one-way fare starts from 2.90 EUR. A one-day unlimited pass is generally around 7-9 EUR while a three-day pass costs 17-20 EUR.

Train Train travel is an incredibly efficient way to get around Germany, though its not cheap. Germanys main rail system is Deutsche Bahn, which has both high-speed trains and regular trains. The high-speed trains are a quick way to get around but are usually much more expensive.

For example, a last-minute high-speed train from Berlin to Munich can cost as much as 95 EUR, but you can also find seats for 20 EUR if you have a more flexible itinerary. Last minute tickets from Berlin to Hamburg can cost 50 EUR, but advance bookings start around 20 EUR. Frankfurt to Cologne is also around 20 EUR.

Its always best to book in advance when possible, otherwise, youll pay the price for last-minute bookings. You can track schedules and fares on the Deutsche Bahn website.

Bus Aside from hitchhiking, buses are the cheapest way to get around Germany. They are punctual but slow, with comfortable seats, air-conditioning, rest stops, and usually free Wi-Fi.

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Ramsau A Small But Perfectly Formed Village To Explore In The Bavarian Alps

Ramsau is certainly not the largest town in Germany, with a population of around 1,800, but it is known to be among the most beautiful for its quaint, picturesque setting. Those venturing to Ramsau are not heading to the area for a variety of attractions, but rather a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

Apart from being completely breathtaking, the area boasts the third highest mountain in Germany, Waltzmann. Lake Hintersee and the local church in the village are famous attractions as well.

Sylt A Breathtaking Tranquil Island In The Frisian Archipelago

Often forgotten by foreign travellers, the Island of Sylt is connected to the mainland by the Hindenburgdamm causeway.

With several lovely resorts, 40km of sandy beaches, an unusual shoreline, and plenty of breathtaking nature, Sylt is well worth a visit and because its separated from the mainland it has remained relatively untouched.

The houses on the island are built in the delightful Fristian-style and the cliffs lining the coast are slowly eroding which has created an unusual and unique pattern. Fields of flowers, colourful lighthouses, and sparsely populated villages have made this an exclusive hidden gem and playground for the rich and famous.

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Koblenz & The Rhine Valley

If you do partake in one of the increasingly popular week-long river cruises down the Rhine, you will at some point find yourself docked in the beautiful city of Koblenz. However you arrive, though, be sure to make your first stop the magnificent Deutsches Eck, or German Corner. It’s here you’ll witness one of the most incredible natural phenomena in the country – the meeting of the Rhine and Mosel rivers, overlooked by the huge Memorial to German Unity, an impressive equestrian statue of King Wilhelm I.

Watching these two mighty rivers meet is a sight to behold. If you time it right, you can even enjoy a summer evening classical music concert at the same time. Great views of the German Corner and the two rivers can also be enjoyed by taking the Koblenz cable car up to spectacular Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

Koblenz also serves as a superb jumping-off point for explorations of the beautiful Rhine Valley. The Middle Rhine Valley, or Rhine Gorge, is so important that its entire length from Koblenz south to Mannheim has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you’ll have the chance to see picture-book Germany, with scenery so spectacular you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s straight out of a book of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Final Thoughts On The Best Places To Live In All Of Germany

Top 10 Must-See German Tourist Attractions

Those were Germanys top destinations for digital nomads.

Theres almost no end to the number of cool cities to base yourself in when youre in this European big-hitter from green-laden cities close to nature to riverside hubs of industry. Youre bound to find a place that suits your personality .

Hamburg has some super cool neighbourhoods, but this huge city is much more pricey than somewhere like Dresden, which is more compact yet comes with a friendly atmosphere you cant help but fall in love with. And then theres Berlin if you want all-out city living.

You could choose one place, or you could even use this as a guide to hit up the hotspots as you travel around Germany long-term. You decide!

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Bremen A Picturesque City Known For Its Striking Hanseatic Buildings

Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. It sits nestled along the River Weser and the small compact city is one of the oldest in Germany, dating back 1200 years. As well as the stunning historic architecture and its also famous for inspiring the Grimms folklore story of the Musicians of Bremen.

In the older part of the city make sure you explore the delightful winding cobbled alleyways which are flanked by a series of charming medieval houses that come with wooden beamed facades.

The surrounding countryside and farmland are also worth exploring especially along the edge of the river Wümme.

Neckarsteig And The Castle Road

Two things Germany does better than most any other country are castles, and hiking. Why not combine the two with a hike along the Neckarsteig and the Castle Road? The two are technically separate but they complement one another beautifully. You can give yourself a physical challenge and hike the Neckarsteig from castle-to-castle or roll from town-to-town by bike. Youve also got trains running alongside the Neckar River, connecting the various towns of the region in just a few minutes between stops.

The Castle Road starts off in Mannheim and runs all the way out to Bayreuth in eastern Germany. I started off in Heidelberg because its also the first stage of the Neckarsteig and its where Mark Twain stays for a few months in A Tramp Abroad. Now, Heidelberg itself is not off the beaten path with its university roots. Youll hear plenty of English American English, even on the streets as well as Spanish and a dash of French. Still, it serves as an ideal gateway into the Neckarsteig and the Castle Road in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

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