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Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Packages

Costa Rica Luxury Itineraries

Top 10 Best All Inclusive Resorts & Luxury Hotels In Costa Rica
Osa Peninsula Luxury Jungle Adventure – 5 Days

The Osa Peninsula is located in one of the most remote areas of Costa Rica and is home to windswept beaches, virgin rainforest, and exotic wildlife. Over five days you’ll alternate between a pampered holiday lifestyle, rugged jungle treks, and scuba-diving/beach adventures. It’s the best way to enjoy this gem of biodiversity tucked away in the great tropical paradise that is Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Luxury & Nature Tour – 10 Days

This adventurous itinerary checks off four of Costa Ricaâs key regions. Raft down some of the worldâs best rapids, head to Arenal for hikes and hot springs, and lounge on the Pacific beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. End your journey on the remote Osa Peninsula, where rainforests, wildlife, and a near-empty coastline await.

Osa Peninsula: Luxury Getaway and Jungle Adventure – 7 Days

Corcovado National Park, located on Costa Rica’s remote Osa Peninsula, is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. It’s the perfect spot for jungle exploration, and this six-day itinerary mixes rugged adventure with culture and luxury. It’s designed for those who want an off-the-beaten-path nature experience featuring windswept Pacific beaches and trails that meander through virgin rainforest abounding with wildlife.

Self-Drive Luxury Beach and Volcano Adventure – 11 days
Costa Rica: Luxury Wildlife Safari and Multi-Sport Adventure – 10 Days
Luxury Adventure in the Osa Peninsula – 6 Days

Luxury Travel Costa Rica

From the highland rainforests dotted with hidden waterfalls to the Pacific coastline where the dense jungle meets the sand, Costa Rica is the ideal destination for nature-lovers and adventurous travelers. With a quarter of its sovereign territory environmentally protected, Costa Ricas gorgeous green forests and crystal clear waters remain unspoiled, and the countrys rich and multifaceted culture is as diverse as its stunning natural landscapes. To complete your Pura Vida, or pure life, experience, relax at your luxury accommodations after days spent spotting the incredibly diverse wildlife during your explorations of both land and sea.

The Private Villa/vacation Home Experience

Want to live the luxe life in Costa Rica alongside movie stars, musicians, politicians, and a boatload of Kardashians? At least for a few days, weeks, or as long as your vacation window and travel funds last? If so, look no further than Costa Ricas exclusive, deluxe villas and vacation homes. Classy, clean, cool, and comfortable, youll love sinking into these grand residences and experiencing Costa Rica on your own terms in undisturbed privacy.

Like homes in most cities around the world, villas and vacation homes in Costa Rica vary from property to property. Some spread out over large lots and others are nestled next to a neighbor. Some sit in manned and gated estate communities and others are remote but have private watchmen. Some near the water and resemble Malibu or Miami beach houses and others are rusticbut modernstructures enveloped by forest. Properties also range in size, style, location, views, amenities, facilities, and inclusions.

A villa or vacation home is a great choice if youll be in Costa Rica as part of a family/group trip or a corporate retreat, if youre planning a workation , or if you want utter independence while traveling abroad. With the freedom to do whatever you want and not concern yourself with unknown guests, you could enjoy the following at your home away from home in Costa Rica:

Pura vida!

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The Mindful Wellness Surf Or Yoga Retreat Experience

Quiet pockets of Costa Rica make perfect destinations for Zen vacations, especially wellness retreats designed to nourish your body, yoga retreats created to calm your mind, and surf retreats developed to help you find the waters rhythm.

While not all wellness, yoga, and surf retreats in Costa Rica are luxurious , premium retreats provide access to some of the nations top travel finds, including sleek accommodations, esteemed chefs, experienced instructors, and innovative programs. Retreat experiences vary, not only across host properties but also from week to week or from month to month depending on event schedules, so its difficult to define them singularly. But this is part of their appeal: theyre fluid enough to suit the diverse interests of unique travelers, especially those looking to participate in a retreat thats tailored to their wants and needs.

Heres a look at some of the amenities and experiences you can have at a wellness, yoga, and/or surf retreat in Costa Rica:

Romantic Honeymoons In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Package

When it comes to starting a life together, Costa Rica is the right place.

Honeymoons combine the best of Costa Ricas beaches, lush rainforests, and the luxury you deserve, as you celebrate this special beginning. For those who want to relax, there are some well-appointed spas and soft-waved beaches to share with your new forever.

To add excitement, infuse adrenaline into your day with some whitewater rafting, zip lining, or extreme hiking just a few of the options. Or, if nature is what youre after, birdwatching, hiking and whale-spotting tours are all honeymoon favorites.

This is a great opportunity to make the memories of a lifetime. As you begin to plan your trip to Costa Rica, be sure to tell your Travel Consultant that youll be on your honeymoon. Romance awaits!

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A Luxury Adventure In Central America

The jungles are dense, the beaches luxurious, and the culture utterly magnetic this is Costa Rica. This country draws you in and pulls you close, from the Pacific to the Carribean and everything in between. Were convinced that no other Central American country currently specializes in luxury like Costa Rica does, and were fully invested. From the tree tops of the rainforests to the treasures of the oceanside, a multitude of surprises are in store while vacationing in this country.

The Active Adventure Resort Experience

If you thought you had to choose between a luxurious Costa Rican getaway and an adventurous one, think again. Not only is it possible to satisfy both desires in Costa Ricaa known adventure destinationluxe adventure travel is the preferred experience of many vacationers.

Fittingly, catering to these types of travelers are Costa Ricas adventure resorts, which provide guests with both resort-quality accommodations and an on-site activity center where a plethora of adventure and nature tours take place. If you want to be active during your trip, the advantage of staying at an adventure resort is that youll have a range of tour and activity experiences within walking distance of your room. Ideal for travelers with young children, senior travelers, and other individuals who prefer to limit the amount of time spent outside the boundaries of a resort, especially time spent traveling to and from far-flung tour sites, adventure resorts are a one-stop shop beloved by hedonists.

Most adventure resorts in Costa Rica are not all-inclusive. Inclusions vary, so be sure to check the resorts fine print. Many include breakfast in the cost of an overnight stay, and sell add-on tour packages that combine on-site activities with meals. Examples of activities you can experience on-site at adventure resorts in Costa Rica include:

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Luxury Trips To Costa Rica

Costa Rica luxury travel is about gourmet meals, midday massages and the finest in accommodations, but its about more than that, too: Its a time to relax and disconnect from the stress of your day-to-day routine. A chance to wake to crashing waves and share the path with mischievous monkeys.

Theres no better place to do that, than on an escape to paradise. And theres no better way to do that, than with a personalized, luxury stay.

Our luxury vacation packages are expertly designed to go above and beyond a traditional getaway. Of course, they include the best in world-class resorts, but they also include something more: you.

Because, a luxury vacation to Costa Rica is not defined by one criteria alone: We want to know how you, personally, experience luxury. What indulgences do you seek? Where do you like to staya 5-star beach resort or glamped-out rainforest treehouse? Because, we customize every itinerary to suit our travelers personalities. Your personality.

Spoil yourself, as you experience the jungle, sun and sand on a custom-designed luxury vacation package. Challenge yourself to adventure and practice sustainable ecotourismthankfully, now at the forefront of the luxury Costa Rica vacation experiencewhile also indulging in the many extravagant and boutique options developed for the hedonist traveler.

Ready To Book A Costa Rica Vacation Package

All Inclusive Costa Rica

If you feel both overwhelmed and excited, then youre on the right track! Let us discover your travel personality and craft the perfect Costa Rica travel package.

Our expert consultants prepare custom package deals to Costa Ricadesigned specifically to suit your needs. Contact us us to start planning your visit today!

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If You Love To Explore Youll Definitely Want To Discover The Amazing Adventures And Rich Diversity That Costa Rica Offers

Specializing in luxury resort and adventure vacations for your Costa Rica Honeymoon, Costa Rica Destination Wedding or Costa Rica family vacation, Margi can arrange magnificent accommodations and activities for you, such as visiting the Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio National Park , Osa Peninsula or Guanacaste . View magnificent waterfalls, dense tropical rainforests and cloud forests.

For a relaxing and romantic Costa Rica vacation, soak in the Tabacon Hot Springs, or simply relax by the pool or on the beach. Enjoy the serenity of a private bungalow on the beach or all the amenities of spa, restaurant, and pools from your 5-star resort.

Whether you seek adventure, romanceor bothcontact Margi today. As your personal luxury travel consultant, shell spoil you with expertise and personalized service.

Best Of Costa Rica Luxury Travel With A& k

Costa Rica means rich coast in Spanish, and nothing could ring truer of this Central American country. Costa Rica boasts astounding biological diversity and landscapes of active volcanoes, cloud forests, sparkling beaches and tropical rainforests. An A& K Costa Rica luxury vacation makes the most of the country’s natural beauty, with days filled with eco-friendly adventures and tranquil evenings spent in Costa Rica’s best lodges.

On an A& K Costa Rica luxury vacation, learn about the region of Monteverde home to Costa Rica’s lush Cloud Forest Reserve at a private reception. More than 400 bird species and 1,500 plant species thrive in the Cloud Forest, which you discover in the company of an expert naturalist. Explore Costa Rica’s Arenal region from 15 hanging bridges suspended above the trees and enjoy a breathtaking view of the active Arenal Volcano from your hotel. In Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, explore Tortuguero’s wildlife-rich canals by boat and the nesting sites of one of the world’s most endangered species, the Atlantic green sea turtle.

Costa Rica is also a fantastic travel choice for families. On an exciting A& K Family vacation, you and your loved ones kayak in Caño Palma, zip-line through a rainforest canopy in Jaco and trail wildlife such as toucan and white-faced monkey with a seasoned expert guide. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Costa Rica with A& K’s luxury vacations to this verdant paradise.

Best Time To Go

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Hiking: From Rainforests To Beaches To Mountains

On your Costa Rica luxury family tours, the family can connect with nature through a private guided tour. When the family surrounds themselves with nature, and a beautiful waterfall, the phones, and the iPads are forgotten.

There are many places to hike in Costa Rica with the family, ranging from hiking through a rainforest, watching sunsets on many beaches, and climbing a mountain, it depends on what you are craving as a family along with the familys fitness activity level. When looking for hikes, find a local guide who understands everything about Costa Rica, who can find those Scarlet Macaws or the sloths hanging around in the tree, that you may not see on your own.

Luxury Tours Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Package

During this private tour of Costa Rica, you will discover the highlights of a country known for its adventurous spirit and eco-chic accommodations. Begin in the Osa Peninsula, where your remote lodge will make you feel immersed in the surrounding rainforest. Explore isolated beaches during a private boat ride with a naturalist guide, who will point out dolphins and caimans, or hike through the lush jungle until you reach a secluded waterfall. The journey continues in the Pacuare Forest,where you may arrive at your lodge via a white-water raft, a unique luxury travel experience. During your hiking excursion to the Talamanca Mountains, follow a centuries-old indigenous trail, learning about the history and customs of the countrys largest indigenous group along the way. After a short hike through the jungle, thrillseekers will find adrenaline-pumping canyoning or ziplining adventures. Finally, your Costa Rica luxury tour ends with a charter flight to Liberia and a private transfer to your beachfront resort in the Papagayo Peninsula. There, enjoy a beach and water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or simply relaxing on a sandy beach located steps from your accommodations.

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Top Tours In Costa Rica

Weve traveled the length and breadth of Costa Rica and tested every possible route to enable us to curate itineraries that work absolutely seamlessly, taking in the countrys many highlights at just the right pace. Packed with unique experiences and handpicked hotels, our trips deliver unforgettable travel moments.

Welcome Tocosta Rica Deluxe Vacations

Adventure and Dive Tours & Travel of Costa Rica and Costa Rica Deluxe Vacations are your dive and custom vacation travel and tour operators for Costa Rica. We specialize in high quality adventure vacation and scuba dive packages. We plan custom made holidays for you. We are two full service dive and adventure travel and tour companies. Arranging for anything and everything you would want to visit, scuba dive and do in this Central American country. Including international airfares, English speaking staff, private car drivers, tour guides, auto rentals and accommodations throughout the country. All tours offered in Costa Rica can be reserved and confirmed by our companies. Please be assured that all accommodation facilities we use meet our high standards, cleanliness and quality. Adventure Dive Tours & Travel of Costa Rica and Costa Rica Deluxe Vacations prides ourselves in our personal relationship with the owners and tour operators ensuring our customers see and experience the finest Costa Rica has to offer. All of our services are customized for a completely planned deluxe vacation with no stress or headaches for you.

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Escape Everything On The Osa Peninsula

While Costa Ricas wildlife is a constant throughout the country, its at its richest on the Osa Peninsula. Reached by light aircraft and 4×4, nature claims the spotlight in this secluded destination, which juts out into the Pacific from Costa Ricas southwest coastline.

If you can, stay at Lapa Rios, an ecolodge set on a hillside above the ocean in a private nature reserve. Staying here gave me one of my best wildlife experiences .

Standing on the balcony of my casita, or bungalow, I spotted a group of macaws in one tree then, successively, toucans in another, and a squirrel monkey with its babies on its back darting from branch to branch on another. As they competed for my attention, from under the bungalow popped an agouti with its baby.

Lapa Rios is one of the Osa Peninsulas most luxurious lodges: rooms are comfortable, spacious and sport four-poster beds, and a cup of coffee is placed by your door each morning. But, in my mind, its true appeal lies in its location, surrounded by the jungle that tumbles down the hillside to the beach and the crashing waves.

Youd be forgiven for splitting your time between your balcony and the pool, given the bird spotting opportunities they provide. But Id make time for a guided walk to one of the nearby waterfalls, spotting butterflies such as the palm sized Blue morpho, along the way.

Meet Our Costa Rica Travel Designers

All Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica

What is your approach to planning bespoke luxury travel?Our role can be so important. Whatever we plan will make for lasting memories and can seal or bond families, love, and friendly relationships. It is primarily about listening and understanding what a client wants their needs, moods, and family dynamics.

Saloua Rezgui

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Hike To The Electric Blue Pool Of Rio Celeste

North of Arenal, Tenorio National Park is also defined by its volcanoes. But its more remote and, because of this, quieter.

Deep in the park, the course of the Rio Celeste is broken by a 65 foot drop and the river becomes a waterfall, crashing into a pool below before continuing its journey. Sulfur and calcium carbonate deposits in the volcanic rock turn the water the sharpest of electric blues.

Taking a hike through the national park is the main attraction of visiting the Tenorio region. As well as the phenomenon of the pools blue water, you can also see a variety of endemic plants and birds.

By far the most luxurious accommodation Ive stayed in here is the Rio Celeste Hideaway. Like most hotels in Costa Rica, its small, remote and still except for the sounds of the rainforest. Standing in the outdoor shower with the foliage peeping through and the calls of the monkeys overhead pretty much sums it up.

Stay With Us For Your Luxury Group Vacation In Costa Rica

We urge you to reach out to us at so we can discuss and learn from you the exact details of your trip. Once we can understand the size of your party, custom requests, and length of stay we can provide several All-Inclusive options for your party to choose from.

In the end, you will be glad you left the thinking and planning up to us. We look forward to receiving you at the airport and showing you the Pura Vida Life when you get here soon!

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