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Is Sundance Vacations A Timeshare

Has Anyone Heard Of Sundance Vacations

Sundance vacations AND travel advantage network.
Wyndham Lifetime in Hawaii


Wyndham Lifetime in Hawaii


Sundance Vacations – Spirit IncentivesFRAUDSundance Vacations

Sundance Vacations

Sundance Vacations Gift: Real Or A Scam

Not too long ago, I attended the Barnum and Bailey’s latest circus extravaganza, Legends, at the United Center in Chicago. The show was amazing and very entertaining, but that’s not what this post is about. While I was at the circus, a woman stopped me and asked if I would want to sign up to win a vacation. Win a vacation? That sounded tempting, so I completed the form, gave it back to her, and thought nothing more of it. I have no luck when it comes to winning things anyway.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. I am home sick after having my wisdom teeth ripped from my head I mean extracted and I get a call. I have just won a vacation for two to my choice of Jamaica, Mexico, or Puerto Rico with airfare and hotel included! Wow! But there’s a catch : I have to come to the offices of Sundance Vacations and listen to a presentation. That’s it. Well, I thought, I can certainly show up and let them attempt to sell me whatever it is they specialize in. I am great at saying no ask any of my students, they can tell you.

Once the presentation concluded, the back doors of the room opened and in stepped the salesmen and women. They each had a folder with the name of a guest and they called us by name to please follow them’ so that the selling could begin.

Company Info

Exchange With Travel Advantage Network

As a multi-destination ownership, Plan With TAN timeshare owners have the opportunity to vacation at dozens of popular resorts and locations all across the United States, Mexico, and Caribbean. When you purchase a Plan With TAN timeshare, you are simply buying the membership to vacation at any of their affiliated destinations. To book your vacation, simply browse what is available and book as early as possible to have the best shot at getting your desired destination. Be prepared to be flexible and expand your searchyou never know which destination could have the exact vacation experience you and your family are looking for! Plan With TAN also offers Excess Inventory last-minute trips to enjoy the most out of the vacation program for even less.

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We Just Took Our Third Vacation With

We just took our third vacation with Sundance vacations and 3 for 3 they were not good! I would love to sell but now have a VIP and still not happy. The Sea and Breeze Beach Club in Tybee Island left a lot to be desired. The whole place was under renovations, as it needs it badly! The entire week was filled with construction workers all over the place. The unit itself was dirty and very noisy in the unit with all the work taking place. The pictures on the internet needs to be updated. We are very displeased with every place we have visited and did not stay the entire week in all three places.

Destinations For The 21+ Crowd

  • The Christie Lodge, CO
  • Beso Del Sol Resort, FL
  • Brigantine Beach Club, NJ
  • Flagship Resort by FantaSea, NJ
  • Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort, FL
  • Gatlinburg Town Square, TN
  • Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis, SC
  • Hotel Vinache, LA
  • Maui Schooner Resort, HI
  • Staybridge Suites Naples – Gulf Coast, FL
  • Bent Creek, TN
  • The Plaza Resort & Spa, FL
  • Woodeld Manor, PA

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Not A Terrific Experience

Not a terrific experience. We liked the view, the fact that it had a dishwasher, and 2 bedrooms. When we arrived, it was dusty and there were some cobwebs. We didnt like that there was no place to have some quiet time away from each other to read or study. The bedrooms downstairs are very small and theres no room for a chair to sit. The floor upstairs is very creaky Iand thin, so when youre downstairs you hear every footstep, every conversation and even the conversations on the television. We actually left a day early because I needed to get some work done and was unable to accomplish that there. Many of the other condos have a cement pad in front for parking but 5D does not. It was a rainy week and it was extremely muddy. The garbage disposal did not work. We reset it, but that did not help. The towel bar in the upstairs bathroom kept falling off the wall. This was my first TAN vacation and I was a little disappointed. I hope others are better.

The Tsr Satisfaction Guarantee Agreement

TSRs Satisfaction Guarantee states: if, after using your new timeshare for 2 years, you are not completely satisfied, Timeshare Recyclers will remove you from the ownership, guaranteed! * *In order to be removed from ownership of the property you will be required to pay a resort transfer fee, a recording fee, and any closing costs. You must also be current with all fees for maintenance, utilities, and taxes on the property. You will also be required to timely sign the required transfer documents, closing documents, and any other documents required by TSR to handle and complete the transfer. The terms of this guarantee are listed below. Please read the terms completely. If you agree with these terms, please click I Agree.

1. I/We acknowledge and agree that the transfer & assumption and/or relinquishment of my/our timeshare shall be managed by Timeshare Recyclers or their parent company or affiliates.

2. I/We understand and agree that I/we am/are responsible to comply with the Steps of the Transaction as stipulated by TSR in this agreement.

3. I/We understand that this is a transfer & assumption and/or relinquishment of my/our timeshare and I/we are in no way expecting compensation for the aforementioned resort property.

4. I/We understand that TSR will not begin the transfer & assumption and/or relinquishment if I/we have any pending reservations for said timeshare property.

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How To Cancel A Sundance Vacations Membership

When You Feel You Have Grounds to Do So

see ARDA below Sundance Vacations agrees that you CAN cancel your contract.“ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!!!! Sundance Vacations Blackmails Unhappy Client Into Giving Up First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech!!!”HOW CAN YOU CANCEL, IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE JUST CAUSE?STEP-BY-STEP CANCELLATION INSTRUCTIONS THAT HAVE HELPED OTHERS see ARDA below Sundance Vacations, Inc. is a member of the American Resort Development Association .

Sundance Vacations: Family Values From The Start

WorldMark by Wyndham: Sundance Resort in Whistler, BC, Canada – Accommodations

Founded in 1991, Sundance Vacations is a family owned, privately held company that has grown from two employees to a network of ten offices and more than 400 employees. Built on the family values of the couple that founded the company, the Sundance Vacation Club, has won awards in Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, making the list, year after year, as one of the Best Places to Work. When a company cares about its employees, you can be confident it cares about its clients.

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A Travel Advantage Network

As a part of the TAN Vacations network, owners enjoy flexible multi-destination ownership with plenty of perks and travel options to enjoy. Plan With TAN works to make vacations a part of your everyday lifestyle and as such, offers a variety of programs to help you get the most out of your ownership. Programs include Sunsational Guarantee to ensure you always enjoy a high-quality vacation, a full-service travel agency to help plan your getaways, a Vacation Assurance Program to protect you in case something comes up and you can’t travel, and the ability to let friends and family use your weeks. Travel Advantage Network is also a partner of the award-winning wholesale vacation company, Sundance Vacations. They provide their network with a constantly changing selection of incredible resorts in top-rated travel destinations through this partnership with TAN.

Sundance Customers’ Complaints: Vacations Went Nowhere

Wendy and Ryan Rowe had one goal when they visited Sundance Vacations’ offices in King of Prussia on a hot day in July 2009: getting a voucher for the free cruise the company promised in return for listening to its sales pitch.

Wendy and Ryan Rowe had one goal when they visited Sundance Vacations’ offices in King of Prussia on a hot day in July 2009: getting a voucher for the free cruise the company promised in return for listening to its sales pitch.

Whatever else Sundance offered, they were braced for a hard sell and planned to say no. But they left with something extra, anyway: a signed contract with the Wilkes-Barre lodging-package marketer. One salesman called it a “savings account on vacations” – an appealing idea to newlyweds already planning a family.

They agreed to pay $16,600 in principal and interest, with seven years of monthly $195 installments. In return, Sundance promised 30 weeks of “resort area condominium accommodations” in the United States, Mexico, or the Caribbean – all provided by Sundance’s partner, Travel Advantage Network of Millersville, Md., with terms spelled out in eight pages of contract language and disclosures.

Sundance rejects such criticism, saying its customers freely enter into contracts after salespeople outline all the key terms – including by requiring customers to sign disclosures asking such questions as, “Do you feel your decision to purchase was based on high-pressure sales tactics?”

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Update: September 3 2014

The company is denying they sent the court order to me and said they are looking into the matter. The initial contact to me came from the IP address:, which in 30 seconds of research puts it in a Courtyard by Marriot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . The person emailed me two additional times from the gmail address, which maps to . Lastly, a document software engineer gave a pretty good run-down for all the ways the document was faked. If youd like to see the fake court order email in its entirety with headers, Ive uploaded it to dropbox.

Vacations By New Dimensions Marketing Group

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, but not everyone has the resources or the know-how to get a place in their ideal destination.

Thats where we step in.

New Dimensions Marketing Group provides timeshare rental and resale services for individuals and families. We present you with an extensive array of timeshares you can use to find accommodations that meet your needs. Then, well rent it for you, guaranteeing you the ideal place to stay and unwind in on your own or with loved ones.

  • Bed: 3

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Post By Recently Ready For Spring On May 25 2017 1: 1: 15 Gmt

May 25, 2017 19:17:02 GMT -8via mobile SpeedTag!May 25, 2017 6:38:57 GMT -8recently ready for spring said:So I went to a beer festival on Saturday and filled out 2 forms to win a prize. One was a $500 Whole Foods gift card, the other was a trip to Napa Valley for a brewery tour or another brewery tour that was more local . Got a call this AM that said I won something based on my form and to call. I called and they said I won a 3-day, 2-night trip to Orlando or Vegas to be used within a year , but that the trip was contingent on my attending a 1-hour presentation within the next 3 days at their local travel agency office. For attending the presentation I get an Amazon Fire, and apparently all I need to pay is a tax .Is it a scam where they are gonna try and make me buy a timeshare or something like that? They did say “winning” was contingent upon income level, so if you don’t make $50K+ then you can’t “win.” I am thinking of going to the presentation to hear it out, but I am a bit skeptical. The woman said I can come tonight at 6, 7, or 8, or Friday at the same times or Saturday afternoon. I said tonight at 7, and she said “sorry, it just filled up.” So I opted for 8…Has anyone “won” something like this? What should I expect at the presentation?You should’ve told her you can really fill her up. And when she said “Excuse me?” you could’ve said “You can win deez nuts right now.”

Why A Vacation Club And Why Sundance

Even people who understand the value of timeshare arent always familiar with all that vacation club memberships can offer. Sundance Vacation Club members have entrée to top travel deals that have been sourced by the vacation experts on the Sundance team.

The vacation planners at Sundance Vacations have insider information on, and access to, some of the hottest deals in condo rentals, tours, cruises, and other valued travel products. These vacation hot deals are opportunities that as an individual, you simply cannot buy, and wont even know exist, unless you are a Club Member at Sundance.

And for lucky couples and families that find Sundance Vacation Club opportunities on the resale market, the sweet deals get even sweeter. Whether you are looking for the chance to finally take that trip to Hawaii youve been dreaming about, your family needs a ski holiday on the slopes in Colorado, or the beaches of the Bahamas are calling you, you wont find a better or a more affordable opportunity than Sundance Vacations.

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When I Did The Tour For Sundance

When i did the tour for Sundance Vacations.. You spoke of Myrtle Beach Resort being amazing. Well, I’m currently staying at this resort and my entire experience here has not been good at all. I think you need to inform your guests that there isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll get the resort experience in all of the rooms. Don’t talk highly of a resort that isn’t impressive. The amenities said it was a queen size bed for 2 ppl, my bed was a full size. The bed was hard and uncomfortable for two ppl to sleep comfortably unless you’re both really skinny. Average person is a size 10/12 for a woman or 34 for a man…

Destinations For The 23+ Crowd

Are Timeshares A Scam? Why You Should Never Buy A Timeshareâ?ï¸?
  • Gold Coast Aruba, Aruba
  • Grand Pacic Palisades Resort, CA
  • Myrtle Beach Resort, SC

You bet!

It’s so important to our core values that we developed a website to create awareness of all the wonderful organizations we’ve partnered with over the years. You can learn about the local and national charities supported by Sundance Vacations Charity by visiting Check out the Sundance Vacations YouTube Channel.

If you are still curious about what other travelers are saying about our company, you can visit our reviews site: “Sundance Vacations Reviews”

Or you can check out a plethora of reviews about Sundance Vacations from all over the internet on Birdeye: “Sundance Vacations Reviews via Birdeye”

Sundance Vacations has multiple vacation packages!

If you had your account before October 1st, 2018, you have the awesome TAN package! If you ever need help with your account, you can call TAN at !

If you purchased October 1st, 2018 or after, you have a Sundance Vacations package! If this your first time trying to log into your account, please check the welcome email you received!

Quick tip? Your account username is the primary email address associated with your account!

If you still need help with your account, please email us at or call us at .

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Sundance Vacations Goes From Bad To Worse

In January of 2013, I was contacted by Sundance Vacations over this 2010 question at Ask MetaFilter. The company appears to be a time-share vacation company and it seemed they were trying to chase down every negative mention of their company online. The question at Ask MetaFilter doesnt necessarily tarnish their company, as someone asks if a vacation sales pitch they have to attend to win a free trip is worth the trouble. Most of the answers mention general stories of having to sit through strong-arm timeshare sales pitches and how to get out of them quickly.

The email furnished me with a court order against a person running a Sundance Vacations protest site, who was no longer allowed to speak negatively about the company online. Sundance then asked that I remove the thread. I did a bit of research and quickly figured out the person named in the court order could not possibly be the person that posted the thread . I notified the company and they thanked me for my time.

This past Sunday, I was contacted again by Sundance Vacations, again about a court order obtained against someone running a , asking me to remove that same old Ask MetaFilter thread which was now listed in court documents.

I flat out refused and told them to not contact me any more. Then I went back to the original court order document they sent me. There were a lot of strange things about it, including:

  • I couldnt select any text in the PDF, each page appears to be one giant image.
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