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Find A Photographer On Vacation

Immortalize Real Moments With A Vacation Photographer

How to Find Work as a Photographer | Travel Photography Business

Honeymoon, family reunion, or bachelorette partyhonor those special moments in your life with more than a selfie. Get all your loved ones in the frame, including your way-to-tall uncle and your oh-so-short toddler niece. With a vacation photographer, you dont have to interrupt candid, fun moments to try and get everyone to turn around and say cheese. Some of the best photos may be the ones where you didnt even know the photographer was clicking away.

What Is A Vacation Photographer

Book a fun experience with a local professional photographer who knows all the best photography spots, when the best light will be, and how to beat the crowds to capture magical moments without tons of other tourists in the background. Local Lens vacation photographers are artists that are handpicked for quality, style, & skill. Not only will they take amazing photos, but will edit them to be beautiful photo souvenirs youll treasure for years to come.

Where To Find A Photographer When You Travel

Instagram is a visual platform, which is great because you can easily see lots of examples of the photographers work. To find a photographer on Instagram, you can search hashtags. For example, I found success with the hashtags #dublinphotographer and #marrakechphotographer. This is my favorite way to find photographers! You can also search by location and scroll through for professional-looking images. Bloggers and Instagrammers will often mention the photographer of the image in the caption.


If you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you might find a photographer to collaborate with on This website has been around for years and was created to connect models, photographers, and stylists. Youll need to create a profile with some of your images to sign up for free. Some photographers will work in a TFP capacity. This means you do not have to pay them and they will not pay you. Instead, its a collaboration where you give your time and they give you photos . You should find plenty of photographers looking to build their portfolios.

Vacation Photography Site

Companies have built businesses around the idea that everyone wants to share photos of their trips on social media. There are websites that are strictly made to help you hire a photographer for you vacation such as Shoot my Travel and and Flytographer. These sites make it easy, but will probably be more expensive than contacting a photographer directly.


Wedding Websites


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What Is The Best Time For Photoshoot

The best time to schedule a family photography session is the Golden Hour, which is the first hour of light after sunrise, or last hour before the sunset

Golden Hour is known among photographers for its special warm light qualities. The effects of the golden light present on the subject, the landscape, the sky and over the sea enables myriad of creative possibilities.

We would meet at sunrise, or an hour prior to sunset. It leaves ample time to get setup, walk to the beach, or park and have a memorable session.

I will balance the Golden Hour with the tides, clouds to make sure we have an optimal experience.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

Aspiring Travel Photographer? Find The Right Camera ...

A professional photo session can sound exciting or even daunting to people, especially if theyve never done one before. Isnt a photo session with a professional photographer just for famous people? Doesnt there need to be a special occasion? Not necessarily.

The fact is, photo sessions can be anything you want them to be. With the right photographer, you can get a whole lot more than pictures from a photo shoot. and it doesnt have to be for a huge occasion. Simply doing something fun and special for yourself is a good enough reason to hire a photographer.

In fact, there are numerous reasons why people decide to find a professional photographer. Maybe you can relate to one of these situations and realize why it might be a good idea to hire a professional photographer yourself.

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Join Our Global Community Of 500+ Photographers Across Six Continents

Earn extra income, diversify your portfolio, meet interesting travellers, and join an inclusive, fun, and engaged community of talented photographers. Launched in 2013 as the original global vacation photography company, our focus on quality, customer experience, and fostering a close knit global community has ensured that we remain a leader in this space.

Vacation Photographers Are Affordable

Hiring your own private photographer isnt as expensive as you may think. Each company offers a number of different packages to suit all budgets with the cheapest package offered by Wanderzoom for 1 hour including 35 photos . Of course, the cheapest package offers the least amount of photos and the shortest photoshoot period.

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Why You Should Hire A Vacation Photographer In Paris

So, youâre visiting one of the most picture-perfect cities in the world. But have you considered elevating your travel photos by hiring a vacation photographer while in Paris?

If not, then you should!

Hi, Iâm Krystal Kenney, a professional vacation photographer and expat from the United States now living and working in beautiful Paris.

I was thrilled when Cassie asked me to write this guest post to share with her clients and readers about the hottest new trend in travel photography: hiring a vacation photographer, such as myself, for a private on-location photoshoot!

Iâll tell you a bit about what you can expect from the typical photoshoot by sharing my process. Iâll also reveal my favorite shoot location in Paris and identify the types of travelers who should consider hiring a vacation photographer.

As a bonus, check out my best tips on how to get the most out of your photographs during your photo session.

Testimonials And Comments About Their Work Look Promising

Finding work as a travel photographer

Perhaps the best and safest way to find the perfect vacation photographer for yourself is to find more information about their work. Here we do not talk about the information provided by the photographer themself, but the information that comes from the people who collaborated with them. You want to hear their experiences and find out if they have positive or negative things to say about the photographer youre considering. Testimonials can often be found on the photographers website or social media. Stories like these can be very helpful, because you can immediately conclude what the main advantages of a certain photographer are and whether it is something that is important to you.

On the other hand, you can always google peoples comments and it can open your eyes when it comes to vacation photographers with whom people have not had positive experiences, even though everything on their website looks flawless. A recommendation is always the safest way to find the best photographer, so if you see that people have only words of praise for a certain vacation photographer, we advise you to go for it.

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Professionals Can Offer Invaluable Advice

I will admit, I do not think I am very photogenic and as soon as the camera is pointed at me, I turn into a wobbly awkward mess, pulling strange ugly faces and sticking my butt out in unnatural poses. A professional photographer can offer invaluable advice on how to pose, stand or which direction to look in to get your best side so you end up with natural, candid and beautiful photographs.

Shoots Are Heaps Of Fun

With every photoshoot Ive booked, Ive always had a lot of fun. When you ditch the stress of taking the perfect picture and let someone else do the work for you, you can finally enjoy the time and the place your visiting. Not only do you get to hang out with a local but the photos you receive will show the joy and fun you were having instead of the frustration and awkward smiles you have to put on when you have to stand and pose in front of a stranger.

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Read What Our Customers Say About Us With 1000s Of Shoots Organised And Tens Of Thousands Of Beautiful Moments Captured

Max was an amazing person to work with and very knowledgable about the good spots in Imerovigli. The first thing I did when we received the photos back was put them on Instagram immediately to show off to our friends. We wish we flew Max to the United States for our wedding photos! From a customer experience perspective and outcome of the photos, this was 5 stars. I would recommend this to anyone!

Michael, Santorini

To start off, communication was efficient and seamless. They hooked me up with an English speaking local who knew the city well. Eliana was very easy to work with, flexible in accommodating our requests and directed us as to how to pose. Id recommend this to anyone visiting Tokyo.

Richard, Tokyo

Our photographer Filippo knew exactly where to take my wife and I to get the type of photos we were looking for while in Venice Italy. The whole experience was easy from beginning to end and we now have beautiful reminders of our magical wedding anniversary trip to Venice! Thank You!

Brian, Venice

This was beyond amazing!!! Our family photos during our London trip were beyond my expectations. They worked with our schedule and made last minute changes b/c the weather seemed to be changing. Natasha met with us on an evening at 7pm and the lighting was great. She worked with my family of 5 and got the best shots.

Amy, London

Why Should I Hire A Vacation Photographer

Your Vacation Photographer in Venice: Meet Olga

You spend hours, days, weeks, sometimes even months on planning your perfect vacation. If its a family trip, you make sure that theres something for everyone, especially for the kids. If its a couples retreat, you want it to be really romantic so you can finally enjoy each others presence without everyday hustle. If its your first solo travel, you focus on making it super special! And thats when you should say to yourself, I need a photographer!.

Family Vacation Photographer

When it comes to a family trip and photographing it, very often happens that Mom or Dad tries to take as many pictures of their little ones as possible. They want to capture the cutest years of their kids. This often results in them completely missing out on all of the images taken. If they finally ask some strangers to be your private photographer for a second and take a photo of all of them, later on, they realize that the pictures are blurry or cropped, therefore they dont want to share them with their family and friends.

Couples Retreat Photographer

Every time you travel as a couple, your Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of selfies or pictures of only one of you. This a particularly huge problem, when you are on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary. Have you ever thought about the fact that it doesnt have to be that way? Have you ever wondered, do I need a photographer for this?.

Solo Travels Photographer

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Kind Words From Our Clients

Vacation Photo Shoot in Rome

So glad I found Shoot Rome when I was looking for someone to take pics of me and my teenage son in Rome! I am very pleased with the pictures, I absolutely love them! Luca was wonderful! From emails and phone calls before the shoot, helping pic the best day with the weather, and understanding when there were detours and our cab was a little late taking us to the shoot. I’d recommend anyone to use Shoot Rome for their photography needs ! I hope to do this again one day 🙂

Talented Photographers In Turks And Caicos

Have you ever thought about documenting your vacation in a photo shoot? Well, our island paradise is the ideal location to immortalize those memories. The Turks and Caicos is a one-of-a-kind location that is a favorite among families and couples and honeymooners who wish to have their photos taken by some of the finest photographers in the Caribbean. The unique backgrounds, amazing light and the almost perfect year round weather create a unique blend of ingredients for idyllic pictures in paradise.

Our islands offer a plethora of shooting locations, including a variety of well manicured resorts and some of the worlds finest turquoise seas and white sand beaches. The opportunity for dynamic photo shoots is endless!! Engagement proposals, babymooners, senior portraits, private fashion shoots and anniversary parties are just some of the many different types of vacation events that are commonly documented by our world class local photographers. So, dont let this once in a lifetime opportunity to relive your vacation slip away. You in the Turks and Caicos is only one click away from being a cherished memory forever.

Click here to see how Paradise Photography can make your most cherished vacation memories come to life.

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They Are Memories That Last For A Lifetime

Treasure those special moments such as a surprise engagement, honeymoon, anniversary or annual family holidays. Photos speak a thousand words, so let a professional capture those perfect shots for you so all you have to do is enjoy the moment and look forward to a collection of wonderful photographic memories to look back on.

Perfect Photo Of Entire Family

My Monthly Income & Where to Start a Travel Photography Career

Happy memories that you create on family vacation will always live in your heart, and for some time, as the snapshots on your phone. But what if they could also live over your fireplace or in a beautifully crafted family album on your coffee table? And even in your childs bedroom, so these photos can be the last thing they see before sleep and the first thing they see when they wake up. Imagine that every morning they are reminded that time spend together with you on vacation is important and that everyone in these photos is important to one another. These photos will remind your children every day that they are LOVED and CARED FOR.

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What Is It Like Working With A Vacation Photographer

First, forget any of those stuffy studio sessions or bad experiences you may have had in the past. With me, you will walk away from our sessions feeling like youâve made a new friend in Paris â because you have!

The best vacation photos are created when you forget the camera even exists.

During our photo shoot, you can expect me to give you fun cues so that you know how to move and can relax for photos.

Think: dancing with your husband in front of the Eiffel Tower, a champagne toast in a cafe, or running through a Parisian garden with your kids.

A photographerâs job is to make sure everyone feels comfortable. When you are comfortable â laughing and enjoying yourself â real smiles and beautiful memories are captured on camera.

Find A Photographer In Venice And Preserve Your Vacation Memories

Venice, capital of the Veneto region of Italy, is a stunning architectural achievement. Over 100 small human-made islands are connected by a network of canals, forming the transportation routes of the city. This unique characteristic combined with the impressive landmarks and beautiful historic palaces give the entire city a fairy-tale like feel.

Hiring a local vacation photographer has been a hot new trend in recent years. And if youre planning a trip to the floating city, its a good idea to find a photographer in Venice who can make sure that your memories of this special city are preserved in clear detail.

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The Most Beautiful Destinations You Should Capture In Professional Photos

Localgrapher has the most destinations covered out of all vacation photography companies. While you can find about 200 to 300 destinations elsewhere, we have over 900 destinations around the globe! This makes us the largest vacation photo company on the market! Some popular destinations require more than 1 private photographer. Right now, you can choose from almost 1200 personal photographers!

Quantity doesnt come before the quality. We handpick every single photographer, make sure that their work is up to our standard, and bring the best photoshoot ideas to the table. Because of the large number of destinations, you can freely select a vacation photographer almost anywhere in the world!

Whenever you travel to some of the most popular locations such as Paris, Tokyo, and New York City or go off the beaten path, we get you there! If theres a very special destination you cant find on our website, you can request it HERE. Well contact you as soon as well find a photographer there.

Its More Than A Bridge

Your Vacation Photographer in Chicago: Meet Joe

With canals instead of roads, Venice also has numerous bridges crossing the canals for pedestrian travel. Many of these bridges are also historic landmarks of the city and make great places for a photo shoot in Venice.

You can find a photographer in Venice to take photos of you on the Rialto Bridge, the most famous bridge over the Grand Canal. There is also the Bridge of Sighs, a somewhat unremarkable structure, but yet one of the most famous in the city. It was across this bridge prisoners had to walk to meet their fate behind bars, and popular legend has it that the collective sighs of the convicted still linger in the walls and stones.

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Why Hire A Vacation Photographer On Our Next Trip

Long gone are the days when youd return home from your holidays and create projector slides of the fun pictures you took. These days, vacation pics are uploaded immediately to social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, Flickr, and Trover to inspire our friends and family .

Holidays are supposed to be fun, with time spent with your family, partner or friends. You spend a lot of money on it, spend hours researching the best spots for photographs and all the hidden non-touristy spots only to have one of your family members missing because they are behind the camera, or you reluctantly pass the camera to a passer by and end up with blurry photos or cropped out landmarks.

Most of us are under immense pressure to take high quality photos and capture those special memories, but often the stress of doing so takes away from the vacation spirit. That is why hiring a personal vacation photographer solves this holiday dilemma.

There are a number of reasons why having a professional photographer follow you around and capture those special moments is worth spending the bucks. Ive ditched the selfie stick and hired holiday photographers numerous times on my trips and I love the experience. So why would you pay for a vacation photographer to take photos of you?

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