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Disney Vacation Club Villa Rentals

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Dvc Points

Fripp Island Vacation Rental – 182 Beach Club Villa

Guests pay $19.00 per point for all stays within 7 months. Reservations booked beyond 7 months are calculated at $19.00 or $20.00 per point based on the DVC resort. One of the many reasons to rent a DVC villa through our company is that the price shown on our Cost Calculator is the total we charge for your accommodations! DVC owners are allocated their points yearly, and they are responsible for maintaining their membership dues and fees to use their points. As a guest staying in a Deluxe Villa, you’re only responsible for paying for the cost of the rental you’ve booked. What could be better than a deluxe Disney vacation at a great price?

Our COST CALCULATOR tool can be used to determine the total cost of your entire stay!

Locate Available Points To Rent

You basically have 2 methods of renting Disney Vacation Club points: using a point rental company or booking directly to an owner.

How to book using Davids Vacation Club Rental

The DVC rental company that we use is Davids Vacation Club Rental over at .

Youll usually pay a little more than if you work directly with an owner, but its a more secure and professional process.

How to find a private owner to rent DVC points

Another popular option for DVC point rental is to find a DVC owner with points to rent.

There are various ways to do that, but a popular one is to connect with an owner on the DVC Rent/Trade board on the DISboards .

Important note: Be sure to read the information there about how to find points.

Some owners have points with expiration dates that might take place before your trip. Some owners have points tied to specific resorts. Look for an owner with the number of points you need for your dates and contact them through their message board post to see if they still have them available.

What Are Dvc Points

Deluxe Studio Villa at Saratoga Springs Resort

DVC stands for Disney Vacation Club and is Disneys vacation ownership program, kind of like a timeshare.

But unlike a timeshare, DVC owners buy a set amount of points that are added to their account each year.

These points can be used to stay at ANY Disney Vacation Club resort any time of the year.

Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge

DVC resort rooms are all called villas and vary in size from Studio Villas to 3-bedroom Grand Villas.

They feature kitchenettes or full kitchens and sleep from 4 to 12 people.

DVC resorts are all in the Deluxe Category at Disney World, which means they have amazing pools, excellent dining options, fitness facilities and more.

These are the ten DVC resorts at Walt Disney World in Florida:

  • Animals Kingdom Lodge Villas
  • Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Wilderness Lodge Villas

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Can You Use Online Check

If you rent points to book your stay, youll be able to use that confirmation number to link the reservation to My Disney Experience. Then, youll be able to utilize Online Check-In just as a traditional hotel guest would be able to. Youll also be able to make dining reservations, FastPass+ reservations , etc. just as a regular guest would be able to. Youll also be able to use your phone or MagicBand to open your door if you want.

Youll also be able to use Magical Express to get to your room , and youll fall under the Resort Guests category when it comes to Park Pass availability.


What about other perks? DVC Members get access to DVC lounges, etc. so do you get those benefits by renting points? Unfortunately, you do not. You wont get access to the DVC lounges or be able to use the DVC member discounts.

But, you will get free parking as we discussed above, free laundry services , and since you are considered a hotel guest you will get access to some discounted MagicBands.

Our Points Rental Vs Davids Dvc Rental Cost Comparison

Best Times to Request Disney Vacation Club Rooms

Heres one example: a Disney World visit from Davids has a dedicated reservation to Old Key West available. Its a one bedroom that sleeps up to 5 adults. With Davids DVC Rental youll pay $2,709 .

That same room when booking through Disney runs $721.25/night before taxes. Your total after taxes for the stay would be $3,245.63. That is $536.63 more than renting DVC points! You can buy a lot of Mickey pretzels and Dole whips with that.

To put that into perspective, if I look for another room that sleeps 5 adults during that same time period, the cheapest option is Art of Animation. A room there will run you $2,568.39. So, for only $140.61 more, you can go from a Value level resort to a Deluxe level resort with all the perks.

The savings offered by renting DVC points can be used on other Disney expenses like snacks! Photo Credit: Nasreen Stump

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Davids Vacation Club Rentals Rent A Disney Villa

Ive been using Davids Vacation Club Rentals for many years now, both as a DVC member selling points and as a buyer renting a villa. I only have great things to say about his service for both DVC members and guests who are looking to rent something nice during their Disney vacation. Below Ive outlined my experiences with his services as well as what he does and how you can save.

Disneys Beach Club Villas

Resale & Rental SpecialistPrivacy Guarantee:Privacy PolicyTerms of Use

Browse our resale and rental inventory for Disneys Beach Club Villas and uncover huge savings on these desirable DVC properties. As an independently owned and operated website, can provide helpful, unbiased advice on the most affordable way to buy or rent a Disneys Beach Club Villas timeshare on the secondary market.

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Theme Park Perks For Deluxe Resort Guests

Guests of all Walt Disney World resorts get the early entry perk which gets you into the theme parks 30 minutes ahead of other guests. However, deluxe resort guests get the perk of Extended Evenings, too. That gives you hours of extra time in the park at the end of certain scheduled days. We have a full post on this fun perk here.

Overall, we didnt see any discernible difference between booking as a points rental guest and as a traditional guest. Booking a points room gives you access to all of the same benefits of booking a Walt Disney World Resort hotel room on your own.

Overall, its one of our favorite ways to save money and give your Disney vacation an upgrade.

Would you book a room with points? What questions do you have?

The Room Or Hotel You Want Isnt Available

DVC 101: Home Resorts and the Disney Vacation Club

If the room or hotel you want isnt available, then youll actually get the opportunity to book other available rooms/resorts. A member of the AllEars team used Davids Vacation Club Rentals services recently. When they sent in their request, the rooms they initially requested werent available. They received an email from Davids Rentals indicating that their preferred rooms/resorts were not available.

Not to fear, other rooms/resorts during their stay were available! Davids Vacation Rentals sent a list with some alternate options.

The emails also included the prices for these other rooms.

Our team member and Davids Vacation Rentals continued to email back and forth about availability.

And then ultimately, our team member decided where theyd like to stay and took the next steps! But if you cant find any rooms that are satisfactory to you, your $133 partial payment will be refunded.

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Should You Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Every familys decision will be as unique as their Disney World vacation. If someone tells you that you absolutely should rent DVC points, go find another source of information. As with many things in life, it all depends. Ive outlined the main pros and cons above, but there are plenty of other considerations.

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Its always best to check the prices Disney World is charging for their moderate resorts before you consider alternatives. Weve seen surprisingly low prices, albeit during quieter times of the year, but as a general rule, Disney Vacation Club rentals will save you money over paying retail Disney prices.

That said, booking directly with Disney typically gives you more flexibility if you need to change or cancel your booking. All things being equal, in the time of COVID-19, that can be very valuable. However, while Disney isnt accepting new reservations directly at the moment, renting DVC points is short-term your only option for staying at a true Disney resort. The other option for an on property stay is booking at the Disney Swan or Dolphin. These arent true Disney resorts but are in an on-property location that is an easy walk over to Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios.

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Additional reporting by Summer Hull

Featured photo courtesy of Disney Polynesian Villas and Bungalows by Disney Parks. Some photos in this piece were used under a Creative Commons license.

The Money Is Due When You Book

You will be required to pay for the entirety of your lodging within 24 hours of getting the booking. Regular Disney hotel rooms only require you to pay a deposit equivalent to one nights stay.

Davids promises to pay DVC owners on the day the reservation is booked. This means that you need to pay Davids. Accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

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What Perks Are Included With Disney Vacation Club Resorts

This is where the savings really multiply. A Disney Vacation Club room isnt just a hotel room. The resorts that have DVC rooms are all deluxe resorts. This means that youll get all the perks that are only available to deluxe resort guests like Extended Evening Hours.

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Honestly, being able to stay in at a deluxe resort for prices closer to the moderate level alone makes it worth it to me! Im a value-oriented girl. Thats money saved that I can put towards my annual pass, snacks and drinking around the world at EPCOT .

In addition there are some other fun savings when you rent DVC points, such as free resort parking. Owners dues cover the cost of parking.

Disney Vacation Rentals By Owner

Stormalong Bay at Disney

Disney Land The Magical Kingdom

Disney World is Florida’s hottest family appeals because of its stunning parks in which Magic Kingdom is that the maximum iconic, with Cinderella’s Castle standing in the middle of the park. The Disney World enjoyment is jam-packed with theme parks and water parks, every with a completely unique environment and exceptional points of interest, which include the exceptional zoo encounters of the Animal Kingdom and the traditional Disney expertise of the Magic Kingdom. Whether or not you fancy the amusement rides or the peerlessly careful scenery, Disney World has varied of amusement for everyone in your family.

Magic Kingdom offers the foremost rides for tiny kids, additionally because of the greatest variety of opportunities to satisfy up with a personality. For a panoramic finale to a fascinating visit, theres nothing like taking within the iridescent Main Street Electrical Parade or experiencing the desires nighttime fireworks show therefore arrange your trip with no booking fee by the owner of the Vacation Rentals in Disney so as to fancy the total expertise.

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Pros & Cons Of Dvc Point Rental

The biggest benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points is saving money. The example of Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas above is a good one. If you wanted to book a stay August 19-23, 2022 in a value view studio, thats exactly how many points youd need, and how much it would cost if you rented points through one of the point renters.

For a stay December 2-6, 2022 it would be even cheaper! Other nights throughout the year would cost more, but you get the idea. You couldnt even stay in a Moderate Resort for the rates you can get by renting Disney Vacation Club points, let alone a Deluxe.

In addition to saving money on hotel rates, another benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points is freeparking. Walt Disney World is now charging for parking at its hotels, but this does not apply to guests staying on DVC points. There is no charge regardless of whether the person using the points is a member or notits based upon the use of the points .

Meaning, if you were otherwise going to drive or rent a car at Walt Disney World, point rental now saves you another $24/night in that you wont pay for parking. Its not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but definitely something to consider.

Another benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points, for some people, is getting the Disney Dining Plan without purchasing park tickets. Unfortunately, the Disney Dining Plan is temporarily unavailable, but we expect it to return before 2022.

Rent Dvc Points Directly From An Owner

The second or DIY way involves renting directly from a DVC owner.

I have used DVCapp to check availability and find an owner from whom to rent points, and it is by far the easiest way to go!

The MouseOwners Rent/Trade/Transfer Forum

Another way to go about finding an owner from whom to rent DVC points is using a forum such as the MouseOwners Rent/Trade/Transfer board.

This is the forum I have used many many times and I have never had a bad experience.

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How To Stay In Dvc Rooms As A Non

Okay, so you are interested in staying at a DVC resort, but how do you do it? Well, you could book available rooms at DVC resorts directly through Disney World. While this is a very straightforward way to do it, it can also be EXTREMELY expensive.

How can you stay at these DVC resorts without blowing your budget? Well, you could rent DVC points! If DVC members are unable to use their allotted points before they expire, theyll sometimes rent them out to others. There are a few different ways you could rent these points, but the way that we recommend is through Davids Vacation Club Rentals!

Davids Vacation Club Rentals is a service that enables you to rent DVC points from DVC members looking to rent them to others, and it could potentially save you HUNDREDS of dollars on DVC rooms when compared to regular rates.

Want to know what the process is like to rent DVC points through Davids Vacation Club Rentals? Lets take it step by step.

Can You Rent Dvc Points

DVC 101: Banking, Borrowing and Using Your Disney Vacation Club Points

Studio Villa at Disneys Polynesian Village Resort

When someone buys a DVC membership they receive a set number of points that are deposited into their member account each year. Sometimes they are not able to use all of the points themselves and decide to rent these points out to others.

A DVC owner can make a reservation with their points in anyones name, even if the people on the reservation are not DVC members themselves.

When you rent DVC points you essentially pay a DVC member to use their points for a resort stay for your family.

You do NOT have to be a DVC member to rent points. I hope that makes sense!

The easiest way to rent points from a DVC owner is through Davids Vacation Rentals. They handle everything for you and youll still save hundreds on your Disney vacation. Read on to get all of the details.

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How To Reach Disney

The simplest manner to get to Disney is through the Orlando International Airport which’s an arrival factor for maximum domestic and global flights. The Kissimmee Gateway Airport is likewise the closest aviation facility to Walt Disney World, Sea World, and UNIVERSAL Orlando. The fastest manner to get to your Kissimmee holiday apartment might be through taxi or through an apartment car.

Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

Everything you need to know!

Disney Vacation Club is a time share program offered by Disney where members sign a long-term contract and agree to purchase a certain number of points every year. Members then exchange those points to stay at a Disney Resort. Disney Vacation Club rules are very strict and unused points will expire. Often times when owners have points that they are unable to use they opt to rent them to vacationers. Renting points is a great way for vacationers to save some money while allowing owners a chance to recoup some of the investment when they aren’t able to enjoy the time share themselves.Disney does not rent points. You must rent from the property owners directly. And because of this renting can be a little risky. You will find ads to rent DVC points all over the internet and many of them originate from untrustworthy sources. Magic Family Travel does not rent DVC points, nor can we help you with your rental reservation, but we recommend that you use a reputable points broker such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals. David vets property owners and provides a safe rental process. Using a points broker costs a little more but will provide you with the peace-of-mind in knowing that you will not be taken advantage of.Disney Vacation Club Villas vary in size and are available at these locations:

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Aulani Resort & Spa

Frequently Asked Questions:How far in advance should I make my reservation?11 months in advance

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