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Free Vacation Rental Listing Sites

Homes & Villas By Marriott

Best Rental Listing Sites for Hosts

If youre having second thoughts about giving up the perks of a hotel stay, including the ability to accrue and use valuable loyalty reward points, Homes & Villas by Marriott may be a perfect fit. The hotel group has created a collection of over 50,000 premium and luxury home rentals located in more than 500 prime destinations throughout North America and around the globe.

The homes are managed by Marriott , so they meet the companys design, cleanliness, safety, and amenity standards. Bonus: Its also the only vacation home rental program to participate in Marriott Bonvoy, which means members can both earn and redeem points for all stays.


  • Earn and redeem points for stays
  • Hotel standards for vacation homes
  • Large variety of international locations


Post On As Many Rental Sites As Possible

Perhaps intuitively, the easiest way to increase your bookings is to increase the number of eyes that see your listing. What better way than to list on as many websites as possible? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • FlipKey: This vacation rental listing site offers a free-to-list policy with a mere 3% fee per booking. As a TripAdvisor partner, FlipKey posts rental listings on TripAdvisor as well, increasing your exposure without any extra charge. They also distribute your listing to 11 additional websites, all for free!
  • AirBnB: Like FlipKey, AirBnB offers a 3% fee per booking with a free listing policy for all rentals. With such a small booking fee and no cost to list, there is no risk to testing out this platform for your rental!
  • HomeAway: HomeAway is one of the biggest vacation rental services with companies like VRBO and under its umbrella. Like FlipKey, they offer a free-to-list option but with a higher booking fee of 10%. If you want to eliminate the booking fee, they also offer paid listing options.
  • VRBO: Like their parent company HomeAway, VRBO has both free-to-list and paid listing choices for their customers. The service boasts an average of 127 inquiries per listing per year, according to their website. That statistic alone should be enough to make you sign up for VRBO!

Be sure to do a quick Google search for listing sites as well you might find some rental listing sites that are specific to your local area!

Final Decision: Which Listing Is The Best

Our recommendation is that you list your property on as many sites as you can manage.

If you have to choose one listing site, then pick the one that makes the most sense for your vacation rental based on fees, traffic, and the audience.

The cost difference between Vrbo/HomeAway, Airbnb, and FlipKey/TripAdvisor is slim, especially when you factor in all the components above, which is why we think its better to prioritize getting your properties in front of as many travelers as possible.

If you really want to make more money, your focus shouldnt be on picking the platform that saves you a few hundred dollars your focus should be on getting more bookings overall. The more bookings you make, the more rental income youll earn. Its as simple as that.

With Evolve you dont have to choose.

When you partner with Evolve, you dont have to choose which marketplaces to list your property on. Not only do we create a custom property listing with professional photography, but we also distribute your listing on all of those major marketplaces, getting you full exposure across the top online travel sites.

Our goal is to drive more guests to your property for maximum income, while giving you more choices with fewer rules all for an industry-low 10% management fee .

See if you qualify or call one of our Vacation Rental Advisors today to learn more at .

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Why Should You List Your Property On Vacation Rental Sites

If you already receive a significant amount of direct bookings, you might be wondering whats the point of listing your property on an OTA in the first place. After all, there arent many vacation rental sites without fees and every host wants to keep as much of the grand total as possible. If you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, youll see that adding your property to vacation rental listing sites will actually increase your profits, fees and all.

Global Vacation Rental Listing Sites

7 Great Vacation Rental Listing Sites You Didn


53 million visits per month

190 countries

50+ dedicated sites

HomeAway is the big name in the vacation rentals industry with more than two million listings in 190 countries in 23 languages.

Funded in 2005 and now owned by Expedia, the HomeAway network is the #1 vacation rental marketplace to advertise your property.

The HomeAway network of booking sites includes VRBO, HomeAwayUK, Homelidays, Abritel, and Stayz.

The ‘Book with Confidence Guarantee’ offers comprehensive guest payment protection and instils booking trust.

All listings include a property headline, description, 24 high-resolution photos, interactive map, guest reviews and reservation calendar.

‘Instant book’ properties are slowly being rolled out for distribution across Expedia and Trivago as part of the Expanded Distribution Network .

Properties for rent include houses, condos, apartments, villas, barns, boats, bungalows, cabins, castles, chalets, chateaus, cottages, estates, mansions, yachts and yurts.

HomeAway offers a pay-per-booking option and annual paid subscriptions.


1.55 million reservations confirmed every day

480 million monthly visitors

6.5 million listed homes, apartments and other unique places to stay

154,000+ destinations in 225 countries

17,500+ strategic partners

Adding your vacation rental on Booking gives you instant access to a huge audience of approximately 480 million website visitors per month.

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What Will My Website Address Be+

If you sepcify Serene Mountain Lodge as the name of your Property/Website in the registration form, the name of your website by default will be If you opt for one of the paid plans, you can use your own domain if you already have one. Once you choose your website name and register it with you can’t change it, nor your url address.

The Most Popular Vacation Rental Listing Websites

The most popular vacation rental sites are Airbnb, Vrbo,, and Tripadvisor. These online travel agencies are the most common places people go to book a short-term rental. These are also the most common platforms to have API integrations with channel managers, so you can sync all your bookings across multiple sites.

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Airbnb Can No Longer Protect Horrible Listings

Regulators have forced Airbnb to rectify a major flaw in its customer review system which meant that until now some of the worst listings have escaped bad reviews.Currently, guests who decide to cancel their stay or leave early because the apartment or house is a bit of a dump cannot automatically…

Why Do I Need My Own Website+

What Listing Site Should I Advertise My Vacation Rental On? AirBNB, VRBO, Houfy, or something else?

Research on rental booking preferences has revealed that 65% of guests prefer to book directly with the provider rather than using listing sites like By having your own website youre free of paying fees to those services, becoming more self-sufficient and take control over your vacation rental business in order to boost your bookings.

If someone is interested in your property, you really don’t want to send them to a third-party listing. Thats why a website is an absolute essential for any serious vacation rental business owner looking to create online credibility.

With your own website, you can advertise anywhere. Appear in internet searches when someone is looking for a holiday rental in your area. You can easily expand your marketing reach by promoting your holiday property through Social Media sites, send traffic from social media profiles, directories and forums to your site.

Increase exposure – Having your own vacation rental website allows you to be 100% in control of the content that is published on it. No matter what you want to put on your site: more text, photos, videos or documents for download, there are no restrictions which will limit your decision making.

Not to mention that with you get all these benefits in one slick package, specially designed for holiday rental owners like you.

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Luxury Vacation Rental Sites

Looking to splurge on a five-star villa or vacation home? These sites are known for their service-oriented and stylish listings.

  • Plum Guide: This uber-selective site chooses to list only the most unique and luxurious homes in destinations like Palm Springs, the Hamptons, and the Cotswolds.

  • Luxury Retreats: Now a subsidiary of Airbnb, Luxury Retreats offers 24/7 concierge service and a collection of 4,000+ homes and villas that meet its 240-point quality assessment.

  • Villaway: This site provides dedicated concierge service, airport pick-ups, and tour bookings along with luxury homes and villas in destinations like St. Barths and Maui.

  • Villas of Distinction: Find your ideal villa – whether it has a tennis court or a home theater – in destinations throughout the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

  • All Luxury Apartments: This booking site focuses on high-end apartments in urban destinations like Paris, New York City, and Barcelona, with a few in resort destinations too.

  • Olivers Travels: Vacation homes on this site must pass a rigorous evaluation in order to be listed, so you can avoid any unexpected surprises upon check-in – plus you can check if the home is baby- or kid-friendly.

  • Stay One Degree: Like a vacation rental country club, this members-only program lets you book an exclusive selection of homes and meet fellow travelers.

  • Other Vacation Rental Listing Websites

    With the popularity of sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, there are lots of similar sites these days. Here are some other websites for vacation rentals by owner you can look into:

    Also check out this list of niche vacation rental sites to find websites based on your location or unique characteristics of your property.

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    Regional Vacation Rental Sites

    Traveling to a particular corner of the world? These regional vacation rental sites focus on a particular country or market.

  • Agoda Homes: As the vacation rental arm of hotel booking giant Agoda, this site lists over 1 million homes and apartments in markets throughout Asia.

  • : This Europe-focused site lists apartments, villas, cottages, and homes in destinations like Tenerife, Tuscany, and Ibiza, plus a handful of listings in non-Europe markets.

  • Just Holidays: Formerly known as Euro Direct Rentals, Just Holidays specializes in home rentals in European destinations and has an ever-changing specials page.

  • Holiday Lettings: Now part of the Tripadvisor family, this UK-based site got its start with cottages in the English countryside, but you can book vacation rentals in Europe and beyond today.

  • The Holiday Let: Another UK-based site, The Holiday Let offers vacation rentals throughout Europe and in leisure destinations like Thailand and the United States.

  • Abritel: The French-language version of Vrbo is one of the most popular travel booking sites in France, where French-speaking travelers can book homes around the world in their own language.

  • Traum Ferienwohnungen: This hugely popular German website is a favorite among German travelers looking for vacation rentals across the globe.

  • Tripz: Find vacation homes across the United States on Tripz – from cozy cabins in the Smoky Mountains to luxurious oceanfront villas in Hawaii.

  • Diversify Your Pool Of Guests

    7 Great Vacation Rental Listing Sites You Didn

    If your vacation rental business is only known to a certain audience like retirees or couples, youre missing out on potential reservations. You dont want to get stuck in the cycle of only booking a certain type of client by limiting the places you publish. While its true that there are certain guests to avoid, not using vacation rental listing sites could hold you back from a variety of clients who could enrich your hosting experience.

    Some listing sites have personalities of their own or they are known for attracting niche audiences , so if youre trying to move towards a new clientele or just attract a variety of guests, you might want to consider which sites best suit the clients youre seeking out.

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    Tips For Finding The Best Vacation Rental

    How do you go about finding the best vacation rental for your needs? Weve got some expert tips to keep your vacation on track.

    1. Nail down what kind of accommodation and amenities you want

    Its easy to focus too much on the location and not enough on the rental itself. Forgetting about the accommodation details leaves way too much to chance.

    How many bedrooms does the rental have? How many bathrooms? Is there a communal space? What about other amenities, like a hot tub? If youre cooking, is there a stove, oven and cookware?

    Some amenities like a large living room may be found more commonly in a single family house. But if you dont need them, an apartment or a condo could be a better fit.

    Have a big family? Make sure everyone wants to stay in one house. If not, consider reserving a couple of rentals near each other and shuttling folks between the two. Or, if youre at a resort, ask about adjoining rooms.

    Visiting an extremely hot or cold area? Make sure theres an air conditioner or heater thats sufficient for your needs. Youd be surprised what some properties dont include.

    2. Gut Check

    With millions of vacation rental listings worldwide, there are bound to be some fakes out there. While spotting a scam is getting more difficult, there are some red flags.

    Does the host want to conduct rental business outside of the rental platform? Is the landlord asking for an unusual payment method? Does something seem off about the rental?

    3. Where is Management?

    The 26 Best Websites To List Your Rental Property Listing

    The world is becoming more digital, with nearly 77 percent of Americans owning a smartphone, its no wonder why the younger generations are abandoning traditional marketing tactics such as real estate signs or newspaper adds, for online reviews and tools that update in real time. As renters continue to turn to their smartphones and social networks for every step of the rental process, you may be looking for the major online rental marketplaces and best rental listing sites to advertise your property.

    A listing is only as good as its ability to garner interest in your property, so once you choose one or more sites from the roundup below, get some tips on how to craft effective rental ad copy. Professional-quality photos or 360° virtual walkthroughs can help you attract more interest and save yourself time by weeding out renters who have something else in mind.

    Take a look at the best sites to list rental property:

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    Where To List Your Vacation Rental Property Online

    Youve furnished your vacation home. Stocked it with all the guest necessities. And now youre ready to open the doors to your first guests. But where do you find those guests? Or, rather, where will they find you? Travelers today have more places to browse vacation rentals than ever before. The key to your success is to diversify, instead of simply listing on one site. The equation is simple: More websites your home is listed on = More exposure + more earnings.

    Here, well sum up some of the biggest booking sites where individual homeowners can list their properties. Focus your efforts here first. Then, you can explore more niche sites to fill in the gaps.

    Some Information About Airbnb

    The TRUTH About Vacation Rental Listing Sites HomeAway & AirBnB

    Popularity: high

    Launched in 2008, Airbnb became a world-renowned online short-time rental service. As of today it is considered one of the largest tourist services, which provides access to 7 million venues to stay in 191 countries and over 100,000 cities. In addition to a short-term rental, the service offers local handcrafted activities organized by hosts.

    Property Listing

    Hosts can list their property with no fees, free of charge.

    Terms & Fees

    The host service fee is 3% of each accepted reservation. For property managers with 6+ listings, the fee is 14%.

    What is special about it? Pros and cons

    Its up to hosts what to charge from guests: however, the service provides tools to help set a market price depending on the regions popularity, location, property type, travel trends and prices set by homeowners nearby.

    Its easy to start: the service detects your location and shows an estimate for your possible monthly income even prior to registration as a host or manager.

    There are no fees for sign-up and listing charges. Hosts specify their unique schedule, pricing and rules for guests At the same time, Airbnb is ready to provide hosts with valuable recommendations along the way.

    Interaction with guests is available via the website or a mobile app. The communication between hosts and their guests is convenient and simple. The service collects enough personal data to ensure security of your property, but doesnt disclose this data until it is necessary.

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    Set Up A Facebook Account For Your Rental

    Getting a Facebook page for your rental property or properties is a great way to seek out future guests, and to keep past guests interested and engaged. To incentivize your followers to rent your vacation home, offer special discounts for holidays or off-seasons on your Facebook page. You should also post articles, travel sites, and more about the surrounding area to convince people that there is nowhere better to vacation.

    Reach A Wider Global Audience

    You can have the best beach house in the whole Outer Banks, but that still wont help you to tap into a global market if you arent properly advertising your property. When you list your vacation rental on local sites and global listing pages, you help to scale up your business to reach guests from all over the world who might be more than interested in staying at your property!

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