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How Much Does Hilton Grand Vacations Cost

Hilton Grand Vacations Club On The Las Vegas Strip

How to compare timeshare costs vs hotels (Hilton Grand Vacations and Worldmark examples)

49-inch LCD televisions come with premium cable channels. Business-friendly amenities include safes and phones free local calls are provided . Additionally, rooms include irons/ironing boards and blackout drapes/curtains. Housekeeping is provided daily. Renovation of all guestrooms was completed in April 2017.

The recreational activities listed below are available either on site or nearby fees may apply.

Is A Hilton Timeshare A Good Investment

The answer depends on your definition of the word investment. Timeshares are not a financial investment since they depreciate in value in the vast majority of cases including Hilton timeshares.

This isnt to say they arent a good buy, since the product is a use product and the real value is in the vacations and shared experiences they provide with families and friends. This is why the industry refers to timeshare as a lifestyle investment because you are investing time into your experiences and relationships rather than making it about a financial investment.

The financial outlay for a timeshare is about locking in future vacations at todays prices as a way to hedge against inflation for future vacations. Hotel room prices always seem to be on the rise, so buying a timeshare is a way to keep the costs consistent. However, when buying on the resale market you will see savings as much as 60 percent compared to resort retail prices. This saves buyers thousands of dollars upfront. Even considering the annual maintenance fees, prorating the purchase price and annual fees over a 20- or 30-year ownership period makes the overall yearly average cost of accommodation a great deal considering the high-quality accommodation you get in a Hilton timeshare.

Unlike paying for a hotel room each year, at least you can sell your Hilton timeshare and make some money back on your initial outlay.

The Best Hilton Grand Vacations Resorts

Most Hilton Grand Vacations Club owners fall in love with the outstanding amenities and luxurious resorts that Hilton offers. With locations in California, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and even international, Hilton brings the world to your fingertips. Some of the best Hilton resorts are in Las Vegas, right in the action on the Strip. If youre looking for vacations every year in Florida, Hilton has the best resorts in Orlando as well. Take a look at the best Hilton Grand Vacations resorts you can buy:

You will find the best amenities and accommodations at every Hilton resort. On-site dining with world-class chefs, rejuvenating spas, multiple pools, fitness centers, and more can make your vacations that much better. Not to mention, suites or villas can accommodate the entire family. Accommodations normally range from studios, all the way to four-bedroom units that offer privacy and plenty of space.

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Selling Your Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare

The first option to cancel your Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare worth exploring is selling your timeshare. However, this option is only available for paid-off timeshares. The first step is figuring out how marketable your timeshare is.

It would be best if you answered these questions as objectively as possible:

  • Do you own a points package or week?
  • Is the week a prime location and time?
  • Are your points enough to book popular reservations with Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare?
  • How much does Hilton Grand Vacations charge to transfer the timeshare?
  • We recommend seeking professional advice, but this can be time-consuming and a bit tricky because many timeshare resale companies try to charge exorbitant prices to list your timeshare. We have found that more often than not, these entities are more concerned with getting a prepaid marketing fee than the successful sale of your timeshare.

    Additionally, it is a fact that there are more timeshares listed than prospective timeshare buyers. Often, timeshare supply exceeds demand, which is why many timeshare listings are set for $1 on sites like eBay. Another consideration is the amount of time it may take to sell the timeshare and that you must continue paying the maintenance fees while your timeshare is listed.

    Are Hilton Grand Vacationstimeshares Worth It

    What Do Timeshares Cost

    After learning all this, does owning a timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations still sound worth it? We hope your answer is no. But what if youve already fallen victim to the traps that so many HGV customers have found themselves in. You attended an excessively long sales pitch in exchange for a free hotel stay. Then, once you actually started your timeshare contract, you realized how hard it was to book vacation stays and how much maintenance fees rise each year. But now, Hilton Grand Vacations is telling you theres no way out of your contract.

    If you feel hopelessly trapped in an inconvenient timeshare you no longer want, Centerstone Group may be your rescue boat. Centerstone Group is a full-service advocacy group that helps clients seek release from their timeshare contracts.

    As one of thebest-rated, quickest, and most affordable timeshare exit companies in the industry, Centerstone Groups team of experienced relief experts may be able to help you navigate release from your timeshare contract. If youve been a victim of fraud, high-pressure sales tactics, or misrepresentation during the timeshare sales process,contact Centerstone Group today for a free consultation.

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    The Buying & Selling Process

    Selling Timeshares, Inc. has many HGVC resale point packages available. Visit the Hilton Listings section for prices or feel free to make an offer.

    If you are a Hilton Grand Vacations Club owner interested in selling your property, please fill out the form in the Sellers section.

    You can learn more about Seth Nocks long track record of Hilton resale by visiting Timeshare User Group and reading just a bit on the HGVC forum section.

    Main Hilton Grand Vacations Club Dues

    When considering Hilton timeshare cost, it’s important to remember yearly maintenance fees. All owners of Hilton timeshares, regardless of how they purchased it, will have to pay their annual dues. HGVC members usually must pay them by January 1st each year.

    Your HGVC annual dues go toward covering a variety of different costs:

    • Club Dues: This is the basic annual charge for a Hilton Grand Vacations Club membership.
    • Operating Fee: The operating fee covers everything involved with basic resort operations, ongoing maintenance, housekeeping, and more.
    • Reserve Fee: This portion of your annual dues goes toward future repair and extensive maintenance needs. This fee is the same amount for all Hilton timeshare owners.
    • Real Estate Taxes: This is charged to cover your home resorts taxes.
    • GE Tax: The state of Hawaii imposes a general excise” tax on all businesses statewide. HGVC resorts in Hawaii will charge an additional yearly fee to help cover this. This only applies to owners of Hilton timeshares in Hawaii.
    • Club Access Fee: This annual fee only applies if your home resort is currently in development. The Club Access Fee grants early access into resort before it is open for business.

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    Why You Should Buy Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare

    If youre considering buying a timeshare, there are tons of options out there. Timeshares are a great way to save on vacations over a lifetime, and have a more comfortable and luxurious experience. Hilton Grand Vacations Club owners love their timeshare. Why? Because Hilton timeshares are points-based, with the best destinations to choose from, and amazing resorts around the world. Well go in-depth as to why you should buy a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare.

    How Does Hilton Grand Vacations Work

    Hilton Grand Vacations Owners Share Why They Value Their Timeshare So Much

    First things first when youre looking to buy a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare is understanding how the club works. When you buy a Hilton timeshare, you receive a deeded ownership interest at one of their resorts. This becomes your Home Resort, where you can vacation every year, during the same week, and even in the same unit. However, most vacationers want ultimate flexibility and freedom for their travel.

    Over the years, timeshare has transitioned to an amazing, flexible, points-based product. As a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare owner, you also become a member of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. HGVC offers Members an annual allotment of ClubPoints, which is like your vacation currency. The amount of ClubPoints you receive every year depends on the popularity of your Home Resort, the season of your deeded interest, unit size, or type of unit you own. This is why choosing the right Home Resort is so important for your membership.

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    What Is Hilton Grand Vacations Open Season

    This may seem a little bit complicated. But once you get to understand Hilton Grand vacations open season and the rest will be easy. It would be beneficial to you as a vacationer.

    The open season gives you added access and more flexible short term getaways. HGVC owners can enjoy the advantage of last-minute reservations. No need to worry about expensive rates. Let me discuss further.

    Understanding the different timeshare seasons get you to save a lot when it comes to costs. Spending would be much easier.

    In every resort, the available weeks that you can reserve are divided into four groups. These, they call as seasons. These seasons are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

    The bronze season is that week that has the lowest demand. Most new resorts do not make use of this season. But if you look hard enough, you may be able to find one. These resorts are rare during this season. But they are the most affordable.

    The next level up from Bronze is the Silver Season. This is common in the resale market. It would also be beneficial for a traveler to get this during off-peak seasons.

    When we talk of the Gold season, we refer to the second-best season of all. Like the Silver Season, this is also common in the resale market. These are a bit affordable when you compare it with the Platinum Season.

    And speaking of the Platinum Season, these are the highest in demand weeks. This season, so you should know, can last from a week up to a year.

    Elara By Hilton Grand Vacations

    Adjacent to the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, the Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations towers over the Las Vegas Strip. Explore all 52 stories with floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for viewing the Las Vegas lights. Lounge the day away at the Elaras outdoor pool, complete with spa tubs, private cabanas, as well as a bar and grille.

    Select from Studio suites for those long weekends with a loved one, or take the entire family with one, two, three, and even four-bedroom accommodations. The three and four-bedroom options are complete with fully-equipped kitchens, making your vacations as comfortable as possible.

    See More Hilton Grand Vacations Resorts in Las Vegas

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    Vacation Exchange With Rci

    When you buy a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare, you also have the opportunity to travel around the world, outside of the best Hilton resorts. RCI is the first vacation exchange network, where timeshare owners can trade their weeks or points for thousands of other resorts across the globe.

    Learn More About RCI Exchange Here.

    Is Hilton Timeshare Worth It

    Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare Presentation in Vegas ...

    There are many perks to owning a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare that may be worth it, despite what it will cost you. The benefits of their loyalty programs alone, including free hotel stays, might be enough to sway your decision. Of course, the world-class accommodations at over 50 resorts worldwide are also pretty enticing. If youre looking to travel all around the world, stay at luxury resorts, and make unforgettable vacation memories, then maybe a Hilton timeshare would be worth it for you!

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    Why Shop Timeshare Resales

    Owning a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare comes with a number of exclusive benefits. The flexible HGVC points-based system allows club members to easily book accommodations and use extra points for travel, food, and more. HGVC exchange programs allow timeshare owners to explore a different resort every year, and may even enable them to enter the RCI timeshare exchange program, which includes a network of over 5,000 resorts.

    Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare Resales

    Hilton is a name synonymous with luxury accommodations, extensive resort amenities, and desirable getaway destinations. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club provides vacationers with a flexible way to explore the best locations around the world through timeshare ownership. Although buying a timeshare directly from a developer can be a large financial investment, buying HGVC timeshare resales is a good way to get the Hilton Grand Vacations Club experience without the big price tag.

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    Hire A Reputable Timeshare Exit Company

    Hiring a reputable timeshare exit company can be a daunting task. A quick will give you thousands of companies, all promising to provide you with a fast, easy, and guaranteed way out of your Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare. The truth is that just like any other industry, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly – while some Timeshare Exit Companies are excellent, some are outright scams to be avoided at all costs.

  • Donât pay hefty upfront fees for services
  • Check the reviews and complaints on sites like the Better Business Bureau
  • Donât set up consultations or meetings with anyone until you have done your homework
  • See if the company has pricing available online
  • Have reasonable expectations on the cost and time to cancel your timeshare
  • We have compiled a list of the top timeshare exit companies to assist you in searching for whatâs best for your situation. If youâre unsure whether you need an attorney or a traditional timeshare exit company, you can also check out this article on how timeshare cancellation works.

    Our Experience With Hilton Grand Vacations

    HOW MUCH FOR HGV MAX? Hilton Grand Vacations & Diamond Resorts International

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure statement for more info.

    November 16, 2018 By ESI

    As I write this post, Im back from a trip to Washington, DC with my wife and son.

    We spent three days in DC, then drove to Virginia for a visit with my daughter

    In that time we toured the White House, saw the Air and Space Museum, visited the National Zoo, ate at Pi Pizza with some blogging friends, toured the Capitol, visited Appomattox , toured Montpelier, and drove a gazillion miles around the entire state of Virginia.

    It was a busy six days exhausting but very fun as well.

    In addition to all of this we made time for the Hilton timeshare presentation that Ive written about in Our Latest Timeshare Adventure as well as Dear Hilton Hotels, This 15-Year Customer is Done with You.

    Since I had talked about the plans on the site I thought it was only appropriate that I share how the experience went.

    Summary: It was better than I expected in some ways and what I expected in others.

    Visiting Hilton Grand Vacations

    As noted in the first post above, we paid a fee and were allowed to stay in a Hilton Hotel at a discounted rate. We agreed to listen to their timeshare presentation as well .

    We only had a couple choices in the DC area, and we picked The Madison.

    Our timeshare meeting was officially with Hilton Grand Vacations and was held at the Embassy Suites in DC.

    The Sales Pitch

    At this point we were about 90 minutes into our time together.

    Getting to No

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    Can You Cancel A Hilton Grand Vacation

    Of course, you can!

    Since its start, owners would find themselves in a situation where there is a need to cancel. This is possible, yes.

    The cancellation procedure is a straightforward process. Also, the process makes it easier for owners to understand.

    The cancellation policy depends on the developers capacity to book the resort again.

    This is why it is of utmost importance to cancel at the soonest time possible. The closer your cancellation to the travel date is, the harder it is for the developer to find somebody else.

    In general, where you cancel about 31 days or more before the travel date, you only lose your reservation fee.

    When you cancel within the 15 to 30-day period, you will lose about 25% of the currency you used when booking. About 6 to 14 days before the travel date, you lose 50% of the currency you used to make that reservation.

    If it is about five days or less before your travel date, you lose 100% of your currency.

    You can cancel by calling the HGVC hotline. You can also cancel your reservations online.

    There would also be Hilton Club Counselors who can help you in making that cancellation. So aside from it being straightforward, it is also easy as pie.

    While this program is best for frequent travelers, this is not for all. One must always check the worth of getting timeshares.

    Are you a frequent traveler? Or do you think you can make reservations and cancel them because you cannot travel?

    Whatever it is, the program is not for all.

    How Much Does A Hilton Timeshare Cost

    Hilton has stated that the average cost for a new Hilton timeshare is about $22,000, but this is if the timeshare is purchased through Hilton. The cost depends on several factors with significant savings if a package of Hilton timeshare points is purchased on the resale market.

    Hilton sells timeshare as a deeded interest in a particular resort, with points attached that can be used within the Hilton timeshare resort network. The cost is higher if purchased directly from Hilton because of associated sales and marketing costs included in the price that are recouped through the sale. The cost also varies depending on how many points are purchased, with more points needed for larger units or specific, higher demand accommodations such as West 57th Street by Hilton Club on Manhattan in New York City.

    Timeshare resale prices are lower because those sales and marketing costs are not included since buyers are purchasing directly from existing owners. That can save 50-60% off the cost by buying resale with savings even higher depending on the home resort and the points package.

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