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How To Sell Disney Vacation Club

Find A Dvc Resale Expert

How To Sell Disney Vacation Club!

Its important to remember, not all timeshares are the same. While DVC is a timeshare, it is a points-based timeshare. Finding a DVC resale expert to help navigate the process of selling your points is key. DVCs Quality Assurance Department is there for you and can answer any questions you may have about how the resale process works and give advice on how to sell your points with a professional. This is how to find out if you can sell your points back to Disney or find the best place to sell your DVC points resale.

Will You Sell All Points

This is one of the messier conversations about DVC contracts. I dont have statistics or anything, but many people I know who have bought into the program have done so in increments. In other words, they own more than one contract.

Assuming that youre one of those people, youll need to decide something else. Youll want to pick whether you want to divest yourself of all your points. If you have multiple contracts, you may prefer to keep one for your own needs. Then, youll sell the others to increase your bank account.

Here are a couple of things that you should consider. The DVC market, like all other aspects of the real estate industry, relies on the overall strength of the economy. When the economy is strong , all real estate prices increase. This explains why The Walt Disney Company recently announced historic price increases for the various DVC properties.

I point this out for twin reasons in this discussion. DVC resales inventory is at historic lows right now, making this the ultimate sellers market. By selling immediately, youll receive more for your DVC contract than ever before. Conversely, you may want to keep some contracts to maximize profit.

Right Of First Refusal

Where Disney is very active on the secondary market is through their Right of First Refusal program. All sales on the resale market need to be presented to Disney for approval and one of the ways Disney maintains their high resale values is by engaging in the approval process.

When a buyer is found for a Disney timeshare resale, the sale is referred to Disney and they assess the sale price agreed to by both parties. If the amount is considered too low, Disney will consider buying back the timeshare points. If the amount is considered high enough, Disney will allow the sale to go through. In either case, the seller will be able to sell their points, either to Disney or to the new buyer, but they will need to have a buyer lined up first.

By Disney participating in this process, they can keep the documented resale prices as high as possible as well as removing the lower priced DVC resale points from the secondary market. This all works in favor of sellers looking to get as much as possible for their timeshare points.

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Youre Less Interested In Traveling

Then, theres the corollary. During the pandemic, many Americans have holed up in their own homes almost all day.

How many of us are ready to go back to normal, so to speak? Are you sure youll feel comfortable the next time youre at Walt Disney World?

Im projecting a bit as I ask this question. In February, my wife and I felt claustrophobic during a morning visit to Disneys Hollywood Studios.

That park is the smallest at Walt Disney World. Still, the popularity of Star Wars: Galaxys Edge and Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway keeps it full.

When we arrived at Rope Drop, everything was fine. An hour later, Alien Swirling Sauces switched from a 10-minute wait to 45 minutes.

Even Muppet*Vision 3D required 40 minutes of waiting in line. We eventually sat at a table outside PizzeRizzo and ordered lunchelsewhere.

Going from only interacting with the people in your family to the entirety of a Disney theme park can overwhelm you.

Thats before we factor in lingering health concerns about airplanes and airports. And dont even get me started on hotel beds or restaurant buffets.

If youre cringing at the thought of any of these things, you may not want to travel for a while.

In that case, you should sell your DVC membership right now. Its a sellers market at the moment, allowing you to maximize profit.

Why Buyers Should Consider A Resale Fsbo Dvc Contract

Buy or Sell Disney Vacation Club

My honest advice to all buyers is that they should find the best available deal out there. When I have bought DVC resale contracts, I have looked at all available postings from all the major brokers, and I encourage you to do the same.

If the best deal out there is a For Sale By Owner than you should take it without any reservations.

The processes is basically the same as using a broker. There are benefits of using a broker, such as they can give advice on how many points to buy, what use year to buy, what to expect from DVC and how the whole program works. But you can also easily learn that information on the internet or by listening to podcasts.

In most real estate transactions you need to tour the house you are buying and insure that it is price competitively for the area and expert advice can be very helpful.

However, DVC in this regard is not like other real estate purchases as you do not need to tour the resort nor is there any difference from one 150 contract at a resort to another 150 point contract at the same resort. Contracts are easily comparable and you should try to purchase the best deal available to you.

The buyers true advantage of getting a for sale by owner DVC contract is that contracts may be listed at a lower price as the seller is not having to pay steep commission rates. These savings are sometimes pasted on to the buyer as the seller is able to list the contract as a lower price and still make the same amount of money.

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Why Do You Want To Sell

You should have a firm grasp of your purpose when you sell your contract. Are you selling for financial reasons? If so, are they that you need money or that you no longer want your capital tied up in the DVC program? The latter aspect is particularly important since some facts could cause you to reconsider. DVC is the rare timeshare-esque program whose value has consistently beaten the inflation rate over the years. After some research, you may discover that holding on to your contract is a viable option.

In such a scenario, rather than selling your ownership interest, youd sell or rent your annual DVC points to either an individual or a DVC rental company. Youd receive $13 or so per point, giving you a quick cash influx while keeping you in the program. The major DVC rental programs are trustworthy. Dealing with an individual is a riskier proposition. On a personal level, Ive had only positive exchanges, but in a very small sample size, I did encounter three clear con artists.

The other downside is that youre still responsible for maintenance fees even when you dont personally spend the points. The cost of the maintenance fees eats up some of the profit you earned by renting your points. Anyone on the fence about selling should carefully evaluate the amount of money youll earn for the year. The DVC point rental system is a way to kick the can down the road a year or two when youre truly unsure about whether you should quit DVC.

Selling Options To List Your Dvc Contract

Regardless of the option you choose, DVC Resale Market will be there for you every step of the way. DVC Resale Markets Contract Management Team includes a former DVC Quality Assurance Manager and former DVC Resale Administrator. With this experience and knowledge, the DVC Resale Market can make the selling of your DVC contract as efficient and seamless as possible.

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Can I Sell My Timeshare Back To Disney

Members looking to sell their Disney timeshare are in the most envious position in the timeshare industry, due to the impressive demand for the product. Disney timeshare points generally hold their value better than any other timeshare program in the world, due to the strength of the Disney brand and the entertainment products associated with the behemoth known as The Walt Disney Company.

For Club members wondering if they can sell their timeshare back to Disney, the real question you should be asking yourself is why would you want to sell it back to them in the first place?

We Get To Work Finding A Guest For Your Reservation

We Sold our Disney Vacation Club Contract!

As soon as youve added your points to the dashboard, our friendly Member Inventory Management Team will get to work looking for corresponding Guest reservation requests or procure a spec for you to book that match your points. Well notify you the moment our team finds a reservation that matches your points or a guest that fulfills your spec reservation.

If we match you to book one of our waitlist requests, youll have one hour to book the matching reservation and provide us with the reservation confirmation number. If we match your points with a spec reservation, well send you a notification once we have a guest to fulfill your spec. This offers our members the most flexibility to be able to procure inventory within their lifestyle and availability.

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Determine The Contract Thats Right For Your Family

DVC Memberships come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the features of a contract will help you pick one that fits your plans and budget just right.

DVC contracts can vary by:

  • Home resort
  • Point availability
  • Use Year

These factors can determine price too. The resort you purchase into provides you with home resort priority, meaning an 11-month booking window versus a 7-month booking window at other DVC Resorts.

The point size is the amount of points you will receive each year until the deed expires. You may want to refer to a DVC point chart in determining the right point amount or consult with a team member from the DVC Resale Market.

Your DVC annual dues per point are based on the resort you purchase into, so the resort you pick and amount of points at that resort determines your total annual amount of dues. Point availability refers to the amount of points currently on the contract .

Use Year is simply the date you will receive your Disney Vacation Points each year. There are 8 different Use Years, and they are February, March, April, June, August, September, October and December.

How Do I Find A Buyer

As with residential real estate sales, most owners looking to sell their DVC contract use a real estate agency to assist them in locating a buyer. A DVC resale agency will market and advertise your contract in a variety of ways to find you a buyer as quickly as possible. Licensed agents who have years of professional experience can provide you with recommendations and advice for your listing price, the best time to sell your membership, what to do with your points while youre in the process of selling, whether or not you should pay your annual dues, and many more questions that sellers may have.

Again, working with a reputable and experienced broker or agent is the best way to ensure that the selling process goes smoothly and without any hiccups. Selling your DVC membership is always an option if you find yourself in a situation in which you feel that you must sell.

For more questions about selling your DVC membership contact our DVC Shop Resalesdivision and our friendly and knowledgeable agents will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding selling your DVC contract.

Additionally, if you would like to rent your points, contact our DVC Shop Rentals division where our agents can walk you through the rental process and show you how you can make money by renting some or all of your yearly allotment of DVC points.

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Ask For An Updated Status From Disney

One of the first items to establish is the current status of your Disney timeshare points. Most Disney owners are savvy and understand what they own, but you will want to get confirmation of your status from Disney so you can present the most accurate information possible to a buyer.

To do this, reach out to the Disney customer service department and ask for a Vacation Points Activity Statement. Otherwise, if you already have a licensed agent that you are working with, you can give Disney written approval for your agent to request the statement on your behalf.

Because DVC points are attached to a deed at a specific resort, those points can only be sold in their entirety and not split up to be sold in lower quantities. While a seller may have a larger overall point total across different resorts, the number of points specific to a given deed must be sold in their entirety when put onto the resale market. Therefore, it is good to clarify your ownership with Disney.

Rent Out Your Dvc Points

DVC Resale Market

Timeshares Only can not only help you sell your DVC points, but we can also help you rent them out! Renting out your DVC points is a great solution to selling if you just need some time off from vacationing! We can help you market your DVC points for rent on our rental marketplace. Timeshares Only will also facilitate between the owner and renter, so it can be as stress-free as possible to rent out your points! Plus, owners keep 100% of the proceeds!

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Getting Started Selling Your Dvc Membership

Selling a Disney Vacation Club contract is not only possible, but often yields a stronger resale value than almost any other timeshare brand in the world. Selling your DVC Resale doesnt have to be difficultthe DVC Resale Market Team sells more DVC resales than anyone else in the industry, and our sales team consists exclusively of former Disney Vacation Club Guides, all trained by Disney to sell the DVC brand.

Specialty Accommodation Possibilities Across Disney Vacation Club Resorts


Bungalows sleep up to 8, and typically include a full kitchen with modern appliances, a washer and dryer, and two bathrooms. The master bathroom includes an in-mirror TV, a whirlpool tub and a walk-in shower.

Bungalows Typically Feature
  • Polynesian


Cabins sleep up to 8. They include a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room with washer and dryer. Other luxuries include a private deck with hot-tub and double-sided fireplace.

Cabins Typically Feature
  • Copper Creek


Treehouses sleep up to 9. They are lofted into the surrounding treeline with a fully equipped kitchen and stunning views from its unique hexagon shape.

Treehouses Typically Feature
  • 1 Pull-Out Chair or Murphy Bed
  • 3 Private Bedrooms
Resorts with Treehouses
  • Saratoga Springs

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How To Choose The Right Dvc Reseller

One of the key things you have to look for with a Disney Vacation reseller is whether they have a real estate license or not. If they dont have one, stay clear.

Next, check out any reviews you can find about the company in question. And also determine how professional they come across by getting in talks with them.

Furthermore, look at the services they offer. Do they provide excellent marketing? Do they have a good reputation for price negotiations? How long have they been in business?

Ask yourself all of the questions above and you should be on the right track for Disney Vacation Club resale. Here is more info. for DVC sellers who are looking for an agent.

How Much Are Dvc Points Selling For

Buying and Selling Disney Vacation Club | DVC Show | 03/26/19

There is a growing market for Disney Vacation points for sale. This means your DVC points are worth quite a lot of money depending on the number of points you own. Also, the vast range of privileges that these points come with is always in demand for families looking for the ultimate Disney experience on a budget. That being said, it is also important to factor in the seasonal changes in the value of the DVC points. For example, booking a stay at the Old Key West resort in January will give you more value for your points than in July since the price increases in July.

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You Dont Like The Way Disney Is Trending

I just mentioned that DVC is selling points without adding to inventory. However, theres a more significant issue in play with the parks.

As youve probably heard, Disney will stop offering Magical Express in January of 2022.

This invaluable amenity has taken care of many out-of-state DVC members for more than 15 years now. Were used to it and mortified at the thought of losing it.

Sadly, thats not the only change. Extra Magic Hours no longer exist, either.

Disney has stated that guests staying at official Disney resorts will receive 30 minutes of early access before park opening.

However, that hasnt happened yet, and no start date has been announced.

Similarly, FastPasses remain in limbo and may never return. Simultaneously, Disney now requires Park Passes for guests.

Id expected such a move as a concession to the pandemic. But Disney is offering Park Passes for 2023, meaning this change appears semi-permanent.

Then, there are park aspects like the increased focus on intellectual properties.

We lost Maelstrom in favor of Frozen Ever After. And California Screamin is now the Incredicoaster.

Even Twilight Zone Tower of Terror became a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

Meanwhile, the anchor ride at Disneys Hollywood Studios now stars Mickey Mouse.

All these changes work individually, but they point to a Disney experience you may not prefer.

The Disney that youve known for years as a DVC member is changing, and you may not like it as much.

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