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Plan A Vacation To Paris France

How Many Days In Paris

How to Plan a Trip to PARIS | BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE Part 1

Paris is massive. Which begs the question, how many days should you spend in Paris?

We think that 4 days is the absolute minimum you should spend. Anything less will have you jetting around from sight to sight with no time to relax and experience what truly makes Paris special. The cobblestone streets in Montmartre. Wandering Le Marais. Relaxing on the banks of the Seine.

That being said, 4 days is enough time to see the major sites and leave plenty of time for exploring.

This itinerary is meant to help you see the best of the city without needing a vacation from your vacation.

If you have more time, we have recommendations above on how to spend it. However, you could also just pick a neighborhood and spend a day wandering from shop to shop, coffee to coffee, wine bar to wine bar.

That sounds like a perfect day in Paris to us.

Find Great Airfare And Accommodation Deals

The most important reason why visiting Paris during thefirst two months of the year is a good idea is because you will be able to findsome amazing deals on hotels and plane tickets. Probably the worst time of yearto visit Paris is during the high season of the summer, where everything istwice as expensive and overbooked by tourists from all over the world.

After the Christmas holidays have passed, most travelerswill have returned back to their homes and everyday lives. As a result, thedemand for plane tickets and bookings at hotels in Paris drops and thismotivates air companies and hotel owners to make some great offers in order toattract more people to visit during this off-season.

You can greatly benefit from this situation and book plane tickets and accommodation for a fraction of the price you would originally pay. While Paris is in general one of the most expensive capitals of Europe, visiting during these two months could help you explore it even if youre trying to keep your travels within a certain budget.

Late Night Pizza Delivery In Paris

You will notice that a lot of these pizza delivery services offer a wide variety of food choices such as: deserts, wraps, salads, Paninis and more.

Pizza24: This is one of the more popular choices however it also seems to be owned by the same people as Pizza by Night and Pizza de Nuit. These guys are open from 11pm to 5am and have a minimum delivery order value of 20euro.


Andiamo Pizza Paris: A very similar choice of delivery service as the Pizza24 however these guys have minimum order value of 25euro. They offer everything from fish fingers and pasta to salad and pizza. They are also open from 6pm to 5am 7 days per week.


G-Faim La Nuit: This website sends out a few mixed signals but in a nutshell it seems to have some very similar food choices to the other pizza shops above. It is unclear about its opening hours as the home page says it closes at 5am however the delivery page says it closes at 430am. Minimum order price order price is 25euros.


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How To Save Money In Paris

Being a major European city, Paris is definitely not a budget destination. There are a few ways to save money of course, even on an itinerary as packed with attractions as this one is. Food is one way rather than eating out for every meal for example, you could stay in an apartment or hostel that lets you cook your own meals.

If thats not an option, consider having picnic lunches or breakfasts, and eating out in the evenings. Also, keep an eye out for the menu du jour, most restaurants offer a fixed lunch or evening menu which includes a number of dishes at a fixed price.

You can usually get a meal for between â¬12 & â¬25 which includes two or three courses, bread, and sometimes even wine or coffee. Check out our guide to the best restaurants in Paris for lunch deals.

The cheapest way to get around Paris is to walk of course, followed by the excellent public transport system. We usually walk as much as we can, and then take the metro for the longer trips. Taxis can be convenient, but they will eat into your budget very quickly.

One of our favourite ways to save money when we visit a major city where we want to see a lot of sights is to invest in a city sightseeing pass. In Paris there are three main passes that we recommend, the Paris Pass , the Paris Museum Pass and the Paris City Card.

Also, on the first Sunday of every month, many museums are free to visit although very crowded as a result!

Day 7 Deepen Your Paris Experience

Visiting France Soon? Listen and Plan Your Trip with Locals! in 2020 ...

Writing an itinerary for Paris that fits every person is hard, nearly impossible. Some people will want to spend days in art museums and wandering the galleries. Others might just want to spend their week in small plazas sipping coffee or wine and watching people. Still others might crave a week jammed with activities, tours, and sights.

Paris is all of these things.

There are certainly things that are so typically Parisian that it would be shame to miss them. The first days of this itinerary cover a lot of them. Day 7 is the day that you should lean into your interests and find out what Paris has to offer.

As with all of the itineraries on Travel Made Simple, this 1 week itinerary in Paris gives you a solid start to planning your trip. Modify it as you see fit.

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What To Do With Less Time In Paris

With less time in Paris, wed recommend cutting the number of things youre trying to fit in. The alternative trying to fit the same number of attractions into a shorter time will leave you needing a vacation from your vacation. Im speaking from experience here.

The first thing to cut is the day trip to Versailles. Its cool, sure, but at the end of the day its just a rich persons palace with some beautiful gardens. We love the Jardins du Luxembourg in the 6th Arrondissement , which are a little less manicured, but are a good substitute.

3 Days in Paris

With three days in Paris, cut the day trip to Versailles and follow the itinerary as written above for days 1-3. This is an easy one.

2 Days in Paris / A Weekend in Paris

If youve only got a couple of days in Paris, the first thing wed do is choose between the Louvre and Musée dOrsay. Theres so much to see in Paris that, with only a couple of days, we dont think it makes sense to spend 3-4 hours on each museum, which is the amount of time youd need to do them both justice.

The second thing wed recommend is to pick two of the neighborhoods on day 3, and wed recommend that you choose Montmartre and Le Marais .

Heres what two days in Paris could look like.

  • Day 1: Montmartre, Le Marais, and the Eiffel Tower
  • Day 2: The Gothic Cathedrals, a Foodie Adventure, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe

One Day in Paris

Our first tip for spending a day in Paris is to book a second .

You’ve Made It You’re In Paris

Yippee! We got you to Paris and you’re snuggled into your cozy hotel. Now we need to make sure that we’ve helped you plan you Paris activities before you leave home. Paris is a busy place, and you can’t wait until you arrive to try to sign up for the best things to to. You’ll either find yourself waiting in ling line-ups or be disappointed that activities have sold out.

Don’t worry, though, it’s easy to do all that planning in advance, before you hope on the plane. In Part Two of the Paris Travel Planner we’ll tell you how to o it, the easy way!

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Join A Perfume Workshop

Paris is known for its perfume manufacturing business andFrench perfumes are known and loved all around the world. If you are a fan ofperfumes yourself, you can easily sign up for a perfume workshop if you visitat the right time of the year.

While these workshops are usually crowded, visiting in January or February could help you find a few empty spots for those courses. This can be a fun activity, especially if you wish to teach something interesting to your kids or spend some time creating perfumes with your loved one.

How To Get Around In Paris

Paris Itinerary Ideas | Things to do in Paris, France | Frolic & Courage

The best way to get around the city is on foot and by metro for long distances. However, if you are one of those who like to move by car, there is the option to pay for a car park for the days you are in Paris.

We have used this option, and it is very good. Please note that on Sundays, it is free to park on the street in Paris.

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Montmartre Where Romance Is Always In The Air

Head to the 18th Arrondissement in the footsteps of painters and romantics. At the foot of the gorgeous Sacré-Cur church, you will find a maze of cobblestoned streets filled with artists ready to paint your portrait for a few euros.

Once home to Degas, Picasso and Renoir, Montmartre continues to attract bohemians and has a jovial, friendly atmosphere with bars with cheap wine and live entertainment and throngs of tourists lining the streets. If you choose to stay here, be aware that youll very likely hear the noise of the street until the early hours unless, of course, youre out there enjoying the atmosphere!

You cant beat Montmartre for a romantic sunset view across Paris and youll be just a short hop on the metro away from the rest of the tourist hotspots.

Places to Stay in Montmartre

The Hotel des Arts is one of the best picks for a romantic getaway, steps away from the Moulin Rouge and a short walk to Sacré-Cur. Youll also be very close to Rue des Abbesses with its great restaurants and independent shops.

For an even more boutique experience, head to the MomArt Hotel on Rue dOrsel, close to Sacré-Cur and offering fantastic rooms for the location. Its family run, every room is different, and even has an on-site bar, restaurant and spa.

Where To Stay In Paris: Best Areas For Travelers

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Plan Your Arrival In Paris

Planning your arrival in Paris is one of the essential steps of your planning process but many tourists forget about it!

Keep in mind that you will spend hours on the airplane and all you will be able to think about is dropping your suitcase in the hotel and freshen up maybe eat something too?

So make things easier for yourself and book ahead, or at least search for how to get to Paris from the airport.

The best options are by train and shuttle bus in this order. The RER B train is cheap and takes about 50 minutes to reach the city center.

On the other hand, the bus is a little more expensive and takes approximately 70 minutes to reach the city center.

There is a faster service called Le Bus Direct, and it costs 17 euros.

If you prefer to take a cab, taxis charge a flat rate of 60 euros.

Also, have a cheat sheet with the name, address, and phone number of your accommodation. That will be handy!

How Long Should You Spend In Paris

Your Paris itinerary: plan your two day trip to Paris

If this is your first time in Paris, I would recommend a minimum of five days, including your arrival day. Ideally, you would spend a week and have more downtime, plus time for a day trip from Paris, but you may also want to include a visit to a neighboring city like London or Amsterdam to round out your stay, or some time in the South of France.

For our spring break trip, we are staying six nights and continuing on to Venice and Florence Even with six nights, our days are pretty busy and we arent planning any day trips. Spending a week in Paris is entirely doable.

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What Do Other Tourists Think Of 2cv Tours

The popularity of 2CV car tours is an indication that tourists like and enjoy the idea of a personal tour of Paris in a vintage car, but what do people think of the tours themselves?

As you can imagine, each tourist has a different experience depending upon the company running the tour and the staff they hire, but they also have a different experience based on their personality, their expectations, and the local conditions such as the weather and traffic conditions.

Many of the online reviews say that it is the guide who makes or breaks the experience. If you get a good guide, especially one that speaks fluent English and is personable, then you increase your chances of having a good time.

Some people enjoy the personal feeling that the tour gives them, and many enjoy having tourists photograph them in the vintage car. The car itself tends to draw a moderate amount of attention, which adds to the glamour of the experience.

In some cases you might find that the classic 2CV tours takes you places that you wouldnt have thought of visiting, and to places that you didnt know were important or historic. It is a great learning experience, and if you have a good guide, it is also very interesting and fun.

Book Tickets And Tours

As you are researching what places you want to see, you may also want to think about how you want to see them. Sure it is possible to explore all of Paris on your own, but will you get more out of it by taking a tour?

Some of the Paris tours that are worth spending for include:

  • Louvre Tour the Louvre is the largest museum and impossible to explore it all on one visit. Why not tour it with an art historian that can not only explain what you are looking at, but also know how to navigate the massive art museum so that you see the highlights and avoid crowds as much as possible. We booked an evening tour of the Louvre with Take Walks to see Mona Lisa at the quietest time.
  • Food Tour a food tour is a great way to explore a neighborhood in a new city and experience the local cuisine in a way that you wouldnt find on your own . We booked a food tour of the Le Marais neighborhood with Devour Tours.
  • Eiffel Tower you can buy tickets on your own for the Eiffel Tower, but if they are either sold out or you want to learn more about the history behind the Tower, you may want to consider a guided tour. We booked a combo evening tour that included a river cruise with a glass of champagne and an Eiffel Tower tour with The Tour Guy.
  • Ile de Citê even though the Notre-Dame Catherdral is still under repair, there is much history to explore and learn on the Ile de Citê. We booked a walking tour with LivTours from the Pont Neuf that included skip-the-line access to Sainte Chapelle.

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Things To Note When Booking Your Tour

It is unlikely that you will be able to see all of the sights with just a day of touring, so why not try the places that are either miles from your hotel, or that are slightly trickier to visit by public transport.

The weather is going to affect your experience, but it only becomes a problem if your visibility is altered, otherwise you shouldnt let a little wind or rain spoil your day.

Some tours either happen at night or go into the night, and you should consider a drive after the sun goes down because some of Pariss landmarks look truly magical when they are artificially lit up at night.

A good guide will have no problem negotiating the traffic and zipping down little streets. Having an experienced driver behind the wheel makes all the difference. Remember to check online reviews before you choose a tour company and book a tour because it will help you avoid some of the less reputable companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

As a final Gage of just how good an authentic, classic Citroen 2cv Paris tour is i often like to refer to TripAdvisor for a rating and review system. At the time this was written a tour of Paris in a 2cv has a rating of 5/5 stars overall out of over 1000 people. It also is ranked #9 as best tours to do in pairs out of over 900 tours.

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