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Vacation Rental Calendar Excel Template

Team Vacation Planner Excel Template

Employee Vacation Planner v1 – Free Excel Template

$ 15

The template is designed to help calculate the number of employees available on any day and compare it with the number of employees needed on that day in the company.

  • Customize to suit your companys needs
  • Any planning period of up to 1 year
  • Any number of company holidays
  • Each employee can have different availability
  • Demand can be set differently by weekday
  • Employees can have different employment periods
  • Automated capacity calculations
  • Calendar view of Employee and Team Availability
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Easy and organized data management
    • All within familiar Excel Easy to learn and extend

    Travel Tips And Resources

    • Check the Weather!! at wunderground.com – This is a pretty cool travel planner by Weather Underground that will show you the weather during your trip. Use whatever weather app you prefer, but remember to check the weather.
    • Tips for Traveling Abroad at travel.state.gov – This is an important checklist to use if you are traveling out of the country.
    • Check with Big Brother at tsa.gov – Flying? Check TSA’s rules and remember to leave the key-ring pocket knife that you got for Christmas at home.

    Track Absences In Days/hours

    This option changes the template quite a lot.

    When tracking absences in hours you simply enter a number into a cell to signify the hours of absence taken. The totals are a sum of the hours.

    Tracking absences in days allowances you to specify the type of absence by entering a letter into the cell instead of a number. This option also allows you to track half day absences.

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    How To Use The 2021 Staff Holiday Planner

    Users of last years holiday planner already know it and are familiar with it: Its quite simple.

    First download the Excel template at the end of the article and open it with Excel or similar software such as Numbers from Apple or LibreOffice a free office alternative.

    Now you have two options: Either you edit the file directly in Excel or you print it out and mark the holidays of your employees by hand.

    Conditional Format Reservation And Booking Calendar In Google Sheets

    Download free Free Rental Calendar software

    We have reached the last part of how to make a reservation and booking staus calendar template in Google Sheets.

    Right now we are in the Availability!C4. You can see the below formula there which is copied to the range C5:C13.


    There are three main functions in use in this formula Filter, TextJoin, and Match.

    The Filter formula filters the check-in and check-out expanded dates from Filtered!$D$3:$CY. The criterion to filter is the room number.

    In the case of the same room has been booked on multiple dates, there will be multiple records in the Filtered sheet with the same room numbers, right?

    So the above filter formula output may contain multiple rows. The Texjoin combines multiple rows into one.

    Finally, the Match formula matches the dates in Availability!$C$3:$3 with these dates and returns the relative position of the found dates in Availability!C4:CP13.

    With conditional formatting, we can highlight the background colors of the cells containing the relative positions to light orange and also the font colors to the same color.

    Thats it.

    Conditional Format Rules

    I have used two custom rules in conditional formatting. You can find that in the image below.

    The applied range is C4:CP13. You may need to modify this range if you have more rooms.

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    How To Create An Excel Vacation Calendar For Employees

    The pillar of every organization lies in its people. Thats why employee management is, and it will be, the priority of every company who wants to succeed and survive in, already overcrowded, market.

    However, in recent years seems like employees are not willing to be satisfied with a decent salary and a challenging set of responsibilities which will upskill them, improving their worth on the job market. Employees want more, besides standard offers such health insurance and retirement plans are. They are not willing to sacrifice their well-being anymore to climb the corporate ladder. Employees are not willing to compromise theyve learned to know their worth.

    All of this came as a challenge to many businesses and they had to step up their game. Offering perks such as unlimited PTO policy, remote work and office snacks followed by casual Fridays seem to do the job. However, introducing them to the workplace didnt come without its challenges.

    Thats why we wanted to talk about what kind of problems may arise if companies fail to track vacation days and stay updated on their vacation policy, as well as how to create an excel vacation calendar for employees to manage their leave in a better and more efficient way.

    What can happen if you dont track your employees vacation days?

    Thats why we decided to help out and share some tips on how to create an excel vacation calendar for employees and offer you some useful tools to use.

  • Open Microsoft Excel.
  • Culture Amp

    Free Excel Leave Tracker Template

    • — By Sumit Bansal

    One of my teammates has the responsibility of creating a leave tracker template in Excel for the entire team. This tracker template is then used to track vacations/holidays and planned leaves of the team members.

    Till now, she used a simple Gantt chart in Excel but wanted something better with more functionalities.

    So, I created this Excel Leave Tracker Template to make leaves management easy and track monthly and annual leaves by her team members.

    You can also use this as a vacation tracker template or student attendance tracker if you want.

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    What Does The Spreadsheet Include

    Our template spreadsheet includes space to record information on up to five properties. It also has four primary tracking areas that include:

    • Tenant Information
    • Rental Income
    • Expenses

    The tenant information area includes space to record the tenants name, contact information, rent amount and lease renewal date.

    The spreadsheet also has an area to record the date the security deposit is collected and how much was collected.

    In the rental income area, you can track the date you collect rent each month, how much you collect, and if you charge a late fee.

    The last section is for rental expenses. There is an area to record common rental expenses like your mortgage, utilities, and insurance by month. Also included is an area for miscellaneous expenses per property.

    All of the spreadsheet columns are formatted so that the expenses total automatically. So you can easily view where youre at financially at any given point in the year. This also makes it easy to view your gross income, expenses and net income. And finally since its in an Excel spreadsheet you can easily reformat any sections you wish.

    Why Do I Need To Update My Calendar

    Team Vacation Planner Excel Template – Features & Benefits

    Your calendar should always be accurate. This means that the dates that a property is booked should be indicated as such. You dont want a guest making a booking, only to find that someone else has already snapped up those dates first! Similarly, if your calendar says that your property is unavailable even when its empty, youre missing out on potential bookings.

    This is especially important if youre using a Channel Manager. Channel Managers are tools that allow you to list your vacation rental property on multiple rentals websites, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor and more. Guests who visit any of the channels will be able to see and book your property. When youre listing in multiple places, its absolutely vital that the calendars are up to date. Otherwise, a property might show as available on Airbnb when its already been booked on Booking.com for example. If that happens, youll have to cancel a booking and, most likely, incur a cancellation fee as well as annoying your guest and the rentals website.

    In fact, many rentals websites refuse to host calendars that havent been updated recently. This is because they really, really hate cancellations so even if you dont have anything new to add to your calendar, you still need to update it anyway.

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    Emergency Contacts With The Family Vacation Planner Template

    How many families travel without a list of emergency contacts? An emergency is never something we want to think about , but it makes sense for each family member to have a copy of this list with them. If you became ill and were hospitalized, your children would have the list with grandmas phone number right there in their backpack or suitcase. An excellent detail on the template is the section for the travelers blood type. In an emergency situation, this can be life saving information.

    The family vacation itinerary template is the perfect tool to use for your next family vacation. Download it today and take the potential stress out of your next vacation. Have your family members join in and help you customize the fields for your next trip. Planning a trip together can be fun and exciting when everyone joins in.

    Download the Family Vacation Planner Template from Microsoft Office: Family Vacation Planner Template

    5 seconds

    What Is A Vacation Rental Calendar

    Okay, lets get the basics out of the way first. A vacation rental calendar refers to the dates that a vacation rental property could potentially be booked by a guest. Traditionally, this could have been a paper calendar or spreadsheet that property managers updated manually, but nowadays most vacation rental calendars are online. This means that bookings can be easily added and removed, and the growth of Channel Managers and iCal has meant that these calendars can be shared between websites.

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    Features Of A Vacation Rental Booking Calendar

    This type of calendar has other purposes besides just showing you the dates on which your rentals are available.

    If you have multiple properties, the calendar should allow guests to switch from one property to another. This way travelers can easily check their reservations or gather other information at a glance. As a result, they wont spend any unnecessary time trying to determine when and what properties are available.

    Excel Leave Tracker Template

    Vacation Rental Income and Expense Tracker Excel ...

    This Excel Leave Tracker template can be used to record and monitor employee leaves for a year .

    You can track 10 different leave codes for an employee vacation leaves, sick leaves, maternity/paternity leaves, casual leave tracking, leave in lieu of overtime, and half days, etc.

    It also provides a monthly and yearly total of different types of leaves that can be helpful in project planning and leave management.

    It uses a bit of conditional formatting, a few DATE functions, array formulas, and a simple VBA code.

    Leave Tracker Template? Click here!

    How this Excel Leave Tracker Template Works?

    • Use the triangle icons next to the month name to move to the next/previous month . There is a short VBA code that runs in the background whenever you change the month. It shows you the selected month only and hides all the other months.
    • This Excel template can be used to track leaves for over a year. You can select a start month and can track leaves for a year. For example, if you follow the April-March cycle, select April 2021 as the starting month.
    • Note: The value in cell A1 is to change the time period of the leave tracker ONLY. DO NOT use Cell A1 to move to the next month while recording leaves. Use the triangle icons next to the month names to go to the next/previous month and mark leaves.
  • As soon as you specify the non-working days, those weekdays get highlighted in gray color in the leave tracker.
  • The download file is completely unlocked so you can customize it to your needs.

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    Save Time On Data Entry For Your Rental

    This excel template is designed to import your VRBO rental income and fees, so its easy to keep track of them and saves a ton of time on data entry.

    If you are looking to get your rental property bookkeeping organized, this template will help you do so very quickly. Simply follow the directions to import your rental income and fees from the VRBO reservation manager system, enter any other expenses you incur, and the summary will automatically add up all your totals, making tax time a breeze.

    See a demonstrations of this template in use here:

    This template is designed specifically for someone who utilizes VRBO and the Reservation Manager system. There are 4 main sections

    Additional Benefits Of Using A Centralized Availability Calendar

    Having a centralized vacation rental booking calendar positively affects different aspects of your business. For hotel or vacation rental cleaning staff, these calendars can help you save a lot of effort.

    Instead of having to notify your staff about every reservation, your availability booking calendar will do the work for you. With access to just one easy-to-manage calendar and inbox combination, your staff can quickly accept or reject requests. It also allows them to block off certain periods of time as unavailable and gives a clear overview of their entire schedule.

    A booking calendar makes your guests more comfortable as well. They get real-time information on current bookings and can view availability for their own reservation dates. When a traveler makes a reservation directly using software that links to a reservation calendar, it automatically updates this for your staff as well.

    One of the key advantages of using an availability calendar is that it saves time. By being able to access important information at a glance, owners have no trouble finding the information needed. This allows them to spend more time on business operations.

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    Advertising Your Vacation Rental On Your Own Website

    There is a lot of information that a traveler needs when they want to make a reservation on your property website. As the host, you can use your vacation rental calendar to help you keep the information that you are supplying to potential guests accurate and up-to-date.

    Investing in software with a website builder and a built-in calendar can help you track bookings from day one.

    Choosing The Right Reservation Calendar Software

    Modify a schedule Automatically for vacation in Excel

    You will find that you have plenty of choices when it comes to vacation rental software. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.

    First, you want an application that is easy to use and has all of the functionalities that are important to you. You should be able to easily pull in information from third-party listing sites and have a good support team behind you. Last but not least, the short-term rental software that you decide to go with should be affordable.

    When deciding the right software for your rental business, take your time and review different options carefully.

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    Employee Vacation & Absence Tracking In Excel

    The template, available for free in Excel format, contains a worksheet for each month of the year. Simply fill in your employees names and your time off types , then begin to track their time off usage.

    More and more businesses are moving towards automated employee time off management. With time off software, employee requests can be approved or denied with one click, and their accruals are automatically calculated no paperwork or spreadsheets required.

    Make Sure You Dont Forget Anything

    A remarkable feature of this planning template is that automatically shows an x mark beside an item if you have left it blank. This way, you can always pinpoint what information needs completion so you do not forget any detail.

    This template is perfect for school field trips, group vacations, family holidays, company team buildings, and other events.

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    Free Rental Property Management Template

    The rental property management template is used by managers or landlords. They used it to maintain records for staying organized and for providing legal protection. Additionally, if you want to save vacations for short or long term rental properties, then these templates will help you to save time.

    Synchronized Interfaces And Exporting

    Vacation Budget Planner Template for Excel
    • Optionally synchronizes Bookings with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, which can optionally be synced with and your PDA or Smart Phone for mobile access to bookings and tenant information.
    • Bookings lists can optionally be synced to a file on your website or DropBox folder for viewing Bookings and Availability on Smart Phones or from a web Browser.
    • Optionally Exports Financials to Quicken or QuickBooks Desktop versions using the accounts you specify, opening up many possibilities for tax reporting, reconciling, and most importantly, consolidating all of your personal and business accounting information into one place.
    • Includes a powerful Query designer with the ability to export information into Excel and other formats.

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    If You Utilize Airbnb To Rent Your Properties This Excel Template Is Going To Save You Some Time When It Comes To Tracking The Rental Income And Expenses

    Tracking your Airbnb rental income and expenses is made much easier with this template. Simply download a csv of all your rentals from Airbnb, copy and paste it into the specified page in the template, and the summary page will add up your totals for rental income, cleaning fees and Airbnb host fees.

    Depending on which option you select, you can choose the number of Airbnb vs. regular properties, and/or combine with VRBO if you use their booking system as well.

    You will also be able to enter expenses into 2 different pages, depending on the type-

    • Variable Expenses page to enter expenses as they occur and assign them to the correct expense category
    • Standard Expenses page for expenses that are set and the same each month, you can enter the expense 1x and it will populate into all 12 months. This save a lot of time with data entry when you know the amounts will be the same. This section can also be used to track income if you have some long term rentals that pay the same amount each month.

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