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Iceland Vacation Packages Northern Lights

The Best Northern Lights Spots In And Around Reykjavk

5 Day Winter Package | The Golden Circle, Ice Cave, Northern Lights & Blue Lagoon

Even if you do not want to leave the city, you can still find some nice spots in town where the light pollution is lower and your chances are better.

In Reykjavík:

  • Reykjavíks City Parks
  • Úlfarsfell, Úlfarsáldalur

There are plenty of amazing and adventurous ways to see the aurora which make the waiting time fun. You can take a bus tour, a super jeep tour, go on a boat ride, or combine them with other activities like a man-made ice cave, Golden Circle, volcano hike, Aurora Museum, whale watching, or multi-day tours.

Enjoy the benefit of being guided by local experts. They closely monitor the forecasts and have a great amount of experience with the Icelandic road conditions and terrain. Relax and enjoy the comfort of having nothing to worry about, and no need to drive in a foreign country on a dark and snowy winter night.

Golden Circle & Northern Highlights

7 days – An independent winter tour of Iceland

  • Iceland tours

12 days – Classic Norwegian Coastal Voyage with an Astronomy expert.

  • Norway tours

4 days – Sámi cultural experiences on this short Autumn stay

  • Finland tours

5 days – Snowhotel stay easily combined with Norwegian Coastal voyage

  • Norway tours

5 days – Adventure and Northern Lights in a Wilderness Lodge in Finland

  • Finland tours

4 days – Early Northern Lights, campfires and forest exploring at a peaceful Lapland resort

  • Great Value

4 days – Seeing is believing – these islands are magical.

  • Norway tours

When Can You Join A Northern Lights Tour

Many Northern lights tours operate from August to April, however most of the tours offered are from November until April when it is darker and colder in the region. If you have any time during these months available to travel, we would recommend later in the season when you have longer daylight hours for activities.

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The Northern Lights Forecast

There are a number of different factors that affect aurora viewing, including recent solar activity, cloud density, and darkness. These factors vary wildly thus its better to check the forecast a few hours beforehand. The forecast gives you insight into when the auroras might appear, how intense they will be and whether youll be able to see them through the clouds. It is important to note that the aurora forecast is a bit like the weather forecast, and is not totally accurate all of the time.

Best Small Group Tour: Small Group Northern Lights Tour

Iceland Air Northern Lights Packages

For a chance to get into some more rugged terrain outside of Reykjavik with a smaller group size, the Small Group Northern Lights Tour is an excellent option. The super jeeps have massive tires , allowing travelers to go off-roading into hidden areas with clear skies that large tour buses cannot thus increasing the chances of seeing the lights. The four-hour, small-group tour picks up and returns to hotels in Reykjavik and includes commentary from a Northern Lights expert, as well as hot chocolate and biscuits to snack on. Guides will help travelers set their cameras to capture the bests possible images. Be sure to wear warm clothing and hiking shoes as some amount of trekking may be involved.

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Northern Lights Iceland Tour From India Overview

Priding in its raw, unchanged splendor, the beauty of Iceland beckons to all. Nestled on the Arctic Notion, this Nordic country is a goldmine of history and natural prowess alike. Home to some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world, the island of Iceland is a must-visit for those with an eye for the aesthetic.

Making its way through Reykjavik and Alftroo, the Northern Lights Iceland Tour from India seeks to offer a slice of this selfsame beauty to its travelers. Home to the world-famous Golden Circle and the majestic Thingvellir National Park, these Icelandic cities are bound to leave you spellbound. Walkthrough the heart of angry volcanoes, or sit behind and watch geysers erupt- there is much to see and do here.

Myths And Legends About The Northern Lights

The mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights has inspired a host of myths and legends over the centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the Northern Lights were created by Aurora, goddess of the dawn, racing across the sky in her multi-colored chariot. Europeans generally believed that auroras signaled bad omens and their appearance in the sky above England was believed to herald the blood that would be spilled during the French Revolution.

TheChinese believed that auroras were dragon fire the result of an epic heavenly battle between the forces of good and evil. While North Americans had a host of different myths and legends relating to the Northern Lights. Perhaps, the strangest of these was the Inuit belief that the Aurora was the result of spirits playing a giant celestial ball game.

We can assume that Auroras were also prominent in Viking legends, but they dont appear in any sagas. According to one British source, Vikings believed them to be light reflecting from the shields or armor of the Valkyries. Warriors also might have believed them to be a rainbow bridge, which took warriors who died in battle to the halls of Valhalla.

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Some Of The Benefits Of Choosing A Self Drive Tour For Your Northernlights Tour Package Are:

– Freedom and flexibility of deciding how much time you spend at each location,at what time you start and end your day etc.- you have the accommodation and rental car booked for you in advance so youdon’t have to worry about arranging that.- We give you an itinerary, GPS navigation system and a map with the routemarked in and location of you accommodation and extra activities.- We are available through our emergency phone number if needed.

Day : Reykjavik/reykjanes Peninsula/blue Lagoon

The ULTIMATE Guide To Iceland’s Northern Lights

Today youll dip into Icelands fascinating history, unique geothermal wonders and one of its most popular attractions. Our exploration includes Hafnarfjordur, built on an ancient lava flow the deep, mysterious Lake Kleifarvatn geothermal areas at Krisuvik and Gunnuhver the fishing village of Grindavik and the countrys oldest lighthouse. Weve saved the most relaxing stop for last, the famous Blue Lagoon, where youll bathe in mineral-rich, 102°F waters like the Icelanders do! After our return to Reykjavik, our day concludes with a farewell dinner.

| Breakfast, Dinner

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The 7 Best Iceland Northern Lights Tours Of 2022

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Can You Predict If I Will See The Northern Lights On My Tour

There are two kinds of Northern lights predictions: statistical and real-time ones. The former are based on a large amount of observations of Northern lights at different latitudes during several years. From these statistics we can say what is the probability of the occurrence of Northern lights during the course of year.

According to the statistics compiled by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, four nights out of five are illuminated by Northern lights in Northern Lapland providing that the sky is free enough from clouds. On the coast of the Arctic Ocean in North Norway one can see Northern lights almost every night. Even in South Finland, for example in Helsinki, one can see them but much more seldom in Helsinki only one night out of 20.

Remember, the occurrence of auroras depends on the latitude, so be sure to look Northwards for the lights. We always suggest staying in the Aurora Zone long enough for storms to pass. And just in case you haven’t realised, during summer months you cannot see any aurora due to light nights . Generally, the best time to see auroras is between 9pm and 1am local time.

NOTE: The auroras come in lots of different shades and strengths. Some nights, you will be dazzled by brilliant lights whilst other nights, it is a dull hazy green, hard to see and rather vague. Fingers crossed for one of the magical nights!!

When the Earth’s magnetic field is very disturbed, the auroras can spread all over Europe for a couple of hours.

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When Is The Best Time To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

The very best chance of experiencing an auroral storm is during solar maximum when the sun is at the most active point in its 11-year cycle. The next solar maximum, however, won’t happen until about 2025. While the northern lights are more common during the solar maximum, they can actually happen at any time and they are more frequent than many realize. If you’re in Iceland and point your camera to the north during dark, clear skies, your photo will almost always include a faint green aurora. And that can quickly become a solar storm.

The northern lights are caused by electrically charged particles from the sun smashing into Earth’s magnetic field. This “solar wind” is funneled down to the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres, creating a horseshoe shape of excited green, red, and blue particles that swivel and shape-shift over the Arctic Circle and they happen constantly. All you need is darkness and cloud-free skies to see them.

Best Adventure Tour: Northern Lights Snowmobiling Experience

Vacation Package to Iceland

If youre an active traveler who is searching for adventure, then combine the stunning northern lights with a fun-filled snowmobile adventure. Check off two bucket list items with the Northern Lights Snowmobiling Experience on Langjökull Glacier from Reykjavik Tour. The 10-hour experience departs from Reykjavik with bus transportation from your hotel to the Langjökull Glacier, with information from the guide along the way. Then, its time to board snowmobiles for a thrilling ride under the starlit sky to the observation base, where travelers can warm up and wait for the lights to appear. Light refreshments are provided, but youll want to bring some snacks as you wait for the lights.

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The Best Time To See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights occur throughout the year, however, its impossible to see them when the sun is shining. But as the summer is a time of lengthy daylight and the midnight sun in the Arctic regions, the best and only time to see the Aurora Borealis is during the winter.

Visitors to Iceland are most likely to catch the Aurora Borealis between late August and mid-April. If you want to maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, then late September to late March is the best time to visit, as it gets dark around 18:00 and auroras are at their peak.

Iceland Northernlights Tour Packages

There are many Icelandnorthern lights tour packages to choose from, here below are the packages werecommend. We will also discuss how to choose the correct one for you, when tovisit and what to keep in mind when you have found your Northern lights tourpackage to Iceland.

Northern lights inshort

The Northern Lights are an inspiring natural phenomenon visible in thesky above Iceland between end of August to mid April. The Northern lights arecaused by charged particles from the sun, sometimes referred to as the solarwind hitting the atmosphere.

During spring and summer, the long daylight hours make the sighting ofthe Northern lights impossible or at least unlikely. The best time to see the northernlights in Iceland is when the days are shorter, from mid September till end ofMarch.

To see the northern lights three, things need to come together:

1. There needs to be darkness.2. The sky needs to be clear of clouds3. Solar activity to generate the northern lights.

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Where Can I See The Northern Lights

The closer you are to the Earths two magnetic poles, the more likely you are to see the Northern Lights. So the best place to see an aurora is in remote locations, like the Polar regions.

Auroras have also been known to appear over Australia and England, however, these occurrences are rare and certainly wouldnt merit a trip to go and see them. As a result, the best and most convenient place to see the Aurora Borealis is in countries like Iceland or Canada, which are accessible, yet still close to the Earths magnetic poles.

Northern Lights Season In Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland – Iceland Travel

In which months will you have the best chance of seeing the northern lights?

The northern lights are ongoing and are visible briefly even in the months of May and August . September through March is the peak season for northern lights viewing because the nights are longest. Just make sure you’re on the lookout between dusk and dawn because they can occur at any time. Although it can get very cold in northern Scandinavia and far north North America in winter, the Gulf Stream means that Iceland is far less cold than Alaska, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. That makes it much easier to stand out in the cold watching the northern lights.

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The Science Of The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights commonly appear as a curtain of lights, however, they can also be arcs or spirals. Many scientists believe that the patterns of the aurora are correlated to the Earth’s magnetic field. Green auroras are the most common, but you can also see yellow, blue, violet, white and rosered auroras are the least common but happen in Iceland more than anywhere else in the world.

The color of the aurora that you see depends on the kind of atom that the electrically charged sun particles collide with oxygen particles cause green auroras, nitrogen causes blue or red auroras and various other elements lead to blue, pink and yellow auroras.

What Are The Northern Lights

The northern lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, are phenomena that occur at high latitudes when solar particles ionise as they enter the earth’s atmosphere, appearing in the night sky in the form of waving ribbons of colour. These ribbons have captivated their viewers for centuries, bringing about defying awe and unspeakable mystery.

The northern lights are, in fact, occurring throughout the year, yet it is only during the dark winter nights that they become visible to the human eye. This is, naturally, what makes northern light hunting one of the most popular winter activities in Iceland. You can partake in numerous tours that take you to the best northern lights spotting locations, such as an affordable Northern Lights Bus Tour that takes you far away from the city’s light-pollution, or a Northern Lights Boat Cruise that allows you to witness the auroras out on the open sea. Outside of Scandinavia, it is only possible to go northern light hunting in such places as Alaska, northern Canada and Siberia.

Modern scientific understanding of the northern lights did not mature until the 1880’s when researchers discovered their connection to solar activity. Further study, seventy years later, would deepen this revelation, with new breakthroughs made in the knowledge that electrons and protons travel to earth on a solar wind. Today, research is ongoing into the northern lights as we further our understanding of deep space and our connection to it.

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Best Combination Tour: Reykjavik Secret Lagoon And Northern Lights Tour

If youd prefer a more low-key day trip, the Reykjavik Secret Lagoon and Northern Lights Tour is the perfect combination of relaxing, dining, and observing the beautiful light show. The seven-hour tour includes round-trip transportation from the hotel in a comfortable bus, with the first stop being a relaxing, lesser-visited lagoon for a soak in the natural hot springs . Next up is a buffet dinner of traditional and Icelandic dishes at a country restaurant, followed by a search for the northern lights. The bus heads away from light pollution to several locations as the driver helps to hunt for the lights.

When Should I Organise My Flight Tickets

Snag a Northern Lights Getaway Package to Iceland for $649

We recommend that you hold off on booking your flights until after you have heard from your dedicated travel consultant. This is typically no more than two working days after you have received your email confirmation of payment. By waiting until you have been introduced to your travel consultant you can book your flights in line with your personal itinerary.

If you have any questions, contact your consultant and remember when choosing dates, the prime northern lights viewing season is between October and March.

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Best Boat Trip: Northern Lights Cruise From Reykjavik

The northern lights are spectacular by land, but watching the lights from the water adds an exciting element that can enhance the experience. The two-hour, Northern Lights Cruise departs from Reykjavik to escape from shoreline and city lights. The boat has an outdoor viewing deck in addition to a warmer interior area where beverages such as soft drinks, hot chocolate, alcohol and snacks can be purchased. The crew provides a set of overalls to help keep guests warm, but you should still bundle up. If there are no sightings, travelers can reschedule the trip for another time for a second shot at seeing them.

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