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Checklist For Cruise Vacation Packing

How Can I Avoid Spending A Fortune On Drinks

Cruise Vacation Packing / To Do List

The easiest way to do this is to take as much as youre allowed with you. The amount does vary by company so read the fine print. Most cruise lines will typically allow travelers to bring one or two bottles of wine. Or you can drag along soda or beer, if thats more your speed. The restrictions tend to apply more to alcoholic beverages than soft or sports drinks. Therefore, you might be able to keep bringing more on as your supply runs out. Just keep in mind that some cruise lines wont allow this.As was pointed out here, using flavored powder for the complimentary water onboard is another good way to get around the bizarre drink regulations. You can even take your preferred brands of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea to brew up the drink of your choice. All the same, most of these drinks are available for free so theres really no need to bother, unless you have very specific beverage preferences. Another good idea is to buy a bottle of wine and have it marked with your room number so that you can drink the rest of it later.You might even want to look at getting a beverage card that allows you to pay a flat rate per day instead of paying for them individually. However, do the math to make sure that it will save you money. It often doesnt. This can likewise be the case with the daily drink specials, which might not actually be any cheaper than they were originally.

Cruise Packing Tip For Cosmetics

Ive stopped using those pretty makeup bags. Instead, I use clear plastic zip-top freezer bags in various sizes. I put all makeup brushes into one bag. Then eye makeup and face products into another.

Hair brushes and combs go into a large freezer bag. Toiletry liquids in yet another. I can see where every item is without having to rummage around to find the right item.

Finally, when I unpack I put ALL my eye pencils, mascara, and brushes into the bathroom cup. Easy to find, use and put away. Another advantage of using little bags I can stuff each one inside my shoes and save a ton of space.

Pro Tip : No Matter What Pack A Carry

All our checklists include a long list of stuff that you should cram into your carry-on, because depending on the ship’s size and the cabin stewards efficiency, you might not see your main bag for awhile. Bags unfortunately do get lost on cruises.

A carry-on that can carry the essentials and maybe even double as a daypack can be a lifesaver when your luggage takes a vacation of its own. Just dont let that bag out of your sight!

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Hi! I’m Bethaney. I’ve been travelling the world with my husband & two kids for years. I’m here to share my travel knowledge with you. Want to know more about my family and our travels? Check out our about us page.

Were currently in New Zealand. Our up coming trips include Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and a Panama Canal cruise.

Hair & Makeup Products

Checklist: Travel Packing

Hair can require extra taming when coming in from a day at the beach or a windy sea day up on deck. Be prepared with all the hairstyling products, accessories, and tools you need, as well as a brush/comb, too .

Bring along your makeup . You might also want a small bottle of perfume or cologne to spritz from, as well.

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Choose Neutral Pieces With Fun Accents

Too many bright prints and flashy colors whether shirts or dresses can make it hard to mix-and-match outfits without looking like a kindergartener on dress-up day.

Its much more efficient and effective to pack pieces that can go with practically anything and then choose colorful accents that can dress up and diversify your outfits.

Scarves, hats, belts, and jewelry all of which take up very little space in a suitcase can help turn one outfit into several.

What To Pack For A Cruise: At Sea

Once upon a time, almost all cruise ships were pretty dressy, including some events calling for full formal wear. Now only a few upmarket ships still require a bit of fussing, but most of the mass-market ships, like those in the Royal Caribbean and Princess stables, are about as casual as you like. In any event, as long as youre not out on deck, youll be in a comfortably air-conditioned space virtually all the time.

The first job of your cruise packing list is to determine just where on the formal-casual scale you want or have to be in, or if you want to prepare for both ends of the scale. Luckily, business casual attire . And for those cruise lines that do have more formal nights, there are typically still buffet options for meals if you want to avoid fancier dress.

Then, decide how you want to play your wardrobe. I pack the minimum Ill need to comply with the lowest degree of dressiness required. On the other hand, other couples I know are fully engaged with dress: The wife doesnt want to be seen in the same outfit at dinner on any two different days, and the husband even packs his tux for the Captains Dinner event. But thats not how everyone travels. Ultimately, its your call whats most comfortable for you to wear on vacation, and therefore to pack.

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What You Should Pack For A Cruise

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Over the years, Ive fine-tuned what I should pack for a cruise. I try to pack light so I can always maneuver my way through any concourse, corridor or cobblestone street.

My goal is to pack everything I need into a 25 spinner suitcase, plus a carry-on bag.

On longer cruises, for my iPad, laptop, camera and accessories, I have a Delsey small computer spinner suitcase. Ive dragged both with me on a nearly two dozen transatlantic crossings, river cruises, Caribbean cruiseseverywhere.

Heres the Delsey 25 spinner that I use :

Over The Door Organizer

My Packing List For A Cruise

Everyone always wants – ok needs – more room in their cabin. An over the door organizer is perfect to create some of that space for you.

It fits easily inside a suitcase, and you can use it for so much more than shoes. We store hairbrushes, hair dryers, toiletries, and more in it.

And yes, we store shoes in it, too, but they go towards the bottom. We used to just toss shoes onto the floor of the closet, but we inevitably spent five minutes digging through the pile to find the ones we wanted. This is way easier.

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The Issue Of Headwear

Headwear on a cool-weather cruise can present a conundrum. A wide-brimmed, water-repellent hat might seem like a good idea until it doubles as an airfoil and goes skimming out over the water, even though you thought it was securely fastened under your chin. Baseball caps are no better.

If you notice what the crew is wearing, its inevitably a beanie. They can shed water reasonably well, and they stay on your head.

Unless you’re a longshoreman, no one will see a beanie as a fashion statement, but thats okay. Its common sense. Tuck one in a pocket and see if its not the hat you reach for 95% of the time.

Sunscreen And Bug Spray

Sunscreen and bug spray are especially important if you are cruising to the Caribbean. While the ships stores will often offer these items, they are usually more expensive and options will be limited.

Keep in mind that the sun is really strong in the Caribbean. So, youll be applying the sunscreen multiple times per day, especially if you go in the water and towel off. If you are prone to burning, you may also want to include an after sun lotion.

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Formal Night On Cruise

On a 7 day cruise there are usually two formal dining nights. Cruise formal wear isnt as strict as it used to be. You will see a few tables dressed to the nines in evening gowns and a tux but most passengers will go for nice evening wear. Cocktail dresses or a jumpsuit is perfect formal cruise wear for ladies. Men usually wear a dark suit & tie but if you dont have it then a dark shirt is fine. Boys should wear pants & a shirt. Girls should wear a party dress. If you dont want to bring fancy clothing, you really dont have to as there is also buffet dining, speciality restaurants and room service.

The Ultimate Printable Cruise Packing List: Plus Bring Items

The Ultimate Cruise Packing List, Tips and Hacks

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Going on a cruise is an exciting prospect. Just imagine being able to visit multiple destinations within a few days or a week. Not only that but there are other activities to do onboard the ship. Among these are soaking in hot tubs, relaxing in spas, unwinding in gaming centers, and so on. Regardless of whether you are going on an Alaskan cruise, Caribbean cruise, or others, you need a cruise packing checklist.

What’s in this post:

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Cruise Packing Checklist: Clothes

Clothing will make up the bulk of what youll bring on a cruise, and rightly so. With so many different scenarios to dress for on a cruise, its helpful to bring a little bit of everything.

Of course, how much youll bring depends on how many days youll be at sea. Shorter cruises obviously require fewer items. Also, its ok if you wear the same thing twice on a cruise. For a 7-day cruise, having 3-4 outfits is a good idea.

Casual Clothes

  • Jewelry

Best Cruise Packing List

Cruise holidays have become one of my new favorite things after my Comedy Cruise in Oz,Scandinavia and Russia cruise and adventure cruise in the Solomon Islands. I love the idea of packing for a cruise once yet visiting several different destinations and having a huge choice of amazing restaurants all within walking distance of my beautifully appointed balcony cabin not to mention swimming pools, theaters, spas and sail away parties!

Add in the shore excursions and port days that give you a taste of different parts of the world and youre onto a winner. The biggest question is what exactly do you pack for a cruise?

Well, wonder no more as weve put together the perfect cruise packing list to help you pack all the cruise essentials so you have everything you need, can take out the stuff you dont and avoid paying hefty tourist charges for the stuff you may not have thought of!

Read on for the ultimate cruise packing checklist, which also doubles as a perfect first time cruise packing list.

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Led Tea Light Candles

For real. Hear me out.

In your cabin, the light switch to the bathroom is outside the door. They don’t put it in the bathroom, but in the main room.

Let’s think about that. All you light sleepers are already with me.

Anyone who has to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night needs a light, but what happens when you open the door to go in? Yup, that stream of really bright light goes right into the main room waking you up.

This has been a source of consternation in my family for years. My husband suggested I just use a sleep mask, but I don’t sleep well with them. I suggested he not get up in the middle of the night, but that didn’t go over well.

Instead, before we go to sleep, we turn on two battery operated tea lights in the bathroom. They reflect in the mirror and give off plenty of light for your night adjusted eyes to see what you need to while in the bathroom, but they don’t wake up everyone else in the cabin.

I’ve used the tea lights I currently own for 19 nights at sea, and they have yet to burn out. When they do, this comes in a pack of twelve, and I always keep extras in my suitcase for that day.

What To Wear On Cruise Vacations

Baby Travel Packing Checklist | How to Pack

Wondering how to dress on a cruise? Knowing what to wear on a cruise ship isnt easy if you havent been. When I think about Caribbean cruise clothes, I think of bright, light and airy resort wear. Picking your clothes for a cruise is actually pretty easy. Break it down and think about the tips of activities youll be doing on board though and its actually pretty easy to work out how to dress for a cruise.

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Documentation & Contact Info

Be sure to bring along key travel documents, like airline tickets, hotel info, and maps and directions. Celebrity Cruises will send you designated luggage tags electronically, too, which you can print and add onto your luggage before embarking the ship.

Make sure you have copies of key documentation and information as backup, should anything get lost or stolen on your trip. Keep photocopies separate from the originals, and consider having scanned copies saved somewhere digitally, too. Also have important phone numbers available , as well as the mailing and email addresses for any friends or relatives you might want to write to while away.

Its also prudent to keep copies of any prescriptions you take, as well as a list of medications and your medical history, should any medical incidents arise.

Travel guides can come in handy to read up on the ports that await you, while a pen and journal will allow you to jot down anything that might come up on the tripor to document your vacation memories for posterity.

Travel Straws With Silicone Tips

So many cruise lines are doing away with straws altogether or replaced them with paper straws. Neither works well when you just want to enjoy your drink.

Instead, pick up these metal retractable straws. They have a silicone tip that feels good, so you aren’t drinking straight from metal.

I love that they “grow” as big as you need them. In other words, you can have a shorter straw for a smaller glass and a taller one for a bigger drink.

Four different colors in each pack means you can assign each person a different color, which means you know you’re using “your” straw. And the carabiner clip means it’s easy to attach to your lanyard or bag or anything else without damaging it.

They also come in individual cases, so they stay clean when you aren’t using them. And yes, they include bottle brushes so you can wash them on your cruise.

One note: make sure they’re fully dry before you put them back in the case to be sure they stay perfect long term.

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  • For some specific ideas on cruise attire, read my post on 12 cruise outfits youll love to wear where I show how to turn seven key items of clothing into 12 outfits for a cruise.
  • For some specific ideas on styles of dresses that work for a cruise, read my post on cruise dresses.
  • For some specific ideas on cruise formal wear, read my post on what to wear on cruise formal night

What To Pack For A Cruise Vacation


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If youre wondering what to pack for a cruise vacation, check out this awesome cruise packing list put together by Emma with Emmas Travel Tales and Heather from Wanderlust Wayfarer. Youll find everything you need to

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Different Cruise Lines And Their Types

There are many different cruise lines around the world with various ships. The most common type is the mainstream cruise ship. This cruise type appeals to the masses because of the numerous activities and amenities onboard. A luxury cruise is more spacious and has upscale cabins or suites. It also has more sophisticated amenities and dining options.

River cruise ships sail on smaller waterways and canals. These types of cruise appeal to couples, not so much families. And finally, theres the expedition cruise ships which sail to more remote regions of the world. These ships are smaller than the mainstream or luxury cruise ships. This last type of cruise is perfect for explorers and nature lovers.

Heres a list of the most popular cruise lines around the world:

Cruise Line

Port Stop And Shore Excursion Outfit

For beach stops, you can repurpose the same outfit you wore around the pool on your sea day. But if youre planning to stroll through town or take a ship-sanctioned shore excursion, youll want to wear something a with a little more coverage.

A maxi dress is an ideal choice for many warm weather destinations. Theyre comfortable and cool and perfect for a range of activities, from shopping to dining at a nice restaurant.

When planning what to wear on a cruise, consider if your excursion takes you off the beaten path. If so, you may opt for a pair of lightweight joggers or shorts.

Youll also need a sturdy pair of walking shoes, such as Skechers Go Walks or Birkenstocks, depending on your level of activity. Its also a good idea to take a scarf or light sweater in case theres a cool breeze.

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