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Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points

How Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Club Points Work

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Points

In this article, well be explaining how Marriotts Destination Club points work, and what unique benefits are offered by this flexible points-based vacation ownership. If youre considering joining this program as a new buyer or are considering adding points to your existing membership, read on to find out what you need to know about how the program works and how your points can be used.

You Can Add Vacation Club Points At Any Time

As your life changes, your vacation ownership can evolve right along with you. Plus, as your vacation portfolio grows, you can achieve elevated Owner benefit levels with Marriott Vacation Club and enjoy enhanced benefits such as access to VIP weekends, select The Ritz-Carlton Club locations, luxury cruises, Marriott Rewards® upgrades and more.

Use Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points To Travel Freely And Flexibly

The most obvious and most well-known thing you can do with your Marriott Destination Points is to use them to book your annual vacations. Peruse the and choose the perfect property for your next vacation. These points can be utilized like cash to book your vacation to your liking. The more points you own, the more flexibility and options you have. Marriott points can be spent, borrowed from future years, or banked for a later date to completely customize each getaway. Use more points for longer stays or upgraded accommodations and truly get the most value of Marriott Destinations Points.

To maximize your options and your ownership, make your reservations as early as possible. Your points become available to use for borrowing or exchanging 25 months prior to your Use Year and reservations are made available first-come, first-serve.

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Want To Stay At A Vacation Club Property Focus On The Sun

Sun-Thurs rates are roughly half the full week rate.

  • Studio Sun- Thurs = 750 points
  • 1 Bedroom Sun-Thurs = 1225
  • 2 Bedroom Sun Thurs = 1625
  • 3 Bedroom Sun Thurs = 2125

Depending on your needs, you could check out, rent a unit that fits your need for Friday and Saturday, and check back in for 5 more nights and use nearly the same amount of points as you would have for just 7 nights. Suddenly a 7 night trip becomes 12 nights for the same number of points + the cost of renting a unit for 2 nights.

What Are Destination Club Points

Marriotts Destination Points Multi

When you become an owner of the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Club Ownership Program, you make a one-time purchase of your timeshare ownership, which affords you an annual allotment of vacation currency, known as Vacation Point. Your yearly allotment of vacation points can be used each year to reserve any available Marriott Vacation timeshare resort at any available time of the year.

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Go To The Masters With Points

Yes, the most exclusive, hard to get tickets in all of sports can be yours by using your Marriott Vacation Club points. How? Check this out

I mentioned earlier in the post about investigating the Explorer Collection. Well, buried amidst other redemptions is a subcategory Golf. I figured it was mainly standard PGA tour events and free rounds at courses associated with Marriott properties.

The epitome of bucket list Golf: The Masters.

The Masters One Day Program increased from 6700 points to 8500 points in 2021. If youre a golf lover, going to the Masters, especially Thursday-Sunday, is a true bucket list item. At 8500 points this isnt as great as it once was , but 8500 will save you well over $2k on the resale market.. In fact, resale sites typically sell tickets on the low end for $2500 a piece, and those dont include Hospitality tent access.

I was lucky enough to attend the Masters in 2018 with my dad for his 70th birthday. Its one incredible experience that I thought was going to be once in a lifetime. With this developmentwe may have to go back!

Note, that when you elect this package, you can go this coming year, next year, or the year after so if its on your listgo for it!

How Do Marriott Destinations Points Work

The Destinations points program operates as a points-based way of reserving timeshare accommodation within the Marriott Vacation Club resort network. These points are purchased for use within the network and are renewed annually, with the number of points to be purchased depending on the type of desired vacation.

Each resort is assigned a points value by Marriott, with the amount of points needed to take a vacation at a certain resort dependent on factors such as:

  • Resort location
  • Duration of stay
  • Season

Generally, the higher the demand for a Marriott timeshare location, the higher the points value needed to vacation at that resort. In addition, the longer the stay, the larger the unit requested and the more popular the season, the more points it will require to vacation. The flexibility of the program even allows owners to borrow from future years allotments to create a longer vacation stay or bank points for future use.

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Leverage The Explorer Collection To Stay At Luxurious Marriott Hotels Worldwide

There are a lot of properties around the world that price out of our budget if paying cash. Howeverusing points they suddenly become well within reach.

One of the best uses of Marriott Vacation Club points is their Explorer Collection. Instead of converting Marriott Vacation Club Points into Marriott Bonvoy points at a rate of 1:40, there are a list of hotels you can access directly with Marriott Vacation Club Points. It effectively opens up reduced rates at amazing properties worldwide. In order for this to be a good deal, we need to beat the ratio of 1:40. Lets take a look at some examples.

New Search by brand function

In early 2021, Marriott Vacation Club added a lot of new properties to their Explorer Collection and folded in a new search by brand function. If youre looking to stay at some uber lux properties with your Vacation Club Points this could be a good way to find some tasty treats.

Heres a look at the St Regis and Ritz Carltons around the world that are a part of the program. Notably, the St Regis Bermuda newly opens in May and prices range from $600 to over $1k a night. If youre wanting an aspirational getaway and have MVCP to burncould be a good use. Same goes from the Ritz in Turks and Caicos. Very expensive resorts and the point cost is very high as well.

One hotel on the Explorer Collection is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Lets say you want to go this fall and Stay on the Royal Hawaiian. You have two ways of doing so

What About Marriott Legacy Weeks That Are Deeded To One Resort

Rent Marriott Vacation Club Points for More Vacations!

In a previous article, we discussed how timeshare owners with week-based Marriott Vacation Club ownerships can exchange their week with Interval International in order to travel to other resorts that they are not deeded to, whether thats inside of the Marriott Vacation Club network or with other vacation clubs. You can read that article here: How Trading Marriott Weeks With Interval International Works.

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Things To Do Near Marriott Vacation Club Destination Trust Points

6649 Westwood Blvd #500, Orlando, FL, USA 32821

  • Beach


A step-by-step guide about resaleservices and relief for owners

All the ins and outs of timesharewith answers to common questions

Check out our complete glossaryof must-know timeshare terms

We’ll walk you through the processof buying a timeshare resale

Learn more about this resort…

You Can Add Club Points At Any Time

As your life changes, your vacation membership can evolve right along with you. Plus, as your vacation portfolio grows, you can achieve elevated benefit levels with Marriott Vacation Club and enjoy enhanced benefits such as access to select The Ritz-Carlton Club locations, luxury cruises, Marriott Bonvoy upgrades and more.



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Around The World & Around The Corner

As an Owner, you can convert Vacation Club Points for Marriott Bonvoy Points and take advantage of world-renowned Marriott hospitality and accommodations.Whether you want a room for a short getaway or a suite in the heart of one of the worlds most exciting cities, the Marriott family of hotel brands offers ample options for your next vacation.

How The Marriott Vacation Club Works

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations 1,500 Annual Points Timeshare No ...

Timeshare programs may vary, but they typically provide members the opportunity to spend time at a vacation property each year. Timeshares can sell chunks of time or a number of points to be redeemed toward a stay.

Timeshare resorts often come with more spacious accommodations than traditional hotel rooms, commonly including separate living areas or kitchens.

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You Get A New Allotment Every Year

One of the greatest aspects of points-based vacation ownership in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program is that your Vacation Club Points are replenished each year. That means, every year you will get to choose from an ever-growing collection of exciting timeshare vacations currently more than 5,000 unique options and experiences. Return to a favorite destination every year or explore the world and never experience the same vacation twice. It’s all up to you, and each year you get to choose.

However You Redeem Your Hard Earn Marriott Vacation Club Pointstake The Time To Make Sure That You Are Extracting The Best Possible Value Need Help We Offer Consulting Services To Max Your Value And Help You Plan

Affiliate Disclosure

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Capital One lit the premium card market on fire when it dropped this card. It quickly was added to our wallet for the following reason!

Earn 100k Bonus Points after $10k Spend in 6 months

$300 Annual Travel credit within Capital One Travel Portal

2x on every single purchase without limit

10x on hotels and car rentals purchased via Capital One Travel

5x on airfare purchased within Capital One Travel

Erase any travel purchase off your card at a penny a piece with Capital One Travel Eraser

Lounge access:

  • Access to the Capital One lounge network
  • Priority Pass access Authorized Users have access as well

10k Anniversary Miles every year you keep the card worth $100 in Capital One Travel or transferred to partners

$395 Annual Fee

If you spend more than $400 a year on travel, youll quickly offset the annual fee with the $300 travel credit and 10k anniversary bonus. The rest is gravy. And you can add up to 4 Authorized Users fee free!

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There Are 400k+ Owners Worldwide Heres How To Use Your Marriott Timeshare Points To Get Max Value

My family and I have gone through a journey with Marriott Vacation Club. Its gotten more complex and more complicated, but the new program, which features Marriott Vacation Club Points, has a lot of sweet spots if you know where to look. Follow along and Ill show you how you should approach the program, think strategically, and keep yourself out of the weeds. The aim is for you to extract the maximum value out of your hard earned points. If you have a week already designated, or deeded, we arent advocating that you pivot away from that week. You bought at that location for a specific reason. Rather, were illustrating that the Marriott Vacation Club Point program offers a plethora of redemption options, many of which are external to timeshare properties. These are the BEST uses of Marriott Vacation Club Points.

The New Program: Marriott Vacation Club Points

Save Money Buying Marriott Vacation Club Points!

New buyers into the program are given Vacation Club Points. These points are shares in the overall Marriott system and give you access to redemption options based on the valuation Marriott has given to those redemption options. Think of this as an REIT. You own some share of a real estate company, and you can redeem your share for stays based upon what the company values individual properties.

This is a devaluation overall for new owners. Youre no longer guaranteed a full week because you no longer buy a week with a deed. Instead, you buy Vacation Club Points and those Vacation Club Points can be devalued by Marriott Vacation Club at any pointthis year a week may cost you 5k points, in 10 years it may cost you 6k points.

The newest incarnation can be pretty confusing. What Marriott has done is grandfather in all the prior owners, but pivot new ownership away from the old program. For Old owners you can kind of have your cake and eat it too. If you choose to enroll in the new program you keep your old benefits, but have the opportunity to seek sweet spots to earn return on investment. Lemme explain.

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Buy Marriott Destination Points And See The Value

To truly understand the value of Marriott Destination Points, you need to experience them for yourself. Now that youve seen how many ways these points can be exchanged and used, you can understand how they can add to your traveling lifestyle. Buy Marriott points for thousands less when you shop our inventory. Save big and give yourself the lifetime of vacations you so deserve.

Use Your Club Points To Experience Dream Holidays

Marriott Vacation Club resort stays are assigned a Club Points value based on accommodation size, length of stay, location and season. Members in the Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific program can choose from any location and any size accommodation, check in on any day they wish and stay as long as they want or use Club Points to experience other types of holidays such as cruises, tours, exchanges and hotel stays.

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Marriott Vacation Club Point Chart

EXTERNAL EXCHANGES:TDI 50-85There are many extremely nice timeshares in Hawaii so exchanging through Interval International could be a beneficial way to maximize your Vacation Club Points when a Marriott property is not attainable. CONVERTING TO MARRIOTT REWARD POINTS:

  • Chairman’s Club Members may exchange up to 75% of their Vacation Club Points for Reward Points
  • Executive and Presidential Members may exchange up to 65% of their Vacation Club Points for Reward Points
  • Owners and Select Members may exchange up to 50% of their Vacation Club Points for Reward Points

Points Reward for 1 Night StayCategory 1 EXCHANGE FEES:

Background On The Program

Marriotts Destination Points Multi

Our first property was purchased long ago at the very first Marriott Timeshare Property, Monarch, located in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It deeded an exact unit during an exact week. It was very straight forward, you either used the week or you banked it to trade into another property, or your home property during a different time of the year. You could transfer within the RCI program, but managing its use wasnt too complex. You essentially owned a fraction of a condo and paid maintenance on it annually.

Then the program shifted. No longer could you buy the deed to an exact unit during an exact week, you bought into differentiated seasons with banks of units that priced differently according to view, location, etc. You were assigned a unit upon check-in based upon the class timeshare you owned. For instance, if you bought during Platinum season in an Ocean Front unit you knew broadly what you were getting, but gone were the days of staying in Unit 3-201 every year. One year you may get that favorite unit, the next it may be in a different building with the same classification. This new system was similar to a Co-Op program whereby you just owned a share of the overall property rather than the exact unit.

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Determining The Tdi Of Your Desired Resort

The Travel Demand Index, also known as the TDI, provides members with the converted point values from their deposit. These points will go into the Preferred Points member account and then will be able to be used to book resorts in the Interval International system. You can review the Interval International Resort Directory that provides access to the Travel Demand Index for each resort to get a feel for the projected availability vs. demand for that particular region. Weve added a sample chart of the Orlando and New York regions below so you can get a feel for how to read the chart.

As you can see in the charts above, the numbers of each week in the year are listed from the top down, and the Travel Demand Index is listed from left to right. Keep in mind, there are different charts for each region, and, as pictured above, the Travel Demand Index number can be different from year to year.

Using the Travel Demand Index to find the cost of other resorts is a straight-forward affair. All you need to do is line up the unit size you want with the time of year you wish to travel and then you can see the associated points value needed for your vacation.

How Marriott Destination Club Points Work

Posted by Syed Sarmad | Jul 22, 2019 | Timeshare News | 0 |

is an easy to use, points-based ownership program where you have a beneficial interest in a land trust which consists of a collection of inventory from the various properties of the MVCD collections and which entitles you to receive the same allotment of Vacation Club Points for use every year.

If you purchased your timeshare prior to June 20, 2010 you have the option of enrolling in the Marriott Destination Club Points Program and then participating in the Destination Club Points Program for internal exchanges separately.

The benefits that are available to a resale purchaser of Marriott Destination Club Points are exactly, 100% the same as if you bought from the Developer and those prices are obviously also significantly less on the timeshare resale market.

The MVCD Collections are made up of the following:

The Marriott Vacation Club Collection is the internal network comprised of Marriott Vacation Club resorts worldwide. Members may choose the check-in day, length of stay and unit size/view for each of their desired reservations.

The Marriott Collection represents the Marriott collection of hotels/resorts that are available to reserve with Marriott Bonvoy.

The World Traveler Collection is the system of affiliated resorts available for external exchange through Interval International.

How the MVC Destinations Club Points work:

You get a new allotment every year:

You can add Vacation Club Points at any time:

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