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Buy Holiday Inn Vacation Club Points

Holiday Inn Club Vacations For Sale And Rent

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Williamsburg Virginia resort tour! Interval international timeshare

Do you want to enjoy an amazing vacation year after year? Then a timeshare resale is perfect for you. With Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare resales you can visit the same resort every year or try something new each time! If you arent ready to commit to ownership, consider a timeshare rental to try both the brand and the resorts. offers amazing deals on both Holiday Inn Club Vacation resales and rentals.

To learn more about our best deals on timeshare rentals and resale, use the search box in the upper left-hand corner. If you arent sure which vacation ownership is the best for you, consult one of our timeshare specialists or licensed brokers to help you find your dream ownership. Fill out the form or call us at 1-844-202-7611 to get started today.

Timeshare Specialist

What Is The Difference Between A Timeshare And A Vacation Club

The primary difference between a timeshare and a vacation club is in the way the ownership is used. The conventional timeshare product is where an owner has a week of vacation time that they can use in a specific resort each year, whether fixed during a specific week or in a designated season or over certain months. For owners who want a guaranteed vacation week in a high-demand season like ski season in Tahoe or during a popular week such as New Years week in New Orleans, this can be a great way to secure your vacations.

Vacation clubs tend to provide more flexibility, since the owner can use their ownership among several resorts within a given club network. For instance, an owner who buys Holiday Inn Club Vacation points can use those points within the 28-resort network that HICV operates.

The overall concepts are basically the same in that an owner buys vacation time to stay in a timeshare resort each year. The difference can be in the way the ownership operates and the type of vacations that are important to an owner.

Earn And Redeem Points

Club members are automatically enrolled in its rewards program, which lets you earn and redeem points. With this membership, you can earn in more ways than one. In fact, staying at any of the hotels locations gives you a chance to earn thousands of points.

You can earn up to 1,000 points per night with the right bonus points package! When you check in to a hotel and resort you have not visited before, you can earn double.

You can also earn whenever you make transactions with the companys partners, including shops, travel establishments, and restaurants. Redeeming points is also easy. You can use your points to save on your stay.

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How Is Vacation Ownership A Good Deal

Youre pre-paying to lock in todays rates while hotel and vacation home rental rates rise year after year. According to Consumer Reports*:

Assuming you continue to enjoy your timeshare vacation, the savings pile up with each passing vacation. If we look down the roadwhich involves some educated guessworkafter 30 years, the cost of ownership would be less than half of renting a similar hotel room.

Plus, vacation ownership is just a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs of a traditional vacation home, but with all the comforts of home. Add in the resort amenities, family activities, Club events and access to a network of over 13,000 destinations and, well, thats why its a good deal.

How Is Vacation Ownership A Different Way To Travel

Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations Worth It?

Sometimes its easier to understand vacation ownership pros and cons when you compare it to other travel options.

vs. Hotel

  • More Room: More rooms means getting to be more comfortable while vacationing with more of your friends and family. Multiple bathrooms means not waiting in line. And multiple bedrooms means you can stay up without waking the kids up.

  • Features from Home: Save money by cooking in the kitchen or filling the fridge instead of dining out for every meal and snack. Having access to a washer and dryer means not having to overpack or bring home dirty clothes.

  • Experiences: Fun extras like waterslides, lazy rivers, mini golf, seasonal events and counselor-led activities keep the kids busy while you get to relax.

  • Bottom Line: Once you experience resort-style, home-like accommodations, you wont want to go back to just a hotel room.”

vs. Vacation Home Rentals

vs. Vacation Home Purchase

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What Is Vacation Ownership

Simply put: Vacation ownership helps you commit to vacationing more often with your family. Youre basically pre-paying for vacation accommodations for years to come, with the savings of locking in todays rates.

Sometimes vacation ownership is also called timeshare. Here, we like to call it Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Holiday Inn Club Timeshare

Just like with any other Timeshare, all Holiday Inn Club owners have 3 options available to them:

  • Find a new owner on the resale market
  • Give the ownership back to the resort/Developer
  • Stop paying

This article will focus on item 2 “Giving it back to the Resort Developer”, which is simple and easy because Holiday Inn Club has an official program for owners to simply give their unwanted Timeshare or points back to Holiday Inn Club completely free!The other items are discussed regularly in other Timeshare advice articles as well as the TUG Holiday Inn Club owner forum if you wish to look into those further!

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What Is Holiday Inn Club Horizons And How Do I Give My Timeshare Back

This program provides a free service to allow existing Holiday Inn Club owners to exit their ownership and surrender it back to Holiday Inn directly! This program can be found here Horizons homepage and includes both an online form, and direct phone number to contact Holiday Inn Club directly and begin the process of ending your ownership.

How To Find Availability

Holiday Inn Club Vacations – Panama City Beach, Florida

The IHG website doesnt have a search tool that easily lets you search flexible dates to find award availability. Once you have a certain property you are searching for, you can follow these steps to find available dates:

Use a computer to search. I enter in the property I want to search as well as a very long date range. This does not have to be the range you actually want to stay. In fact, if you put in popular times, this will actually help. Here is a video walkthrough of how I find availability.

Here is another video showing how to find available dates at properties that have more limited availability. Sometimes it requires a 2 step process.

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Enjoy Mountains Beaches Cities And More

Imagine treating your kids to a fun-filled Orlando vacation, staying just minutes from the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. Now imagine getting to do that every year. Our original flagship destination, Orange Lake Resort, makes that dream a reality for hundreds of thousands of members. And thats just the start!

What Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a timeshare company under the Holiday Inn hospitality brand. Unlike traditional timeshare companies, Holiday Inn Club offers points-based ownership, giving members access to over 25 resorts within the brand’s portfolio. Furthermore, Holiday Inn points can be used any time of year, and owners can decide how they want to spend them. Enjoy a stay-cation at Orange Lake for the weekend, and spend the rest on a getaway to the Smoky Mountains. Take the entire family, plus relatives in Signature Collection villas, or get cozy with a significant other in Studio villas.

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Where Will You Find Holiday Inn Club Vacations Resorts

Continually expanding its list of timeshare properties, HICV is committed to offering its member/owners vacation resorts at all the most popular destinations, steadily growing its resort list in ways that are strategic and fiscally responsible. Currently youll find Holiday Inn timeshares in the following high-demand vacation spots:

1) Near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

2) Waterfront, on a canal less than two miles from Gulf of Mexico beaches in Marco Island, Florida

3) At a golfers paradise in Panama City Beach, Florida

4) Beachfront in Panama City Beach, Florida

5) At the edge of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

6) A two-minute walk from the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

7) At a year-round woodland retreat in the mountains near Brownsville, Vermont

8) In the rolling hills of Wisconsin at Lake Geneva

9) Less than a block from The Strip in Las Vegas

10) Beachside at Galveston, Texas

How To Get Rid Of An Unwanted Holiday Inn Club Timeshare Ownership

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Makes Rentals Available at Las ...

You will find the internet, radio and TV flooded with companies claiming to provide you a way to get you out of your Holiday Inn Club Timeshare, you quite literally cannot throw a rock without hitting at least a half-dozen of these outfits they have become so popular. The dirty little secret is that all of these companies charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars to “help” you do something you can do yourself for free as a Holiday Inn Club Timeshare owner! You might ask how these companies can do business like this? The answer is simple:Owners don’t find Timeshare Users Group first to get the truth!

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How Much Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations

The cost of Holiday Inn Club Vacations ownership can vary from resort, week number, annual point allotment, unit type, and more. Depending on your travel preferences, you can find a Holiday Inn timeshare for sale that fits your lifestyle. When you purchase directly from Holiday Inn, a baseline ownership can cost several thousand dollars. You can also browse Holiday Inn timeshare resale on our resort marketplace for great deals at top resorts.

Our friends at Vacation Club Loans also offer timeshare financing with low rates and fast online approval. With as little as 10% down, you can view the Monthly Payment Calculator on each Holiday Inn timeshare for sale on our marketplace to determine monthly payments.

You should also consider the annual timeshare maintenance fees. With every vacation club, owners must pay annual fees and dues. These go towards resort up-keep, renovations, etc. According to the American Resort Development Association , maintenance fees cost an average of $1000 per year.

How Much Does Holiday Inn Club Cost

Depending on how many points you buy, Holiday Inn Club Vacations can cost upwards of $15,000. On average, members purchase 75,000 points initially, which equates to a long weekend vacation at Orange Lake or a full-week during off-peak times at other resorts. If youre looking to become an owner of Holiday Inn Club, consider some other options to make it worth your while.

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Vacation Exchange With Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Most of the best vacation clubs are affiliated with vacation exchange networks like RCI or Interval International. Holiday Inn Club has affiliations with both, as well as the InterContinental Hotels Group.

Vacation exchange platforms allow timeshare owners to trade their membership points or weeks to travel outside of their brands network. So if one year you decide youd like to vacation to a , you can do that. Holiday Inns vacation club works in ways that allow owners to experience the best possible trip, no matter what.

Holiday Inn Club Resales

Review of Holiday Inn Vacation Club Timeshare Presentation. [HD]

Becoming an owner with Holiday Inn Club Vacations is only worth it if its a responsible financial decision. But, you dont have to pay retail prices if that is whats stopping you. Buying Holiday Inn Club from the resale market can save you thousands of dollars, with many of the same benefits. You can browse our inventory of Holiday Inn Club resales from our online resort marketplace. Filter by your favorite resort, prices, and villa size. You can make an offer online the posting of your choice, or call us at for help. Our Timeshare Specialists will be happy to guide you.

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Not All Points Programs Are Alike

Keep in mind that this program differs from two other programs that Holiday Inn Club Vacations is linked to points attached to traditional deeded timeshare weeks and the IHG Rewards program. Many hospitality providers throw around the term points regularly, which can cause confusion. In this instance, Holiday Inn Club Vacations points are not deeded in the traditional sense of a real estate deed but are placed in a Trust, can be used as described above and can transfer on the resale market. These points can also be rolled into an IHG Rewards account, which is the hotel loyalty program for all IHG resort brands and can extend the use of these points to over 4,000 IHG hotels around the world. For owners of traditional, deeded Holiday Inn timeshare weeks, they are given the option to upgrade into points based on the value of their specific week, but those points do not always transfer on the resale market and can be limited in their use within the network.

For great value and flexibility, be sure to look at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations points for sale here on the resale market and start planning your next amazing vacation.

Earning Ihg Rewards Points And Free Nights

While you can earn IHG Rewards points by staying at IHG properties, the easiest way to earn a big chunk of them for a family vacation is to open an IHG credit card and earn the sign up bonus. IHG cards are issued by Chase, so make sure you are familiar with the Chase 5/24 rule before applying.

Most IHG properties have switched to dynamic pricing, but in my searches it seems that all the timeshare properties are still pricing very consistently. Almost all the properties were 35,000-40,000 points per night regardless of the cash price of the hotel. This price range is perfect because it means they still qualify for the annual free night certificate you will earn if you keep the IHG Premier card year after year. The one exception is the property in New Orleans which I noticed dynamic pricing ranging from 41,000 to over 50,000 points per night.

I think these represent a great sweet spot for larger families, especially those which otherwise might need to book 2 hotel rooms. In addition, they have the extra perk of a full kitchen so you can cook some meals in your villa.

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Using Holiday Inn Points

Points-based timeshare systems are steadily becoming the future of the vacation ownership industry, with their flexibility and ease-of-use appealing to many vacation enthusiasts. Holiday Inn points are no different, offering a complete experience for club members that comes along with rewards and lucrative benefits. There are various ways to use your Holiday Inn Club Pointsreserving your vacation, exchanging your timeshare, and even getting additional travel perks and discounts. Using your Holiday Inn Club Points for your perfect vacation is simple. Any questions can be directly answered by our timeshare specialists by calling .

Holiday Inn Timeshare Resale

My Honest Review of Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando ...

A Holiday Inn timeshare resale gives you a week at a beautiful resort in one of the United States favored tourist destinations, such as Orlando, Las Vegas, and Gatlinburg. You can partake in a fun-filled family getaway at your favorite spot, and then exchange your timeshare to try somewhere new the following year.

Holiday Inn Club members have the option to gain IHG Rewards Club points during their vacations, as well as exchange their Holiday Inn Club points for more IHG Rewards Club points. These points can be used for stays and benefits at any Holiday Inn or other InterContinental Hotels Group destination, including Kimpton Hotels, Crowne Plaza Resorts, and Even Hotels.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares are all allotted a number of Holiday Inn Club points that allow you to take your vacation at your home resort or exchange for one of the other Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts around the United States. You also have the option to exchange your Holiday Inn Club points within the RCI resort networkgiving you access to thousands of vacation destination options.

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Help

Here is the situation does anyone know any benefits from owning points through holiday inn vacation club in las Vegas. We owned a week at the original summer’s bay through rci points. Our unit was worth 53,000 points and we paid 10,000 dollars. We never had any problems and have traded anywhere without issue. Recently holiday in vacatin club purchased the resort. On a recent trip they spoke to my wife about buying in to their holiday inn club. They said if we did not we would only be locked into one week a year during a particular season when we had never had this issue before we could always trade whenever we wanted. They old her that theatrics was 30,000 but since we already owned their they would take that as a trade in somewhat and only charge us 20,000 dollars. They told my wife that we would have enough points for three weeks worth of stay and all this priority club stuff where we could earn flights and all theirs crap. They also said that we could still trade through rci and would have 89,000 points. And 169,000 holiday club points. Anyways she purchased and when I saw the packet I realized that we are paying 20 grand for 36,000 more rci points than we already had. And I checked their point system and to stay at the desert club 1 week would use all our points. I feel like we got ripped off, what do you guys think. And is there any way out.

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