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Can You Sell Disney Vacation Club Points

Do You Need Money Now

How Many Disney Vacation Club Points Should I Buy? | Buying DVC

This point circles back to one I mentioned casually earlier. When I made my first DVC points purchase, the process took approximately six months from start to finish. Thats a period of time where the seller didnt get their money, and we didnt get our DVC contract.

You should go into a potential transaction with open eyes on the subject of money. You can only control so much of the process. While you may sign your contracts the instant they hit your inbox, the other party might be flaky. And a DVC resales agent cannot exactly fly to that persons location and force them to sign, either. We expect people to show courtesy on such matters but not everyone does.

When you receive offers, you should level with your DVC resales agent. Let them know if you need to get paid quickly. They may have suggestions about motivated buyers or previous customers who are trustworthy and courteous. Its one of the reasons why customer service is so important when selecting a resales agent. Some will go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy their clients.

When you need money quickly, you should lead with that information. That way, all parties involved will know that youre in search of a smooth, quick transaction. You dont have to scream motivated seller or anything since that could lead to lower bids. Just be honest about where youre at and trust the resales agent that youve carefully chosen to take care of your needs.

Luxury Vacations At Value Prices When You Buy Disney Points For Sale On The Resale Market

Undeniably, many vacationers believe that the Disney Vacation Club sets the standard for a great timeshare ownership experience. When you buy Disney points for sale, you become part of a beloved vacation ownership experience. DVC membership makes it possible for you to vacation right in the heart of the Disney theme parks – Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disney World in Orlando, Florida, as well as at three other vacation destinations, each located on the beach in Florida, South Carolina, and Hawaii.

How Do I Prepare To Sell My Dvc Membership

To get started you can complete and submit a listing agreement and resort release. This will allow DVC Shop to get all pertinent information about your ownership and consult with you on the next steps. We may also ask you for a screenshot of your point activity statement which will expedite the listing and selling process. Fill out this form to get started.

Our knowledgeable agents will walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions along the way.

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Other Expenses And Benefits

Remember that the cost of accommodations is actually a small fraction of the overall cost of a vacation. Walt Disney World annual passes for a family of four cost over $5500 in 2021. Meals for a 10-day vacation can easily run $1800 or more for a family. Then you have to account for airfare , souvenirs, bottled water, extra ticketed events such as Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, and so on.

DVC members do qualify for some discounts that may help with these additional vacation expenses . They are eligible for the Sorcerer Pass at Walt Disney World, which doesnt cover Christmas and Thanksgiving, but costs around $400 less per person, and they get get some restaurant and merchandise discounts . Also, the villas have full kitchens, which could help a bit with the costs, since some meals can be made in the unit.

DVC members and their guests may choose to purchase a Dining Plan when staying on points at a Walt Disney World DVC resort. The Dining Plans are available to the general public only as part of a vacation package, so this is a nice benefit for those DVC members who like the Disney Dining Plans.

Another DVC benefit: you dont pay extra when more than 2 adults are staying in one DVC unit. This is true whether you use your own points, rent points or pay cash. By contrast, the Disney resort hotels charge extra if you have more than 2 adults in a room. Depending on the ages of the people in your group, this may save you a bit.

Book Your Reservation And Receive 75% Payment Upfront

DVC Resale Timeshare Store

Within the Account Center, our team will send you a rental agreement for you to review and e-sign. After the reservation is booked, well send you 75% of your payment up front, and the latter 25% when the Guest checks in.

And thats it! No need to keep tabs on availability. No fielding questions from prospective renters. Just a safe, streamlined rental process that puts more money back in your pocket.

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Can I Sell Dvc Points

The answer is yes! But, first things firstbefore you can begin selling your DVC timeshare, make sure you know exactly what you own. Its important to know the following:

  • How many points you own
  • How many points youve used up, borrowed or banked
  • When your use year is
  • Which resort is your home resort

These are all important factors in figuring out how to move forward.

If youre not sure about what exactly you own, call Disney Vacation Club directly and ask about your ownership. They will be able to help answer questions about what you have. By giving them a call, you can also ask for referrals for the best way to sell your DVC points. While DVC does not have a resales department, they can point you in the direction of legal and safe help. Our sister company at Fidelity Real Estate are one of Disneys Recommended Resale Brokers, having sold more DVC contracts than any other brokerage ever!

Can I Sell My Timeshare Back To Disney

Members looking to sell their Disney timeshare are in the most envious position in the timeshare industry, due to the impressive demand for the product. Disney timeshare points generally hold their value better than any other timeshare program in the world, due to the strength of the Disney brand and the entertainment products associated with the behemoth known as The Walt Disney Company.

For Club members wondering if they can sell their timeshare back to Disney, the real question you should be asking yourself is why would you want to sell it back to them in the first place?

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The Importance Of Search Engines

On one final note on the topic, you should choose a DVC resales company that scores high on Google. Its a hidden aspect of the seller process thats actually crucial to your maximizing profit. Should you select a company that isnt on the front page of Google , a minuscule number of people will see your listing.

Summarizing all of these concerns, you want to pick a reliable vendor with plenty of referrals and a strong Google presence. While you may have a strong understanding of how the marketplace works and which vendors are reliable, you shouldnt assume that someone new to DVC will have the same awareness. So, go with the most reliable business thats DVC-focused and suits your needs.

You Dont Like The Way Disney Is Trending

How Many Disney Vacation Club Points Should I Buy? Resale or Direct?

I just mentioned that DVC is selling points without adding to inventory. However, theres a more significant issue in play with the parks.

As youve probably heard, Disney will stop offering Magical Express in January of 2022.

This invaluable amenity has taken care of many out-of-state DVC members for more than 15 years now. Were used to it and mortified at the thought of losing it.

Sadly, thats not the only change. Extra Magic Hours no longer exist, either.

Disney has stated that guests staying at official Disney resorts will receive 30 minutes of early access before park opening.

However, that hasnt happened yet, and no start date has been announced.

Similarly, FastPasses remain in limbo and may never return. Simultaneously, Disney now requires Park Passes for guests.

Id expected such a move as a concession to the pandemic. But Disney is offering Park Passes for 2023, meaning this change appears semi-permanent.

Then, there are park aspects like the increased focus on intellectual properties.

We lost Maelstrom in favor of Frozen Ever After. And California Screamin is now the Incredicoaster.

Even Twilight Zone Tower of Terror became a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

Meanwhile, the anchor ride at Disneys Hollywood Studios now stars Mickey Mouse.

All these changes work individually, but they point to a Disney experience you may not prefer.

The Disney that youve known for years as a DVC member is changing, and you may not like it as much.

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Keep Your Fees Updated And Account Active

To sell Disney points, your account must be in good standing. All annual fees, maintenance fees and/or club dues need to be paid up in order to sell and have the sale approved by Disney, so make sure your payments are up to date and your account is active.

If you have taken out a loan to pay for your points, your loan needs to be paid off in full for the sale to be approved.

You may have changed your email address or phone number since you purchased your Disney points, so you will also want to keep your contact details up to date so the sales process can move as smooth as possible.

Remember that points that have been banked with Disney will be transferred to the new owner once the sale is closed, so decide whether you will want to use them in the current use year. Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled when the points are transferred to the new owner. Same goes for any reservations you may have with exchange company RCI or any other exchange provider.

Use Your Disney Vacation Club Points And Hop To Your Favorite Pool

Pool hopping is one of the many special perks you enjoy when you own Disney Vacation Club points. Most of the on-property pools at the Walt Disney World DVC resorts are yours to enjoy, no matter which resort you are currently staying at or which resort you own as your home property. From spectacular kiddie pools to serene lagoon pools to pools that rival those found at most water parks, the on-property swimming pools at the Disney Vacation Club resorts make for incredible vacation fun and don’t add a penny to your vacation cost.

When you pool hop, always check for the current pool rules in effect on that date, but generally, here is what you should anticipate:

  • A few of the Disney pools are off limits,
  • There are also some blackout dates when you cannot pool hop, which are typically during the Christmas and Spring Break holidays.
  • For everyone’s safety, you will be asked for identification to be in the pool area, and pool capacity limits are observed.

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Selling And Resale At Disney Vacation Club

Travel & Leisure Group also specialise in selling timeshare and timeshare resales. We have years of experience selling Disney Vacation Club property. So if you have timeshare for sale, we can help you get a great price. Selling timeshare could not be easier, we run a TV advertising campaign on Freeview and satellite television on top channels plus online advertising in efforts to sell timeshare with Disney Vacation Club.

Anyone looking to sell timeshare using Disney Vacation Club can be safe in the knowledge that they are in safe hands with monies deposited in a trust account administered by FNTC. With over 25 years’ experience and a first class reputation within the industry you need look no further when looking to sell your timeshare.

For more information on any of our timeshare services, please don’t hesitate to call us today. One of our friendly, expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can send us a message here.

Choosing A Dvc Resale Broker

Disney Vacation Club Members

When selling a Disney Vacation Club contract, one of the most important decisions is choosing a DVC Resale Broker. This is important as the developer, Disney Vacation Club, does not have a resale department, and selling DVC yourself can pose risks and challenges. If your contract has not been created by an attorney, you will not have professional liability insurance to protect from civil lawsuits in the event a disagreement occurs and escalates. Additionally, DVC is a unique and detailed product, so much so, that DVC requires all Disney Vacation Club Sales Guides have six weeks of training before they can interact with a Guest regarding a purchase.

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What Is Right Of First Refusal

The Right of First Refusal is a clause in every single DVC contract which states that if you sell your membership you must allow Disney the chance to step in as the buyer and purchase your membership from you. Any terms agreed upon with your original buyer would be honored by Disney if they choose the exercise ROFR. If Disney waives the ROFR then your sale will continue to your buyer as originally planned.

Being that the Right of First Refusal is a legal requirement stipulated in your original DVC contract, it is best to work with a licensed agent to ensure that all documentation is completed and filed correctly. For more details about the process of Right of First Refusal see How To Buy Disney Vacation Club Resale.

In addition to the Right of First Refusal, navigating Disneys paperwork for the sale and transfer of a DVC membership can often be difficult and confusing. Working with a professional team to complete this documentation is recommended.

Selling Your Disney Timeshare Top 5 Tips You Need To Sell

Posted on May 13, 2021

So, the pandemic seems to be slowing down and restrictions are easing across Florida, with Governor Ron DeSantis recently overriding local government restrictions in an effort to generate more economic activity.

Disney has taken notice, as the Disney theme parks will no longer take temperature checks of guests beginning this weekend. However, with reduced capacities continuing at resorts, the best way to get into Disney accommodation is with Disney Vacation Club ownership all of which is good news for sellers looking to sell their Disney timeshare points.

Disney owners planning to sell their timeshare on the resale market can always use some tips of the trade to make the process as smooth as possible. Lets take a look at the top 5 tips sellers should look for to sell a Disney timeshare.

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Buy Disney Points For Sale And Enjoy More Than The Theme Parks

From twirling teacups to princesses and roller coasters through outer space, the Disney theme parks are a vacation experience you can enjoy for many years. However, with Disney, there’s always more.

Each Disney Vacation Club resort is assigned a point value. Your options are determined by the value of your home resort and the number of Disney points you own. High demand season and large Disney timeshare condos or villas require the greatest number of Disney points.

As a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you’re always in control. You can bank your Disney points for later use, borrow against next year’s usage, rent additional points for one-time use, or buy more Disney points for sale. With so much flexibility, it’s easy to plan some vacations for spending lots of time in the parks, and others for enjoying dining, sports activities, shopping, and entertainment.

Disney Points For Sale

Should I buy Disney Vacation Club Resale points?

Ready to reconnect with your inner child and feel like a kid at heart? We have Disney points for sale at discount prices available only when you buy Disney resales directly from the individual or family who currently owns the DVC points.

Competitively priced Disney points for sale make it affordable to feel like a kid again, enjoying all the wonder and enchantment inherent in the Disney name. Understandably, Disney timeshares for sale are often scooped up quickly, so browse the inventory of Disney points and let us help you get started on years of magical -and affordable- Disney vacations.

One of the many benefits you’ll gain by buying Disney points for sale on the resale market is that demand has remained consistently strong for the Disney Vacation Club product. Someday, if you decide to sell DVC points, you’ll know you can turn to for help in getting your points sold.

If you are looking to buy Disney points or are currently a Disney Vacation Club member and would like to advertise your Disney points for sale, fill out the short, no-obligation form on this webpage and let us help you.

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Is There A Minimum Number Of Points I Have To Buy

When purchasing from DVC Shop there is no minimum point requirement when buying on the resale market. You can buy as few as 25 points to become a Disney Vacation Club member, which is currently the smallest contract offered by Disney.

Some buyers may want to take advantage of Disneys exclusive Membership Extras. To be eligible for Membership Extras you will need to buy a minimum of 150 points directly from Disney . As a buyer you should evaluate whether these Membership Extras are worth the additional cost of purchasing directly from Disney.

Special Vip Events & Advanced Movie Screenings

The benefit we LOVE the most is the special events exclusive to DVC Members. We have been invited to several advanced screenings in Downtown Disney where we got to watch Disney movies prior to their release in the theaters. At these screenings, our kids received toys, popcorn, and sodas complimentary and they were able to meet some of the folks that worked on the show too.

And, the last two years we have been invited to special events where they close down the theme parks and open it up to DVC Members FREE of charge!!! And, they even had complimentary snacks like churros, popcorn, ice cream, sodas, and water available to members too!!

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