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Cute Outfits For Florida Vacation

What To Wear For A Day Of Shopping

Cute AF Vacation Outfits | Miami Edition

If youre heading out for a day of shopping, I recommend something that you can easily change in and out of. I usually opt for a tank and skirt combo, or a sundress that I can easily pull over my head. I love that both of these looks are great options if you pop into a restaurant for lunch or decide to do dinner after a long day of shopping with the girls!

The eyelet Target dress on the right is a vacation must-pack. It comes in three other colors, including a bright orange that would be a fun option if youre wanting to incorporate bolder colors into your beach vacation wardrobe.


What To Wear To The Beach

Whether you are planning to hit the beach or lay poolside, Ive got you covered! If youre wanting a one piece that is supportive and flattering, I recommend this pink scalloped suit from Target. If you gravitate towards two pieces, this black triangle two piece offers full coverage and support! I paired it with this sheer maxi skirt coverup up from Amazon and my favorite woven sandals.


Come Stay At The Isnt She Loverly Beach House

As a family, weve been going to Seaside for years. We love the area, all the cute restaurants, and the beaches are stunning. Chris and I own a beach vacation rental house on 30A. The team and I would have stayed there, but another family was renting our home, so we stayed at Alys Beach. It was the perfect setting to kick back, do some team planning and enjoy the sunshine.

To book a stay at the Isnt She Loverly House on 30A, .

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Embrace The Linen Everything Trend

Linen looks are huge for summer 2022, which means linen dresses, linen pants, linen button-ups, and linen skirts are all fair game when putting together your beach outfit.

“It’s the perfect summer indulgence,” celebrity stylist Cindy Conroy says of the fabric. “The lightweight material is beach ready and will protect you from the sun’s rays while making you feel light and airy like a goddess.”

Florida Packing List For Kids

st pete outfit diaries

Keep in mind the same tips for packing for adults when packing for Florida for kids. You want light and airy clothes that will keep them cool and free from sweat. Bring extra tops in case of a mess and shoes that can easily be rinsed off after a day a the beach. Our family trip packing list for Florida will make sure you have everything you need for hiking, exploring cities, having fun at theme parks, and playing at the beach.

If you need a packing list for Florida in January or February, remember to bring something to keep your little one warm. It can cool off at night, so it is best to be prepared.

We recommend bringing your own car seat. Most airlines will check a car seat for no cost. Rather than renting one, you will know how to use your own and save money. It will be familiar to your baby, too.

To help your kids feel more at home while traveling, consider putting a stuffed animal or security blanket on your Florida vacation checklist. This will help with any travel anxiety and help them sleep better as well.

  • T-Shirts
  • A Favorite Stuffed Animal or Blanket

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Outfits To Wear In Miami This Summer

What To Wear: In Miami, Florida

My next trip of the summer was to Miami, Florida for my first Miami Swim Week. Swim Week is essentially fashion week but for bikinis and resort wear. I went with two internet friends and we had an absolute blast. Ill share more on the shows, trends to look out for, and other things to do in Miami later this week.

Most of our shows were in the evening which meant we had plenty of time to eat, explore, and relax by the water beforehand. I decided to split up the outfit guides for Miami today Im sharing ten outfits to wear during your next trip to Miami. These are pretty normal outfits, perfect for the average girl. On Friday Ill share all the crazy, out-there pieces I wore to the shows themselves.

As per usual, links to everything can be found below , and I tried my best to leave directions to as many photo locations as possible. I hope you love these looksfair warning, its hot as all get out in the dead of July so come prepared!

Sneakers And Closed Toe Shoes

If you are packing for Florida in the summer, we highly recommend a breathable pair of sneakers like these if that is what you prefer. Some shoes do a horrible job of letting your feet breathe and we all know how bad that smells! Pick a pair of shoes with arch support and breathability to add to your Florida packing list so that you can be comfortable and have an enjoyable trip.

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What To Wear To Travel Home


My go-to travel day look is a cozy matching set! I love the tie-dye pattern in this Lou and Grey set from Loft. The shorts and sweatshirt are naturally oversized. I recommend going with your normal size, or if youre in between sizes, size down.

We always stop and grab coffee before hitting the road. Our favorite place to pick up a jolt of java on 30A is Raw and Juicy. If youre looking for a few more restaurant recommendations, check out this highlight on my instagram stories! Its full of restaurant recommendations, along with my favorite dishes to try.


First Aid For Your Florida Vacation

Cute Outfits to Pack for a Florida Trip : Packing & School Clothes

These things may not be what you first think about when wondering what to bring to Florida, but first aid and medicine are high up on our Florida packing list.

As with toiletries, theyâre things you donât want to be spending time trying to find while youre on vacation. Also, itâs likely that if you do need them, having them to hand will help get your Florida vacation back on track much more quickly than having to go find the items you want.

  • Prescription Medications

This Florida packing list will take you from questioning what to pack for Florida to know with confidence that you are on the right track! We didnt include things such as underwear or phone chargers because those are things you should already have! These suggestions from Florida natives will help you get on the right track to packing for Florida and having a wonderful trip to the Sunshine State!

Did You Find This Post Helpful?

If so, we would love to keep in touch! We enjoy seeing photos and comments about your experiences in Florida! You can follow us on and we will repost your photos on our feed and comment too! Just tag us at and hashtag #floridatrippers. We cant wait to see your travels!

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What To Wear In Key West Keep It Casual

As the southernmost city in the United States, Key West gives a laid-back Caribbean vibe that you normally cant find anywhere else in the country. With that, you can expect a more casual dress code than other vacation destinations. Its not uncommon to see people walking around wearing a swim suit and a coverup.

Want this Done-For-You Capsule for your Florida vacation? Check out this related posts:

Keeping it casual not only goes for clothing, but also the shoes that you bring. If youre planning on spending a lot of time at the beach or pool, theres no need to pack any fancy or uncomfortable shoes. Flat sandals are a great option for anything youll be doing in Key West.

Waterproof Bags For Wet Clothes

Unlike plastic bags, these waterproof bags for wet clothes are perfect to add to your Florida packing list because they can be used over and over. They also hold the smell in and look nice too! If you plan to do any swimming or have young children, consider checking out reusable bags for wet clothes to take with you on your trip to Florida!

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What To Wear In Miami: Year Round Tips For Year Round Sunshine

North America Packing Lists, Packing Lists, Travel Packing Lists

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Are you wondering what to bring to a rendezvous in Miami? We have style advice to help you pack for a holiday in Floridas most iconic resort city! Find out what to wear in Miami throughout the year!

Camera / Go Pro Action Camera

Vacation Outfits

GoPro Hero 8:

Packing a camera is a must to create fun and unique travel photos. While you dont need to get a professional camera- you can opt for more affordable point-and-shoot cameras or a GoPro.

GoPros are great because they fit in the palm of your hand and are waterproof. You can take really awesome underwater photos and have great vacation memories!

See below my examples of fun underwater photos taken with my GoPro Hero 8.

Example of GoPro Hero 8

Portable Charger 2 pack:

I love having a portable charger at the beach to charge my phone on the go. The hot sun can drain your battery faster, especially if you are using it.

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Vacation Outfit Roundup: Florida

We made it back home to Buffalo after spending a couple weeks down at my dads place in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I grew up going to the Space Coast ever since I was a little girl, especially around Easter time. It was GREAT to finally be back fully vaccinated after over a year of not being able. It was so nice to be at the beach and sunshine, which was much needed for my soul! In case youre planning your own vacation to a warmer location or just looking for a little warm weather outfit inspiration, I though itd be fun to round up a bunch of my outfits that were worn there. If you ever find your way to Cocoa Beach, know it is a VERY casual place so I opted mostly for casual dresses and shorts. I started adding swimsuits to this roundup but it go way too long so I may do a swimsuit roundup next week! All of my outfit details and sizing information is listed beneath each photo.

Clothing To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Alright, packing clothes for a beach vacation is personal based on your own individual style. However, there are some key clothing items that I pack for every beach getaway that just works.

Generally, I like to pack a few swimsuits, beach coverups, daytime clothing for touring, and evening outfits for dinners.

Consider how many days you will be on vacation, and pack accordingly.

An example of a 5 day 4-night stay would look something like this:

  • 4 swimsuits

J Crew Wide Leg Linen Pant $89.50

Theres something so chic about wide-leg pants, especially in white. The look is so effortless, and they make me feel like I am in the South of France with a glass of wine in hand.

And as an added bonus, they go with everything from bandeau tops, to one-piece swimsuits, or paired with your favorite coverup shirt.

Pro tip: Opt for lightweight and moisture-wicking material such as 100% Linen. It may seem like a luxury but you will never go back because its just that good for a beach vacation.

Abercrombie Dad Shorts: $59

Denim shorts are so versatile and can be worn dressed up or down. While they arent the greatest material when wet, you can wear these on your travel days, touring, excursions, and walking around the beach/ resort.

My color picks are blue denim shorts and white denim shorts. These will definitely give you plenty of outfit options, and besides, they take less room in your luggage than regular jeans!

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Dressing For The Unpredictable Weather In Florida

Although I was born and raised in Wisconsin, I just spent the past six months living in Florida. To say I was unprepared for what to wear in Florida is an understatement. Thereâs a broad spectrum of weather that comes and goes in the Sunshine State. Whether youâre taking a vacation or are a seasoned resident, itâs important to always consider the unpredictable nature of Floridaâs weather. The following is a list of essentials that are required for a comfortable lifestyle in Florida.

In A Nutshell: Florida Essentials List

Beach Vacation Outfits I Outfit Ideas for Beach Vacation Tropical Vacation Outfits I Cruise Outfits

Preparing a Florida vacation checklist shouldnt be stressful. Not even if youre traveling with just a carry-on.

The most important tip I can offer is that you should prepare your itinerary well in advance.Decide what you want to do and where you want to go. That will make it so much easier to decide what to pack!

With your itinerary in mind, put on your bed your favorite clothes. The ones that make you feel fab in them. Then try to mix and match several outfits by using a small number of the things youd want to carry. Hopefully this Florida packing list has been helpful and you have a better idea of what youll need!

No matter where youre traveling in Florida, or when, or what you want to do once there.Some things, that I call the Florida essentials, should always be in your suitcase, no matter what.

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Cute Outfits For Florida Vacations That Make Packing Easy

If you want to live your best life while drinking margaritas on the beach and soaking up some sun, then Florida MUST be on your bucket list. If you are here, it most likely means that you are dreaming of a Florida vacation or have one planned already, and Im so excited for you! As a Florida native, I love showing people my home state because it has so much to offer. However, it can be difficult to choose exactly what to pack for your Florida vacation because it can feel like there are so many options. If you are feeling a little stuck on what you should wear while you are there, Im here to help! This is the ideal packing list for cute outfits for Florida vacations, especially if you want to look AMAZING on Instagram.

These outfits will work pretty much anywhere you visit in Florida. If you are anything like me, you may feel like you need an updated wardrobe every time you go on vacation. Personally, I never seem to plan my packing lists far enough in advance to go on an in-store shopping spree so I designed this list to work perfectly with Amazons two-day shipping so that your clothes can arrive just in time for your vacation. Simply click the picture to shop! Without further ado, we are going to start with a list of clothing items to create those outfits for Florida.

You can buy the donut float here.

Toiletries To Pack For A Beach Vacation

First, lets get into what toiletries to pack for a beach vacation. Now, this is definitely more of a personal decision on products that you love.

But let me share 3 tips to help you pack toiletries for a vacation:

  • Go through your normal shower, morning, and nighttime routine in your head. Pack all those items you use on a daily basis.
  • Please, do NOT pack the full-size bottle of the items. Depot large bulky items like shampoo & conditioners into smaller containers.
  • Rember the magic number 3.4 oz. This is how much you can take per container through security in a carry-on bag.
  • PS. If you have TSA PRE, I wouldnt worry about your liquids fitting into one plastic bag. I took over 50 flights last year with TSA PRE and never had an issue with my liquid items not being in one plastic bag

    Kitsch Travel Set:

    To save space, I love repacking my favorite shampoo, conditioner, and face products into small travel containers.

    You can find all kinds of travel containers on Amazon. However, I personally like buying smaller-sized containers, so I can bring more items with me. For trips under a week-long, I wont use the entire product of larger size containers.

    This Kitch Ultimate Travel Set comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for creams, serums, and hair products. I have used this set for the past year now, and I have not run into any leaking yet.

    Best Selling Toiletry Bag

    • Loofah
    • Razor

    Klorane Dry Shampoo:

    Curling Iron& Favorite Hairbrush

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    Breakfast In A Bikini

    Everything in Miami is a photo opeven grabbing your morning acai bowl. We ate by the pool so of course, I was in a bikini. This one is from Kotomi Swim. The pieces are sold separately so you can mix and match sizes if need be. The quality of their suits is unreal + their materials are sustainably sourced. I love this bright orange and although Im not usually one for a string bikini, this one was so flattering. I left those same beaded necklaces from earlier on to spice up this suit.

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