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Global Exchange Vacation Club Lawsuit

The Making Of A Tcpa Class Action Lawsuit

Global vacation club and RCI Nightmare and Fraud

Posted by Ben Stark on Wed, 03/22/2017 – 08:37

Del Valle v. Global Exchange Vacation Club. TCPA class action lawsuits are an increasingly attractive target for vexatious litigators, thanks to a perfect storm of unclear and increasingly complex TCPA compliance laws and maximum fines of up to $16,000 per violation. In this article, we examine a recent TCPA lawsuit to demonstrate the legal process for evaluating whether a case should move forward with class action status and touch on some simple things you can do to prevent cases like this before you begin your campaigns.

Before You Dial

As always, the best way to combat potential TCPA compliance litigation is to have a preventative strategy that minimizes the risk of violations and keeps your business out of the courts. We recommend:

  • Scrub data for known litigants. Using services like Litigator Scrub®, we can now identify known litigants and serial plaintiffs and remove them from your data before you launch an inbound or outbound campaign.
  • Know which type of phone line youre calling and what type of consent is needed to do so. You can use Wireless ID to identify wireless phone numbers before initiating calls using an auto dialer or pre-recorded messages to communicate your marketing presentation.
  • Document everything to help establish a Safe Harbor defense. Poor record-keeping or failure to establish performance data reporting mechanisms, even if using a third-party vendor, will not let you off the hook.


What If You Can’t Cancel Your Rci Timeshare

As stated earlier in the article, getting out of RCI timeshare by yourself is incredibly difficult. Many RCI members find the tedious, overcomplicated timeshare cancellation process quite frustrating. And even if you go through it, chances are that they will ignore or outright deny requests to be released from your contract.

So, what’s next if you are unable to cancel your RCI timeshare? Here are other steps you can take if you are stuck with RCI timeshare:

  • Consider selling your timeshare
  • Contact an exit company

Reselling your timeshare may not work unless it’s one of the rare ones that retain value after they are bought e.g., Disney. While timeshare exit companies can be of some help, it’s easy to fall victim to a scam when you take this route. The good news is there’s a better solution to your RCI cancellation issue.

Askin V Global Exchange Vacation Club Et Al

Filed: July 28, 2017§ 3:17-cv-01530-JLS-JLB

Global Exchange Vacation Club and four other defendants are facing a proposed class action over alleged Telephone Consumer Protection Act violations.


New to Read our Newswire Disclaimer

A proposed class action has been filed in California against the below defendants and one individual over alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act :

– Global Exchange Vacation Club

– Global Vacations Marketing Corp.

– Resort Vacations, Inc.

The plaintiff, a San Diego resident, claims the defendants, in an attempt to sell vacations over the phone, contacted his cell phone using automatic dialing technology without notifying him at the beginning of the call that the conversation was being recorded. Moreover, the case alleges the defendants failed to properly scrub numbers included in the national Do Not Call registry from their telemarketing lead lists.

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How To Get Out Of Rci Timeshare With The Help Of Donotpay

If you want to cancel your timeshare agreement but don’t know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered! Create your own cancellation letter in 3 easy steps:

  • Search “Cancel Timeshare Agreement” on DoNotPay.
  • Tell us about the timeshare company, the contract name and number, the purchase date, and other details of your agreement.
  • DoNotPay will generate a cancellation request letter on your behalf, leveraging all of the negotiation tactics mentioned above.
  • How Timeshares And Clubs Work

    Top 40 Complaints and Reviews about Global Exchange Vacation Club

    Before we explain why clubs are as bad for your budget as timeshares, we want you to know the differences between them.

    A timeshare is a single property you visit year after year. You purchase the timeshare, then pay maintenance fees. The timeshare company lets you vacation there at preset times, usually a week or two each year.

    To join vacation clubs, you pay an initial membership fee. After that, you pay monthly or yearly membership and maintenance fees.

    In return, the club gives you a discount on a vacation from their list of possible destinations and travel dates. Dont get too excited, thoughby the time you get done paying the fees, theres not much discount left.

    Travel clubs are a type of vacation club. They have a lot of the same expenses and destinations, but in a travel club, members vacation together. The company gets them group rates, so they usually pay less for memberships and fees than vacation club members.

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    Global Exchange Vacation Club


    Disclaimer: I am not an “owner”, employee, former employee, nor do I have any relationship with anyone at GEVC.

    I was simply one of those fools that was stopped at Six Flags Over Texas and my wife was offered a 3 day 2 night trip for 4 to Orlando and tickets to Disney, hotel AND 3 day 2 nt stay at one of dozens of cities. I was extraordinary skeptical of the entire situation but paid the $40 deposit on credit card and attended their ridiculous presentation on a Wednesday night after Christmas with what seemed like two dozen couples in Irving TX.

    As we were called in to the sales room, I was shocked with all the loud conversations and found it almost impossible to hear or concentrate. Our salesman was fishing for as much data as he could to summarize for his sales closer what we would be interested in.

    We were locked in the presentation room for about an hour. The salesman talked up his family, military experience, the importance of vacationing in life, and attempted to engage every couple in conversation about their dream vacation. The video was so laughable that even the ‘sales manager’ had to leave the room while we sat there in the dark watching the beautiful video of resorts we would never be able to visit with GEVC.

    Is there ANYONE that is happy with a purchase from GEVC? Any litigation? Are they an MLM/fraud? How can their employees, in good conscience market the utter fraud of their programs, sleep well at night and come in to work each day.




    Concerns About The Global Exchange Vacation Club

    I found the perfect alternative!

    Vinter101 said:My wife and I own three other timeshare units. However, we received a postcard in the mail regarding receiving a 7 night cruise, etc. etc. if we would attend a presentation by GEVC . My investigation on the web has already told me that they are a form of timeshare club so we are prepared for that. We are scheduled to attend tonight and I read one blog that totally demeaned this company and their tactics. The blog writer stated that there are all kinds of conditions and restrictions in order to receive your “gifts”. Does anyone have anything to say about this company and if this is a scam who can I report them to? I don’t feel like giving up 90 minutes of my time on a Friday to get hassled. The real scarey thing is that they say they are affiliated with RCI! Any feedback now or later would be apperciated and I will report back on my findings also.

    Don’t believe in the “free gift”

    Can I ask you why you got out of GEVC?I am looking at buying into it.Did you have annual home owner dues? They are charging them & I wonder why when there isn’t actually a property I’m buying in to.Were you able to get into properties without any problem?Thanks,

    Pay attention and drive the car. Chat on your cell phone later, when you’ve finished driving — and don’t even THINK about texting until then!

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    Cancel My Gevc Timeshare

    The Preferred Cancellation Service experts are a source of accurate information whether youre looking to start the process of cancelling your timeshare or simply have a few questions you would like answered. Beyond the general task of getting rid of clients timeshares, our goal is to educate our audience about the ins and outs of the timeshare industry and the potential for harm. Weve encountered various ways individuals have been over-promised or downright deceived into their contracts. If you find yourself in a disastrous scenario, give us a call today to explore the real possibility of cancelling your Global Exchange Vacation Club timeshare.

    Writing off your unwanted GEVC timeshare may be easier than you think. At PCS, we understand the timeshare burden well and do everything we can to lighten the load as you look to gain your freedom. We offer a straightforward and transparent path to Global Exchange Vacation Club Timeshare cancellation. Our legal timeshare cancellation service includes a dedicated PCS advocate, escrow account, and various resources to help you regain a healthy financial standing.

    How To Get Out Of An Rci Timeshare

    Global Resorts – A Valuable Vacation Club Or Scam

    If you’re wondering how to get out of an RCI timeshare, you’ve come to the right place. RCI is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world. The company is affiliated with over 4000 resorts globally in more than 100 countries. RCI has nearly four million members who can swap timeshare points from one resort to another.

    RCI timeshare memberships terms run for one to three years. For various reasons, some RCI members find themselves no longer needing the timeshare exchange network before their membership expires. However, opting out of an RCI contract can be a massive hassle involving piles of paperwork.

    RCI doesn’t have much of an incentive to help you cancel your contract. As a result, the chances of getting out by yourself are quite low. So, what can you do to get out of an RCI timeshare? DoNotPay can help! Read on to find out how to get out of RCI timeshare.

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    Any Opinions On Global Exchange Vacation Club


    I’m new to the Timeshare / Vacation trade and points systems and would like to hear some opinions on buying into a points trading company like GEVC .

    What is your experience with this organization? RCI points?

    Thank you, Harrison


    When I purchased my timeshare in Mexico, they stuck me with a membership to Global. For years, they provided no information, no help, no service, no newsletter or website, nothing. then when they wanted me to resubscribe, they called for that. As far as I can tell, they are about as good as some of the resale agents who call and ask for money up front and then do nothing.

    harrisonr wrote:I’m new to the Timeshare / Vacation trade and points systems and would like to hear some opinions on buying into a points trading company like GEVC .

    What is your experience with this organization? RCI points?

    Thank you, Harrison

    jp159 states:

    Re: > > We are filing complaints w/ the BBB of Santa Clara County and San Diego County. < <

    With all due respect, the BBB is a powerless and impotent entity which can do absolutely nothing more than record statistics on complaints.

    You might elicit more action by contacting the Consumer Protection Division of your state Attorney General’s office. Squeaky wheels might get the grease — but only when the squeaking is actually heard by someone with real legal authority and the power to initiate corrective action. BBB just doesn’t cut it in that particular regard they are meaningless “paper tigers”.


    Thanks Kim

    Del Valle V Global Exch Vacation Club

    finding common questions regarding defendant’s authority over telemarketers alleged to have committed TCPA violations

    finding adequacy even where defendant’s “evidence raise serious questions about the veracity of laintiff’s account”

    finding adequacy where a “defense potentially relevant to all class members” and thus “not a material distinction between Plaintiff and other members of the putative class”

    In Del Valle, as here, the putative class representative gave inconsistent testimony, but the court found that this not rise to the requisite level of dishonesty to render her an inadequate class representative. 320 F.R.D. at 59.

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    Why Use Donotpay To Get Out Of Rci Timeshare Instead Of A Timeshare Exit Company

    Compared to other options, DoNotPay gives you the best chance at getting out of RCI timeshare. Here are some of the benefits of working with DoNotPay instead of a timeshare exit company.

    Fast There are other ways to cancel your RCI membership and get rid of RCI timeshare, but DoNotPay can get it done much faster.
    Easy DoNotPay leverages technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to automate time-consuming tasks involved in the cancellation process.
    Successful When you work with DoNotPay, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to help you out of RCI timeshare.

    How To Get Out Of Rci Timeshare By Yourself

    Getting out of RCI timeshare by yourself can be an incredibly tedious process, but it’s doable. To opt out of RCI timeshare, you need to write a letter requesting release from your contract. Here’s a step-by-step process of how to get out of RCI timeshare by yourself:

  • Write a letter to RCI informing the company that you’d like to cancel your membership
  • Give the reasons for wishing or needing to cancel your RCI membership
  • If there are any refunds, tell the company whether you’d like them to be refunded to a credit card or paid by a check
  • Make sure that you include your name, RCI account number, phone number, email, and mailing address in your letter
  • Section 24 of the RCI membership agreement deals with canceling your membership. Read it carefully before you start the process of getting rid of your RCI timeshare. Send the letter to the company headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, United States . You can also fax the letter to 317-805-9335.

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    Anonymous Complaint: Complaint Type: Problems With Product/service



    Business Response

    Customer Response


    Good afternoon, Casablanca was great at helping me with the issue I had with the promotional vacation, we also sent the money order for one vacation package from GEVC but never heard back from them about it. I called several times requesting a phone call but never heard back and eventually I received an email from GEVC and at no point the promotional vacation that we had sent the money order to GEVC was mentioned by them. GEVC also mailed me a copy of the contract signed and I truly believe there should be something about this company or its employees from using a person’s disabilities to get us to get into a contract with them. When I was looking at the copy of the contract, I could not recognize my own initials, due to some medical issues and the seller kept using that against me or in his favor, I ended up signing and I was ready to get out. I can’t talk much about the medical disabilities without getting into personal things so I will leave it at that. I also hoped to give GEVC the opportunity and tried logging in to use the websites but for 10 days I was not able to log in, I finally emailed GEVC and received the following excuse:

    So so far I heard or received nothing but excuses from GEVC, again, Casablanca was very helpful and wasted no time, GEVC excuse after excuse.

    Found 16 Of Over 16 Reviews

    Great training, 4 day work week, promote from within, laid back atmosphere


    The schedule is nights and weekends only,


    Venues like Six Flags get you a pass to get in free on your days off. Even if you’re too wiped on your day off to go.


    Worst place I’ve ever worked. This is the kind of job I couldn’t mention to friends without losing their respect, couldn’t never mention to new people, and is such a hated position that it’s cost me jobs in interviews after.Not worth the lifelong medical condition I got from working this job.It’s bot worth it. It will take a lot to rebuild your reputation with anyone who learns you scam people for their info to GIVE to affiliates, “Because you don’t sell or trade any information.” You give it away.Your a timeshare scammer in this job, pure and simple.Your resume will benefit more from an employment gap.

  • Nov 27, 2020 – Lead Generator inArlington, TXRecommend

    Nothing, you’ll be overworked, tired, and aching every day of your life. Not worth it.


    Everything, you’ll be scheduled up to just before that final hour

    Be the first to find this review helpfulHelpful

  • Easy/quick money when at the best events


    The best events only have the top 10-20% of lead gens running the show

    Very friendly and flexible with family life. Love the people and the program is great


    Payroll schedule is poor in comparison with most sales jobs. Recently decreased the amount reps get paid and increased the amount the company and management makes


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    Timeshares Vs Vacation Clubs Vs Travel Clubs

    10 Min Read | Sep 24, 2021

    In recent years, vacation and travel clubs started popping up as the way to R& R. Resorts, airlines and other companies in the travel industry advertise these members-only clubs as great alternatives to timeshares and play up their discounted travel options.

    But the truth is, as bad as timeshares are, these clubs arent any better. In fact, theyre worse. They not only have all the restrictions, money traps and sneaky fees of a timeshare, they have more of themincluding creative new ones youve probably never heard of.

    Now, that might surprise you if youve heard good things about these clubs or are even thinking of buying a membership. So, lets dig into the details. Well show you how these clubs work, how they waste even more of your money than timeshares do and why youre better off keeping your distance.

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