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How To Become Disney Vacation Club Member

Downsides Of Dvc Membership

Becoming a DVC Member | My Story about how & why I bought Disney Vacation Club

While there are tons of perks to having Disney Vacation Club membership, nothing is without its downsides.

First, its impossible to look past how expensive DVC membership is. The upfront cost, the overall cost, as well as the yearly dues arent cheap. Plus the annual fees increase every year, and can be unpredictable.

Not only is the cost of the membership expensive, but it doesnt include other costs you incur on Disney vacations. Admission, food, merchandise, and travel are all other costs that you have to take into consideration especially if going once a year.

You have the membership for 50 years, and your families desire to go every year may decrease after awhile. Going every year may become tedious, and it does limit where and when you can go on vacation. While there are a lot of choices for booking, even places all around the world, not all of them will be easy to get to or affordable to travel to for the average family.

Having a Disney Vacation Club membership takes some of the fun and spontaneity out of booking for Disney. You arent able to book a Disney World trip on a whim and just go for a little trip whenever you want. In order to use your points, you have to book quite a ways in advance and plan for a trip in order to get the most out of your points.

Banking Disney Vacation Club Points

If you dont plan on using all of your points this year, bank them into next years use to take more vacations or one longer, better vacation. Points must be banked within the first 8 months of your Use Year, otherwise, you must spend them or they will expire. Furthermore, banked points cannot be banked again, so be sure to use them the following year so they dont go to waste.

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It How To Decide

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Is Disney Vacation Club worth it?

This is a question we know a lot of Disney lovers have asked themselves, and want an answer to. Booking Disney vacations can be expensive, and being able to have your resort accommodations basically prepaid could save you some money in the long run.

There are so many other things to consider though when it comes to figuring out if Disney Vacation Club is worth it for your family and were here to help! Weve compiled the most common questions here to help you figure out if becoming a member is right for your family.

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Disney Vacation Club Financing For Bad Credit Borrowers

If you have bad credit and still want to become a DVC member, proceed with caution Disney Vacation Club financing for bad credit borrowers is limited. Bad credit personal loans, home equity loans or secured loans often have very high interest rates and can be risky. If you fall behind on your payments, you could lose your property or even your home.

If you need to rebuild your credit, focus on saving cash for a DVC membership instead. If you need your Disney fix in the meantime, you could book a single trip during the off-season to save money. Or, you could get an annual pass, which is discounted if youre a Florida resident. With this option, you can get Disney tickets and pay monthly fees, rather than an upfront lump sum, and enjoy Disney parks all year long.

How Does Dvc Work

Disney Vacation Club Information on DVC

Like we said, DVC is a points rental style of timeshare. Members of the Disney Vacation Club buy rental points in order to rent future vacation stays at different places on Disney property. At the time of purchase, the members buy a set number of points more on this later and the members choose a home resort.

The points bought dont change from year to year, but you can choose to add more points later on during the life of your timeshare. Points can also be saved or borrowed from year to year.

There are different factors when it comes to how many points are needed for a stay. Time of year, choice of resort or vacation location, size of room, and length of stay are common factors that will impact the amount of points necessary for a stay.

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You Can Use Points At Non

There are 350 destinations around the world and youll be given access to a site where you can view and book properties. Even though the best value for your DVC points is at Disney, it can work like any other time share. If youre not feeling Disney on a particular year but still want to take a trip, you can. But back to what I said earlierif an every-other-year trip to Disney World doesnt sound like something you want to sustain, DVC membership probably isnt for you. Try renting DVC points instead of buying.

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work

Disney promises that by becoming a member, you enjoy magical vacations year after year, and they make good on this guarantee. As we said above, your DVC membership comes with an allotment of annual points. You buy these points in your home resort when you become a member, and they compose the bulk of your membership costs, in addition to annual dues.

The minimum number of points is 150 the maximum is 325, although some people purchase even more points.

It matters which hotel you choose as your home resort because youll enjoy preferential booking here. Reservations are available at your home resort months before all of the others.

This section gives a very rudimentary explanation of how membership works. Keep reading for a lot more details and information.

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Knowing What I Know Would I Buy Dvc Again

Im not sure I would buy it today knowing what I know, primarily because the price has increase and availability is a real issue. More often than not I cant get the resort I want for the time I need. Yes, I love staying in the 1 or 2 bedrooms, but I am paying for it. I spend the points for the bigger rooms because I want a certain resort or I just dont want to have to pack up and move multiple times in a week. The 1 and 2 bedrooms have more availability but then I run out of points even faster. Once the yearly points are gone I pay for the rest of my stays, I take advantage of the promotions available and try out the non-DVC resorts.

I have Disney friends who have sold their contracts due to the availability issues or because they wanted to cruise more and found it more economical to sell. Yes, you can buy DVC on the resale market but beware of the reduced perks and restrictions that Disney has put in place for those contracts, of course they want to encourage you buy direct from Disney.

Is Disney Vacation Club for everyone? No. Is it good for Disney fans? Maybe. I would suggest that if you are considering buying DVC that you do the math and your research. Read the contracts and crunch the numbers. While I have given you my views and some high-level insight, there is much more to using your DVC than I have covered. Its important to be very realistic about how you vacation today, and how your family will vacation in the future.

Disney Vacation Club: How It Works Financing Costs And More

Disney Parks Moms Panel | Benefits of Being a Disney Vacation Club Member

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authors opinions and recommendations alone. It may not have been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

If youre a Disney fanatic and love to travel, youve probably heard about Disney Vacation Club, a timeshare program that allows you to stay at Disney properties around the world. You can use your timeshare points to book vacation accommodations year after year and get discounts on Disney theme park tickets and merchandise.

However, joining DVC can be expensive. Youll need to have approximately $20,000 or obtain financing to get started, which is a substantial investment for most people. If you want to become a member but need help with DVC financing, heres what you need to know.

  • Disney Vacation Club financing for bad credit borrowers
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    The World Collection Rci Resorts

    The World Collection is by far the most expansive option for using DVC points. RCI has hundreds of member resorts worldwide. Members can spend their points on hotels, car rentals, cruises, and even activities or experiences.

    With more than one million options globally, the sky is the limit for DVC members who use their points with RCI.

    Generally speaking, many members of the Disney Vacation Club enjoy the wide variety of options their membership gives them. While a young family might want to take a trip to Walt Disney World every year, its nice to know that as families grow and kids age, your memberships can adjust, too.

    How Many Years Does Disney Vacation Club Last

    Generally speaking, your deed lasts until 50 years after the construction date of your Disney Vacation Club home resort. The more recently built resorts have longer to go, although there is some variance with Old Key West as some contracts dont expire until 2057.

    Contracts for the Riviera, the newest Disney Vacation Club resort will expire 2070. Thats a lot of vacations. An even newer resort is planned for Disney World by Fort Wilderness in the next few years.

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    Disney World News Weekly

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    If youre considering becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, youre likely wondering if DVC membership is worth it. Its a decision that shouldnt be made lightly, as it requires a significant initial investment, and it can be difficult to predict all future costs associated with ownership.

    At Perfecting the Magic, we want to help you make the most of your Disney vacations, and for those contemplating DVC, its essential to understand the advantages of becoming a member.

    Join PTM as we unpack the ins and outs of the Disney Vacation Club to help you decide if DVC is right for you.

    You Get An Allocated Number Of Points During Your Use Year

    Disney Vacation Club on Twitter: " They did some great analysis to piece ...

    You can bank and borrow points, meaning you can move your points forward or dip into next years points. Want to splurge on a cabin or a tree house? How about squeezing in an extra trip this year? You can. You can also do a one-time buy to cover a special or unusual trip. If you want to stay in a three-bedroom villa with two separate entrances and a pool table overlooking the Savanna at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge , you can. Just buy extra points specifically for THAT vacation.

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    Who Is The Next Disney Vacation Club Member How About You

    Vacationing at the Disney parks and staying in Disney Resorts – no wonder Disney Club Members consistently are considered to be some the most satisfied timeshare owners in the world. They made the smart decision to buy Disney points. As Disney Club Members, they have the opportunity to experience memory-making vacations while staying at charming and well-appointed Disney Vacation Club resorts. Thanks to the safe, reliable resale services of BuyaTimeshare.com, you can become a Disney Vacation Club Member, tooâexcept you’ll be buying on the resale timeshare market and saving a lot of money.

    Click Here for Disney Vacation Club ResalesClick Here for Disney Vacation Club Rentals

    For current owners of Disney points looking to sell DVC Membership or rent out Disney timeshare points, BuyaTimeshare.com is a great way to sell or rent your points. We have an on-going demand for Disney Club Member points and offer trusted services to help you rent or sell your DVC Membership. Get started and find out how easy this can be by completing the no-obligation form you’ll find on this webpage.

    Kidani Village And Jambo House At Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Consider making Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge your home if you want to feel completely transported during your DVC stay. DVC members can choose from staying at villas at either Jambo House or Kidani Village, with rooms that overlook the breathtaking savannas. A savannah view villa at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge is as close as you can get to stay right in Disneys Animal Kingdom Park. For the animal lover or travel addict, this is the place to call home.

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    How Dvc Membership Works

    You can use your DVC membership and the corresponding points that you get each year to book vacations not just at your home property, but all over the globe. This includes cruise ship adventures, a visit to Hawaii or even a stay in Europe.

    Once you become a DVC member, you purchase a set number of points starting at 100 which are allocated to you on a yearly basis. Youll get the same number of points every year until your contracts end date note that contract lengths can vary, so talk to a Disney customer representative to discuss your needs.

    The number of points you get each year is dependent on the level of membership youve purchased. You can use your points to book an annual vacation, or move them around from one year to another that is, you can bank your points and splurge for a future trip, or you can borrow from next years allocation if you just need to get away right now. Point values will vary based on the resort, accomodation type and time of year. To find out what a particular property would cost at any given time, you would need to consult with a Disney customer service representative, or book online to view the most recent point values.

    Notably, you are able to purchase additional ownership interest, which gives you access to more vacation points. According to DVC, for that additional amount you would need to purchase a minimum of 25 points if paying with cash or 50 if financed.

    Where To Buy Discounted Disney World Tickets

    Disney Parks Moms Panel | The Benefits of Being a Disney Vacation Club Member

    We recommend purchasing your Disney tickets through Get Away Today. Not only does the company have the lowest prices, it offers a best price guarantee. If you ever find park tickets cheaper, Get Away Today wont just match the price, the company will beat it. If you call to make your purchase be sure to mention TravelingMom!

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    How Far In Advance Can You Make Reservations At A Dvc Resort

    Home resort owners have the ability to make reservations up to 11 months in advance of check-in. So if you are looking to make a reservation during high seasons, such as Christmas or New Years, you should plan to make your reservation in January.

    If you are hoping to stay at a different DVC resort other than your Home resort, you have up to 7 months in advance to make reservations. Its unlikely that youll be able to make reservations during highly popular weeks outside of your Home resort because rooms fill up so quickly. This is why you should carefully consider your Home resort if you plan to travel during the most popular seasons.

    How Much Does It Cost To Join Dvc

    The current one-time purchase price is $19,300, plus closing costs and annual dues, for an ownership interest equal to 100 Vacation Points. Disney offers financing options for qualified buyers. But dont let that cost scare you. You can also finance your DVC membership, with financing starting at monthly payments as low as $250 for a 10-year loan with a 10% down payment.

    Visit the Disney Vacation Club official website to chat with a representative for more information.

    So, is joining DVC worth it for you? Depending on your lifestyle, how often you like to take Disney vacations, and your ability to purchase or finance your membership, DVC may or may not be the best option for you or your family.

    If youre curious about the various places you can stay using your DVC points, take a look at our list of the top seven Disney Vacation Club Resorts below.

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    Dvc Rate Vs Paying Cash

    Lets do a little Disney vacation math to see if Disney Vacation Club is worth it!

    For fun, lets choose Disneys Riviera Resort the newest DVC resort. We chose the week of Thanksgiving this year, checking in on November 25th, and then checking out on December 2nd. We also picked a Deluxe Studio, which sleeps 4 adults.

    The initial purchase of 150 points is more realistic as well, so thats what we went with. Assuming you paid the $29,500 cost upfront, you wont have a monthly payment to take into consideration for this price breakdown.

    So, you decide to stay at your home resort of Disneys Riviera Resort from November 25th to December 2nd. This will cost you 135 of your 150 annual points giving you some to bank for the following year. This would only cost you your annual dues this year, and we will go with the $70 per month that Disney says they start at.

    135 points used for a 7 night stay, annual dues = $840. Not a bad price for a stay at the Riviera!

    Now lets book regularly. Same resort, same Deluxe Studio, and same 7 night stay. Thats $637 a night, which comes out to $4,459 for the week. Not exactly the cheapest stay.

    And lastly, the other option would be to rent DVC points . The most popular rental website has points for $19 each right now, and the rental for 135 points would be $2,565. The cheapest option without having to have a DVC membership.

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