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Where To List Vacation Rentals

Airbnb Alternatives: The Best Sites Like Airbnb In 2022

Where To List Your Vacation Rental Property

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Iâm not going to lie, weve used AirBnB a lot. Weve found it to be an excellent way to find accommodation all around the world in lodgings that range from quirky to palatial, from budget to princely. But that doesnt mean we dont also keep the various AirBnB alternatives in mind when travelling and booking accommodation, and in this post were going share our favourite alternatives with you.

If youâre new to the world of peer to peer accommodation, take a look at Jessâs guide to using AirBnB, which will answer all your questions about both AirBnB, and the majority of other peer to peer accommodation sites like AirBnB.

So why would you want an alternative to AirBnB? Well, the thing is, AirBnB has become somewhat a victim of its own success. Thereâs plenty of choice, but prices have definitely started to increase since we started to use the platform in 2012. In fact, often AirBnB works out more expensive than getting a reasonable hotel. In addition, at busy times, properties can book out a long time in advance.

In some cases, itâs also become quite the industry, losing the personal touch as landlords cash in, meaning the only human interaction you get is when you get your keys at the beginning of your stay, often from an apartment concierge rather than the actual host or owner.

Which Is The Best Vacation Rental Booking Site

Theres no one agency or platform that shines above others for families, but we can provide some conclusions based on our vacation rental site reviews and years of using these booking platforms.

  • If youre looking for budget alternatives to conventional hotels, start with one of the giant booking platformsthats where youll find the bulk of the low-priced options. Go to a regional specialist platform if you want more options.
  • For rentals in the U.S., do a local search in addition to checking the larger vacation rental booking platforms.
  • Cast a wide net. Check with as many different sources as you have time and patience for. And keep in mind that many rentals will list with more than one booking platform, but a few stick to one or two. Prices are almost always the same.
  • Avoid booking vacation rentals through Craigslist or eBay. Although both list vacation rentals, they provide almost no consumer protections.

How Do I Market My Vacation Rental

There are seemingly endless ways to market your vacation home and get it in front of a wide audience. At Vacasa, we like to think creatively, while also leveraging tried and tested marketing strategies. Some tips for DIY vacation home owners:

  • Narrow in on the audience who would most likely be drawn to your home.
  • List your property on several vacation rental and travel sites, instead of relying on just one platform.
  • Use social media to promote your home and your destination.
  • Hire a professional photographer to build a portfolio of eye-catching photos that you can spread out online on your website, listing profiles, social media, etc.
  • Write listing descriptions and blog posts with keywords in mind to improve rankings on Googles search engine results page .

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Premium Vacation Rental Cleaning: Why We Speak To Your Guests Needs

Its never been more important to show guests that youre considering their comfort. Thats why we developed Vacasa Premium Clean. Its our typical high standard of care, enhanced to follow CDC guidelines around cleaning when it matters most.

And the best part? Vacasa Premium Clean comes standard with our full-service property management. So you can feel confident rentingand your guests can feel comfortable booking.

Where To List Your Vacation Rental

Your guide to Florida vacation rentals

Where you choose to list your property can have a big impact on your bookings and profits. In this post, weve included key information about the best vacation rental listing sites to help you decide.

Keep in mind that you dont have to choose just one site. You can list on as many websites as you want, and can manage all your bookings with a vacation rental channel manager.


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Find Vacation Rentals In These Popular Destinations

Vacation rentals are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hotel stays. Why? Because they offer travellers the space, amenities, and privacy of home when on vacation along with incredible value! Forget anonymous hotel roomsfrom entire oceanfront houses with private beach access to city condos in luxury buildings, Tripadvisor Rentals offers you places with personality to make your trips unforgettable. Choose from thousands of different rentals across the globe: chic apartments for solo business trips, cozy cottages for romantic getaways or spacious villas for family holidays. For stays to suit your needs and individual travel style, theres nowhere better.

Book on Tripadvisor and youll benefit from the knowledge and know-how of the worlds largest travel community, with trusted reviews and knowledgeable owners helping you have your best trip yet. And with Tripadvisors unique Payment Protection, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with booking on the worlds largest travel site.

The Homeaway Family Of Vacation Rental Sites

The HomeAway family owns 25 websitesincluding VRBOand VacationRentals.comthat reach 70 million potential guests a month from over 190 countries. HomeAway allows you to set your own price and home rules. Like many listing websites, HomeAway offers 24/7 communication.

Luckily, property owners and managers dont need to buy a subscription package to each siteinstead, HomeAway offers one big subscription package that allows owners access to all of their sites. Property owners and managers can choose between two subscription packages. With the free pay-per-booking subscription, owners pay 8 to 10% to HomeAway, which includes a 5% commission and a 3 to 5% transaction feethis is an ideal plan for properties that bring in less than $7,000 a year. For $500 a year, property owners can waive the 5% commission fee and just pay the transaction fee. Owners only need to make $8,000 a year off their property to save money on the $500/year plan.

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What This Is Not About: Google My Business For Vacation Rental Businesses

Most businesses, such as flower shops, toy shops, restaurants, and hotels, can get a business listing on Google from a free service called . This service has been around for years.

Youve probably run into these free business listings, either when conducting a search on Google or when looking for such a shop on Google Maps.

For example, if I search for flower shops in Evanston, Illinois on Google, I not only get free and paid text results, but also a list of related businesses and a map showing a few of them. Flower shops appearing in this list and on this map have simply created a free Google My Business listing.

We have a whole article dedicated to . Here a summary of the main questions about it:

Starting A Vacation Rental Business: 101 Guide

Vacation rental scam causes nightmare for Hawaii realtor and customers
  • Industry Insights

Are you thinking about starting a vacation rental business? First and foremost, you need to ensure you understand the industry and all the operations.

If you dont know where to start, read this article where we discuss the basics. Here youll find some must-know tips for vacation rental success.

So what is a vacation rental business? Vacation rentals are private properties that are rented out to short-term to travelers as an alternative to hotels. Their main advantage is they offer more facilities , privacy, and access to local culture.

Vacation rental properties are not limited to traditional-style homes and include villas, cottages, beach houses, condos, apartments, and more. They can also range from affordable apartments to luxurious villas located in the worlds best tourist destinations.

Renting vacation rental properties is widely popular among travelers across the world. Besides, websites like Airbnb,, and Vrbo help make vacation home rental a simple and stress-free process.

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For More Than 7 Million Options: Airbnb

Well-designed and intuitive, Airbnb is popular for a reason. For users looking to browse the greatest quantity of options in any given destination, with dozens of filters availablefrom pet-friendly stays to houses with poolsAirbnb cant be beat. We find the map feature exceptionally helpful when researching. It allows you to single out the neighborhood or part of town that you’re interested in staying in or freely explore if you’re not tied to a destination. We also love the distinctions for quality: Superhosts, which marks hosts holding a 4.8-or-higher rating and a one-percent-or-lower cancellation rate Airbnb Plus, which offers added peace of mind, since the properties are vetted in-person against a 100-point checklist and Airbnb Luxe, a selection of high-end stays that have luxury amenities and a trip planner to act as a concierge ahead of your stay.

Can I List My Own Individual Vacation Rental On Google My Business

No, you cannot. Individual vacation rental homes are one of the very businesses that cannot create a Google My Business listing. In its guidelines, Google put them in its list of ineligible businesses for a Business Profile:

Ineligible businessesThe following businesses are not eligible for a Business Profile: Rental or for-sale properties such as vacation homes, model homes, or vacant apartments.

Googles reasoning seems to be that a business listing is reserved for activities where someone can go and visit a venue. It wouldnt be appropriate for a traveler to knock on the door of a vacation rental, looking for a room for the night, while it would for a hotel. This is Googles reasoning, and you will see that it has an impact on how vacation rentals are displayed in their meta-search engine too.

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Vacation Rental Brands & Management Companies

Sometimes you dont want to gamble on a vacation rental – it could be great, but it could be a disaster. Vacation rental brands and management companies provide consistency and peace of mind for travelers who want a high-quality experience.

  • Interhome: The worlds biggest vacation rental management company, Interhome, manages over 50,000 homes, primarily in European destinations, and even has brick-and-mortar offices which offer guest service in person.

  • Sonder: As one of the largest vacation rental brands, Sonder has over 12,000 units in its portfolio, all of which embody the companys passion for design and technology.

  • Domio: This brand aims to deliver a vacation rental-style experience with the consistency of a hotel, and guests can earn and redeem loyalty perks through the Domio Rewards program.

  • Kasa: With properties in urban and suburban markets throughout the United States, Kasa provides a modern, comfortable experience for not only vacationers, but also corporate travelers and groups.

  • Vacasa: Focusing on vacation destinations like Hilton Head, Orlando, and Galveston, Vacasas massive portfolio includes individually owned homes, apartments, condos, and villas that are professionally managed by the Vacasa team.

  • RedAwning: Offering management and booking services for vacation rentals across the United States, RedAwnings website features over 100,000 listings and gives special discounts and perks to RedAwning members.

  • Offer Deals And Special Discounts

    The Ultimate Beach House Vacation Packing List

    Deals are a perfect way to encourage bookings during your low season and over holiday periods. Guests are always on the lookout for a vacation rental that offers greater value for money. Keep an eye on what your competitors are charging, and what specials they offer for their properties. This will give you an idea of the sort of price structure you should be applying for your special offers.

    Dont be afraid to experiment when it comes to offers and deals. If you received a lot of bookings for a particular deal, run it again with the price raised. If it doesnt generate the same interest, lower the price until you start to see requests coming in. Play with your pricing to see how much you can maximize your income.

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    Quick Canadian Facts To Know Before Booking Vacation Rentals

    With a total area of 9.98 million sq km divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. The border it shares with its southern neighbour, the United States, is the world’s longest international border. Despite its vastness, the country is sparsely populated, with more than 80% of its 37 million-strong population concentrated in a few urban areas like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Canada’s official languages are English and French, though its multi-ethnicity guarantees that you’ll hear languages like Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, and Filipino spoken there. The currency used is the Canadian dollar.

    The 50 Best Vacation Rental Websites For Travelers In 2021

    Adrienne Fors

    Searching for that perfect vacation rental? Or maybe youre looking for sites to list your own property? Finding the best vacation rental websites for your needs isnt always easy. In this article, well introduce you to over 50 unique vacation rental websites, including global, regional, and niche sites. By the end of this article, youll probably have bookmarked a few sites you want to visit again and again.

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    Ski Surf Or Sail From Your Canadian Vacation Rental

    As the world’s second largest country it’s perhaps unsurprising that Canada is an outdoor playground. With the Rocky Mountains running through the west of the country the opportunities for winter sports and summer hikes are endless you can even try heli-hiking, where you arrive at the start point of your hike in dramatic style. Both the east and west coast offer great prospects for those who love to spend their days on the water – whether you prefer to be sporting a wet suit and surf board, or an elegant hat and a glass of wine.

    What You Need Before Listing Your Vacation Home Online

    Which are the Best Channels to List my Vacation Rental apart from Airbnb and
    • A set of high-resolution images & a video tour of the property. By far, this will be the most important step. Hire a professional to take the photos, dont make compromises, as this is a key element and can make a huge difference between you and your competitors.
    • Description of the property to use it in the listing. Optimize the title and description of your property, make sure theyre catchy, but also relevant and informative. Again, if writing is not your forte, dont hesitate to hire a professional to do it for you. You can find plenty of freelance writers on Fiverr.
    • A website for your property. This is not mandatory, but preferable. You can start without one, but my recommendation is to create one along the way. More details on this further down this article.
    • Your rates and calendar availability. Make sure your calendar is updated in real time, and always set your rent price considering factors like season, location, and facilities.

    Now that youre ready to go, have a look at the best vacation rental websites, classified into three main categories free, paid , and pay-per-booking :

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    The Best Vacation Rental Sites For Groups And Families

    There are a lot of vacation rental sites out there, and it may not be immediately clear what makes one better than another. Theres also the complicating factor that there are two different types of vacation rental websites:

  • Vacation rental booking platforms that act as a third-party pass-through between property owners and guests.
  • Vacation rental booking agencies, through which you can book directly, and which tend to offer more protection and service.
  • In this story, well focus on the best vacation rental booking platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and others. But be sure to check out our story on vacation rental booking agencies for a simple explanation of the benefits and a look at some of the best agency websites if you want to go that route.

    GET AWAY:10 Best North America Vacation Spots for Couples This Year

    Even when you narrow your search to just the best vacation rental websites, youre still going to find a lot of variation in the approach these booking platforms take. There are some like Airbnb that mix full-house rentals with room rentals in private homes. There are online travel agency sites like,, and Expedia that function both as hotel booking sites and vacation rental booking sites, and mingle both in listings. And there are also dozens of smaller vacation rental sites, many of which offer region-specific short term rentals.

    Searching Via Google Hotels

    Finally, the third way that travellers can find vacation rentals on Google is by performing a search on Google Hotels.

    For this, a traveller needs to go to the Google Travel page, and click on the Google Hotels tab.

    There, theyll be presented with a search bar where they can type in their travel details. By default, Google will serve up hotel search results. However, theres another tab next to Hotels that travellers can click to search for vacation rentals instead.

    Once the traveller clicks on Vacation Rentals, Google shows them vacation rental results for the same search instead of hotels.

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    What Is A Vacation Rental Inventory Checklist

    A vacation rental inventory checklist is a list in which you go through every item and piece of furniture in your rental to evaluate its condition after your guests have stayed. Not only will this ensure that all of the items in your property are still there, but youll also be able to keep track of what conditions they are in. By analyzing the state of each item, youll feel reassured that nothing has been broken and that your next guests will have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

    Picture this scenario: your guests have checked out at 12:00pm, and your next guests arrive at 3:00 pm. That gives you exactly 3 hours, provided that the guests dont check out late and your next guests wont arrive earlier. In those 3 hours, you have to not only leave your rental spotless but also check that nothing has been damaged. With such limited time comes pressure and a high probability of forgetting things. Thats why having a vacation rental inventory checklist is crucial it enables you to efficiently keep track of the items and furniture in your property.

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