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How Much Does Hilton Vacation Club Cost

Are Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elite Benefits Worth The Price

Disney Vacation Club Packet – What does ownership cost?

When purchasing Hilton properties, one of the most notable differences between buying resale and buying direct from the developer is that buying direct can provide you with Elite Status, which allows for a few additional benefits for ownerships 14,000 points and above. However, it is important to learn about what exact benefits Elite status will provide for you as an owner, and see if its worth foregoing the marked down prices you are able to find on the Hilton resale market. Within this article, well go over what Elite status is, and hopefully help you determine if Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elite benefits are worth the price.

Banking Or Borrowing Points

HGVC ClubPoints renew annually or biennially, based on the contract purchased. For added flexibility, owners have the option to “bank” unused points for use in the following year, and can also borrow points for current use.

For example: Owner buys 7,000 points in HGVC Las Vegas, which gets a 2 BR unit during the Platinum peak season. If the owner reserves a 1 BR unit in peak season in Las Vegas for 1 week, the price is only 4,800, so he will have 2,200 points left over which he can bank for the following year. The following year, he would have 7,000 points plus the banked 2,200, giving him access to a bigger unit, or more time.

Hilton Grand Vacations Maintenance Fees

* Please limit this thread to only the MF specifics and take discussions/commentary to the discussion boards. Thank you!* Owners, please report your Weeks MF’s as they are billed in this format:

  • Resort Name/Unit Size
  • Property Taxes
  • Developer Subsidy/ Special Assessment
  • Increase/decrease over 2018 MF’s whether in dollar or percentage value

2020 Annual Club Dues2020 Average MF increase 4.91% The 2020 HGVC Resorts with the Lowest MFs can be found here. The 2019 MF thread can be found here.The 2018 MF thread can be found here.The 2017 MF thread can be found here.The 2016 MF thread can be found here.The 2015 MF thread can be found here.The 2014 MF thread can be found here.The 2013 MF thread can be found here.Plantation Beach Club at Indian River Plantation – Stuart, Florida

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Selling Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare

Hello all:

Can anyone give me advice on selling a timeshare that I inherited from my parents? Although I have used it some, I find myself wanting to travel with a group more… There is nothing owed on it and I am looking at a popular website that sells timeshares with an upfront cost.

You could try putting it in eBay. Some people have reported success that way, but bear in mind you may get very little for it.

Thank you for your advice. I have joined TUG and am going to try to sell it there and see what happens. From what I can thus far, it’s a great place to find information.

Just wondering, is it not worth keeping? I was actually looking to buy a HGVC timeshare but doing research to make sure it would work for me like buying retail. I like the points and being able to use for hotels stays such as Embassy Suites.

Does yours work that way?

We’ve had a 10000 point plan for about 15 years and use it a lot, whether through RCI or used directly with Hilton. The $2400 yearly maintenance fee is high but I think we still get good value from it and the points system is flexible so we can travel where and when we want to. Today’s prices to purchase points direct are crazy high compared to what we paid back then and I would not recommend that for sure. Resale may be ok but I don’t have any experience with that.

Look at TUG and RedWeek

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Buying Hilton On The Resale Market

Timeshare Details

Hilton timeshare memberships purchased from an existing owner carry all the same advantages as it would if purchased directly from Hilton. The difference is that you’ll pay a far lower price by buying from an existing owner. Because the amount of Hilton points vary depending on the resort, the unit size and the season specified in the timeshare agreement, make sure you conduct a thorough search on the website to give yourself an idea of which resorts you’d like to buy into – based on your unique travel preferences.

Remember that after your purchase, enroll in HHonors and start accumulating extra Hilton points and incentives from travel at more than 3,600 Hilton-affiliated properties worldwide with Hilton’s “double dipping” benefit, airline miles accrue side-by-side with Hilton points. Points may even be used to pay your annual maintenance fee.

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How Can I Save Money

Buying a Disney timeshare used is going to potentially save you more than 50 percent on your purchase. If you are heavily considering this club, consider going the used route.

Be sure to crunch the numbers ahead of time. As long as you think you are going to be able to take full advantage year after year, it may be worth the investment. However, not taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Disney Vacation Club will result in wasted money.

  • If you cannot afford the costs up front, Disney does offer low-cost financing options for up to ten years.
  • If youre questioning if its worth it, here are a few questions to ask yourself first: Do I need to take out a loan? Will you visit at least once a year for the next 10 years? As long as you think you can come out ahead by doing the math, then it may be a decent investment however, if youre questioning it, youre better off reserving a room as you please without any monthly maintenance commitments.
  • The DVC does offer financing options in one, three, five, seven and 10-year increments.

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Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Owners at Hilton Grand Vacations Club can stay at their home resort or other properties in its network of resorts. Learn about this clubs timeshare usages.

The average Hilton Grand Vacations salary ranges from approximately $23545 per year for Busser to $140143 per year for Senior Financial Reporting Manager.

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Buying Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshares

If youre planning on using your timeshare every year, it makes sense to buy a Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare. If youre worried about the cost, consider looking into timeshare financing through the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. This can help you find a pay-as-you-go or monthly option that may work better for you.

But, if you dont think youll be using it every year then an HGVC resale may be the best option.

HGVC resales can also be a good option if you arent sure about making the full commitment to buying a Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare. They can be a good stepping stone to trying the timeshares out without spending as much money.

How Much Does A Hilton Timeshare Cost

Buying A Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare Resale

Hilton has stated that the average cost for a new Hilton timeshare is about $22,000, but this is if the timeshare is purchased through Hilton. The cost depends on several factors with significant savings if a package of Hilton timeshare points is purchased on the resale market.

Hilton sells timeshare as a deeded interest in a particular resort, with points attached that can be used within the Hilton timeshare resort network. The cost is higher if purchased directly from Hilton because of associated sales and marketing costs included in the price that are recouped through the sale. The cost also varies depending on how many points are purchased, with more points needed for larger units or specific, higher demand accommodations such as West 57th Street by Hilton Club on Manhattan in New York City.

Timeshare resale prices are lower because those sales and marketing costs are not included since buyers are purchasing directly from existing owners. That can save 50-60% off the cost by buying resale with savings even higher depending on the home resort and the points package.

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Hilton Grand Vacations Club On The Las Vegas Strip

49-inch LCD televisions come with premium cable channels. Business-friendly amenities include safes and phones free local calls are provided . Additionally, rooms include irons/ironing boards and blackout drapes/curtains. Housekeeping is provided daily. Renovation of all guestrooms was completed in April 2017.

The recreational activities listed below are available either on site or nearby fees may apply.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare

Save thousands on Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare by purchasing resale from an existing owner. Hilton has always been one of our most popular vacation ownerships on the resale market: HGVC owners love the resorts, which are among the best in the industry, and they love the flexibility and ease-of-use Hilton points provide. Depending on the ownership you buy, youll receive new points each year or every- other-year. Visit the user-friendly Hilton Grand Vacations Club website to use your points for short stays or entire weeks at any of the Club resorts. For travel outside the Hilton brand, simply deposit with RCI and enjoy access to over 3,000 locations around the globe. If you want a vacation ownership experience youll be proud of, this is it! Browse our Hilton Grand Vacations Club points for sale and rent now and find your perfect match. Sell HGVC Timeshare.

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Is The Hilton Grand Vacation Club Worth It

While the cost of timeshare maintenance fees can be less than your timeshare vacations, some owners see them as a major con to ownership. If you dont plan on using your Hilton timeshare every year, or dont think the maintenance fees are worth the experience, then Hilton timeshares may not be worth it to you.

Why Hilton Grand Vacation Club

5 Reasons You Will Love an Orlando Timeshare Rental

The Hilton name is synonymous with class, comfort, style, luxurious services and abundant amenities, and a Hilton timeshare membership offers the boundless perks of a worry-free, efficiently-run and user-friendly vacation program. Not only will you enjoy a spectacular vacation property, but you’ll be able to make reservations for your guests, and there is no charge to make a reservation for immediate family.

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The Hilton Points Program

Hilton Grand Vacation Club is a timeshare club with exciting properties worldwide. Operating on a flexible points system tied to deeded ownership rights at a resort, the program offers incredible value, particularly when purchased on the resale market. With HGVC, owners can use their points in their home resort, at another HGVC property, or as part of the HHonors Program. Among the affiliated resort options you can choose to visit are Fiesta Americana Hotels, Club Intrawest, and Grand Pacific Resorts.

When you purchase a Hilton timeshare on the resale market to vacation in sensational destinations such as Orlando, New York City or Hawaii, you also have the right to vacation just about anywhere in the world using Hilton’s flexible points system.

As a points-based timeshare program, HGVC allocates points to individual members based on their deeded interests in a particular unit size and week at a specific resort, which is considered their home resort. Functioning as a type of vacation currency called ClubPoints, owners receive an allotment when they purchase a Hilton timeshare. The member’s home week is worth a designated point amount, and owners can also upgrade their membership through Hilton to get a larger allotment of ClubPoints or just purchase more discounted points through resale weeks available on The larger units and more popular holiday weeks entitle the owner to more points for use each year.

How Timeshares And Clubs Work

Before we explain why clubs are as bad for your budget as timeshares, we want you to know the differences between them.

A timeshare is a single property you visit year after year. You purchase the timeshare, then pay maintenance fees. The timeshare company lets you vacation there at preset times, usually a week or two each year.

To join vacation clubs, you pay an initial membership fee. After that, you pay monthly or yearly membership and maintenance fees.

In return, the club gives you a discount on a vacation from their list of possible destinations and travel dates. Dont get too excited, thoughby the time you get done paying the fees, theres not much discount left.

Travel clubs are a type of vacation club. They have a lot of the same expenses and destinations, but in a travel club, members vacation together. The company gets them group rates, so they usually pay less for memberships and fees than vacation club members.

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What Are The Extra Costs

As stated above, annual fees will have to be paid to keep the membership active. These fees will be around $75 per month. Effectively, its best to budget $5 to $7 per point in mainteannce expenses, paid whether you visit or not.

If you purchase used or new, closing costs will be involved which can cost anywhere from $500 to $900.

Rooms booked during peak times and weekends can often cost up to 40 percent more in points. Also, the larger the room is, the more points it will require. For example, a studio will cost one-third of what a three-bedroom villa would cost.

If your membership does not have enough points, you can add more on throughout the year.

Why Shop Timeshare Resales

Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPoints (HGVC Points) Explained

Owning a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare comes with a number of exclusive benefits. The flexible HGVC points-based system allows club members to easily book accommodations and use extra points for travel, food, and more. HGVC exchange programs allow timeshare owners to explore a different resort every year, and may even enable them to enter the RCI timeshare exchange program, which includes a network of over 5,000 resorts.

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Hilton Grand Vacations Club: Is It Worth Becoming A Member

Oct 28, 2002 Annual maintenance fee is $650. Capitalized cost @ 10% plus MF is a little over $1800. You use the 7000 points to book a two

Jul 20, 2021 How much does it cost to join Hilton Grand Vacations? In practice, it depends. When you purchase a timeshare, the cost and other details will How much does it cost to join Hilton Grand Vacations?How does Hilton Grand Vacations work?

Hilton Grand Vacations Inc Stock Price News Quote

Find the latest Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing.

How much a company is worth is typically represented by its market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

Next Event. Q3 2021 Hilton Grand Vacations Inc Earnings Release Oct 27, 2021 Hilton Grand Vacations Prices Upsized Offering Of Senior Notes.

The average Hilton Grand Vacations salary ranges from approximately $23545 per year for Busser to $140143 per year for Senior Financial Reporting Manager.

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Tempted To Buy In We Compare Six Places And Do The Math

HILTON GRAND VACATIONS CLUB Orlando, Fla. MINIMUM BUY-IN: $14,990 plus $595 closing costs and $450 annual maintenance fees/taxes. WHAT THAT GETS YOU: 3,400 Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa · Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort

Feb 8, 2021 Hilton Grand Vacations RCI Exchange · 1 Night, $59, $59 · 2 Nights, $79, $79 · 3 Nights, $109, $109 · 4 Nights, $139, $139 · 5 Nights, $179, $179 · 6 Home Week: Complimentary

RCI Exchange Fees · 1 Night, $59, $59 · 2 Nights, $79, $79 · 3 Nights, $109, $109 · 4 Nights, $139, $139 · 5 Nights, $179, $179 · 6 Nights, $199, $199 · 7 Nights Reservation Fees: 2019 CostHome Week: Complimentary

Does Hilton Have A Timeshare Program

What Do Timeshares Cost

Yes, the Hilton timeshare program is called Hilton Grand Vacations Club and comes under the timeshare arm of Hilton called Hilton Grand Vacations. The program will boast over 150 resorts and more than 700,000 members as a result of recent acquisitions, making it the second largest timeshare operator in the world. Resorts are located throughout major vacation destinations in the U.S. as well as Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Barbados and Japan.

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Benefits That Won’t Transfer When Buying Hgvc Resales

Fortunately, all HGVC ownership points and most privileges are transferrable to a new owner who buys on the resale market, with two exceptions:

  • Resale points purchased do not qualify for inclusion in Hilton’s elite programs. If you’re already a Hilton owner with 7,000 points , then you buy an additional 7,000 points from an owner, you will not be able to add the new points to your original program to qualify for a higher level of Hilton membership. You will be able to use your newly bought points for reservations just like any other owner, but they will not elevate you to the level of a 14,000-point owner for participation in Hilton’s elite programs.
  • Points purchased outside of a HGVC authorized broker are not eligible for upgrading into other HGVC inventory in the future.
  • What Do Timeshares Cost

    The average purchase price for a new buyer is around $22,000. If you elect financing, additional costs apply. Otherwise, you just pay your annual maintenance

    Feb 8, 2021 Hilton Grand Vacations RCI Exchange · 1 Night, $59, $59 · 2 Nights, $79, $79 · 3 Nights, $109, $109 · 4 Nights, $139, $139 · 5 Nights, $179, $179 · 6 Home Week: Complimentary

    RCI Exchange Fees · 1 Night, $59, $59 · 2 Nights, $79, $79 · 3 Nights, $109, $109 · 4 Nights, $139, $139 · 5 Nights, $179, $179 · 6 Nights, $199, $199 · 7 Nights Reservation Fees: 2019 CostHome Week: Complimentary

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