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Resale Of Marriott Vacation Club Points

What To Know About Purchasing A Marriott Timeshare Resale

Marriott Vacation Club Points – Developer vs. Resale | What YOU Need to Know!

so you can usually find a great deal for your Marriott vacation week. Negotiate your price aggressively until youre content. Sellers rarely get offers, unless they have a premium week. Start your offer at a minimum 35% below the listing price and stay firm in negotiating. Sellers will often accept a big discount on the list price.

The closing process can be long. Escrow companies and brokers are notorious for a big pile of transactions to go through. Expect 30-45 days for escrow and another 30 days for Marriott to approve your club membership. If you have a Right-Of-First-Refusal clause, expect another 7-10 days on top of that. All combined, you could be looking at 80-85 days before your Marriott vacation purchase is usable.

The timing can be difficult. With a three-month closing time, you can easily miss the deadlines for using your Marriott points, or using your weeks. Keep in mind to calculate when your next usage is and if you will close in time to use your Marriott weeks.

Annual fees will increase. Expect annual increases of 5% or more on your annual Marriott maintenance charges.

Restrictions On Your Ability To Sell

If you are behind on maintenance fees, taxes, and assessments, that will dampen your ability to sell. Make sure you are current on everything before you move forward.

Marriott holds a “right of first refusal” option on any proposed sale at most, but not all, of the resorts in the .

This means that once you have a buyer ready to buy your Legacy Week or Club Destination ownership and the buyer has signed a contract, you must send a copy of the contract to Marriott and ask them if they would like to buy it for the same price and terms , or not buy it .

If Marriott exercises this option, they will then become the buyer and will move forward with the purchase — the buyer cannot buy it. If Marriott waives this option, you may conclude your sale with your intended buyer.

Please note: you must have a buyer-signed contract to send to Marriott for them to examine, and to make a determination regarding the ROFR option. It doesn’t work just to contact them and ask, “Do you want to buy this?”

Vacation Greatness Begins Here

We created a timeshare ownership and exchange program that helps you make the most of every precious vacation moment. As a Marriott Vacation Club® Owner, you have access to a vast and diverse collection of resorts, properties and experiences, including cruises, adventure travel, guided tours and more. Plus, when you explore the world with Marriott Vacation Club, you get all the standards of excellence you expect from Marriott® the most trusted brand in hospitality.

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Using A Timeshare Broker To Sell Your Marriott Timeshare

Many people use a Licensed Broker due to the up-to-date expertise a licensed agent will possess. Knowledge of the timeshare resale market landscape aids greatly in pricing your timeshare resale appropriately, negotiating offers, and performing the closing process. Just be sure to look for an accredited business that offers a free listing to sell timeshares, and charges no upfront fees. Just as with a traditional Real Estate agent, your agent should handle all aspects of the resale process on your behalf, and not be paid up front fees until your ownership has been sold.

In addition to offering a wealth of information, modern Timeshare Brokers are leveraging the incredible power of digital marketing, search engine optimization, and cost per click ads to sell your Marriott ownership. Why not take advantage of their marketing dollars, when it means zero risk to you?!

Benefits That Won’t Transfer When Buying Marriott Resales

Buy &  Sell Marriotts Vacation Club Points Resale

For legacy weeks: Anyone who buys Marriott legacy weeks on the secondary market inherit all rights to use their timeshare, reserve in advance, and exchange through II – but they do not become members of the Destination Points program, and they cannot convert their weekly timeshare into annual Marriott Rewards points, which are used for nightly hotel stays. Even Marriott officials will say that, if you’re going to buy a timeshare on the resale market, make sure you buy a resort that you actually want to visit, or one that has a good trading value. Otherwise, it’s a poor investment.

For points buyers: there are no benefits that do not transfer, as long as the resale buyer pays Marriott the transfer/conversion fee at closing. The fee is currently $3/point, or a minimum $3,000. Owners who are new to Marriott will also be required to pay a $300 new member education fee.

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Want To Stay At A Vacation Club Property Focus On The Sun

Sun-Thurs rates are roughly half the full week rate.

  • Studio Sun- Thurs = 750 points
  • 1 Bedroom Sun-Thurs = 1225
  • 2 Bedroom Sun Thurs = 1625
  • 3 Bedroom Sun Thurs = 2125

Depending on your needs, you could check out, rent a unit that fits your need for Friday and Saturday, and check back in for 5 more nights and use nearly the same amount of points as you would have for just 7 nights. Suddenly a 7 night trip becomes 12 nights for the same number of points + the cost of renting a unit for 2 nights.

Is Marriott Timeshare A Good Deal

First you should decide if you want a points package or a week of timeshare. Weeks can only be purchased on the resale market since Marriott stopped selling weeks years ago when they started selling points. Buying a week can be a better way to secure a particular week of the year at a specific destination for a vacation, such as New Years week in Hawaii, but points can provide more flexibility and allow you to take shorter, more frequent breaks during the year. It is purely a lifestyle question for you as to how you tend to vacation.

For comparisons sake, lets look at points. Marriott says they sell points starting at $22,000 which would be for about 1,500 points. On the resale market, you can find for as little as $7,000 for three times that number of points giving you many more vacation options.

Keep in mind what 1,500 points can get you in the Marriott timeshare resort network. If you are looking for a week of vacation time, you will be limited with 1,500 points. For example, take Hilton Head Island as a destination. You could stay in a two-bedroom unit at or Sunset Pointe resorts at any time of the year but be very restricted and in some cases unable to stay at the other six Marriott resorts on the island. This is why you would want to discuss your options with a licensed timeshare resale agent who can go over them with you.

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How Do I Sell My Marriott Timeshare / Marriott Points

You can try to list timeshares yourself, list with a broker, or possibly sell it back to Marriott directly. We always advise those looking to sell timeshare to give us a call, we offer a free consultation with no obligation to list or sell, and can at least point you in the right direction, even if you wish to sell on your own.

The Perks Of Buying Marriott Vacation Club Points On The Secondary Market

Marriott’s Destination Club Points Resale Costs

is undoubtably one of the top vacation ownership brands out there. With an impressive portfolio of resorts in top vacation destinations worldwide and fabulous member benefits, its no wonder Marriott is so popular with all sorts of travelers.

Marriott Vacation Club points are the bread and butter of the ownership. They allow owners to make reservations for their vacations as well as exchange and travel to many different destinations.

The points work like currency to book vacations and the more Marriott points you own, the more flexibility you have to book longer or more luxurious vacations with larger accommodations.

If you are considering becoming a Marriott timeshare owner, we highly suggest you consider buying Marriott points resale for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the many benefits of buying Marriott Vacation Club points on the secondary market.

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How Many Points Do I Need

Points can be purchased in blocks of 250 which are called Beneficial Interests. For example, if you own 1500 points, that would be six beneficial interests. 1500 is usually the starting point for point ownership, and then you can always increase them in the future.

The number of the points will vary depending on how you want to travel.

Below will give you an idea of how many points you might need.

What Are The Timeshare Ownership Choices

Every Marriott resort has different developer ownership based on location, weather, and amenities.

The Marriott villas in Newport Beach, California is a popular resort. Two fixed weeks are sold at this beach destination over the 4th of July and Christmas. These guarantee usage every year on those holidays. The remainder of the year is divided into high and low season. The high season is during the summer months of May September. Buyers must purchase a floating week if not purchasing during the 4th of July or Christmas weeks.

Most Marriott resorts are similar or sell more fixed weeks. Depending on the type of place youre visiting, some rules allow for up to three or four weeks.

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Convert Your Vacation Club Points Into Airline Miles

This is a new addition to the program, added in early 2021, that allows you to convert up to 2500 of your Marriott Vacation Club Points into airline miles. This could be advantageous if you dont have any use of the Marriott Vacation Club Points, or youre running low on air miles, and are looking to fly in a premium cabin. This is what most of my blog is dedicated to, and youre given three choices of airlines: American, United, and Hawaiian.

Its actually quite simple to convert them, you just need to fill out a form and request the number of Marriott Vacation Club Points you wish to convert. This can be done once a year.

I would strongly advise finding the award space prior to making this conversion, but also be aware that MVC says it could take up to 6 weeks for the miles to populate. I havent used this feature yet, so I cant speak to my experience quite yet. One fantastic use would be to fly on Hawaiian Airlines fully flat first class from the mainland to the islands. If you can find the availabilityits just 40k miles a pretty solid use of 2500 VCP

Types Of Professional Assistance Available

Timeshare points resale from Marriott Vacation Club Destinations ...

If you don’t want to do it yourself and want full representation, then you should list your ownership for sale with a licensed real estate broker/agent who specializes in the sale of timeshare and vacation ownerships. This type of specialized licensed broker will research comparable sold prices, the number of identical listings on the market and their prices, and what buyers have been offering for identical ownerships and other market factors to give you valuable information about what the resale market is for your timeshare ownership. They will work with you to get it listed and set up through broker-only MLS services and other professional marketing avenues that will give you a good chance to get it sold.

Commissions and selling fees vary by Broker, and this amount will be discussed with you when you decide on the listing price for your ownership, and will be included in your listing agreement. You will not, and should not, pay any broker or agent a selling fee or commission, until they have sold your timeshare.

Here are some options for finding a broker to manage this process for you:

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Go To The Masters With Points

Yes, the most exclusive, hard to get tickets in all of sports can be yours by using your Marriott Vacation Club points. How? Check this out

I mentioned earlier in the post about investigating the Explorer Collection. Well, buried amidst other redemptions is a subcategory Golf. I figured it was mainly standard PGA tour events and free rounds at courses associated with Marriott properties.

The epitome of bucket list Golf: The Masters.

The Masters One Day Program increased from 6700 points to 8500 points in 2021. If youre a golf lover, going to the Masters, especially Thursday-Sunday, is a true bucket list item. At 8500 points this isnt as great as it once was , but 8500 will save you well over $2k on the resale market.. In fact, resale sites typically sell tickets on the low end for $2500 a piece, and those dont include Hospitality tent access.

I was lucky enough to attend the Masters in 2018 with my dad for his 70th birthday. Its one incredible experience that I thought was going to be once in a lifetime. With this developmentwe may have to go back!

Note, that when you elect this package, you can go this coming year, next year, or the year after so if its on your listgo for it!

However You Redeem Your Hard Earn Marriott Vacation Club Pointstake The Time To Make Sure That You Are Extracting The Best Possible Value Need Help We Offer Consulting Services To Max Your Value And Help You Plan

Affiliate Disclosure

Monkey Miles has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Monkey Miles and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers

Capital One lit the premium card market on fire when it dropped this card. It quickly was added to our wallet for the following reason!

Earn 100k Bonus Points after $10k Spend in 6 months

$300 Annual Travel credit within Capital One Travel Portal

2x on every single purchase without limit

10x on hotels and car rentals purchased via Capital One Travel

5x on airfare purchased within Capital One Travel

Erase any travel purchase off your card at a penny a piece with Capital One Travel Eraser

Lounge access:

  • Access to the Capital One lounge network
  • Priority Pass access Authorized Users have access as well

10k Anniversary Miles every year you keep the card worth $100 in Capital One Travel or transferred to partners

$395 Annual Fee

If you spend more than $400 a year on travel, youll quickly offset the annual fee with the $300 travel credit and 10k anniversary bonus. The rest is gravy. And you can add up to 4 Authorized Users fee free!

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Why Buy Marriott Timeshare

Since its inception in 1927, the Marriott name has stood for quality, service, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. More than twenty-five years ago, Marriott launched their timeshare division, Marriott Vacation Club, coupling all the luxurious Marriott amenities guests had come to expect with the option to own a portion of deeded real estate at their favorite resorts. Today, Marriott Vacation Club boasts more than 500,000 members, 70+ first-class resorts, and the flexibility to explore more than 5,000 desirable destinations across the globe through its affiliation with Interval International. Marriott Vacation Club is the primary timeshare brand of Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation. The brand comprises more than 70 Marriott Vacation Club properties throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia and more than 400,000 owners. Marriott Vacation Club resorts consist of one, two, and three-bedroom villas. As of 2018, Marriott Vacation Club is one of 4 brands that includes Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club and Grand Residences by Marriott.

Why Use Donotpay To Transfer Your Points

Marriott’s Destination Club Points Program resale and retail

Using DoNotPay comes with a lot of perks. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose DoNotPay to transfer or sell your hotel points:

Fast. You don’t have to spend hours trying to transfer or sell Marriott club points, do it in just a few clicks.

Easy. No tedious processes are involved, DoNotPay makes it extremely easy to transfer or sell Marriott club points by automating the entire process.

Successful. When you work with DoNotPay, you can be confident that we’ll automatically transfer your points for you or help you find the best deal through third-party vendors.

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Buy Marriott Points Resale For Less

is a giant in the vacation industry and offers incredible resorts around the world. Their points-based program allows flexibility in timeshare ownership. Owners have access to not only Marriott Resorts, but also St. Regis, the Sheraton, Westin, and more. This trusted brand offers vacation ownership at over 60 club properties in 10 countries, so there are endless opportunities for incredible vacation memories. If youre highly considering buying Marriott points, we strongly suggest checking the resale market first.

Differences In Marriott Legacy Week Ownership Benefits On The Resale Market

Once the purchase is complete, youll be able to use your week just like its original owner when booking at your home resort. The main difference between retail and resale Marriott legacy weeks, is that when you buy a Marriott resale, you will not be able to convert your week into Bonvoy Points. Bonvoy Points allow you to book hotel stays at Marriotts vast network of hotels.

This can be useful for traveling to locations that dont feature Marriott Vacation Club resorts, but the conversion rate is such that you would be much better off simply paying cash for your supplemental hotel stays, or banking your Marriott week / renting your timeshare out if you are not able to travel that year.

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