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Best Places To Buy A Vacation Home In The World

Vacation Rental Cap Rates Are On The Rise

The best place to buy a vacation home this summer

Vacation rentals took a pause in the midst of the pandemic, but as restrictions start to loosen and holidays return, short-term rentals are making their debut once again. The rising CAP rates clearly demonstrate this Overall, its anticipated that CAP rates will rise to 6.5% by 2022, according to

Now is the time to invest in a vacation rental. Coming out of the peak season, many investors find that the fall is the best time to buy up and invest in short-term rental real estate. With the CAP rates in your favor, you can expect a good return on your investment as soon as you make the big purchase.

Considerations Before Buying Real Estate Overseas

There are some things you need to consider before venturing yourself into an unknown housing market overseas. I know that the idea of spending your golden years in someplace warm and sunny might be very appealing to you, but buying property overseas is going to be a different experience. Whether you prefer the traditional home around the world or not, before you fall in love with this ultimate vacation spot, here are five things to take into account.

Tax Breaks For Mortgage Interest And Property Taxes

With a vacation home, you can receive tax breaks for mortgage interest and property taxes if the home is being used as a secondary residence.

Here are the types of tax deductions you may receive, depending on how you plan to use your vacation property:

  • Property tax deduction: You can deduct property taxes on a second home. However, you cannot deduct the whole amount. Both state and local property taxes are eligible. The deduction is limited to $10,000 per tax return, or $5,000 if youre married but file taxes separately.
  • Mortgage interest deduction: The tax breaks you receive on your mortgage interest you receive on your vacation property will depend on if you consider the home a personal residence or a rental property.
  • Personal residence: Just like your primary residence, youre eligible for a tax break up to $750,000 if you are married filing jointly, or single. Its up to $350,000 if youre married and filing separately.
  • Rental property: Income from renting your vacation home is considered rental income if you rent the property for more than 14 days annually. If you meet the minimum, you can receive tax breaks on your mortgage, insurance and property taxes.

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Cape Hatteras North Carolina

Part of the ever-popular Outer Banks region, Cape Hatteras lies within a small bend of Hatteras Island and is a spit of land that juts right into the Atlantic Ocean. For travelers who crave the heat, Cape Hatteras offers long, hot summers, which are made bearable by access to water in nearly every direction. With almost 70 miles of scenic beaches along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, guests have more than enough room to mark their personal space with a beach blanket and enjoy the unobstructed ocean views. While the area has all kinds of lodging options, guests often opt for vacation rentals, as they can easily lug their belongings to the shore and back with ease.


Neighborhood Of Your Vacation Home

The Top 5 Places in the World to Buy a Vacation Home

If the location is the yin of real estate, the neighborhood is the yang. While the location is essential in real estate investing, the neighborhood is equally important. This is important because different areas in the same town can have astronomically different returns on investment.

So, while youre conducting location analysis, be sure to include neighborhood analysis due diligence as well. This means location and neighborhood analysis go hand in hand in real estate investing.

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Create A Memorable Rental Stay

When renting out a property, you want to give the renters the best rental experience possible so they can then potentially come back or tell others about their wonderful stay. Provide your guests with the necessary amenities, such as kitchenware, bathroom products and cleaning supplies.

A key part of renting is keeping renters accountable throughout their stay. Establish expectations for the check-out requirements and how to properly care for the property.

Tip: Create a binder that includes contact information, local activities and what to do at the end of a stay. Print out this rental rules sheet to add to the binder that lists stay expectations.

Reasons For Investing In Real Estate: Pros And Cons

Purchasing a vacation property is a significant financial commitment. However, its critical to grasp the advantages and disadvantages before you dig in. So weâll begin with the advantages. The following are some of the most widely mentioned benefits of purchasing a vacation house.

You Might End up Saving Money in the Long Term

When buying a vacation home in California, if you spend two months every summer at the seaside, your yearly mortgage payments on a vacation house may be similar to the cost of two months rent. Additionally, youll be creating capital over time rather than just handing up your income to someone else.

Generate Income When You Are Not There

You can rent out your vacation property when you are not there. That might transform the residence into a big moneymaker in prominent vacation areas. Well discuss the California housing market in further detail later.

Real Estate Values

Real estate values, particularly in popular tourist destinations, have a tendency to rise over time. So even if you dont want to rent out your vacation property, it may assist you in making money in real estate. In addition, you may be eligible for mortgage interest and property tax deductions if you do not employ your vacation house primarily as a rental property.

Customize a Vacation House

Transform It Into Primary Home

Nevertheless, here are some of the drawbacks to buying a vacation home. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate these factors before making a purchase.

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Top Vacation Rental Markets In Europe For :

Now is a better time than any to profit off this incredible moment for investing. Vacation rentals in Europe are hotter than ever right now. The culmination of reasonable interest rates and home prices following the 2008 crisis recovery and the urge of many travelers to return to travel after the height of COVID-19 makes for a booming vacation rental market.

If youve been eyeing out a vacation rental investment in Europe but youre unsure where weve got the top ten locations perfect for you. Weve analyzed our own customer data to see what locations have been picking up and gaining traction and put this against housing prices, vacancy rates, and other measures for gauging investment. Which of these ten cities will be home to your next vacation rental?

What Do We Mean By The Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental Home

10 Best Countries to Buy a Vacation Home & Investment Property

There are many ways to define the top locations to own a short-term vacation rental. Since the ultimate goal of any real estate investor is to generate revenue, here we focus on the most profitable places for buying and owning a vacation home in 2021. Using data fromMashvisor, an advanced real estate data analytics tool, well highlight the US markets with the highest cap rates for short-term rentals.

For those of you who might be relatively new to the real estate investing world,cap rate short for capitalization rate is a real estate metric that is calculated by dividing the net operating income of a rental property by the current market value of the property. Although not the only indicator for vacation rental success, it is an important marker for which locations you should invest in.

Cap Rate Formula:

Cap Rate = Net Operating Income /Current Market Value

The cap rate is a relatively simple real estate profitability metric that allows investors to compare different housing markets and decide which offers the best opportunities to make money.

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What Cap Rate Is A Good Investment For Vacation Rentals

If the CAP rate is considered a good metric for your investment, then what is the golden number? As with most things in vacation rental investments: it depends.

A higher CAP rate, typically speaking, projects for a better investment, but it could also mean that its riskier. Good depends on how youd like to define it. Striking a balance between high investment and risk is what will really determine what a good CAP rate for your vacation rental is.

With that in mind, its advisable to hover between a 4-6% CAP rate. Low CAP rates around 1 to 2% could still be profitable, but theyre typically found in highly saturated areas like bigger cities with a well-established short-term rental market.

On the other hand, a high CAP rate could be a good investment, but its better suited for the gambler willing to take more of a risk.

Keep in mind too, that CAP rates can be very specific to neighborhoods, boroughs, and particular areas. Sometimes if you zoom too far out and look at an entire county or city, youre not going to get an accurate representation of what the CAP rate in your specific locality would be.

Take New York City, for example. Manhattans CAP rate came in at 3.9%, while just a stones throw away in Queens, the CAP rate is 5.03%. Your best investment should consider all these factors as no two CAP rates are created equal.

Best Vacation Rental Markets 2019

  • Dubuque, Iowa

  • Portsmouth, Virginia

  • Bainbridge Island, Washington

  • Real estate markets are constantly changing, as are the metrics we use to evaluate them. However, with the help ofMashvisor and, we identified the vacation rental markets with the most promise in 2019. Keep in mind these markets were chosen based on the previous years data, and the investor should thoroughly evaluate any market before choosing. That being said, the following three locations were among 2019s top-performing vacation rental markets.

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    How To Buy A Vacation Home

    Here are a few steps you should take that will help you navigate through the process of buying a vacation home:

    • Your vacation home should reflect your lifestyle. If you live in a cramped city apartment, you might consider purchasing a vacation home outside of the city that provides you the luxury of space. If you live in a spot that sees rain the majority of the year, you could purchase a home in an area that sees plenty of sunshine all year round. When buying a vacation home, you should envision how much youll be using that home and if its worth the investment.
    • Determine how youll use the home: You should decide how you want to use your vacation property. Determine whether the property will be a second home, an investment property or your primary residence. Each option has its financial implications, so its important to decide which is ideal for you before purchasing the home.
    • Set an affordability budget: Determine whether you can afford to buy a second home. Even if you plan to use the home as a rental property, there are still plenty of extra finances involved. Be as realistic as possible when looking at destination spots and make sure youll be able to comfortably afford the investment.
    • Find your vacation home and make an offer: Find a local real estate agent to advise you when youre ready to make an offer on a property. They will be able to instruct you on local rental regulations, taxes and commissions.

    North Conway New Hampshire

    The 25 best places to buy a vacation home in the US, ranked

    With nearly 13 nearby ski areas, North Conway is a beloved ski village in New England. This New Hampshire locale is in the heart of the White Mountains region, making it a year-round magnet for nature-seekers who come to swoosh down the slopes, hike, golf, fish, and enjoy some of the countrys best leaf peeping.

    All of this makes North Conway a prime spot for vacation rental owners who want to provide a home base for outdoorsy, family-friendly, or group travelers. Its even ideal for urban travelers, like those coming from Boston, who crave a private, luxurious vacation.

    That said, when looking to buy in this area, our RES team says to keep an eye out for vacation homes that sit close to the slopes or have luxury amenities, like fireplaces and hot tubs.

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    Best Places To Buy A Vacation Home For Under $200000

    See which affordable beach cities made the list. Real Estate Investing 101

    Owning a vacation home can be ideal: Having your own place to stay in your favorite getaway location means never having to worry about finding a hotel or Airbnb. But most Americans have enough trouble handling the financial burden of a single home adding a second one can often seem like a pipe dream.

    However, if youre willing to be a little flexible about where you buy a vacation home, it might be a lot more feasible than you thought. GOBankingRates found the best places to buy a vacation home for under $200,000. The roundup reveals that there are plenty of areas with options for cheap vacation homes you can even expect to turn a profit renting them out. You might not have considered these places that are actually great options for owning investment property.

    Cheap Real Estate In Brazil

    If you like the idea of life on a tropical island but are put off by the price tag, the Brazilian island of Itamaracá is for you. It has soft, sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, sheltered by the reef that lies offshore.

    Itamaracá is situated about an hours drive from the nearest airporta drive that takes you through jungle and mangrove swamps. This gives the island a pleasingly remote and faraway feel as if the cares of the modern world are unable to pass through the thick forestation.

    Beachfront condos are available from US$50,000 with properties further inland even cheaper. The beachfront properties offer the chance for a decent rental return. Although you can find all the basics for day-to-day living here, you are a long way from shopping malls and many other trappings of city life. If you need your culture fix or like to spend time shopping, a long-term stay is not ideal for you.

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    Things To Do In Myrtle Beach

    Set sail to see dolphins at sunset or spend the morning trying to catch sea bass, flounder, and even small sharks on a Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises. Stroll along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and enjoy panoramic views on The Skywheel. Ride rollercoasters, play classic games in the arcade, or splash around at the oceanfront waterpark all located at Family Kingdom Amusement Park. Stand beneath jellyfish, sharks, and giant stingrays at Ripleys Aquarium. Shop at stores like Charming Charlie, Francescas, and Tommy Bahama at The Market Common. Treat yourself to a seafood buffet featuring unlimited lobster, fried calamari, and baked salmon at Crab Daddys. Or head to Fat Harolds Beach Club to see live music, watch dance competitions, and enjoy ice cold beer.

    • Home Price: $174,600 median purchase price
    • Crime Rate: Safer than 9% of Tennessee cities
    • Perfect For: Urban getaways, fine dining, live music

    Searching for the best place to buy a vacation home? If youre exploring urban options, check out Nashville! While bigger metros like New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami might come to mind first, Nashville offers similar amenities at a more affordable price. You can find everything from upscale restaurants and honky-tonk bars to lush green parks and art museums in Music City. Not to mention, Nashvilles title as the new bachelorette capital of the U.S. means you could potentially use your vacation home as a profitable rental property whenever youre not using it!

    Panama City Beach Florida

    Top 20 Places To Visit In the World

    Panama City Beach currently serves as the leader for the best beach investment properties of 2018. Bordering on the Gulf of Mexico, this Florida resort town features miles of white-sand beaches with clear, calm waters. As one of the most popular spring break destinations in the nation, Panama City Beach offers property owners, on average, a strong 13.5 percent rental yield, as well as an impressive 11.5 percent increase in property values in the last year.

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    Of The World’s Best Places To Buy A Second Home In The Sun

    Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

    Which overseas property markets should have your attention this shiny new year? The world is alive right now with markets in crisis and markets benefiting from the strong dollar .

    Specifically, here are five places where you could get a great deal on a second home in the sun, a holiday escape that you could rent out when you’re not using it yourself, or retirement digs all your own in the Shangri-la that’s calling your name. Each of these places also qualifies as a top retirement option for 2015:


    A chart of Argentina’s economic activity over the last century could have been used as the blueprint for one of the roller coasters I rode with my kids at Universal Studios in Orlando last week. Up and down, up and down, right now this market is way down, very close to another bottom. The last bottom was 2001. I bought three apartments in Buenos Aires in the wake of that collapse, and I’m watching now to see what I should buy in the wake of the collapse now upon us .

    Don’t let this country’s manic economy scare you off. The big downs are always followed by nice ups. Meantime, life in Argentina is never dull. This is one of the most dramatically beautiful and interesting countries in the world, and Buenos Aires is one of the world’s premier cities. Investing successfully in a place of your own in Argentina is all about timing, and the time again is now.

    Turkey, Specifically Istanbul

    Dominican Republic


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