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Packing Tips For Beach Vacation

An Insulated Cup Or Tumbler

Beach Bag Packing Tips for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

If there is a downside to all inclusive resorts, its how much plastic gets used and thrown away from all the free flowing drinks.

Also, ice melts super fast!

If youre trying to be a responsible traveler, think about bringing your own reusable cup for all your poolside drinks.

Besides reducing the amount of plastic you would otherwise be using, there are couple other reasons why you should consider bringing one.

Depending on what resort youre staying at, they do serve drinks in glass.

But when you watch them wash the glasses, sometimes you might question how clean they are.

Ive definitely witnessed poolside bars at their peak busy times, and while they try their best to keep up with clean glasses, you just never know.

If youre any type of germaphobe, your own glass will keep you happy.

And at the very least, an insulated cup is going to keep your drinks way colder!

Those piña coladas melt super fast in 30 degree sunshine.

Just have your bottled water beside you to rinse it out before you go for a refill, or ask the bartender to do a quick rinse with bottled water.

Recommended: this insulated tumbler with flip lid its affordable and holds up to the YETI brand.

Oh, and it comes in 41 colors!

An insulated tumbler with a reusable straw is the best type of cup to bring to an all inclusive resort.

Need some ideas about what drinks to order?

Visiting Huatulco Mexico?: Top Three All Inclusive Resorts in Huatulco Reviewed and Compared

Packing + Traveling Tips:

  • ROLL YOUR CLOTHES:It makes it much easier for you to pack and helps with keeping them wrinkle-free.
  • Add a DRYER SHEET: Keeps your clothes smelling fresh for the duration of your trip.
  • Pack an EMPTY PLASTIC BAG: I use this to put clothing in thats still wet when I pack for my departure.
  • For your listening pleasure on the plane or in the car. Right now, Im really into Melyssa Griffins new podcast Pursuit with Purpose. This podcast is about living of life purpose so that you can live a more fulfilling life. Its fairly new so but so far shes interviewed some very inspiring people.

Lastly, if youre looking for some jams while packing for your next beach vacay, check out Spotifys Soaking Up The Sun playlist below. It really sets the mood and helps you remember that packing is just a minor part the experience. So dont worry too much YOU GOT THIS.

Thats all folks! Every time I travel, I discover something new I can live without. Take my minimalist packing tips into consideration and I promise youre next packing will be less stressful.

Happy Packing!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the Amazon product links, Ill receive a commision at no additional cost to you. All the money I make goes right back into this website to provide you with the best experience. As always, all opinions are my own.

Plan Outfits Ahead Of Time

When packing for the beach, planning your outfits ahead of time can reduce the risk of overpacking and provide stress-free planning for a night out on the town. Its best to bring along some of your favorite go-to items from your closet instead of being adventurous or packing something you never wear in the hopes that you might wear it. Pro tip: If an item has been in your closet and youve never worn it on a normal day, chances are you wont wear it on vacation either!

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What To Pack In Your Carry On

When making my packing list for Mexico resort, I always start with items to bring in my carry-on.

In my carry on, I pack a swimsuit, at least one or 2 beach outfits and sandals .

This is way more important/necessary if you have a connecting flight, as your chances for luggage getting lost or delayed is much higher than a direct flight.

How much would it suck to not have your own swim suit and beach wear for a day or 2 before your luggage finally shows up.

I learned this the hard way!

But even if your flight is direct, chances are you will be flying from a place much cooler than your beach destination.

Ultimate Family Beach Checklist Advice For Your Suitcase

  • Make sure you check the local weather to be sure you pack the right clothing and supplies. This will help you plan your summer travel outfit ideas for your trip.
  • Will you be going on an adventure like snorkeling, scuba diving, or hiking ? Are you headed to a theme park during your visit and need good walking shoes?
  • Can your kids swim, and do they need any swim supports like life vests or floaties? These items can take up space so we used to pack them in an extra bag.
  • Will you bring or rent beach gear? You can, in many places, rent beach gear and even beach toys! If so, this will save room in your suitcase.
  • Will you buy a lot of souvenirs? We often pack an extra bag for those as well.
  • Planning is keyâ Preparing a couple of weeks in advance allows you to purchase the things you don’t already have for your trip, especially sunscreen. My ultimate beach packing list will help you on this front. Pro tip: print my packing lists to bring with you to the store so you know what you need.
  • Pack minimal capsule clothing items that you can mix or match with other pieces so you can pack less clothing and make the process easier.
  • Bring lightweight clothing which not only keeps you cooler but they take up less space and your suitcase light, though remember a sweater or sweatshirt in case the weather chills in the evening.
  • Pack a dressier outfit, especially if you are on a cruise for nice dinners out with the family.

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Vacation Packing List Basics

Now that your beach bag is all packed and ready, its time to get to zoom in on the other things to pack for a beach vacay. You wont be wearing a bikini all day every day after all, right? Here are some other items that should be on our beach trip packing list:

And for a family beach vacation packing list:

  • Hubbys clothes: The hubby packs 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts and 3 polos .
  • Hubbys shoes: A pair of Merrells and a pair of classic shoes.
  • Kids clothes: Similar to what we pack for ourselves.
  • Kids shoes: A pair of sporty sandals we love Keen open toe model because they are are waterproof, sturdy yet discrete and a pair of classier sandals for girls or sporty shoes for boys.

Packing Tips For Everyone

Leave space in your backpack or suitcase. Use the extra room for souvenirs and purchases you make during travel. Awe Inclusive

When youre taking a short trip, pack your old underwear and throw it away after you wear it. I also take clothing Im tired of and leave it behind, too. I pack underwear and jewelry in my shoes. Edgy June Travels

Pack a spork to make your street food experiences easier and more enjoyable. Travel Gear for Men

Dont forget the duct tape. Youll find a million and one uses for it. My Itchy Travel Feet

Heres a twist on an old standby in terms of packing tips: 3M has come up with a new type of Scotch Transparent Duct Tape. It comes in various strengths, but it is not yet available in convenient mini-rolls. Savvy Traveling

Take a look at these 25 random travel necessities and find out if they make sense for your next trip!

Besides the normal things like clothing and body products, I take a traveling natural health kit. One of the key ingredients is essential oils: theyre great for natural first-aid, to ward off germs and bacteria, and even for a bit of scent . I use lemon oil as my hand sanitizer wherever I go. Its easier to carry and better smelling than most products on the market. Santa Fe Travelers

I always have a thread and needle. Its one of the more classic packing tips. Not only can you patch up your clothing, you can exchange your services for free beer. Going Nomadic

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Beach Vacation Packing List Shoes

What to pack for a beach holiday in terms of shoes. On my packing checklist for beach vacation, I recommend just bringing 3 pairs of shoes: flip flops, sandals and water shoes.

10. Flip Flops

Given you will be spending most of your time at the beach or by the pool, a pair of flip flops are one of the beach vacation must haves.

11. Sandals

For walking around town, shopping or going out for dinner. Sandals such as these ones from Teva are great you could even use these for light hikes too and they come in a range of great colors.

You may like to bring a dressy pair of sandals or wedges too.

12. Water Shoes

At some beachy destinations there can be a lot of rocks and coral on the beaches so a pair of slip on mesh beach shoes can be useful items to pack for beach vacation to protect your feet. These shoes pictured come in a range of great colors .

A Beach Bag As Your Personal Item

Try on haul beach vacation / Packing tips!

Make your carry on luggage work double duty!

Instead of a large purse, pack a beach bag as your personal item you can fit under the seat on the plane.

This way youll have a beach bag to use at the resort to bring your items down to the pool or beach.

Plus, beach bags can hold quite a bit and can squish down easily to fit under the seat in the plane.

Recommended: this tote style beach bag. Comes in 30+ colors, is water proof and fits perfectly under the seat in the plane.

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Basic Bag Beach Essentials

Even if you plan to lounge on the beach and do nothing else, there are some basic items you want to include in your beach bag, specifically. Here’s what you should plan to actually bring to the beach with you, once you’re on your beach vacation:

  • Change of clothes
  • Cell phone and portable charger
  • Headphones and/or portable speaker

If you plan to sightsee or do anything else, your beach vacation packing list is probably more extensive. You may include walking shoes and socks, additional toiletries like makeup, and more lightweight clothing you can layer in case its cool in the evenings. Use the Ultimate Travel Packing List to determine what else you might need.

Beach Games: What Beach Activities To Add To Your Vacation List For Down Time

If you’re traveling with friends or family members that enjoy having fun like me, then I’d recommend packing a deck of cards, checkers, chess, a football or even a beach volleyball. Bring your snorkel gear to hunt for sharks teeth! Don’t forget your favorite fur baby. Pack a few balls to toss back and forth to make the day fun for everyone!

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Recycle Outfits Or Check For Onsite Laundry

Pack light by bringing items along that can be reused to create new outfits! For example, one pair of jeans can create a handful of different outfits by just switching tops and can usually be worn more than once before needing to be washed. Additionally, most beach houses have laundry on site so items can be washed and worn a second time and you dont have to worry about the fashion police calling you out for wearing the same outfit twice since youre on vacation!

Clothing Essentials For A Beach Vacation

Packing for a beach vacation checklist. Arrange your travelling bag ...

When it comes to packing clothing for the beach, the first thing youll want to consider is the materials you choose. Aim for light, airy fabrics such as linen. Choosing clothes made with breathable materials wont just keep you cool, itll also automatically give your wardrobe a causally put-together feel that pairs perfectly with a salty breeze.

An easy way to see how many items youll need is to multiply the number of tops you plan to bring with the number of bottoms you plan to pack. If you pack clothing that can be worn with different tops and bottoms, youll see the exact number of outfits you can create. Dresses and Jumpsuits are stand-alone pieces, but they can often be worn multiple times with different jewelry or by adding a scarf or light jacket.

For a beach vacation, these are the clothing items youll want to pack:

  • sleeveless or short sleeve tops
  • Casual shorts and/or skirts

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Other Items To Bring In Your Beach Bag:

  • Change of Clothes- Theres no better feeling than peeling a wet bathing suit off your body at the end of the day and slipping on a fresh new outfit. Dont forget underwear!
  • Plastic Bag for Wet Clothes- When you finally get changed, be sure you have a reusable plastic bag to toss wet clothes in so they dont get everything else soaked and sandy!
  • Ziplock Bags- The first thing I do when I get to the beach is stick my phone in a plastic bag to make sure its protected for the rest of the day. I love this hack because it keeps sand out of all the little holes and even protects your phone from water while still allowing you to use it through the plastic!

Heres What To Scratch From Your Beach Packing List

There are plenty of things that we wouldnt put on our packing list for the beach. Beach tents, body boards, beach tennis paddle sets, floaties and bucket and spade sets are both available and affordable anywhere. When you rent a condo or a home-away-from-home at a beach destination, some basic beach gear is often made available for you to use. Our amazing Airbnb on Hawaii Island came with beach towels, goggles, boogie boards, beach chairs, an umbrella and more. Perfect to explore the variety of beaches on the Big Island.

Our Maui family trip was spent at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa. During the first day of our beach vacation, we met another family who was leaving. They were kind enough to pass on the beach toys and body boards that they bought in a nearby store to us. We did the same when we were leaving, passing it all on to a young family waiting at the check-in desk.

When traveling with really young kids, you often tend to overpack even more than usual. During our first intercontinental trips with little ones, we even brought along our own stroller and baby mattress. But why travel with so much bagage when you can rely on the service of a concierge or baby rental company?

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Extra Tips For Planning A Wonderful Beach Holiday

  • To avoid stress and make yourself in a hurry, you would better start packing a day in advance, or at least the night before you leave. In this way, you can make sure you wonât leave anything important behind.
  • Be careful of the jellyfish and sharp rocks that may hurt while in the water and also while on the beach.
  • Before you leave, make sure to check the surrounding area. Clear and take any trash, and let us save the planet with less environmental footprints.
  • Maybe it’s also good to have binoculars with you. You can have a stunning view of the beach and sky, and it is also convenient for you to keep an eye on your travelling companions who’re having fun in the sea, safe and sound.

Alright, beachgoers, are you ready to head to the beach to enjoy the silky warm seas and endless sunshine? Check and compare our great flight deals on BudgetAir Canada and start planning your dreamy beach break. Be well-prepared and enjoy!

If Youre Worried About What Things To Bring To The Beach Prepare For The Ultimate List Of Beach Essentials From Basics To Extras And From Toiletries To Luxury Relaxation You Wont Forget A Thing If You Stick To This Packing List Of Beach Necessities

Pack With Me for Vacation to Palm Beach Vacation Packing Tips

Nothing quite says summer like the sound of the ocean nearby, the scent of sunscreen on the breeze, and all of your beach essentials on hand for a day of sun and fun. A beach trip is the perfect option to enjoy a summer vacation getaway. Whether you plan to stay close to home or road trip to the beach with your closest friends, this complete beach packing list has you covered. Before you hit the sand, use this packing checklist to ensure you leave for your beach vacation with everything you needand nothing you don’t!

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Phone Case Or Waterproof Bag

Nothing ruins a vacation quite like having to fish your phone out of the ocean . If youre at all afraid of getting your phone wet by the beach, consider investing in the Osprey dry bag. This thing will keep your electronics and other valuables dry as a bone when youre on a boat, sitting in a splash zone, or in a kayak. If you want to take your phone in the water with you, we recommend one of LifeProofs Fr Series waterproof cases.

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