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Sell My Vacation Club Membership

What To Do Before Selling Your Vacation Club Membership

We Sold our Disney Vacation Club Contract!

Before you try to sell your vacation club membership, there are some things to consider. If you feel like youve been to every resort youre interested in within your vacation clubs catalog, maybe vacation exchange is right for you! Many of the top vacation clubs are affiliated with vacation exchange networks like RCI and Interval International. Members of these networks can trade their vacation club points or weeks for a vacation at a new resort. It doesnt have to be within your vacation clubs family of resorts, so you can experience something totally new! In addition to exchanging for a vacation, these networks offer special benefits for members including discounts on flights and rental cars. There are many benefits to using vacation exchange networks!

Another alternate option for selling your vacation club membership is to offer your points or week to a friend or family member. They can rent your timeshare from you for a specific amount of time, which could help you pay for maintenance fees if thats something youre struggling with. Alternatively, you can gift the vacation club membership points or weeks to them. Contact your developer to find out their policy on gifting.

If youre really ready to sell your vacation club membership, then we highly recommend that you contact your developer first! They will be the best first point of contact and will have information about how to sell memberships for their vacation clubs.

Are Vacation Club Resales Similar To Timeshare Resales

Many vacation clubs are a form of timeshare. As timeshares have evolved, the traditional one-week programs have transformed into points-based memberships. Timeshare points and vacation clubs offer more flexibility than the traditional one-week reservation.

Vacation clubs and timeshare points resell in the same way. You can sell your vacation club on the secondary market the same way as a timeshare resale.

Sell Your Shell Timeshare Now

If your timeshare unit has been sitting unused or unwanted for years, don’t let it burn a hole in your pocket with maintenance fees and other charges. Put money back in your wallet when you sell your Shell timeshare with’s simple process. With our advanced marketing strategies, dedicated sales representatives, and helpful customer care team, you are sure to have a quick, hassle-free experience selling a timeshare.

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How Do I Sell My Vacation Club Membership

sellingvacation club

. Keeping this in consideration, how much is a vacation club membership?

Your upfront fee funds the vacation club’s investment into new real estate. In addition to the initial investment, you’ll also pay annual membership fees, ranging from $3,000 to $15,000 a year.

Likewise, how can I get out of my vacation club contract? Canceling A Vacation Club ContractSome call it dispute resolution, rescission period, and other legal mumbo-jumbo. If you are still within the contract’s rescission period then, send a notice of termination. This can be sent via email and can be backed up with a phone call.

In this way, what is the best way to sell your timeshare?

List the timeshare for sale on a consumer sales website, such as eBay or Craigslist. Use an online advertising site that specializes in timeshares, such as RedWeek or Timeshare Users Group. Sell your timeshare through a licensed timeshare resale company.

Can I sell my Marriott Vacation Club?

If you are an owner looking to sell your property, find out what your value is on the secondary market today. For those who own a week, advertising your ownership on the resale market is likely the bestor onlyway to sell your .

Where To Start Selling Your Dvc Contract

DVC Resale 2021 : Buy or Sell Disney Vacation Club Memberships

If youre interested in selling your Disney Vacation Club membership, you might be lost as to where to start. The best place to start if considering selling is with a resale agency that specializes in Disney Vacation Club, like DVC Shop Resales. Resale agencies match buyers with sellers and assist in facilitating the sale and the transfer of the ownership from the owner to buyer, similar as with residential property sales. Be sure to choose an agency that is licensed to perform real estate transactions as well as has great reviews from customers.

Be cautious if trying to sell your DVC membership without the help of a licensed agent. While it is possible to sell your membership on your own, there are many factors to consider when it comes to legal contracts between buyers and sellers. Working with an agent will ensure that you receive exactly what you expect upon completion of the sale, that all funds are transferred to parties accordingly and that the membership is transferred to the buyer in a timely fashion.

Another factor to keep in mind is the Right of First Refusal clause in your DVC contract. Every sale of a DVC membership must pass through the Right of First Refusal before the sale is finalized.

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Why Sell Your Dvc Timeshare With The Dvc Store

  • Experience – We have 25 years experience buying and selling DVC timeshares! We’ve completed more than 25,000 DVC transactions, and we can assist you in all aspects of buying or selling your DVC contract
  • Quick Sale! On average, our listings sell within 30 days* Some listings have even sold within minutes of being listed!
  • Competitive Commissions – Our commission rates are normally 8.5% but we are currently offering a promotion of 7.5% commission to increase the number of listings as well as put more money back in your pocket after the sale.
  • Easy Sales Process – our representatives will handle all the paperwork and step you through the selling process quickly and easily!
  • Aggressive Marketing – Your listing will be showcased in front of the tens of thousands of potential DVC buyers on our web site and social media platforms.
  • Text alerts – Your listing will be sent via text to buyers who are specifically looking for your package through our DVC text alert system.
  • Our Partnerships – The DVC Store is a featured sponsor of and Through our marketing partnerships, our brand reaches tens of thousands of DVC buyers every week.
  • Our listings are searched more than 100,000 times per month!
  • Great customer service – Our licensed Real Estate Associates are here 7 days a week to assist you with any questions regarding buying or selling your DVC contract

Ready To Sell Marriott Vacation Club

With our hassle-free process, selling your Marriott Vacation Club has never been easier.Specializing in vacation clubs, we work with thousands of Marriott Vacation Club resales every year, just like yours.

Let our specialists help you sell your Marriott Vacation Club. When youre ready, call us at or fill out the form to the right.

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Do You Have Accor Vacation Club Timeshare Youre Considering Selling

Owning a timeshare membership is a great way to vacation. But if you are no longer using your Accor timeshare, theres really no reason to hold on to itespecially since advertising it to sell as a resale is so easy!

We offer free advertising to put your timeshare membership in front of a targeted marketplace of interested buyerspeople who will see your ad because they are looking for Accor Vacation Club resales. Youthe sellercontrol the content of the ad, the resale pricing, and the terms of the sale.

Interested in learning more? Follow the link on this webpage to find out more about the free and easy way to sell your timeshare.

To Speak To An Exit Specialist About Your Options

How To Sell Disney Vacation Club!

Call Toll-free or Direct Monday through Thursday,9 a.m. 5 p.m.,Friday, 10 a.m. 5 p.m., Eastern Time.

You can also email us:

Owners Share Their Experiences with Our Exit Specialist

From Kenneth Friedman

For several of the reasons given above, we decided it was necessary to sell our vacation ownership. Knowing the many websites claiming to be able to sell our Marriott Vacation Club points or weeks, but not knowing which are legitimate, we were hesitant to jump into this market.

That is until we found out about the Marriott Vacation Club repurchase program. We knew we were dealing with a reliable and reputable company one that we could trust.

Your staff was extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient in walking us through the process. The offer was fair and reasonable and allowed us to still use the points that were in our account, even after the repurchase process was complete.

Thank you, Marriott Vacation Club for making this possible. I knew there was a reason we chose the Marriott Vacation Club program for our original purchase.

From Marcus Myles
From Karen and Doug Olcott

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Wyndham Timeshare Cost Australia

Finding a Wyndham Timeshare for Sale in Australia at a Reasonable Cost Can Be EasyDeciding to purchase a timeshare can indeed be an enjoyable experience Although timeshare sales are one of those topics that might make some people cringe, it doesnt have to be that way It depends on who you buy… … read more.

Are There Other Timeshares Similar To Yours On The Market

Now, armed with all the information youve gathered from your original contract, scope out other timeshares already on the market. Try to find ones with the same number of bedrooms, baths and a similar square footage.

To start with, you can use sites like eBay, Craigslist and Timeshare Users Group. Also, look for sold listings. Theyre a more accurate indicator of price than one thats only listed .

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How To Sell A Vacation Club Membership

Joining a vacation club is a great way to take amazing trips year after year. The timeshare industry is growing and vacation club members love visiting their timeshares. However, a timeshare is a commitment that doesnt always work out for everyone. Sometimes life gets in the way and a vacation club membership becomes too much to handle financially. Alternatively, owners could feel like theyve used their timeshare enough times or just dont find that it fits into their lifestyle anymore. If youve been wondering how to sell a vacation club membership, there are many options for you.

Can You Sell Your Disney Vacation Club Membership / Contract

DVC Resale

Posted on DVC OwnershipDVC ResaleDVC Tips

In short, yes, you can absolutely sell your Disney Vacation Club membership. Based on the verbiage in each DVC Contract, owners are allowed to sell their DVC memberships at any time. While there are several stipulations regarding selling and the process to follow, it is definitely possible to sell your DVC membership.

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How Do You Visit The Property

Determine what type of access arrangement you have to the property. Do you have a fixed week during the year, a floating week during a certain period, a time each year based on a points system, or some type of combination?

Maybe when you bought the timeshare you had a specific week you visited each year. Then after a few years you took an offer from the resort to accumulate points instead of reserve a certain week for your vacation. If you did, be sure to check with your resort about the resale process. You may have to convert all those points back into the equivalent weeks before selling.

Getting Started Selling Your Dvc Membership

Selling a Disney Vacation Club contract is not only possible, but often yields a stronger resale value than almost any other timeshare brand in the world. Selling your DVC Resale doesnt have to be difficultthe DVC Resale Market Team sells more DVC resales than anyone else in the industry, and our sales team consists exclusively of former Disney Vacation Club Guides, all trained by Disney to sell the DVC brand.

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Vacation Club Seller Frequently Asked Questions

When youre ready to sell your vacation club, its normal to have a few questions. Our vacation club seller FAQs will help you to understand the ins and outs of selling your vacation club ownership.

A vacation club can differ from many other types of vacation ownership. Learn the difference between a vacation club, timeshare, and travel club with our easy-to-use guide. See below to view FAQs for selling a vacation club or call to get started.

Timeshare Vs Vacation Club

Difference Between a Timeshare vs. Travel Club Membership

As many have noticed in recent years, the terms ‘timeshare’ and ‘vacation club’ are often used interchangeably, and that’s because vacation clubs are a newer variation of timeshares.

In traditional vacation ownership terms, timeshares are an arrangement between multiple parties that share the deeded ownership or right to use a property , in the form of a fixed- or floating week contract where each party can occupy the space during their assigned vacation “time.” On the other hand, vacation clubs were originally designed to provide members with access to an inventory of resorts where they can reserve their vacations. Vacation club ownership was not necessarily represented in the form of a physical real estate interest but in the form of points, membership levels/tiers, and other similar systems.

As vacation clubs became more popular and vacationers were drawn to the appeal of flexible vacationing, traditional timeshare brands began incorporation these concepts into their programs. This transition modernized and changed the timeshare industry forever. Today, timeshares and vacation clubs are just synonyms for vacation ownership.

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Wyndham Membership For Sale

Tips for Finding a Worldmark Wyndham Membership for Sale and How to Sell Wyndham PointsIf summer holidays make you wish you had a home away from home where you could go each year to escape and relax, then buying a timeshare might be on your radar If youre wondering whether these partial… … read more.

Is The Resort Open To Taking Back Your Timeshare

If you run into a brick wall trying to sell your timeshare, this route could work for you. Go ahead and talk with your timeshares resort. Some resorts have started an internal process for selling used timeshares for their owners or just taking them back without any exchange of money.

Be careful though. Often the resort will take advantage of this desperate time to entice you to sign up for a wonderful upgrademore weeks, or points for another resort complexjust while we try to sell your timeshare! Boy, those snakes are good! This is a little known gotcha for timeshare owners to watch for. Most of the time, an upgrade doesnt replace the other contract but piles on another contract to the mix which further complicates the selling process!

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Hospitality Brands And Clubs

Many of the larger branded hospitality providers call their vacation product a vacation club. They market their clubs as being more flexible than the customary model of timesharing. Using the name vacation club helps them set their resorts apart from traditional timeshares, travel clubs, or fractional ownership resorts.

Disney Vacation Club, , Occidental Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and Shell Vacations Club are all examples of vacation ownership companies that have incorporated the words into their brand message. Other vacation ownership companies may not use the words in their name, but include a branded vacation club or a travel club as a benefit for their owners or a level of ownership.

Who Has The Deed

DVC Resale Market Facebook Group

Look closely to find out if you have an actual deed to the property or if its a right to use agreement. Even if it says you have a deed, a lot of times these deeds will be held by the resort or at a trust company rather than given to you as the owner of the timeshare. Youll want to get a physical copy of this deed.

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How Do I Find A Buyer

As with residential real estate sales, most owners looking to sell their DVC contract use a real estate agency to assist them in locating a buyer. A DVC resale agency will market and advertise your contract in a variety of ways to find you a buyer as quickly as possible. Licensed agents who have years of professional experience can provide you with recommendations and advice for your listing price, the best time to sell your membership, what to do with your points while youre in the process of selling, whether or not you should pay your annual dues, and many more questions that sellers may have.

Again, working with a reputable and experienced broker or agent is the best way to ensure that the selling process goes smoothly and without any hiccups. Selling your DVC membership is always an option if you find yourself in a situation in which you feel that you must sell.

For more questions about selling your DVC membership contact our DVC Shop Resalesdivision and our friendly and knowledgeable agents will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding selling your DVC contract.

Additionally, if you would like to rent your points, contact our DVC Shop Rentals division where our agents can walk you through the rental process and show you how you can make money by renting some or all of your yearly allotment of DVC points.

Vacation Clubs Where The Currency May Be Points Or Intervals

Vacation clubs may be built on the concept of a points-based membership rather than the ownership of a fixed interest in resort real estate. The number of points you own defines the scope of your club membership. More points mean more opportunities for vacationing, larger condos and villas, or the privilege to schedule time in high-demand seasons at the most popular resorts.

Timeshare ownership frequently represents real property ownership of an interval of timeshare real estate. When you buy timeshares or timeshare resales, you may hold an actual real estate deed to your percentage of a specific resort property. Not all timeshares use interval ownership or deeded real estate ownership. Timeshare ownership, just like clubs, also can be based on the number of timeshare points owned.

Although most clubs issue points, which function like currency, some brands then link the equity of the points ownership to actual resorts. Disney is one example of club membership based on points, which then is represented by real estate equity. When you buy Disney points and become a DVC Member , the Disney points you acquire represent your real estate interest in the Disney resort you have chosen as your home property.

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