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Best Site To Find Vacation Rentals

Make Your Business Legitimate

Best Rental Listing Sites for Hosts

When you buy from widely known brands, be it clothing or holiday packages, you know what to expect from that company. When a brand is well established, so are its patterns, behaviors, mission, and overall operations. People who book with Airbnb or Vrbo know more or less what to expect. These key players have been in the business for quite some time, proving their legitimacy.

Having your vacation rental affiliated with those names makes your business appear legitimate by proxy. Most guests know that OTAs and vacation rental listing sites maintain high standards for their hosts, so your business being on there consequently means that you adhere to those levels of quality.

Where Can I Find High End Vacation Rentals

If youre looking for an upscale rental, and especially one with lots of bedrooms, start with either a worldwide managed agency or area specialist. By going with a managed agency, you have the peace-of-mind of working with an established rental agency rather than an owner who may be hard to track down in theres an issue. Renting a high-end vacation rental through a managed vacation home booking agency generally incurs less risk than renting through a booking platform because if you encounter a problem, you know how to reach a responsible party, or who to request a refund through. This is a particularly important detail if youre renting an expensive property based solely on online descriptions and pictures.

Regional Vacation Rental Sites

Traveling to a particular corner of the world? These regional vacation rental sites focus on a particular country or market.

  • Agoda Homes: As the vacation rental arm of hotel booking giant Agoda, this site lists over 1 million homes and apartments in markets throughout Asia.

  • : This Europe-focused site lists apartments, villas, cottages, and homes in destinations like Tenerife, Tuscany, and Ibiza, plus a handful of listings in non-Europe markets.

  • Just Holidays: Formerly known as Euro Direct Rentals, Just Holidays specializes in home rentals in European destinations and has an ever-changing specials page.

  • Holiday Lettings: Now part of the Tripadvisor family, this UK-based site got its start with cottages in the English countryside, but you can book vacation rentals in Europe and beyond today.

  • The Holiday Let: Another UK-based site, The Holiday Let offers vacation rentals throughout Europe and in leisure destinations like Thailand and the United States.

  • Abritel: The French-language version of Vrbo is one of the most popular travel booking sites in France, where French-speaking travelers can book homes around the world in their own language.

  • Traum Ferienwohnungen: This hugely popular German website is a favorite among German travelers looking for vacation rentals across the globe.

  • Tripz: Find vacation homes across the United States on Tripz – from cozy cabins in the Smoky Mountains to luxurious oceanfront villas in Hawaii.

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    Home & Villas Marriott

    Even the hotel industry is getting in on the vacation rental action. As renting private homes grows in popularity, other chains and hospitality companies are figuring out ways to bridge the two. Marriott sought out this opportunity by creating Home & Villas Marriott, under the umbrella of the larger Marriott International group.

    Whats so great about this listing site is the ability to monetize off what would otherwise be hotel-only traffic. Loyal customers of Marriott and the hotel industry at large now dont have to stray, as they can book private homes with a company theyre already familiar with. Marriott even allows guests to use their Marriott points towards vacation rentals listed on their site. Bonus!

    Home & Villas Marriott Fees

    Host fees Listing fees
    The guest service fee varies depending on the stay and duration but the cap is 10-15% per booking. Home & Villas Marriott charges a customized host fee depending on the stay. Home & Villas Marriott charges a customized listing fee depending on the stay.

    The 12 Best Vacation Rental Sites For Hosts And Travelers

    Best Websites for No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals by Owner

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    The role of vacation rental sites and marketplaces is increasing. Each day they attract millions of visitors who seek accommodation for their vacation. For hosts, vacation rental sites are the perfect place to reach their target audience at the right place and time. So, if you are looking for new ways to maximize the number of bookings, you should start by advertising your properties where your potential guests are.

    As a guest, you might want to find the best home away from home for your next vacation. To help both guests and hosts, weve researched the top 10 vacation rental websites.

    Read on to find out which of these platforms are the best short-term rental sites for you.

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    Why Stay In A Vacation Rental

    Vacation rentals can offer more space, privacy, and flexibility compared to hotel rooms. Depending on the property, youll have access to amenities like hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, washer/dryers, free onsite parking, private pools, and so many more.

    Vacation rentals are available in a wide range of locations so you can choose where you want to stay, like the center of the city or a local neighborhood with great nightlife. Plus, if youre traveling with your family or a large group, having multiple bedrooms and bathrooms means theres enough space so everyone can stay together under one roof.

    Last but not least, at rates of up to 80% off traditional hotel rooms, vacation rentals are often the most affordable, cost effective option. So if youd like to feel home away from home on your next trip, in a place where you can cook, lounge and entertain? Stay in a vacation rental.

    Is There A Cost For Rental Property Sites

    Most often, landlords are able to list their properties on these sites for free. In a few cases, listing more than one property costs around $10 per week. Most of the expenses, however, are allocated to the applicants.

    Renters browse rental listing sites at no charge, but they often pay to apply online or to order their background screening checks. These costs range from $25 to $60 depending on price breaks for bundled services.

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    How Can I Get The Most For My Rental Property

    To get the most for your property, fill vacancies as quickly as possible by using online rental listing sites that can expose your property to large numbers of potential applicants.

    Its important to minimize turnover. The most effective way to decrease your vacancy time is to not have any. Screen your tenants well, make it convenient for them to communicate issues with you as they arise, be transparent about fixing issues, and offer convenient ways for tenants to pay rent on time.

    Increase your rents for long-term tenants, but remain competitive within your neighborhood. Use cost comparison sites to make sure you understand your competition.

    Be nice, but be firm. Not paying late fees is a common way renters can take advantage of the kind-heartedness of a landlord. If the rent is late, make sure the tenant understands that the rent is not brought current until the late fee also is paid.

    Consider adding coin-operated laundry and vending machines in your apartment building. If youre renting out a single-family home, perhaps you can offer landscaping or house cleaning for a fee.

    Why Should You List Your Property On Vacation Rental Sites

    The Best Ways To Find Rental Properties (Besides Airbnb)

    If you already receive a significant amount of direct bookings, you might be wondering whats the point of listing your property on an OTA in the first place. After all, there arent many vacation rental sites without fees and every host wants to keep as much of the grand total as possible. If you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, youll see that adding your property to vacation rental listing sites will actually increase your profits, fees and all.

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    Why Are Real Estate Websites Important

    COVID-19 made us all realize how important technology and the digital realm are. Since it disrupted our pre-pandemic normal lives, almost everyone and everything migrated to the digital world.

    Work-from-home and online businesses became two of the primary financial saviors of almost every professional and business person. Transactions were made, and deals were closed online for most of 2020 and 2021. Society learned to function using different online platforms and applications. Even the real estate industry was forced to embrace technology in the face of a downturn.

    Real estate websites have given the industry its much-needed lifeline. Lots of buyers and sellers conducted most of their business online, only meeting up in person for the turnover and whenever necessary. Traffic on real estate websites dramatically increased at the height of the pandemic.

    Buyers can look at properties online in the comfort of their homes. Sellers also benefit from an increase in views by the hundreds compared to the few who actually swing by to check out their properties.

    According to the 2020 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 28% of home buyers found their homes through a realtor, 4% of them got houses from yard signs, and a whopping 51% purchased their homes online.

    With an audience like that, itââ¬â¢s no wonder that real estate companies are beefing up their online presence.

    What Is A Rental Listing Site

    A rental listing site populates its website with an inventory of properties for rent. You create the home’s online profile using the step-by-step process unique to each site.

    The rental listing site makes it easier for landlords to find a tenant because listings are sometimes syndicated across multiple sites. Rental listing sites help renters scan many properties from the comfort of their computer or phone, sorting by what features are most important to them.

    When listing a property, owners can upload recent interior and exterior pictures of the property, 3D tours and videos if possible, and interior and neighborhood amenities renters can use to segregate their search.

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    How To Book A Vacation Rental

    How you book a vacation rental will differ slightly from platform to platform, but they all follow the same general format. You’ll want to input your desired location, dates, and number of guests. On many booking sites, including Airbnb and Vrbo, you can then refine your search criteria further to search by rating, price, amenities, and more.

    On Airbnb, you can also filter for stays listed by Superhosts, Airbnb Plus listings, and even unique listings such as tree houses or tiny homes.

    In popular locations, the options can feel seemingly endless. To help narrow your search, be sure to read up on recent reviews, check the overall rating, look for standout amenities, and check the map to make sure the home is in a desirable area close to the attractions you’re eager to visit. On Airbnb, you’ll also want to make sure you’ve checked the box for “Entire home” so you don’t end up with a room in a shared space.

    If you have questions about a listing, you can usually contact the host or company ahead of booking. Additionally, be sure to factor in extra fees to the price, since rentals typically have hefty cleaning fees tacked on.

    Once you’re booked, the host or company will typically reach out via email with additional check-in details and any house rules that need to be followed.

    More on how to book:

    The 50 Best Vacation Rental Websites For Travelers In 2021

    2019 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home

    Adrienne Fors

    Searching for that perfect vacation rental? Or maybe youre looking for sites to list your own property? Finding the best vacation rental websites for your needs isnt always easy. In this article, well introduce you to over 50 unique vacation rental websites, including global, regional, and niche sites. By the end of this article, youll probably have bookmarked a few sites you want to visit again and again.

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    Niche Vacation Rental Sites

    Searching for something unique? These sites focus on a particular niche – whether its family travelers or long-term stays.

  • Kid & Coe: Traveling with small children? Kid & Coes collection of luxury homes consists of only those that welcome the youngest travelers and provide amenities like cribs, kids dishes, and toys.

  • Love Home Swap: Also geared toward travelers with kids, Love Home Swap arranges home swaps between traveling families. It gives a new meaning to living like a local!

  • CoolStays: Why stay in a boring vacation rental? CoolStays lists properties that are not your average vacation home expect to find treehouses, tents, castles, farmhouses, and even a windmill.

  • Homestay: While some vacation rentals offer a completely self-service experience, Homestays properties encourage you to have interaction with your host, whether it be at meals or by helping out with tasks around the house.

  • Misterb& b: Find apartments and homes that welcome LGBTQ travelers on this popular site, which has over 1 million listings and donates a percentage of sales to LGBTQ organizations.

  • Innclusive: Aiming to combat racism in the travel industry, Innclusive helps travelers find vacation homes where theyll feel welcome and accepted by hiding the travelers photo until the booking is complete

  • Outdoorsy: Looking for a vacation rental on wheels? RV rental site Outdoorsy matches you with RVs, campers, and vans listed by over 15,000 owners.

  • Our Guide To Vacation Rental Websites: Airbnb Vrbo And More

    All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    While we love a good hotel, vacation rentals have a lot of appeal. For families with kids, vacation homes offer the much-needed space and privacy to spread out and get a little messy for groups of friends, they offer social, communal spaces and can cut down on costs and for curious travelers, they can give a more genuine, local feel in any given city or town. As far as rental booking services go, Airbnb dominatesbut its far from your only option. Depending on your specific needs, there may be a service better suited for your upcoming trip. Below, weve rounded up the best vacation rental websites to consider when you book that next vacationand a few of our favorite homes from each.

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    Other Vacation Rental Listing Websites

    With the popularity of sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, there are lots of similar sites these days. Here are some other websites for vacation rentals by owner you can look into:

    Also check out this list of niche vacation rental sites to find websites based on your location or unique characteristics of your property.

    Information About Staying In Cordoba

    Find Great Deals on Vacation Rentals with Google Travel Vacation Rentals
    Read these important travel tips before booking a vacation rental in Cordoba

    How long do people typically book vacation apartments for in Cordoba?

    The average length of a vacation rental booking in Cordoba is 3 nights.

    When is the best time to book a vacation rental in Cordoba?

    Cordoba vacation rentals are at their cheapest in February. Rental prices can be around 59% lower per night than in the high season.

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    Regional Specialist Vacation Rental Booking Sites

    • Akilar: This Spain-focused regional vacation rental site lists villas, apartments, and homes all around Spain.
    • Casamundo: With 700,000 listings in Europe and the U.S., Casamundo is a giant among regional specialists.
    • : This large network of rentals is focused mainly on Spain, Italy, and France but its also has listings in Asia and North America.
    • lists more than 20,000 holiday cottages and luxury homes in the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy.
    • SnapTrip: SnapTrip calls itself a marketplace aggregating over 60,000 professionally managed cottages from big name partners in the U.K.

    Top 10 Vacation Rental Websites For Listing Your Property

    Congratulations! If youre reading this blog post, youre either 1) a new vacation rental owner who wants to learn more about listing their property, or 2) an experienced owner who wants to earn more money from their rental 3) an experienced, disillusioned owner who wants to find a better option than his or her current listing site.

    For Florida vacation rental owners, its smart to consider what the top listing sites are, and what each one offers. If youre looking for sites like HomeAway or alternatives to VRBO, this is the guide for you.

    Were a short term rental site ourselves , but were here to assess the current marketplace. After all, a growing vacation rental industry is great for both owners and listing sites alike!

    As major sites merge and add smaller brands to their portfolio some owners are feeling the pinch as their rates go up, inquiries go down, and favorite product offerings are removed. Theres only so much time and budget you have to market your property, so who you work with is critical. How do you find a happy medium by working with the listing sites you know you need, without getting taken advantage of? Educate yourself!

    Phocuswright estimates the private accommodation market will reach $36.6 billion in 2018. Thats an exciting number for vacation rental owners. Below weve posted a list of the absolute best vacation rental websites to advertise your properties.

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    Niche Vacation Rental Websites

    The world of travel has grown in a way that tries to be a little bit more accessible for all types of travelers, be it disability-accommodation, kid-friendly, or any other needs you may have. The beauty of renting a vacation rental instead of a hotel is the customization and touch of detail that hosts add for their varying guests.

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